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6:58:26 PMbigkitty hi
6:59:35 PMSolbu SashaR, RobbieF: What nick does the new co-host use? (So I can voice her too)
6:59:38 PMagamotto I seem to be doing fine with the YouTube version currently
7:00:29 PMCee_128d Jeff is looking especially fetching this evening
7:00:55 PMDJMike LOL
7:01:10 PMbigkitty aaaa a mac
7:01:15 PMMarshMan Cee_128d: Isn't she uhhhh, he?
7:01:25 PMMarshMan Uhhh
7:01:28 PMSolbu Paraphrasing 2001: Oh my god, it's full of stars. (the password is)
7:02:01 PMGWG I like sweet potato fries.
7:02:13 PMGWG Skywriter64: I have a Brooklyn question for you.
7:02:14 PMSheezTheYam Awesome, sweet potato fries
7:02:20 PMSheezTheYam should be named
7:02:28 PMSheezTheYam Sweet Potato Fries
7:02:34 PMSheezTheYam capitalization is important, lol
7:02:36 PMGWG I make them in an air fryer along with zucchini fries.
7:02:46 PMGWG An air fryer is in reality a mini convection oven
7:02:56 PMSolbu We hear you.
7:03:32 PMGWG Humor?
7:03:39 PMGWG Okay...a guy walks into a bar.
7:03:40 PMGWG Ouch
7:03:59 PMMarshMan He must have stubbed his toe
7:04:19 PMSheezTheYam So many possibilities!
7:04:19 PMSolbu GWG: Or this one: I don't care if you get my UDP joke.
7:04:21 PMSolbu :-)
7:04:38 PMMarshMan That's an ouch!
7:04:54 PMagamotto Ok, stream with YouTube is glitching now
7:04:57 PMCee_128d I refuse to make any more political jokes until the USA elects some new ones.
7:05:19 PMMarshMan Cee_128d: Yeah, baby!!!
7:05:38 PMagamotto Well, at least we aren't chanting for the President to go sleep with his mother yet...
7:05:45 PMMarshMan Running late.
7:05:47 PMSkywriter64 GWG,I just got back , I had to feed the dog. What is your question
7:05:51 PMCee_128d agamotto, YT stream is working just fine here in the Frozen Tundra
7:06:08 PMGWG Skywriter64: Do you know anyone who might have venue space in Brooklyn for a tech event? Someone was trying to organize something.
7:06:19 PMDJMike Cee_128d Trump gonna LEAVE!
7:06:22 PMGWG And while I'd like them to do it in Queens, I think Brooklyn has more tech people
7:06:31 PMGWG DJMike: Everyone is going to leave eventually.
7:06:47 PMABQTKY Cee_128d There are lots and lots of those political jokes out here. Please feel free to take some of them...anywhere but here. 8-|
7:06:58 PMCee_128d DJMike, no the ultra Liberals need to leave. Trump is the best thing we've had in the last 10 years.
7:07:44 PMMarshMan Careful!
7:08:00 PMDJMike I guess some like him and some dont but ok :)
7:08:28 PMagamotto I, for one am tired of them on both sides
7:08:38 PMGWG I'm equal opportunity. I disliked Trump before he went into politics, as a New Yorker. I'm also equally tired of politicians in general.
7:08:40 PMSheezTheYam ;)
7:09:13 PMMarshMan Amen GWG
7:10:12 PMCee_128d It's not that I'm a big Trump fan, it's that I so against the other guys. They enact laws that Trumps upholds and then blame him for doing it.
7:10:19 PMDJMike Someone said my name showed up in red but it came from no one lol
7:10:20 PMSolbu Nice. I got a stable kodi stream and the backstage stream running, and so far no dropouts.
7:10:21 PMSheezTheYam GWG?
7:10:50 PMMarshMan 19:10
7:10:54 PMGWG SheezTheYam: Yes?
7:11:54 PMSheezTheYam Ah, I see.
7:12:04 PMSkywriter64 Maybe Try in Queens, The Astoria beer garten on 21 ave ,I think .In brooklyn 20 st. & 5thAve
7:12:09 PMGWG Do you have hats?
7:12:38 PMGWG Skywriter64: We're looking for someone who might donate space. Another organization or such. But, will keep working
7:13:18 PMSkywriter64 What size do you need ?
7:13:56 PMGWG Skywriter64: The people organizing this are hoping for more, but the last New York even topped out at 10.
7:14:18 PMGWG The biggest ever similar event got 45, I think.
7:14:31 PMGWG For RobbieF and co, we proposed an Ontario event
7:14:32 PMgarywhite What are you guys talking about?
7:15:34 PMGWG garywhite: Trying to find someone who might know of a place to look for someone I know trying to organize an event in the NY area.
7:15:44 PMGWG For games, I think I'll stick the classic arcade
7:16:00 PMagamotto_ I nearly wiped out play Dance Dance Revolution a few years ago
7:16:45 PMGWG Ah Florence...I was in a nice Vodafone store there
7:18:30 PMGWG New Jeff seems much less cynical than Old Jeff.
7:18:37 PMSolbu Hehe
7:18:43 PMagamotto_ Wow... Mediacom must be having problems today...
7:19:20 PMGWG Although, it's always confusing when a show recasts one of its characters with a new actor
7:21:07 PMCee_128d GWG especially when they don't introduce here at the beginning of the show.
7:21:29 PMGWG And if your wife is too busy, it can provide a VR simulation.
7:21:53 PMCee_128d ^ her not here
7:22:25 PMMarshMan Oh, SheezTheYam good
7:23:06 PMGWG Cee_128d: They never introduced it. Like the younger sister on Boy Meets World.
7:23:16 PMagamotto_ VR is interesting, but I think it will be another 10 years before it or AR will be useful to the average user.
7:24:22 PMCee_128d Oops. So much for the Linux bias.
7:24:23 PMSashaR That is true... it's not very affordable really!
7:24:44 PMagamotto_ It isn
7:24:47 PMSashaR It's slight today
7:25:09 PMagamotto_ t so much the affordability as no software that I would use daily...
7:26:01 PMCee_128d I'll invest in VR or AR as soon as it can do my laundry, cook me a meal, and then do the dishes.
7:26:40 PMCee_128d IT Crowd FTW
7:26:46 PMSolbu RobbieF: A friend of mine did that, he typed google into google. :-)
7:28:36 PMMarshMan We did a Google Hangout together with Shizu
7:29:20 PMCee_128d RobbieF, that is fine for the re broadcast, but it sucks for those of us watching live. You might want to introduce guests like that in the beginning as well for the live audience.
7:30:15 PMagamotto_ Not a problem that I have, thankfully.
7:30:41 PMagamotto_ I did read the book.. not sure about the
7:30:51 PMagamotto_ 'joy' thing
7:33:10 PMMarshMan RobbieF: So a messy room is a Jackson Pollock thing?
7:38:03 PMSashaR I am far messier than Dave... he is the organized one :)
7:38:37 PMalpeck I do stuff like...01) file/application...02) file/application... etc.
7:40:49 PMSolbu RobbieF: Also, Mac OSX is a Unix-like system.
7:41:01 PMSashaR I just hide all my desktop icons, then I "view" them when I need to find something
7:41:12 PMSolbu RobbieF: So most commands are the same as in GNU/Linux.
7:41:14 PMagamotto_ I am tidy w/o having OCD
7:44:37 PMSolbu So, how many google units just did an order via RobbieF's command? :-)
7:46:52 PMGWG Sorry, was just installing a WyzeCam Pan
7:48:15 PMagamotto_ I will consider a voice assistant when I can speak to it in Klingon... not too many ways to trigger that by accident.
7:48:41 PMSashaR awesome idea!!!
7:49:52 PMGWG agamotto_: paw 'oH
7:50:07 PMCee_128d I'm waiting for them to allow the individual user to create their own name to access it. Sorry, but being stuck with Siri, Hey Google, etc. is just too insecure and lame.
7:50:16 PMGWG QI'yaH, google, jagh Qaw'
7:51:48 PMMarshMan Being organized isn't everything it's cracked up to be. You tend to crack up.
7:53:20 PMMarshMan SashaR: Create a folder called Carpet and sweep everything into it
7:53:29 PMSashaR YES!!!!!
7:53:40 PMCee_128d I went so many sub folders deep that the file system couldn't handle file names that long.
7:53:54 PMrevdjenk I have folders, sub folders for each subject
7:54:21 PMagamotto_ Good book for those who have no idea how to organize
7:54:25 PMnapa_polarbear hwllo all
7:54:58 PMalpeck I tend to be very verbose with folder and filenames but this poses issues with Windows maximum path limits.
7:55:26 PMCee_128d revdlenk I go 5 levels deep quite often. I think the furthest I've gone is 12 levels of sub folders.
7:55:52 PMalpeck anyone no file path limitation for Linux???
7:56:23 PMrevdjenk alpeck: not that I've noticed
7:57:24 PMagamotto_ All ways of increasing the flow of chi in your life
7:57:58 PMCee_128d alpeck unfortunately it doesn't matter what Linux can do as I absolutely have to use Windows for 90% of what I do. There are no Linux alternatives for the majority of programs I need.
7:58:13 PMMarshMan alpeck: filename: 255 characters Path: 4096
7:58:41 PMGWG I'm not sure Messianic is the word.
7:58:55 PMalpeck MarshMan: just found that as well
8:00:54 PMGWG I have nowhere too hang my hat
8:01:01 PMGWG Is this an indication I need to not have hats?
8:01:05 PMalpeck It appears Windows max. path length is 260...extremely short compared to Linux
8:01:12 PMMarshMan Hi Dave!
8:01:23 PMrevdjenk Cee_128d: will they work in linux using wine? I use three windows programs daily, running them in linux
8:01:51 PMCee_128d revdjenk. Nope.
8:02:21 PMagamotto Catch you lot later
8:02:28 PMCee_128d They all need direct hardware access that isn't possible with Wine or in a VM
8:02:48 PMnapa_polarbear on gaming, did u try steam
8:03:33 PMMarshMan RobbieF: I'm wearing my Cat5 shirt. NOT$6
8:03:36 PMCee_128d napa_polarbear if that is aimed at me it isn't gaming related at all.
8:06:45 PMrevdjenk Cee_128d: you must still have an interest in linux to be here? or have a system you use it with for non windows time?
8:07:35 PMTheFu Hey ya'll - happy 4th!
8:07:49 PMGWG I step away for one minute and we're talking about drugs?
8:08:13 PMMarshMan GWG: see what you can miss?
8:08:21 PMCee_128d revdjenk I do use Linux at times and have since 1995. I just haven't been able to use it as my daily driver for about 7 years now.
8:08:52 PMalpeck TheFu: happy 4th! - please elaborate
8:09:17 PMGWG MarshMan: I was cutting pills in half earlier because it costs the same price for 10mg as it does for 20mg
8:09:36 PMrevdjenk Cee_128d: and I've been linux only (except tax software) since 2006
8:09:54 PMCee_128d alpeck USA Independence Day is July 4th. National Holiday here.
8:09:54 PMTheFu uh .... Independence Day for the US. Flipping burgers on the grill, got the firepit going for the family with marshmellows.
8:10:01 PMalpeck I have to use Windows for work
8:10:28 PMalpeck TheFu: sorry...Happy July the 4th from Canada
8:10:36 PMTheFu Linux paths are set in limits.h. If you recompile the kernel, libc and most gnu tools, you can make those limits whatever you want.
8:10:38 PMGWG I am suddenly wondering. When did I stop being the Young People
8:10:52 PMGWG After this, my tradition is to watch 1776
8:11:03 PMMarshMan GWG: on your third medication?
8:11:10 PMCee_128d revdjenk: I was about then, but a change in circumstances and obligations put an end to that.
8:11:12 PMTheFu We read the US Constitution. Takes about 20min.
8:11:15 PMGWG Actually, I only have one.
8:11:26 PMGWG TheFu: It gets riveting at times, doesn't it?
8:11:34 PMGWG TheFu: Did you have a spirited debate as well?
8:11:36 PMMarshMan GWG: lucky you
8:12:19 PMTheFu GWG, It is a good reminder of what started all of this. Too bad so many people forget it is there and should be a living document.
8:12:26 PMrevdjenk GWG: there are some intense moments in 1776
8:12:27 PMSolbu To prevent scam emails from seeing whether you've read the email, disable html rendering in the client.
8:12:59 PMTheFu Passwords?
8:13:08 PMCee_128d If an online company, site, etc. stores your password and only encrypts it they are doing it wrong.
8:13:40 PMGWG revdjenk: Which ones?
8:13:52 PMGWG MarshMan: I had three. I worked it down
8:14:01 PMGWG revdjenk: I bought the Director's Cut
8:14:47 PMTheFu I don't know most of my passwords.
8:14:53 PMrevdjenk GWG: the georgia rep singing about rum and slavery
8:15:06 PMTheFu Don't know any of my financial account logins either.
8:15:30 PMGWG revdjenk: Molasses to Rum to Slaves...oh what a beautiful waltz. You dance with us, we dance with Molasses and Rum and Slaves....Who sails the ships out of Boston, laden with bibles and rum....
8:15:44 PMSkywriter64 Robbie F Refocus the camera
8:16:13 PMTheFu 2FA for your password manager is a good thing.
8:16:27 PMTheFu But never use an Android phone with that.
8:16:41 PMrevdjenk Keepass user, here
8:17:30 PMCee_128d My Credit Union's website won't allow integration with any password managers. They claim that lowers your security. It won't allow 2FA either. And they limit passwords to 10 characters and only letters and numerals.
8:17:55 PMGWG Cee_128d: Find a new Credit Union?
8:18:06 PMGWG revdjenk: Good system. I use it for some things
8:18:15 PMrevdjenk Cee_128d: ^
8:18:54 PMGWG revdjenk: I'm keying up the blu-ray
8:19:04 PMCee_128d GWG: Not an option where I live. The two banks here are even worse. Pitfalls of living in a small town.
8:19:14 PMGWG Cee_128d: Which town? Or region?
8:19:56 PMrevdjenk Cee_128d: you should still be able to use your PM and just copy/paste?
8:20:01 PMGWG RobbieF: Don't say the A-word
8:20:41 PMTheFu My bank is 3 states away. I haven't been physically inside it since the early 1990s.
8:20:43 PMCee_128d Northern Wisconsin. Only two CUs in the county and WI requires members to live in the same county as the CU. I don't drive so a CU that's 25 miles away isn't a realistic option.
8:20:59 PMGWG I am with Ally Bank. I've never been physically inside it
8:21:37 PMGWG revdjenk: Thanks to you, I'm starting my singing early.
8:21:50 PMrevdjenk hee hee GWG
8:22:13 PMGWG revdjenk: Is it depressing I know the whole score?
8:22:18 PMTheFu There is a branch of my bank nearby, but I cannot physically get to it. Armed guards at the gate and I'm not authorized anymore.
8:22:29 PMCee_128d GWG: I had a different CU when I moved here and it caused way too many problems so I switched to the local one.
8:22:44 PMGWG TheFu: Sounds like the data center I used to have a server in
8:22:59 PMTheFu Probably more secure. DoD location.
8:23:06 PMrevdjenk GWG: nah! A niece and I can almost recreate much of Holy Grail...
8:24:05 PMMarshMan GWG: Bring out your dead!
8:24:17 PMrevdjenk TheFu: armed guards who keep you out of the bank? yikes
8:24:38 PMrevdjenk MarshMan: I'm feeling better!
8:24:40 PMTheFu revdjenk, no. To keep me off the military installation.
8:24:50 PMrevdjenk TheFu: hee hee
8:24:53 PMGWG Really Great At? As in vacuuming up people's personal data?
8:25:18 PMTheFu MarshMan, Soylent Green?
8:25:35 PMGWG revdjenk: Bravely bold Sir Robin, rode forth from Camelot. He was not afraid to die, no brave Sir Robin. He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways. Brave Brave Brave Brave Sir Robin.
8:25:43 PMMarshMan TheFu: Holy Grail.
8:25:54 PMMarshMan revdjenk: LOL
8:26:20 PMGWG revdjenk: He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp. Or to have his eyes gouged out, and his elbows broken, to have his kneecaps nipped or his body burnt away...
8:26:42 PMrevdjenk GWG: stahp! I wouldn't
8:26:52 PMTheFu Does GPS work on Mars? Is there a stable magnetic field planet-wide?
8:26:54 PMGWG Why is she a Yam?
8:27:02 PMGWG Is this about the sweet potato fries?
8:27:04 PMrevdjenk TheFu: none on mars
8:27:23 PMGWG 1776
8:27:37 PMGWG RobbieF: Get your butt to Mars.
8:27:44 PMTheFu Well, 2-3 satellites could make GPS work every few hours there.
8:28:37 PMSashaR Goodnight all my darlings :)
8:28:45 PMrevdjenk nite SashaR
8:28:47 PMGWG RobbieF: When you all stop talking, I'm going to watch a musical
8:28:54 PMTheFu g'night SashaR
8:28:58 PMSolbu SashaR, RobbieF: I'm happy to report that the kodi stream is finally stable.
8:29:31 PMTheFu Marshmellow time before fireworks!
8:30:40 PMGWG I haven't watched this movie since I upgraded to 4K
8:30:42 PMGWG Should be fun
8:30:49 PMrevdjenk except for the one in the middle a great shot
8:31:27 PMTheFu GWG, is that the 1972 version?
8:32:43 PMGWG TheFu: Is there any other?
8:32:55 PMGWG I did see it on Broadway with Brent Spiner, but no video of that
8:33:43 PMGWG If I'm really crazy, I'll watch the director's commentary afterward
8:39:31 PMrevdjenk until next week, friends
8:39:37 PMSolbu :-)


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