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6:58:05 PMGarbee Ok, time check here.
6:58:10 PMGarbee Robbie, command a number.
6:58:14 PMGarbee I'll type it out right away.
6:58:47 PMRobbieF abqtky what do you mean?
6:59:42 PMGarbee OK no lag check.
7:00:02 PMSolbu Lag checked: Ok.
7:00:09 PMDJMike Where is the backstage pass because I never got notification from YouTube and the same last week
7:00:19 PMGarbee RobbieF: ^^
7:00:29 PMGarbee DJMike: Did you check patreon for the links?
7:00:32 PMABQTKY RobbieF - the drive controller. I't not a Perc 6, but what is it? Inquiring minds want to know!
7:00:54 PMRobbieF
7:00:55 PMGarbee I got it.
7:00:55 PMGarbee
7:01:01 PMSolbu Is the pass link on the main site?
7:01:03 PMGarbee For BSP.
7:01:12 PMGarbee oh its off
7:01:14 PMGarbee 7 second clip
7:01:18 PMGarbee nope
7:01:25 PMGarbee It was "live" before you took it private
7:01:32 PMGarbee So that 7 second clip survived.
7:01:40 PMGarbee as a public link. Which my notifications now link to.
7:02:00 PMGarbee Yea RobbieF Your link is the show
7:02:15 PMGarbee Mine was the link before this stream went up in my Youtube notifications.
7:02:24 PMGarbee So something is messed up again it *appears*.
7:02:33 PMDJMike I just see the controller
7:02:54 PMGarbee Yea, it's a 7 second clip of the controller.
7:03:02 PMGarbee It's not a live stream of the BSP camera.
7:03:06 PMGarbee It is messed up again.
7:03:15 PMGarbee So we'll work on that for next week and get it patched up.
7:03:18 PMGarbee Sorry DJMike.
7:03:47 PMDJMike Pooh lol
7:04:15 PMGarbee Jeff_W: Cancel it and re-order.
7:07:18 PMTheFu_ Apple had record profits announced this week AND don't forget they sell $1000 iPhones.
7:08:07 PMSolbu :-)
7:08:56 PMABQTKY TheFu_ - they dropped the price? The expensive one was $1150.
7:09:44 PMGarbee Jeff_W: Your home router hates you.
7:10:23 PMTheFu_ Does Jeff_W know Linux? He's usually the "straight man" here.
7:10:38 PMGarbee haha, lag on voicing works.
7:10:50 PMSolbu It does. :-)
7:10:59 PMGarbee I was like... that IP/name are fishy.
7:11:01 PMGarbee Letting it lag.
7:11:16 PMABQTKY Jeff_W - all that malware is interfering with everything. You're lucky your router didn't expode!! 8-)
7:11:58 PMTheFu_ It could be a network camera on Jeff_W network. It might be hacked and his entire network could be pwnd.
7:12:20 PMGarbee He *heavily* questioned the network's capability RobbieF.
7:12:34 PMGarbee But he was clear, he didn't know where the problem was.
7:13:26 PMTheFu_ There's only 1 acceptable audio file format,right?
7:13:40 PMGarbee RobbieF: At least no one here is "anti-american".
7:14:03 PMGarbee oh, that is what you were talking about.
7:14:11 PMGarbee Yea, that makes sense.
7:15:08 PMTheFu_ Monday is Hiroshima day here. What is it there?
7:17:09 PMGarbee What are instructions?
7:17:41 PMTheFu_ Does it support "PlaysForSure?"
7:18:18 PMGarbee "They are headphones weirdo" -- Quote of the night.
7:19:16 PMGarbee RobbieF: They could be smart enough to pull the audio track and play that.
7:19:16 PMTheFu_ No vorbis audio?
7:19:22 PMGarbee TheFu_: ogg is there.
7:19:29 PMTheFu_ Ogg is different.
7:19:30 PMGarbee MP3 is now royalty free!
7:19:37 PMTheFu_ And still sounds bad.
7:19:48 PMGarbee hmm, I thought ogg was a vorbis type.
7:20:28 PMGarbee --- "Ogg Vorbis is a fully open..."
7:20:31 PMTheFu_ Ogg is the older audio. Vorbis drastically improved their audio beyond what ogg does.
7:20:50 PMGarbee Ok, so it is a vorbis spec. It's just the older one.
7:21:11 PMTheFu_ Ah ... ogg is the "container.
7:21:52 PMGarbee Yea, we're getting into a level of audio file comprehension I do not understand. :P
7:21:59 PMTheFu_ Me either.
7:22:02 PMTheFu_ ;)
7:22:16 PMTheFu_ The library is libvorbis for audio.
7:22:20 PMSolbu I have never encoded in anything but Ogg Vorbis for music.
7:22:43 PMTheFu_ Solbu, we'd expect nothing less from you. ;)
7:22:49 PMSolbu HEe
7:22:51 PMSolbu :-)=
7:23:17 PMGarbee I did OGG for a bit. But hated having to convert to play in the players I used.
7:23:20 PMGarbee So I went to MP3.
7:23:44 PMGarbee I still rip FLAC copies of CD's for backups to convert down the road into anything if needd.
7:24:06 PMSolbu My car stereo doesn't support it thou, so when I need some music on the car USB stick, I convert those to mp3 and move the mp3 files to the usbdrive, and retain the ogg for the desktop system.
7:24:06 PMTheFu_ Garbee, there's a point where being practical was necessary. Most newer devices fully support vorbis audio these days.
7:24:25 PMGarbee TheFu_: Yup. Especially since Android has it in the box.
7:24:31 PMGarbee I just never went back.
7:24:46 PMGarbee Plus Google Music only takes MP3/AAC/WAV stuff and converts it all to MP3 going in.
7:24:52 PMGarbee So, using that MP3 made sense.
7:24:53 PMSolbu But for more than a year mp3 has been patent free, so it is free for all usages.
7:24:58 PMGarbee Now I'm not relying on it that much.
7:25:34 PMTheFu_ All my new encodings are vorbis. I haven't gone back through the 2K music CDs and re-re-encoded those. Took about a year 1st time.
7:25:45 PMGarbee I still hate anything except top quality VBR copies of MP3.
7:25:52 PMGarbee Anything lower or constant bitrate, I hate it.
7:26:12 PMJeff_W im the same way garbee
7:26:16 PMGarbee That's why I did a FLAC rip copy and I tag those with Picard as well.
7:26:27 PMTheFu_ Recall when commercial players didn't handle VBS audio?
7:26:30 PMGarbee So if I want to convert into anything later of the CDs... I can *easily* do it all en-mass.
7:26:36 PMGarbee Nope.
7:26:43 PMGarbee Back then, I didn't care about quality.
7:26:45 PMGarbee :P
7:26:58 PMTheFu_ And storage was vastly different. 40G was HUGE!
7:27:21 PMJeff_W haha now 4tb is only ok
7:27:21 PMGarbee Sorry benrob0329, took me a few minutes to see you in here.
7:27:36 PMGarbee Didn't see the join message and my user list doesn't auto-scroll.
7:27:38 PMTheFu_ I care less and less about quality than I did 25 yrs ago. Too much hard rock.
7:27:38 PMbenrob0329 o/ Garbee
7:28:11 PMTheFu_ Jeff_W, I bought a 250G HDD last month, $9.
7:28:13 PMGarbee Yea, freenode is undergoing a *massive* spam swoop. So we stepped up guard to try and keep it out.
7:28:50 PMJeff_W thats insane
7:28:52 PMGarbee It involves manually voicing people after a minute or two. Since by that time, if you're a spam bot then you're most likely kicked by then.
7:29:18 PMSolbu Garbee: The one minute delay is because they are doing all their spamming withing that minute.
7:29:28 PMSolbu … and then they Quit.
7:29:33 PMGarbee Or get kicked.
7:29:38 PMGarbee Like the one earlier I commented on.
7:29:44 PMGarbee Killed outright by freenode.
7:29:54 PMGarbee It was like a minute and fourty seconds.
7:30:11 PMSolbu Thou Shalt Not kill… hmm. :-)
7:30:33 PMSolbu … and then someone invented k-line.
7:30:35 PMSolbu ;-)
7:31:23 PMTheFu_ Hotkey device? Can it play piano?
7:31:39 PMGarbee Jeff_W: You need to specify "long long way".
7:31:48 PMGarbee "few kilometers" is not good enough either.
7:32:04 PMSolbu To boldly go where no fly has gone before.
7:32:08 PMGarbee hahaha
7:32:16 PMGarbee I'd rather deal with metric.
7:32:20 PMGarbee Imperical units suck.
7:33:15 PMTheFu_ Fruit flies are easy to deal with. Tiny amount of OJ in a class, funnel at the top.
7:33:22 PMTheFu_ 1.6 KM to a mile.
7:33:48 PMTheFu_ 2.2 lbsf to a Kg.
7:34:30 PMTheFu_ Though lbsm is the real correct unit of mass, but everyone uses lbsf.
7:35:35 PMSashaR Thank you... I was right about one :)
7:35:57 PMTheFu_
7:36:27 PMGarbee SashaR: You're right about a lot of things. We just like to pit the three of you against each other. It's a good test of how you operate in various scenarios. ... For Science.
7:37:00 PMSashaR bahahahaha... I appreciate the challenge!
7:37:04 PMlichenx1 That's a weird looking version of linux...
7:37:30 PMTheFu_ 'cause it ain't.
7:37:47 PMlichenx1 I need a sarcasm font.
7:37:55 PMSashaR ;)
7:38:16 PMSashaR that's my sarcasm emoticon
7:38:48 PMSolbu lichenx1:
7:39:12 PMSashaR man I love you guys!
7:39:42 PMTheFu_
7:39:43 PMSolbu I think SashaR's mic cable cracle's again.
7:40:10 PMGarbee Solbu: It's where she's accidentally rubbing it somehow.
7:40:16 PMSashaR I'm not moving though :(
7:40:25 PMGarbee Robbie addressed it at the start of the show with her. Last week it was hitting something.
7:40:27 PMGarbee oh hmm.
7:40:36 PMGarbee Is Jeff_W moving then?
7:40:45 PMGarbee Or was he.
7:40:49 PMGarbee Not crackling anymore.
7:41:00 PMJeff_W im standing on the mute button because im drinking
7:41:25 PMJeff_W im going to step off
7:41:50 PMGarbee Jeff_W: ok it isn't yours crackling on movement.
7:41:51 PMGarbee thanks.
7:41:53 PMGarbee hmm.
7:42:03 PMGarbee So Sasha's is intermittently crackling for some reason.
7:42:35 PMGarbee SashaR: Don't worry about it too much. It shows up and disappears.
7:42:38 PMTheFu_ RobbieF, found a man-style remote.
7:42:40 PMSolbu The only reason I think it's Sasha's cable is due to Robbie mentioning it jut before the show.
7:42:45 PMSashaR I'll stand really still.... I don't know what else to do
7:42:46 PMGarbee I'll keep an eye out when it comes up and try to pinpoint a cause if I can spot one.
7:42:55 PMGarbee SashaR: Don't. Just be you it's fine.
7:43:28 PMGarbee SashaR: If you just be normal and move. I maybe able to pinpoint a motion causing it.
7:44:02 PMSashaR okay
7:44:06 PMGarbee hahaa node
7:44:12 PMTheFu_ So, it isn't a HID?
7:44:12 PMGarbee Awesome.
7:44:18 PMGarbee TheFu_: Nope.
7:44:47 PMGarbee It's like a keyboard with meta keys. They aren't necessarily workable on Linux.
7:44:55 PMGarbee Like my Logitech G105
7:45:17 PMGarbee It has gaming keys... But I have to install some 3rd party (community) "Sidewinder" driver to get the extra keys programmable.
7:45:27 PMGarbee That board works like this keyboards meta keys.
7:46:08 PMTheFu_ I use a bunch of WM speed-keys to do things - launch programs, insert text, remotely control other systems thanks to xdotool
7:46:52 PMBobK54 clean right now
7:46:59 PMSolbu RobbieF: Sometimes
7:47:04 PMGarbee Sorry, ahd a thing to do.
7:47:08 PMGarbee Nope
7:47:11 PMGarbee No crackling right now.
7:47:14 PMBobK54 no crackling now
7:47:15 PMTheFu_ It crackled with RobbieF touched it atthe start,then stopped when he tried.
7:47:23 PMBobK54 nope
7:47:24 PMGarbee Nope.
7:47:29 PMTheFu_ nope.
7:47:29 PMGarbee No it is.
7:47:39 PMBobK54 nope
7:47:40 PMGarbee nope no crackle.
7:47:43 PMSolbu Still nothing.
7:47:44 PMTheFu_ nope.
7:47:51 PMGarbee No
7:48:00 PMTheFu_ nope.
7:48:08 PMGarbee haha
7:48:14 PMGarbee nothing still
7:48:18 PMBobK54 suddenly its fixed!
7:48:18 PMTheFu_ nope
7:48:22 PMBobK54 haha
7:48:25 PMGarbee SashaR: Yours crackled going on up front.
7:48:28 PMGarbee So it is yours.
7:48:32 PMSolbu This Week in Cable Guy.
7:48:33 PMGarbee But it seems to be from abrasion.
7:48:36 PMGarbee Nope no crackle still.
7:48:37 PMTheFu_ nope on the shaking.
7:48:56 PMTheFu_ nope on the neck.
7:48:58 PMGarbee Nothing still.
7:49:06 PMBobK54 so weird, its gone now
7:49:08 PMGarbee Still clean.
7:49:18 PMTheFu_ nope on RobbieF
7:49:22 PMBlokey Maybe Robbie's magic touch cured healed!
7:49:26 PMGarbee It crackled when Sasha was putting it on at the top of the show.
7:49:27 PMGarbee Only hers.
7:49:33 PMSolbu Blokey: THat must be it. :-)
7:49:48 PMGarbee Yah just a little.
7:49:50 PMTheFu_ When you first reached until SashaR's dress, it did.
7:49:51 PMBobK54 nothing now, all good
7:49:55 PMGarbee and while you were on the streamdeck shot.
7:49:57 PMGarbee Nope clean
7:50:12 PMGarbee Yea, keep going.
7:50:19 PMBlokey Stand on one leg and tap your head
7:50:20 PMGarbee It's minor and goes away.
7:50:30 PMGarbee If it comes back heavily, we'll let you know ASAP.
7:50:53 PMSolbu What, we're already busted?
7:51:01 PMGarbee nope still clean
7:51:23 PMGarbee Yah that was my thought.
7:51:24 PMBlokey Is this good tv?
7:51:28 PMGarbee Abrasion causing it with her shirt.
7:51:39 PMGarbee Since it was when she was putting the cable in place at the top it crackled.
7:52:00 PMCee_128d It's been crackling off and on all during the show, especially when Sasha and Jeff were hooking it up and when Robbie took it off of her. Once Robbie started tested it it stopped. I'm thinking it wasn't fully plugged in and then Robbie plugged it in fully when he was testing it.
7:52:07 PMTheFu_ Blokey, you're watching.
7:52:16 PMGarbee hmm
7:52:29 PMGarbee Possibly a not full connection caused it.
7:52:32 PMLyndon Hello
7:52:43 PMGarbee But, I don't know why by now SashaR would forget how to secure it in.
7:53:15 PMGarbee Yea, so I don't think an insecure connection is it.
7:53:20 PMBlokey TheFu_ , I'll not watch the zit squeezer channel though
7:53:27 PMTheFu_ It was barely noticeable.
7:53:52 PMGarbee "barely noticable" to some with audio is "omg my ears" to others.
7:53:57 PMTheFu_ Very intermittent.
7:54:26 PMGarbee It was *prominent* here when it happened. But it wasn't aggravating my hearing.
7:54:33 PMCee_128d If Sasha is wearing knit pants and shirt it could possibly be some static electricity that Robbie drained with his electric personality.
7:54:36 PMGarbee And it was pretty quick.
7:54:41 PMLyndon How come we never see an Amazon commercial?
7:54:49 PMGarbee Like I noticed it look at chat, switched tabs to see video. And boom, gone.
7:56:03 PMTheFu_ Amazon is about convenience. Not necessarily for the best prices.
7:56:33 PMBlokey New Amazon HQ will be in Caledon Ontario
7:56:57 PMGarbee Most malls here are shifting to "outdoor" type.
7:56:59 PMTheFu_ Video is on completely different things than where I type.
7:57:14 PMGarbee Because lower costs on the mall (less a/c) and people are wanting more outside time now.
7:57:21 PMLyndon but... fitting rooms?
7:57:25 PMGarbee So they're remodeling and gutting the internal hallways.
7:58:01 PMTheFu_ BestBuy has an ebay store.
7:58:23 PMTheFu_ Amazon is huge on logistics.
7:58:40 PMGarbee And they have the legal issues with treating their employees like crap.
7:58:50 PMCee_128d Newegg has an Ebay store.
7:59:13 PMGarbee So Amazon is sued by their employees instead of Best Buy by their's. So, Amazon takes up that legal bill.
7:59:27 PMTheFu_ Avoid buying shoes through Amazon if you are hard to fit.
7:59:40 PMTheFu_ Took 4 attempts to get some hiking boots.
7:59:44 PMGarbee Or if they are Asian sizes instead of your local sizes.
7:59:45 PMTheFu_ that finally fit.
7:59:53 PMGarbee XXXL quickly becomes a "large".
7:59:55 PMGarbee If that.
8:00:02 PMJeff_W @\Blokey is that announcement final or just hopeful thinking?
8:00:15 PMTheFu_ Garbee, Asian sizing can be painful. Ran out of "personal items" on a trip to Asia.
8:00:31 PMGarbee Jeff_W:
8:00:35 PMGarbee Looks final
8:00:36 PMBlokey Jeff_W: Not sure, I haven't followed it up
8:00:42 PMTheFu_ Commando was the buzzword for the rest of that trip.
8:00:48 PMGarbee More than 800 jobs they say.
8:01:00 PMBlokey Jeff_W: Potential jobs for 800
8:01:01 PMGarbee
8:01:28 PMTheFu_ Did AMZ finally pick their 2nd HQ?
8:01:29 PMGarbee Well, Sears is terrible.
8:02:10 PMTheFu_ Sears' store failed to allow my email address to login. I was allowed to sign-up, but couldn't login.
8:02:10 PMGarbee RobbieF: I only buy on when my local stores have a really *great* deal on something and they are already sold out. Buy it, "ship to store" for free and go pick it up for the same price.
8:02:27 PMCee_128d I always found it odd that Sears started as Mail Order before transitioning to brick and mortar but couldn't pull off online sales.
8:02:32 PMGarbee TheFu_: I don't think so.
8:02:35 PMLyndon why doesnt Amazon just start to "sell" products from walmart, bestbuy, and all other stores and then hire delivery drivers
8:02:37 PMTheFu_ Garbee, me too/walmart
8:02:46 PMGarbee THey're still seeing what cities throw at them to grovel for them to come destroy them.
8:02:57 PMLyndon like uber eats
8:03:31 PMTheFu_ Lyndon, the other stores would need to agree for AMZ to do that. They don't want to help their major competition.
8:03:40 PMGarbee I literally go to local stores to spend more just to not put the money into walmart/amazon now.
8:03:49 PMGarbee WIthin reason.
8:04:12 PMTheFu_ A "friend" wasn't allowed to drive and needed taxi/car service for over a year. Pre-Uber.
8:04:14 PMLyndon yes, they would all have to partner
8:05:03 PMGarbee If it's like a $200+ purchase... eh... Amazon is still going to win those purchases probably.
8:05:14 PMGarbee I do not use the "deliver to your car" grocery systems.
8:05:27 PMGarbee Mainly because, I have no idea what i want before i go in. :P
8:05:46 PMGarbee I'm trying different brands and things now. So, still need to see what I'm buying first on-hand.
8:05:47 PMJeff_W just catching up on that article Blokey....caledon is still in the runnning...not official yet
8:05:52 PMTheFu_ Garbee, do you take a list or just memorize what you need?
8:06:02 PMDJMike Target is doing one hour pick up time
8:06:17 PMTheFu_ Microcenter has 19 min pickups.
8:06:20 PMGarbee TheFu_: Google Keep little list of the main points of things I need.
8:06:28 PMGarbee Like if I need milk/cheese/etc. Staple stuff.
8:06:31 PMTheFu_ Good when you need that emergency CPU+MB.
8:06:33 PMGarbee Note that so I don't forget.
8:06:36 PMBlokey Jeff_W: Ok thanks
8:06:46 PMGarbee Other than that, I play by ear picking new stuff up within reason to try.
8:06:56 PMDJMike Target also has 2 day delivery
8:07:01 PMGarbee Like the other day, I got a new kind of spaghetti noodle and sauce to try.
8:07:15 PMGarbee Just because I was in that isle and decided to try that one night this week.
8:07:33 PMGarbee Trying this and then some whole wheat noodles (same brand) to compare.
8:07:39 PMTheFu_ I shop from a list, mainly. Produce is always "what's best today". Last week, it was cherries.
8:08:05 PMBlokey Target couldn't survive in Canada
8:08:12 PMGarbee I tend to not touch produce yet in my cooking.
8:08:20 PMGarbee Still learning other things before I get into making stuff from scratch.
8:08:32 PMGarbee Well, *more* from scratch.
8:08:51 PMGarbee Speaking of which...
8:09:11 PMGarbee If anyone has any good (for dummies style) pizza crust recipes and instructions... link me.
8:09:36 PMSolbu License to Drone.
8:09:48 PMTheFu_ When I was younger, I'd eat jar and box food too. Doctor convinced me to stop that and only eat things that look like they come from the Earth/Farm.
8:10:28 PMGarbee On a tech note though.
8:10:34 PMGarbee I've been using the Brave Browser this week.
8:10:41 PMGarbee I kinda hate how buggy this thing is overall.
8:10:45 PMGarbee But it's such a good concept.
8:10:54 PMJeff_W side note: any crackle??
8:10:57 PMGarbee Can't wait for them to dump the current interface and use Chromium's.
8:11:00 PMGarbee Jeff_W: nope.
8:11:06 PMJeff_W ok
8:11:09 PMGarbee The waves are all clear, crisp voices.
8:12:48 PMTheFu_ Pneumatic tubes - good for all sorts of things, but not humans.
8:12:58 PMGarbee Jeff_W: Don't think too hard on this. Is there a wide fan turned "on" in that room?
8:13:19 PMTheFu_ Commercial jets fly at .82 Mach.
8:13:22 PMGarbee Either, I can hear a fan from ya'lls end. Or, my speakers are going to crap out on me soon.
8:13:54 PMTheFu_ That's about 650mph
8:14:20 PMTheFu_ SOS is dependent on airpressure.
8:14:38 PMTheFu_ If you reduce airpressure, then the SoS increases.
8:14:40 PMGarbee The Satellite studio will operate on 4G until someone drops fiber across the ocean just for the studio.
8:15:39 PMTheFu_ As a rocket scientist ...I'd rather get into a suborbital rocket 45min to anywhere in the world. Hyperloop is spam in a can.
8:16:22 PMGarbee TheFu_: Hyperloop is more for shipping objects over people.
8:16:38 PMTheFu_ We've all been on bullet trains. Being on one during an Earthquake sucks.
8:16:42 PMGarbee People is *nice* if they can figure it out safely.
8:16:49 PMGarbee But, it's more for shipping items.
8:16:59 PMGarbee People would be crushed as the plans are right now.
8:17:17 PMTheFu_ Dead people.
8:17:27 PMGarbee Jeff_W: Yea, maglev is not hyperloop speeds.
8:17:34 PMTheFu_ It is a pressurized tube.
8:17:45 PMGarbee The current speed up of the hyperloop would crush bodies.
8:17:46 PMTheFu_ That's very different from a bullet train.
8:17:50 PMgarywhite They're putting a bullet train here in CA...sadly it's gonna cost us something like $50B when the whole state is on fire
8:18:25 PMGarbee Rachel Xu?
8:18:26 PMGarbee Oh
8:18:30 PMGarbee Bekah cool.
8:18:30 PMTheFu_ garywhite, I hope it comes to be.
8:19:08 PMGarbee FTR he said "adorable" and my brain went to the laughing uncontrollably incident.
8:19:18 PMSolbu Spoiler Alert: It's amazing.
8:19:35 PMLyndon yes
8:19:38 PMBlokey Good show!
8:19:51 PMTheFu_ I'd like to see RobbieF's first 5 minutes on a server.
8:19:58 PMSashaR Thank you all :)
8:20:04 PMGarbee I'll point anyone that shows up to chat to it.
8:20:22 PMgarywhite Here's the'll take nearly 3 hours to take the bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, plus getting through the no-doubt strict security, when you can probably fly there in 4 hours door-to-door counting security (walking into SFO to walking out of LAX)
8:20:32 PMLyndon is anyone going to be in the chatroom?
8:20:35 PMGarbee Wait... can I get the link a week early?
8:20:38 PMGarbee :D
8:20:47 PMTheFu_ So ... we get a heckle amongst ourselves?
8:20:49 PMGarbee Lyndon: I will be. Setting a reminder now.
8:20:55 PMLyndon ok =)
8:20:57 PMGarbee In case anyone shows up and wants to know what's goin gon.
8:22:01 PMLyndon cool cool
8:22:10 PMGarbee RobbieF: Do ya'll have a fan on in there?
8:22:13 PMLyndon byeee
8:22:35 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff_W No cracling since the cable test.
8:22:36 PMGarbee ok, I can hear that fan working probably.
8:22:43 PMGarbee In the background when teh gate is open.
8:22:47 PMSashaR Good night my friends :)
8:22:56 PMGarbee No it's when ya'll talk I hear it more.
8:23:00 PMGarbee Goodnight SashaR.
8:23:09 PMGarbee It's faint. But listening for crackle I noticed the fan.
8:23:10 PMJeff_W bye
8:23:19 PMLyndon yes
8:23:20 PMGarbee Yah I got it.
8:23:27 PMGarbee Reminder already set up.
8:23:30 PMCee_128d It's not live, it;s Memorex
8:23:34 PMGarbee That was all Solbu RobbieF.
8:23:46 PMGarbee He came up with the brilliant plan for handling the spam.
8:24:04 PMRobbieF wonderful. I appreciate it so much.
8:24:16 PMGarbee But yea... the crackling.
8:24:35 PMGarbee I'd say, whatever change you did during debugging if you moved it somewhere else around her shirt fixed it.
8:24:53 PMGarbee I really think it was some bad abrasion on light movement in a certain direction.
8:25:27 PMGarbee Because when she was moving wiring it up, it crackled like crazy. Then she stopped heavily moving and it all went away.
8:25:37 PMBlokey G'night all and enjoy your August
8:26:41 PMCee_128d Later folks. I have to upgrade a Vista system to 10 and make it look like Vista so the owner's autistic son doesn't have a meltdown.
8:27:24 PMBlokey Cee_128d: Have you not considered Linux?
8:27:36 PMSolbu Cee_128d: I'm in the propcess of moving stuf from an old system to a newer one. It sure takes time.
8:28:30 PMSolbu I'm finally retirering an old Mandriva 2010.2 system for Mageia 6 on an i7 system.
8:28:53 PMCee_128d Not a viable option for them Blokey. It's not so much the time, but getting it configured so the autistic son isn't triggered. People in his autistic range don't handle change well.
9:05:10 PMGWG Finally got my Nextcloud installation back online.
9:21:05 PMSolbu Stupid tab-complete. ;-)


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