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6:58:08 PMABQTKY The suspense is building!!! Will we will or will we won't have Cat5 tonight???
6:58:15 PMTheFu Leaches work!
6:58:21 PMSashaR we will!!!
6:58:54 PMTheFu Lubbuck - dry
6:59:12 PMTheFu So to maggots
6:59:44 PMTheFu Same with ticks.
6:59:57 PMTheFu What about chiggers?
7:00:28 PMTheFu Sorry - I'm on a 15sec delay. ;(
7:00:35 PMorangeman is there show tonight
7:00:45 PMTheFu Yep.
7:01:33 PMRobbieF Hiya!
7:01:36 PMTheFu No! Chiggers burrow into your flesh - they are tiny. Basically, you cut off the air for a few days and they die.
7:02:13 PMorangeman very very hot here like south france
7:02:40 PMTheFu Pretty hot here too - rain cooled things down to 90.
7:03:02 PMTheFu
7:03:09 PMorangeman it never this hot here
7:04:07 PMTheFu Speedtest? Speedtest?!
7:04:40 PMorangeman has start ket
7:04:51 PMorangeman has start yet
7:05:05 PMSashaR yes!!! :)
7:05:39 PMorangeman i cant get picture yet
7:05:45 PMfking Nothing live or roku here.
7:05:56 PMSashaR Is everyone else getting it?
7:06:07 PMorangeman not live here
7:06:12 PMrd_blair no
7:06:13 PMABQTKY Not just yet, SashaR
7:06:20 PMBobK54 nothing here yet either
7:06:23 PMTheFu All working for me - kodi.
7:06:42 PMABQTKY Soon we hope, real soon now...
7:06:47 PMTheFu Bet it would be find on Roku too.
7:06:59 PMSashaR I'll see if I can get Robbie on it!!!
7:07:06 PMTheFu How r u trying to watch?
7:07:34 PMBobK54 hit the link on the bottom of the homepage
7:07:37 PMTheFu Sorry, I type fast.
7:07:42 PMfking Nothing on roku.
7:08:15 PMGuest_1852 nothing on
7:08:50 PMorangeman STILL NOT LIVE HERE YET
7:09:03 PMTheFu Sasha is taking notes and will let robbie know at the break.
7:09:29 PMSashaR He knows now!!! It's coming!
7:09:52 PMTheFu Odd that it works for kodi,but not roku?
7:10:14 PMTheFu Robbie is going to push the button.
7:10:34 PMTheFu Or the webpage.
7:11:13 PMSashaR He is fixing it now...
7:11:19 PMTheFu Not on webpage. Not working on Roku ... works find on kodi.
7:11:29 PMTheFu Perhaps the DNS updates didn't get pushed out?
7:11:39 PMorangeman DOES WORK HERE
7:11:54 PMalbert3 this works -
7:12:01 PMJeff_W scabies....thats what tehye were TheFu
7:12:15 PMJeff_W yes we have chiggers too
7:13:04 PMSashaR Orangeman... and everyone else, it's about to happen!
7:13:09 PMDBLK roku is working
7:13:13 PMABQTKY SashaR - Youtube seems to work!
7:13:17 PMBobK54 thanks albert3, now watching on youtube!
7:13:28 PMalbert3 NP
7:13:32 PMTheFu Scabies sound like crabs.
7:13:35 PMABQTKY Is everyone having fun yet??
7:13:37 PMJeff_W yup
7:13:40 PMTheFu er ... so I hear.
7:13:49 PMGuest_1852 just gone live
7:15:46 PMTheFu Remember re-IPing a company before NAT existed. Only 300 systems, what a pain.
7:16:04 PMTheFu Every desktop and server had routable IPs.
7:18:19 PMjlim Newsroom episodes 358 and 359 and returning 404 page not found in Kodi
7:18:43 PMjlim SashaR: \o
7:19:12 PMjlim RobbieF: Newsroom episodes 358 and 359 and returning 404 page not found in Kodi
7:19:41 PMTheFu there's a live show happening now, so Robbie is a little busy.
7:19:52 PMjlim SashaR: nice to see you again live.
7:20:30 PMSashaR Thank you!! It's great to see you too :):)
7:20:54 PMGarbee I'm around.
7:21:19 PMGarbee I wish I didn't notice.
7:21:24 PMGarbee My brain might thank me if I could.
7:23:25 PMSkywriter64 Hi,everyone from Brooklyn,NY
7:24:51 PMjlim RobbieF: you have been pushing my raspberrypi buttons lately. i am all fired up about pi projects lately.
7:28:37 PMGuest_1852 @Jeff_W @RobbieF @SashaR check your pm's
7:30:09 PMSashaR :)
7:33:21 PMTheFu Plex is hard on storage. Beware if you leave the plex DB/files on the SD card.
7:36:08 PMSashaR Hi Scorpio55
7:36:10 PMorangeman MY PLEX BEEN RU 24 7 FOR 3MONTHS
7:37:01 PMScorpio55 Hi Sasha did you remember me lol
7:37:05 PMjlim lol
7:37:15 PMorangeman HI ROY SCORIPO55 MI0RTX
7:37:35 PMTheFu My plex server uptime: 19:37:06 up 48 days
7:38:05 PMScorpio55 Hi orangeman de G7VBX/M0NWR
7:38:31 PMGarbee 'ello gonva.
7:38:33 PMScorpio55 Hi Jeff
7:38:36 PMTheFu e-sports? Like Elf Bowling?
7:38:41 PMScorpio55 Hi Robbie
7:39:23 PMjlim SashaR: how have you been?
7:43:30 PMBobK54 "Do you want to play a game?
7:44:00 PMalpeck 180 years of game play does not equal 180 years of knowledge
7:44:21 PMTheFu Not for humans.
7:44:59 PMTheFu They should get these AIs making room-temperature fusion work.
7:45:17 PMalpeck TheFu: yes
7:45:57 PMalpeck if i played a game for 180 years i am sure i could kick AI ass
7:46:26 PMalpeck only problem is it took me 180 years
7:47:52 PMnapa_polarbear Jeff, what was that game site 4 card?
7:48:47 PMJeff_W
7:52:13 PMTheFu There's only 3 RAM makers.
7:52:57 PMTheFu China is suing some over the price fixing RAM and trying to gain access to their IP. Making fast RAM is hard.
7:53:46 PMJeff_W
7:53:54 PMJeff_W thats where you can get the iso
7:54:22 PMTheFu
7:55:49 PMTheFu "here are only a handful of semiconductor manufacturers with the capability to produce DRAM chips, and they are Micron (Crucial), Samsung, and Hynix."
7:56:17 PMTheFu ref:
7:59:52 PMCee_128d I'm betting that they'll upgrade them to Windows 7 that support ends in Jan 2020.
8:00:07 PMalpeck linux
8:01:15 PMTheFu Banks need to check the entire communications line ... starting from the mainframe all the way out to the ATM.
8:02:08 PMCee_128d RHEL or Centos FTW
8:02:18 PMTheFu I've worked on system upgrades that took 5 yrs. Linux doesn't make it much cheaper.
8:02:44 PMTheFu The cost of the software isn't really a consideration.
8:03:07 PMTheFu The software in the end-user device.
8:03:09 PMGopher They may have/had extended MS support beyond mainstream EOL if they paid for it
8:04:09 PMalbert3 this is from 2008 -
8:04:11 PMTheFu I was asked to swap out 25K laptops from Windows to Linux. The cost of all the other software and integration to other systems was beyond prohibitive.
8:04:25 PMalbert3 Brazilian banks look to Linux for ATMs
8:04:53 PMTheFu Brazil has govt subsidies to avoid external tech.
8:06:07 PMGopher How many ATMs are going to open a malicious webpage or email
8:06:27 PMTheFu Brazil has home-grown voting machines too - they use Java.
8:07:17 PMTheFu Gopher - the ATMs here show ads. I bet those are pulled over the internet.
8:07:53 PMalpeck I agree SashaR, it is the job of our government to protect us
8:08:35 PMGopher Is that the US TheFu. Why does that not surprise me
8:09:29 PMGopher I agree TheFu . That would be a vector
8:09:55 PMCee_128d alpeck, it's the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves from every day things. The Government is there to protect us from bigger things like Wars. It's called personal responsibility.
8:10:28 PMGopher You have to be a twat to connect an ATM to the internet
8:10:45 PMTheFu How do you think ATM transactions happen?
8:11:15 PMGopher A private network
8:11:17 PMCee_128d Gopher, then how do the ATM's connect to the Banks for transaction authorizations? Phone calls?
8:11:20 PMTheFu ATM machines are privately owned in many parts of the world.
8:11:39 PMalpeck tell me Cee_128d, can you build a car baby seat and market it without testing for compliance
8:12:18 PMTheFu alpeck - yes, in many countries that is perfectly legal.
8:12:46 PMalpeck not in Canada and US though
8:12:58 PMTheFu Not in CA,US,EU,JP,AU,... but lots of places.
8:13:00 PMalpeck and i am sure in the EU
8:13:30 PMCee_128d alpeck, no. But I can do my own research to find out which ones are safe and which ones aren't. When you see a deal that's too good to be true then you have to be an idiot to buy it. That's what I was refering to.
8:13:47 PMTheFu Regulations are good for things that are 5 yrs old and have proven they ARE dangerous.
8:13:48 PMalbert3 It is a joke that anyone is using a legacy operating system like windows in the year 2018
8:14:07 PMJeff_W i agree albert3
8:14:45 PMTheFu Tesla bought a solar panel company that had too many manufacturing locations.
8:15:19 PMalpeck but the court system will side with the idiot Cee_128d
8:15:44 PMCee_128d alpeck, not always.
8:16:37 PMTheFu SashaR - if nobody is buying.
8:17:01 PMCee_128d alpack, and even it the court does it won't bring back a love one who was killed by the poorly designed and manfactured product. Personal Responsibility.
8:17:04 PMTheFu They need to make just as much as they sell.
8:17:36 PMGarbee Cee_128d: In the US they will always, *unless* the situation is the person in commission of the sale explicitly said something was wrong/untested whatever. Unless it was clear in the sale, there is assumed fault on the supplier.
8:18:06 PMTheFu Garbee "As-Is"
8:18:11 PMCee_128d alpack My father taught me that I might have the right away on the street, but what good is it if I'm dead trying to enforce that.
8:18:18 PMalpeck That is why our government has to hold importers to the same standard as a home land manufacturer
8:18:20 PMGarbee TheFu: That doesn't mean everything people think it does.
8:18:53 PMalpeck true Cee_128d, not much good if you are dead right
8:19:09 PMCee_128d aplack, I live in the US and have for over 60 years. Trust me that the courts do NOT always side with the individual over the corporation.
8:19:19 PMGarbee In many cases there are assumed warranties and/or expectations that you can't take away with "as-is". Unless, as said before, you explicitly state those issues in the commission of the sale.
8:19:48 PMTheFu Garbee that is highly dependent on state laws, which vary wildly.
8:20:17 PMGarbee Yup, but there are also some federal laws on sales as well.
8:20:52 PMGarbee But, in *many* cases, means most states have some form of laws around it. Few don't have some kind of consumer protection.
8:21:00 PMTheFu People do things because they can.
8:21:09 PMalpeck Cee_128d, I live in Canada for the past 58 years. I like to think I am intelligent but the sad fact is as a society we seem to be getting dumber.
8:22:18 PMGarbee Like most states have laws protecting consumers who buy used vehicles from dealerships from certain safety problems shortly after buying them. But those laws don't apply to private sales for the same issues. Because any business is expected to provide a safely operable vehicle. Where private parties aren't trusted with the same duty.
8:22:47 PMGarbee Sale protection laws are very much all about the exact context and the state.
8:23:01 PMGarbee But, generally, things err to business fault over consumer fault.
8:23:23 PMCee_128d alpack Same here in the US. Probably a third of the people I deal with on a daily basis don't know enough to have been able to graduate 2nd grade back when I was a kid.
8:23:24 PMalpeck +Garbee, in Canada you can not sell a baby seat at a yard/garage sale as it is against the law.
8:23:59 PMalpeck it might not meet current government standards
8:24:09 PMGarbee Or just be broken in a subtle way.
8:24:15 PMTheFu Roy?
8:24:16 PMGarbee Honestly, that's a regulation I can get behind.
8:24:44 PMTheFu Is it still sunning out there?
8:24:51 PMGarbee No drops or lags in quality at all tonight.
8:24:56 PMGarbee Fantastic new internet service.
8:24:56 PMTheFu sunny?
8:25:16 PMTheFu Where's Solbu? He's got the stuttering usually.
8:25:47 PMScorpio55 MI0RTX 73 G7VBX
8:25:49 PMGarbee SashaR: When ya'll do his cake, switch the numbers!
8:25:49 PMalpeck who is watching on Youtube...max quality was only 720p tonight
8:25:58 PMCee_128d My daughter's insurance company wouldn't insure her if she used her 3 year old car seat with her last child. They wouldn't take the chance.
8:26:32 PMalpeck insure her to drive her car Cee_128d???
8:27:11 PMCee_128d alpack, Yes.
8:27:31 PMalpeck good for them Cee_128d
8:27:36 PMGarbee They want all the latest safety stuff and to make sure it is all fresh.
8:27:53 PMalpeck btw it is ALPECK not ALPACK
8:27:58 PMalpeck hahaha
8:28:05 PMGarbee What did Robbie just say about me?
8:28:08 PMGarbee Ya'll laughed way too hard.
8:28:12 PMSashaR Thank you all once again for being here :)
8:28:17 PMalpeck nice chatting everyone
8:28:30 PMGarbee See you SashaR. Have a great week.
8:28:57 PMCee_128d Sorry. I have cataracts and can't see the screen very well, plus still recovering from a series of strokes so I don't type very well either.
8:29:19 PMalpeck hahaha Cee_128d, nice chatting
8:29:26 PMalpeck take care
8:29:37 PMGarbee Cee_128d: Depending on your client type the first 2 or 3 characters then press tab.
8:29:37 PMCee_128d You too. have a good week folks.
8:29:57 PMGarbee It should cycle through nicks matching and with 2 characters for his name you should pretty much have it.
8:30:08 PMGarbee At least, *most* IRC clients do it. Not all.
8:30:19 PMGarbee Just one method to help possibly.
8:30:27 PMCee_128d +Garbee, nice trick. I'll have to remember that.
8:30:43 PMGarbee Enjoy yourselves.
8:30:45 PMalpeck I use that all the time Cee_128d
8:31:03 PMGarbee I'm off to eat some pizza rolls and watch another episode of Sense8 possibly before bed.
8:31:05 PMalpeck good by all
8:31:33 PMCee_128d Well folks, I have to go install an SSD at the church and update to the new EasyWorship.


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