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6:58:07 PMABQTKY The CITY??? Wow!
7:00:22 PMSolbu Latest news from robbie:
7:05:37 PMjlim is there a show tonight?
7:05:43 PMSolbu No.
7:05:53 PMSolbu Poweroutage
7:05:56 PMjlim live when is it? tomorrow?
7:06:02 PMjlim oh
7:06:54 PMjlim epiode 359 returns 404 - page not found with kodi addon
7:07:22 PMSolbu jlim: This was recorded about an hour ago:
7:07:30 PMSolbu jlim: I have mentioned it to robbie.
7:07:41 PMjlim Solbu: ty
7:14:36 PMnapa_polarbear were show
7:27:02 PMSolbu He's got pow… ehh, I mean battery!
7:27:43 PMRobbief nope... just at home now, about to upload the video sasha and I recorded in the foyer (where there was sunlight)
7:27:50 PMRobbief studio is still offline
7:28:03 PMRobbief Luckily our security system has battery for days
7:28:31 PMSolbu Had to temporarely change topic in response to a repeated question. :-)
7:29:04 PMRobbief ahh, great idea, thanks!
7:29:19 PMRobbief once I post the new video (5 more minutes till it's done rendering) you can replace the video
7:29:26 PMABQTKY RobbieF I can't remember whey YOU'VE had so much fun! Hang in there!
7:29:39 PMRobbief heh, thanks ABQTKY
7:30:00 PMSolbu Robbief: I suspect this is the first time in the shows history that there is no live show?
7:30:54 PMRobbief well, we've done prerecorded before (eg., for me to take a trip to the cottage) but the first time when we were about to do a show and had to cancel, yes.
7:31:02 PMSolbu Robbief: The video was a little cool, hearing the two UPSes beeping.
7:31:41 PMSolbu Sounds like two UPSes, at least.
7:32:18 PMRobbief there are 3.
7:32:24 PMRobbief one might have been dead by the end :D
7:32:54 PMRobbief in about 20 minutes, this link should work -
7:32:59 PMSolbu Which UPSes do you use?
7:33:13 PMSolbu I have two ES-700
7:33:36 PMRobbief I have a cyberpower 1500 VA, a APC 1500 VA and a smaller 450 VA traditional APC
7:33:52 PMRobbief not sure the models (as I'm not there now... and even if I was, there'd be no light - lol)
7:34:22 PMSolbu One have a dead battery, so the new one I replaced it with keeps the fort for 5 and a half minute on 70% load.
7:34:30 PMRobbief grab that link guys - refresh until it works - it's uploading now. I'm gonna go get some rest because indeed I am sick (icing on the cake today!) so rest is a good thing.
7:34:51 PMRobbief Solbu ... I turned off my miners as soon as the power went out :D That bought me some time.
7:34:53 PMRobbief haha
7:35:02 PMSolbu … powering 3 computers, one screen, a switch and the modem.
7:35:02 PMRobbief seeyas in a bit. I'll probably check in again after a rest.
7:35:22 PMSolbu Enjoyt your unexpected free time.
7:35:26 PMRobbief oh yeah, I have other UPS's for the internet stuff - but the studio has big powerful computers and lots of cameras :)
7:35:27 PMRobbief heh
7:35:39 PMGWG Robbief: I feel we never get to talk anymore.
7:35:44 PMRobbief yeah, I can sure use some downtime, so I'll at least look on that as a possible bright side.
7:36:03 PMRobbief Hey GWG - yeah man :( I need to breathe, and then visit IRC a few times a week.
7:36:16 PMABQTKY RobbieF - Just get some sleep. In the last couple of hours you earned it. And the cold/sore throat doesn't help, either.
7:36:17 PMSolbu Robbief: I'll replace the link when it's working.
7:36:18 PMRobbief I'm just training a guy at work to replace part of me... so things should get back to normal soon.
7:36:30 PMRobbief thank you Solbu
7:36:49 PMRobbief thanks ABQTKY - yeah I'll get some shut eye for a bit... see if I can get a second wind.
7:37:02 PMRobbief Seeyas soon. GWG - I will definitely get in here more soon!!
7:37:07 PMRobbief can't wait. I miss you guys.
7:37:16 PMSolbu :-)
7:37:25 PMRobbief back in a bit.
7:37:28 PMABQTKY RobbieF - THURSDAY wind would be good. Get some sleep!!
9:03:37 PMRobbief \o
9:05:09 PMGarbee heyo
9:06:07 PMRobbief hey man. how you been?
9:06:14 PMGarbee Tired.
9:06:26 PMRobbief heh, I can relate to that :P
9:06:29 PMGarbee Two attempts at home-made pizza today. (3 total pizzas) all failed.
9:06:36 PMRobbief aww, sorry to hear that bro
9:06:38 PMGarbee So I went to Papa Johns...
9:06:44 PMRobbief heh, works every time.
9:06:45 PMGarbee Eh, I got close with two pizzas.
9:06:49 PMGarbee Very close.
9:06:58 PMRobbief then what happened?
9:07:34 PMGarbee First one (lunch time) raw in the middle layer of the crust.
9:07:44 PMGarbee Even though the outside was fairly golden brown like it should be.
9:07:47 PMGarbee Just too thick.
9:07:54 PMRobbief are you using a pizza stone?
9:08:28 PMGarbee And the one from dinner attempt... Crust was fine-ish but overall not well done proportions to sauce and cheese.
9:08:33 PMGarbee Yea pizza stone both times.
9:08:45 PMGarbee Well, not with the good dinner one.
9:08:45 PMRobbief did you get the pizza stone hot first?
9:09:11 PMGarbee nah. I put the crust in alone first. Then pull it out after 10-12 minutes and add sauce and toppings
9:09:24 PMRobbief ah
9:09:36 PMGarbee That is what I messed up with Dinner attempt #1... Ended up putting toppings on before heating crust at all.
9:09:38 PMGarbee Just forgot.
9:09:44 PMGarbee I'm still getting the hang of things.
9:09:47 PMGarbee :)
9:09:58 PMRobbief I found getting the stone real hot, then putting the crust on it and dressing the crush on it while it's hot. The crust starts baking while you're dressing it. Then toss it in the oven to cook the rest of the way.
9:10:08 PMRobbief Ah, gotcha
9:10:13 PMRobbief yep... all trial and error.
9:10:30 PMRobbief I'm getting good at baking bread. My first few attempts (few dozen maybe) were not so great LOL
9:10:33 PMGarbee Ramsay has a neat trick.
9:10:44 PMRobbief Oh yeah?
9:10:59 PMGarbee Get a pan for the stove to hold the crust (if not doing a thick/high rising crust.)
9:11:11 PMGarbee Stove to heat up the crust, so you can check it and top while hot when ready.
9:11:21 PMGarbee After you top it, toss it in the same pan into the oven.
9:11:29 PMRobbief cool
9:11:40 PMGarbee I need to get a pan to do that with...
9:11:51 PMRobbief I got a few good oven-ready pans
9:11:55 PMRobbief have one that is cast iron
9:12:06 PMGarbee We have some, but not for the counter-top convection oven.
9:12:06 PMRobbief nice for so many things
9:12:11 PMRobbief ah
9:12:14 PMGarbee Handles are too long to fit in that one.
9:12:15 PMRobbief I don't have convection
9:12:22 PMRobbief gotcha
9:12:25 PMGarbee Our main oven is slow heating.
9:12:31 PMGarbee So I use the convection most of the time.
9:12:45 PMRobbief check the fuses and/or the elements
9:12:57 PMRobbief I have a dutch oven I really love cooking in too
9:13:21 PMRobbief on the stove, get it good and hot and sautee stuff, then move it to the oven to slow cook.
9:13:26 PMGarbee eh. Our oven was kinda cheapo anyways.
9:13:44 PMGarbee I'd rather just use the convection.
9:13:56 PMGarbee My grandma's house though... dope oven. Love using that for stuff.
9:14:05 PMGarbee I've never sauteed anything. :P
9:14:31 PMGarbee I'm so new to cooking in general. Much less doing stuff as precise as dough.
9:15:33 PMGarbee I do have Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies (from boxed mixes) down pretty tight though.
9:15:53 PMGarbee After 4th of July I'm going to try my first full from-scratch cookies and brownies.
9:19:09 PMRobbief I love cooking. a fun hobby.
9:19:21 PMRobbief I've gotten really good at slow smoking on the charcoal bbq as well
9:19:35 PMRobbief and my breads are awesome now
9:19:46 PMRobbief like good homemade loaves and hearth breads
9:19:50 PMGarbee We have a George Foreman grill. I make burgers on that pretty often.
9:20:00 PMGarbee Grab angus meat patties from the store.
9:20:05 PMRobbief nice!
9:20:12 PMRobbief Bekah wouldn't let me get one of those :)
9:20:30 PMRobbief I'd love to have one of them...
9:20:42 PMRobbief nice for when I get home late on a Wednesday and need a quick meal :)
9:20:49 PMGarbee Eh, probably for the best now that I've cooked burgers on an electric copper grill.
9:20:58 PMGarbee Way better use of money.
9:21:31 PMGarbee
9:21:54 PMGarbee My grandma has one of those. Freaking fantastic for indoor cooking of burgers/sausage/etc.
9:22:34 PMRobbief wow - nice
9:22:41 PMGarbee Yea, it helps keep juices too.
9:22:43 PMRobbief I saw this in a cooking tv show and thought it'd sure be nice to have
9:22:49 PMGarbee Unlike a George Foreman where it squeezes it out.
9:23:04 PMGarbee GF actually kinda makes stuff dry once you've had it cooked yourself other ways.
9:23:07 PMRobbief #NEED :)
9:23:20 PMRobbief interesting
9:23:24 PMRobbief I want it :)
9:23:25 PMGarbee Like, GF is faster since it cooks both sides at once.
9:23:33 PMGarbee But I'd rather have the burger juice.
9:23:52 PMGarbee I cook my patties to medium level. Maybe slightly over if I get it right but not much.
9:23:58 PMGarbee So delicious off the Gotham grill thingy.
9:24:26 PMRobbief yeah burgers I'll take medium to medium well, but steak I want a nice char on the outside and medium rare on the inside
9:24:48 PMGarbee I have never had a steak.
9:24:50 PMGarbee :P
9:24:57 PMGarbee Very picky eater here.


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