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6:58:07 PMABQTKY The CITY??? Wow!
7:00:22 PMSolbu Latest news from robbie:
7:05:37 PMjlim is there a show tonight?
7:05:43 PMSolbu No.
7:05:53 PMSolbu Poweroutage
7:05:56 PMjlim live when is it? tomorrow?
7:06:02 PMjlim oh
7:06:54 PMjlim epiode 359 returns 404 - page not found with kodi addon
7:07:22 PMSolbu jlim: This was recorded about an hour ago:
7:07:30 PMSolbu jlim: I have mentioned it to robbie.
7:07:41 PMjlim Solbu: ty
7:14:36 PMnapa_polarbear were show
7:27:02 PMSolbu He's got pow… ehh, I mean battery!
7:27:43 PMRobbief nope... just at home now, about to upload the video sasha and I recorded in the foyer (where there was sunlight)
7:27:50 PMRobbief studio is still offline
7:28:03 PMRobbief Luckily our security system has battery for days
7:28:31 PMSolbu Had to temporarely change topic in response to a repeated question. :-)
7:29:04 PMRobbief ahh, great idea, thanks!
7:29:19 PMRobbief once I post the new video (5 more minutes till it's done rendering) you can replace the video
7:29:26 PMABQTKY RobbieF I can't remember whey YOU'VE had so much fun! Hang in there!
7:29:39 PMRobbief heh, thanks ABQTKY
7:30:00 PMSolbu Robbief: I suspect this is the first time in the shows history that there is no live show?
7:30:54 PMRobbief well, we've done prerecorded before (eg., for me to take a trip to the cottage) but the first time when we were about to do a show and had to cancel, yes.
7:31:02 PMSolbu Robbief: The video was a little cool, hearing the two UPSes beeping.
7:31:41 PMSolbu Sounds like two UPSes, at least.
7:32:18 PMRobbief there are 3.
7:32:24 PMRobbief one might have been dead by the end :D
7:32:54 PMRobbief in about 20 minutes, this link should work -
7:32:59 PMSolbu Which UPSes do you use?
7:33:13 PMSolbu I have two ES-700
7:33:36 PMRobbief I have a cyberpower 1500 VA, a APC 1500 VA and a smaller 450 VA traditional APC
7:33:52 PMRobbief not sure the models (as I'm not there now... and even if I was, there'd be no light - lol)
7:34:22 PMSolbu One have a dead battery, so the new one I replaced it with keeps the fort for 5 and a half minute on 70% load.
7:34:30 PMRobbief grab that link guys - refresh until it works - it's uploading now. I'm gonna go get some rest because indeed I am sick (icing on the cake today!) so rest is a good thing.
7:34:51 PMRobbief Solbu ... I turned off my miners as soon as the power went out :D That bought me some time.
7:34:53 PMRobbief haha
7:35:02 PMSolbu … powering 3 computers, one screen, a switch and the modem.
7:35:02 PMRobbief seeyas in a bit. I'll probably check in again after a rest.
7:35:22 PMSolbu Enjoyt your unexpected free time.
7:35:26 PMRobbief oh yeah, I have other UPS's for the internet stuff - but the studio has big powerful computers and lots of cameras :)
7:35:27 PMRobbief heh
7:35:39 PMGWG Robbief: I feel we never get to talk anymore.
7:35:44 PMRobbief yeah, I can sure use some downtime, so I'll at least look on that as a possible bright side.
7:36:03 PMRobbief Hey GWG - yeah man :( I need to breathe, and then visit IRC a few times a week.
7:36:16 PMABQTKY RobbieF - Just get some sleep. In the last couple of hours you earned it. And the cold/sore throat doesn't help, either.
7:36:17 PMSolbu Robbief: I'll replace the link when it's working.
7:36:18 PMRobbief I'm just training a guy at work to replace part of me... so things should get back to normal soon.
7:36:30 PMRobbief thank you Solbu
7:36:49 PMRobbief thanks ABQTKY - yeah I'll get some shut eye for a bit... see if I can get a second wind.
7:37:02 PMRobbief Seeyas soon. GWG - I will definitely get in here more soon!!
7:37:07 PMRobbief can't wait. I miss you guys.
7:37:16 PMSolbu :-)
7:37:25 PMRobbief back in a bit.
7:37:28 PMABQTKY RobbieF - THURSDAY wind would be good. Get some sleep!!


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