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6:58:40 PMTheFu It was on before.
7:02:39 PMTheFu Sorta like xdotool?
7:03:30 PMSolbu Jeff_W: Hehe. I had to think about that one, before i got it. :-)
7:04:20 PMSkywriter64 Hi
7:04:20 PMMarshMan Hey gang!
7:04:41 PMSashaR Hi!!!
7:06:12 PMTheFu 30% deet solves almost all bug issues.
7:07:08 PMTheFu Though some small flies in Alaska didn't care at all about deet.
7:07:44 PMSashaR I always forget to put bug spray on :(
7:08:12 PMTheFu I hike all over the world. Never forget the deet.
7:09:07 PMSashaR I love hiking :)
7:09:33 PMTheFu SashaR, me too.
7:10:58 PMTheFu Isn't the sun out in Canada until like 10pm?
7:11:17 PMSashaR 845pm now :)
7:12:08 PMTheFu 8:25p sunset here ... according to an app.
7:13:56 PMTheFu Doesn't AMZ raise prices that you watch?
7:20:05 PMRobbieF hi
7:20:18 PMMarshMan chitter chatter
7:20:43 PMSashaR :)
7:20:55 PMSolbu Testing, testing, one, two three. :-)
7:21:47 PMMarshMan My name is "nobody; just ask my wife.
7:24:10 PMSashaR Testing :)
7:27:13 PMTheFu Amazon Fire 8 tablet is $50.
7:31:45 PMMarshMan overlapping text happens from PPT to PPT depending on PC not necessarily Libre issue
7:35:43 PMGarbee Thankfully MP3 is now free. Patents ran out! yay.
7:35:50 PMTheFu MP3 patents expired years ago.
7:35:57 PMGarbee Nope, this year.
7:36:04 PMGarbee They ran out like 2 months ago.
7:36:05 PMSolbu Jeff_W, RobbieF: MP3 playback is no longer patented. The patent expired in april 2017.
7:36:35 PMSolbu Garbee: It was the mpeg2 patent that expired this year.
7:36:45 PMTheFu Garbee, did you sleep a year? ;)
7:36:47 PMGarbee And part of that went into MP3 playback.
7:37:55 PMMarshMan Free as in beer
7:38:37 PMTheFu Free beer? Where?
7:38:39 PMGarbee I wish my router would stop fighting me so hard this evening.
7:38:58 PMSolbu sudo works on Debian as well.
7:39:17 PMTheFu sudo -i .... gives the root environment.
7:39:26 PMSolbu It just that on Ubuntu the root account have no password and is locked, so «su -» won't work.
7:39:28 PMTheFu sudo -s .... keeps the current userid's environment.
7:39:35 PMTheFu sudo su is like sudo -s
7:39:42 PMSolbu However «sudo su -» on ubuntu works.
7:39:44 PMTheFu sudo su - is like sudo -i
7:40:14 PMMarshMan the same guy that uses comic sans
7:40:37 PMSolbu Ding, ding, ding. :-)
7:40:51 PMMarshMan RobbieF: GUI is pronounced gooey
7:40:55 PMrevdjenk Carlito and Caledea are equivalents to the newer "C" fonts the latest MS office
7:41:15 PMSolbu MarshMan: That depends on the dialect.
7:41:43 PMrevdjenk see
7:41:53 PMTheFu SashaR, needs to understand about the BSA ... when they show up, it isn't fun.
7:42:00 PMMarshMan Solbu: true, they are Canadian
7:43:01 PMrevdjenk YES
7:43:17 PMTheFu BSD isn't use APT.
7:43:19 PMrevdjenk in their servers
7:43:33 PMMarshMan On Azure
7:44:04 PMSkywriter64 Didn't Windows buy github?
7:44:07 PMTheFu Nope Jeff_W
7:44:28 PMMarshMan Skywriter64: for lots of money yes
7:44:33 PMSolbu Microsoft sold a Unix system: Xenix.
7:44:35 PMrevdjenk unix - like
7:44:42 PMTheFu Windows NT stole the BSD network stack until someone finger printed it and embarrassed MSFT over it.
7:44:51 PMSolbu
7:45:00 PMTheFu Windows has a POSIX compliant API, if you don't go crazy.
7:46:01 PMSolbu TheFu: But MS disn't violate the BSDs copyright, vecause the BSD licenses allows this.
7:46:28 PMSolbu Sure, it might be embaresing, but ot illegal in any way.
7:46:31 PMTheFu Not if they include the CREDITs and license file "somewhere"
7:46:57 PMrevdjenk I have receiveth your prophesieth...
7:47:04 PMTheFu Apple is using BSD totally across all their platforms - earning $billions/yr.
7:47:15 PMTheFu Roku is BSD as well.
7:47:35 PMSolbu This is why the Free Software Foundation suggest a restricive license, such as GPL which require the code to be Free. So no one legally can copy the code and close it.
7:47:44 PMTheFu Abandonware doesn't exist in the USA, legally.
7:48:13 PMSolbu TheFu: Sure it does, it just doesn't mean it's free to use as one pleases.
7:48:37 PMTheFu Solbu, except Google, Facebook, Twitter ... are using the GPLv2 with that non-distribution loophole.
7:48:45 PMTheFu The A-GPL solves that.
7:49:51 PMTheFu Atari still sells their 2600 games in a device. It isn't abandoned.
7:51:23 PMTheFu I think Canadian laws are different than USA laws on this stuff.
7:51:52 PMJeff_W i think so too
7:51:56 PMGarbee Wow, had to do a full NVRAM reset.
7:53:28 PMTheFu Garbee, huh? Running Windows?
7:54:28 PMGarbee TheFu: Tomato router firmware.
7:54:32 PMGarbee My router is going wacky.
7:54:40 PMGarbee And apparently, even that didn't solve it fully.... argh
7:54:47 PMTheFu Ah ... time to get a real router?
7:55:21 PMTheFu
7:55:28 PMGarbee Lol. It's a Netgear R7000. It's plenty of router. Something just went wacky today.
7:56:00 PMTheFu Might just be me, but I've had bad luck with netgear stuff.
7:56:06 PMGarbee I've attempted the whole "build your own" before. They're too much trouble. I'd rather buy a good router box with real hardware in it and put open source firmware on it.
7:56:25 PMMarshMan My R7000 has been flawless.
7:56:29 PMTheFu I'm using an APU2 device.
7:56:35 PMGarbee The R7000 is fine. Something just happened in the NVRAM and it's now going bonkers.
7:56:37 PMMarshMan It will probably die now.
7:56:47 PMGarbee Like a normal reset still had it pulling the wifi password from before the reset.
7:56:53 PMGarbee That shouldn't happen. But it was doing it.
7:57:23 PMGarbee But a full NVRAM clear on a reset got that cleared up.
7:57:40 PMTheFu Did everyone see that openvpn defaults are allowing a MiTM type attack if compression is enabled pre-encryption?
7:58:03 PMTheFu It was a paper at DefCon yesterday.
7:58:59 PMTheFu Chargers have been used to hack devices for years.
7:59:28 PMMarshMan Why is Apple a trillion $ business? $79 at a time
8:00:34 PMGarbee You can get a USB Condom. It sits in between your device and whatever you're plugging into. It filters connections to power-only.
8:00:35 PMTheFu Because you need $200 in cable converters as they change plugs every 2 yrs for everything.
8:00:59 PMTheFu I still use VGA for video on my KVM switch.
8:01:01 PMMarshMan TheFu: Absolutely!!
8:01:04 PMGarbee --- Something like this.
8:01:15 PMTheFu Haven't seen DisplayPort anywhere.
8:01:26 PMTheFu HDMI and VGA here.
8:01:29 PMGarbee Jeff_W: I just mentioned exactly that ^^
8:02:05 PMTheFu Garbee, they haven't watched IRC.
8:02:10 PMTheFu ;)
8:02:34 PMGarbee Yes, they call it a USB Condom.
8:02:35 PMTheFu And USB isn't the worst. Firewire and DisplayPort allow direct RAM access.
8:02:55 PMGarbee THe one I linked....
8:03:17 PMGarbee SyncStop is the brand now over Condom. But, we still call them condoms.
8:03:52 PMTheFu Watch out buying cheap condoms from places with huge populations ... cough ... India.
8:04:19 PMGarbee SashaR: Good call on gifting it. Everyone needs condoms.
8:04:31 PMSolbu A firew, uhm, usbwall. :-)
8:04:50 PMTheFu Or just carry your own spare battery/charger, like you need anyways.
8:04:52 PMJeff_W haha
8:05:33 PMTheFu "the govt" - which govt?
8:06:00 PMGarbee Oh, you can buy a 250 pack of the condoms to share with friends:
8:06:18 PMGarbee Only $997.50.
8:06:50 PMSashaR lol
8:07:38 PMTheFu I broke some nosewheel steering code on really expensive spacecraft, once.
8:08:07 PMGarbee Jeff_W: Paper trails stopped years ago.
8:08:20 PMGarbee They go to the fireplace.
8:08:55 PMTheFu Garbee, not here. I don't do electronic billing.
8:09:03 PMTheFu I want paper bills.
8:09:45 PMTheFu And won't allow automatic payments to be stolen from my account.
8:09:58 PMMarshMan When I refinanced 5 years ago my hand cramped from the number of times I had to sign paper.
8:10:47 PMTheFu Must be a Canadian thing.
8:10:49 PMJeff_W me too
8:11:35 PMTheFu Doesn't Canada have VAT?
8:12:34 PMJeff_W vat?
8:12:55 PMTheFu 15% sales tax? Value Added Tax?
8:13:38 PMTheFu
8:13:40 PMJeff_W we have harmonized sales tax in ontario. which is 13%
8:14:14 PMTheFu 13%!!!!! That's like NYC!
8:14:34 PMMarshMan Hey NYC is 8.25%
8:14:36 PMTheFu 6% sales tax here on non-essential items.
8:14:38 PMGWG NYC is 8.875%, isn't it?
8:15:10 PMGarbee Jeff_W: They toss the largest amount they can on. And let the judge/jury decide what fair is on their own.
8:15:32 PMGarbee That way they can try to capitalize as much as they can from the suit. Or outright scare the defendant into a settlement of some value.
8:15:39 PMTheFu GWG - looks like you are correct.
8:15:46 PMMarshMan GWG: You are cotrrect
8:15:51 PMGWG Nassau is 8.625%
8:16:09 PMMarshMan Yeah the local tax varies
8:16:45 PMMarshMan they added a Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge of 0.375% in NYC
8:16:53 PMMarshMan ?????
8:16:55 PMTheFu I miss Texas. 7% tax, $0 income tax.
8:16:59 PMMarshMan Surcharge??
8:18:31 PMGarbee The show is not over.
8:18:38 PMGarbee SHe still has more room in that mouth for her foot.
8:18:47 PMTheFu I missed it.
8:19:14 PMGarbee Jeff_W: It's ok. I get that slip half the time too.
8:19:40 PMGarbee I still love you SashaR. It's ok. Don't worry.
8:19:48 PMMarshMan SashaR: Tell them to get over it!!
8:20:00 PMGarbee We do not know if he'll be a captain!
8:20:14 PMJeff_W i think he'll be an admiral
8:20:15 PMGarbee He will be Jean Luc, but his role is undecided as of yet.
8:20:16 PMTheFu Sir Patrick is 78 now. Will he be doing a Cpt Pike chair?
8:20:39 PMGarbee Jeff_W: I think that or captain of a new lead ship with a new crew.
8:21:06 PMGarbee All depends on if they want him to progress or have him decide that he doesn't like the higher ups.
8:21:32 PMGarbee He's traditionally had *many* run-ins with how they do things higher in Starfleet.
8:21:52 PMTheFu Ah ... like Janeway?
8:21:55 PMGarbee So he could decide to go higher to do things the right way. Or stay captain and not deal with it.
8:23:10 PMGarbee A diplomat always at the center of problems in space...
8:23:20 PMMarshMan An active Diplomat?? is there such a thing?
8:23:36 PMGarbee Or, Jonathan's ship.
8:23:41 PMGarbee lol
8:23:43 PMTheFu Militaries generally have forced retirements, even for Admirals.
8:23:43 PMSkywriter64 Like the older rank of Commandore
8:23:45 PMGarbee William Riker I mean.
8:24:02 PMGarbee I was thinking his actual name, Jonathan Franks.
8:24:30 PMTheFu No CBS Access here.
8:24:32 PMGarbee Discovery is still like 80% good though.
8:24:47 PMrevdjenk Mydol
8:24:49 PMGarbee TheFu: See me later in the week. If you have an Android device, I got your hook-up.


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