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6:58:24 PMSashaR Ah... so soon! Do they have raspberries at the market?
6:59:17 PMGWG Maybe, why?
6:59:53 PMSashaR they are my favourite :) that's why!
7:00:14 PMSashaR Also love home made perogies
7:00:38 PMSashaR Clearly I'm hungry... and Jeff brought food
7:00:46 PMSashaR for himself! :(
7:01:26 PMGWG I miss pierogies
7:01:58 PMSashaR oh.. that's how you spell it!
7:02:23 PMGWG I have had them from Polish people
7:03:17 PMGWG I have to pass by a Wendy's, McDonald's, a Burger King, and a Krispy Kreme en route to work this month
7:03:31 PMGWG The Tim Hortons is under construction
7:04:20 PMGWG So why did she pick it?
7:04:40 PMGWG Robbie is short for Roberta
7:05:58 PMGWG Jeff should move to somewhere more cynical than there
7:06:59 PMGWG I meant like a government bureaucracy
7:11:49 PMsolbu_ Hi gang. I'm connecting 8 hours away from home. :-)
7:12:24 PMGWG Where are you?
7:12:26 PMBlokey Test
7:12:37 PMJeff_W sup world
7:12:38 PMMarshMan Hello all
7:12:46 PMsolbu_ I'm in Oslo, I live in Trondheim (Norway)
7:12:53 PMbp9 Hello
7:12:55 PMTheFu GMT+?
7:13:00 PMBlokey Evening all
7:13:03 PMTheFu -2?
7:13:08 PMbp9 Yay, voice works. Thank you!
7:13:14 PMMarshMan SashaR: Finally get to tell you that my middle name is Alexander
7:13:21 PMTheFu Jeffina
7:13:35 PMBlokey Those nasty spambots on Freenode
7:13:37 PMSashaR :) Sasha!!!
7:13:48 PMGWG I believe that I am gmt+7
7:14:04 PMTheFu GWG --- -7?
7:14:15 PMGWG No, plus
7:14:26 PMGWG Its 7:14am Thursday
7:14:40 PMTheFu Singapore is GMT+8
7:15:00 PMTheFu ATL is GMT -5
7:15:13 PMGWG It is plus 8
7:15:18 PMGWG Forgot DST
7:15:31 PMGWG NY is -4 right now
7:16:29 PMbp9 Thank you Solbu for allowing voice, much apprecited
7:16:33 PMbp9 aooreciated
7:16:34 PMTheFu Odd ... my timezone app says ATL is -5 ...which is the same as NYC.
7:17:07 PMGWG I want to go home
7:17:12 PMbp9 TheFu, I think ATL is on same time zone as NYC.
7:17:21 PMTheFu Exactly.
7:17:26 PMTheFu It is.
7:17:37 PMbp9 @Sasha: Don't worry about root canal, it'll be fine.
7:17:48 PMMoeMaravilla And North Caroline (That's where I'm at).
7:18:07 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla, East, Central, West?
7:18:28 PMMoeMaravilla Central - 15 minutes from Greensboro...
7:18:36 PMbp9 GMT-6
7:18:44 PMMoeMaravilla In a small town - Pleasant Garden.
7:19:00 PMGWG I am in the BGC
7:19:14 PMBlokey Howdy neighbour
7:19:17 PMTheFu Does Greenwich have DST?
7:19:46 PMbp9 TheFu, I don't think so. It's the one time zone that doesn't. :-)
7:19:50 PMTheFu I don't recall, but have stood on both sides of the prime meridian.
7:19:58 PMraidghost Howdyyyyy RP3 b+ ?
7:20:23 PMsolbu_ raidghost is the host where I'm staying for the evening. :-)
7:20:35 PMMarshMan Arizona doesn't do DST
7:20:56 PMGWG Neither does the Philippines
7:21:02 PMBlokey I gotta be careful I don't post in the wrong chat
7:21:02 PMbp9 Robbie, your mic is dropping out
7:21:08 PMsolbu_ RobbieF, Jeff_W: cable cracle again.
7:21:45 PMABQTKY SashaR - audio dropouts on Robbie...just before unplugging'
7:21:52 PMbp9 Robbie
7:21:55 PMbp9 no
7:21:58 PMTheFu ... GMT -5 .. it is DST now ...
7:21:58 PMsolbu_ Jeff_W, No, it cracled when you where all there, before ending the segment.
7:22:02 PMMoeMaravilla It was before he unplugged.
7:22:04 PMbp9 It was happening before he unplugged
7:22:04 PMDJMike No I heard it before he unplugged
7:22:09 PMSashaR Thank you!
7:22:44 PMDJMike @Sasha you look so pretty :)
7:22:47 PMTheFu So Jeffina can have dinner?
7:23:18 PMBlokey Hate when it gets stuck on the zipper
7:23:21 PMDJMike @SashaR You have look nice as always
7:23:22 PMRobbieF oooh, "live" TV
7:23:27 PMRobbieF I know, what are the chances eh?
7:23:29 PMSashaR I like the saying "gives voice"... reminds me of the little mermaid!
7:23:45 PMSashaR and... thank you DJMike !
7:23:56 PMMoeMaravilla Pre-recorded video's audio is fine
7:24:05 PMsolbu_ RobbieF, What? Live TV is finally invented? :-)
7:24:13 PMbp9 SashaR: One reason I'm home for this today is I had a fairly significant dental procedure today and I'm fine
7:24:29 PMbp9 so don't worry about a root canal. I've had more than one done. :-)
7:24:52 PMTheFu Good drugs?
7:25:02 PMbp9 Happy pill yeah....
7:25:04 PMSashaR That helps me to know, I'm looking forward to being done with the pain, but I'm a little nervous about the actual process.
7:25:13 PMTheFu 10 days of hydrocondone ...
7:25:24 PMbp9 That's just for the pain.
7:25:38 PMbp9 I'm on antibiotics
7:25:40 PMTheFu Made me want to go dancing.;)
7:26:09 PMbp9 but the happy pill was to relax me for the procedure. Makes you just not worry about anything, :-)
7:26:14 PMraidghost frozen - let it go .. thanks now got that song on my mind
7:26:55 PMTheFu bp9, I remember that. Didn't need it, but they did the pill and NOX before.
7:27:23 PMTheFu bp9, accident? Mine was. Lost 4 teeth diving.
7:27:32 PMbp9 TheFu: They offered me NOX but I chose the happy pill.
7:27:42 PMSashaR I'm just hoping that I don't need more work and this is the "big fix"! Are you all done with your dental work bp9, or is there more?
7:27:44 PMTheFu both! get both!
7:28:02 PMSashaR hahaha.
7:28:15 PMbp9 TheFu, no, I just have crappy teeth so I I've had two rounds of implants.
7:28:40 PMalpeck looks like a pelican case
7:28:41 PMSashaR Wowswers!!! now you are bionic!
7:28:50 PMbp9 This mornings procedure was the extraction for the third implant which will hopefully be it.
7:28:52 PMTheFu Ah ... I'm genetically lucky with teeth. Not much else, but teeth are perfect (outside accidents).
7:28:56 PMBlokey Is this like Robbie on Xmas morning?
7:29:07 PMSashaR I'd say!
7:29:08 PMRobbieF Honestly feels like it! :)
7:29:33 PMbp9 SashaR: Yah, I asked if my titanium teeth would set off metal detectors at the airport but they said no.
7:29:39 PMbp9 I've yet to find out. :-)
7:29:40 PMTheFu RobbieF, does this every few days, I bet. Seems he's always unboxing something. Like the replacement studio lights.
7:30:03 PMTheFu Titanium isn't magnetic.
7:30:06 PMRobbieF Haven't raised the $$ fully for the new bulbs yet, but hopefully soon.
7:30:24 PMRobbieF This recorder was donated - not the funds to purchase it. The device itself was.
7:30:28 PMTheFu Clearly, someone is NOT really unboxing live. ...
7:30:52 PMJeff_W he is an excellent multitasker
7:30:59 PMSashaR Well... he was live at the time!
7:31:09 PMRobbieF True story! :P
7:31:10 PMbp9 Jeff_W: LUKSDUMP!
7:31:14 PMJeff_W hahah
7:31:15 PMbp9 hee hee hee
7:31:18 PMRobbieF DON'T - he's eating!
7:31:19 PMsolbu_ Hehehe
7:31:20 PMRobbieF he'll choke.
7:31:21 PMRobbieF we need him
7:31:23 PMTheFu Very cool with same battery type.
7:31:40 PMSashaR I know the hiemlik... but can't spell it!
7:31:43 PMsolbu_ bp9, That was the best episode ever, :-)
7:31:56 PMJeff_W i can type laugh with food in my mouth robbie
7:32:03 PMRobbieF I am Certified first aid :P
7:32:04 PMbp9 Yes it was. I have it saved for future giggles :-)
7:32:05 PMRobbieF yay
7:32:23 PMJeff_W we watch it at home every few months just to induce laughter tears
7:32:26 PMsolbu_ bp9, Hehe. I still giggle at that too. :-)
7:32:44 PMJeff_W my son Luke still thinks its the best use of his name ever
7:32:47 PMSashaR My abs hurt for days afterward
7:33:34 PMbp9 I don't get to play here live very often so I like to shoehorn in as much fun as possible :-)
7:34:23 PMSashaR You are fun!
7:34:23 PMRobbieF :P
7:34:24 PMsolbu_ Jeff_W, What was Lukes reaction when he saw the video the first time?
7:34:46 PMbp9 SashaR:
7:35:47 PMTheFu I must have missed it - what is this for?
7:36:04 PMsolbu_ TheFu, For unboxin on TV. :-)
7:36:21 PMTheFu But what does this thingy actually do?
7:37:02 PMbp9 I believe it allows for recording the show to hard disk
7:37:16 PMbp9 and it also allows for field work since it's portable.
7:37:16 PMABQTKY TheFu, sounds like a high-bandwidth video recorder.
7:37:30 PMTheFu But without any camera?
7:37:46 PMbp9 You plug the camera in. That box is just the recorder
7:37:54 PMTheFu So ... USB?
7:38:09 PMCee_128d HDMI
7:38:21 PMbp9 No, probably a commercial connector, USB won't have the bandwidth
7:38:38 PMTheFu Ah ... so better than my $80 HDMI 1080p recorder, I suppose. Most definitely.
7:38:41 PMJeff_W solbu he loved it. potty humour is a big thing for him at hte time so it was pure gold to him
7:39:18 PMJeff_W the next day he came out of hte washroom and joked about "hey daddy, im a techie, i made a lukesdump"
7:39:27 PMsolbu_ Hehehehe
7:39:30 PMTheFu Ah ... 4K recording ... that's a bunch of throughput required.
7:40:33 PMCee_128d The audio is breaking up again
7:40:38 PMbp9 Sasha, my car hums.
7:40:54 PMbp9 It has no exhaust pipe
7:41:02 PMTheFu I can't tell who.
7:41:07 PMBlokey Somebody jump up and down
7:41:14 PMTheFu That's it!
7:41:15 PMCee_128d It's Sasha
7:41:25 PMTheFu SashaR, It's you.
7:41:33 PMsolbu_ It sounded like sasha. When robbie touched her cable, it cracled. but not now.
7:42:22 PMbp9 Robbie the troubleshooter figured it out again! You rock!
7:42:25 PMalbertr Sounds good now
7:43:33 PMraidghost a light? a LED diode, Hmm :P
7:44:22 PMbp9 Anyone else seeing the stream dropping out?
7:46:14 PMJeff_W not i. we are not dropping out in real life
7:46:15 PMraidghost Jeff_W: It looks like a IDE Cable (from old days)
7:47:08 PMalpeck just a 40-pin ribbon cable
7:47:29 PMMoeMaravilla Stream on Roku3 is good
7:47:57 PMbp9 Yeah, It could certainly be a problem local to me. Thanks.
7:48:41 PMbp9 Jeff_W: The old IDE ribbons were not quite so colorful LOL
7:48:59 PMJeff_W true
7:49:27 PMbp9 Is Robbie calling that board a T-cobbler?
7:49:38 PMJeff_W yes
7:49:42 PMbp9 thx
7:49:57 PMSashaR It's a bread board with a T cobbler.... I think
7:49:59 PMJeff_W t-cobbler plus v2.2
7:50:20 PMbp9 Robbie: +1 for using the resistor.
7:51:25 PMDJMike Why is it named Bread Board? You cant eat it lol
7:51:33 PMsolbu_ Hehe
7:51:49 PMSashaR Why is it a Raspberry Pi?
7:51:51 PMMoeMaravilla It's full of holes.
7:52:06 PMMoeMaravilla (like bread)
7:52:07 PMSashaR should be a waffle board :)
7:52:27 PMDJMike Still tastes yucky lol
7:52:30 PMJeff_W waffles are just pancakes with abs
7:52:35 PMraidghost SashaR: Raspberry Pi is awesomt for this stuff. (the only thing) the pie is good at.
7:52:38 PMalpeck true...looks more like a waffle
7:52:40 PMSashaR haha
7:53:46 PMMoeMaravilla Waffles have too few holes.
7:53:56 PMTheFu From the side, all the holes aren't seen.
7:54:06 PMSashaR I love this sort of episode :). I'm learning so much!
7:54:45 PMMoeMaravilla @SashaR What will you build?
7:55:09 PMSashaR I don't know... yet :)
7:55:10 PMJeff_W ...a light that turns on and off
7:55:17 PMDJMike @SashaR Lets see what Robbie says why its called a bread board
7:55:52 PMMoeMaravilla Robbie didn't show how he got that "
7:56:12 PMMoeMaravilla Is that just /usr/bin/python?
7:56:18 PMbp9 Moe: I think he just said he started Python as root
7:56:40 PMbp9 He had to use root to allow access to the GPIO ports
7:56:50 PMMoeMaravilla Thanks +bp9
7:57:20 PMbp9 The joy of python LOL
7:58:05 PMraidghost Python is Python :P
7:58:16 PMMoeMaravilla Question to Robbie: Can the GPIO ports also sense?
7:58:25 PMbp9 I'd rather do it in C.
7:58:30 PMMoeMaravilla Detect a 5V or ground.
7:58:38 PMbp9 GPIO is binary.
7:59:10 PMMoeMaravilla Yes... Can it detect as well as set 5V?
7:59:12 PMTheFu Not a cribbage board?
7:59:38 PMbp9 Moe: Yes
7:59:55 PMMoeMaravilla Cool... Can make an alarm system.
8:00:01 PMbp9 My experience is primarily on Arduino and it works the same way.
8:00:29 PMJeff_W ...hmmm its after 8pm. i have a haircut in 25 minutes....and we have 24 minutes of filmi ng to do
8:01:03 PMbp9 Jeff_W: It's only 7pm here so you really have 1.5 hr LOL
8:01:31 PMsolbu_ Jeff_W, Surely 1 minute traveltime is enouch. Call Picard and ask for a lift.
8:01:51 PMbp9 "Make it so!"
8:01:59 PMJeff_W we dont have anough dilethium power
8:02:38 PMbp9 Jeff: That's why you're not chief engineer. It's Dilithium LOL LOL
8:03:02 PMsolbu_ Hehe
8:03:05 PMJeff_W i was trying to spell it with a scotty accent. hense the anough instead of enough
8:03:45 PMraidghost Jeff_W: Bitcoin mining as you said. (WASTED time on a Raspberry pi)
8:03:58 PMMoeMaravilla Beem me up Scotty... There's no intelligent life down here.
8:04:37 PMraidghost hehehe
8:04:46 PMTheFu I didn't get an email from t-mobile. I am a customer, but doubt they actually know my name.
8:04:57 PMraidghost T-mobile with no limit on Dataplan ?
8:05:21 PMTheFu Data? What's that?
8:05:56 PMJeff_W i dont do bitcoin on rpi. i mine turtle coin
8:06:33 PMJeff_W data is an android star fleet office
8:06:37 PMJeff_W officer
8:07:01 PMraidghost Only thing rpi is usable for is GPIO and web, PLEX/kodi and other (slow as a turtle)
8:07:04 PMTheFu osifer?
8:07:11 PMbp9 You forgot the scottish pronunciation: officerrrrrrrrrrrrr
8:07:40 PMTheFu raidghost, Odd ... my r-pi v2 has been doing media center/kodi for 3+yrs with out many issues.
8:08:16 PMTheFu The trick is to have h.264/opus/mkv media.
8:08:21 PMraidghost TheFu: Transcode and 1080P and 4k. Frame by frame. I tried it. And it was the most wasted hours used.
8:08:42 PMDJMike China has Ip camera like NUTS and knows ALOT!!!!!!!!!
8:08:52 PMTheFu No r-pi is made for 4K. Get a Vero for that.
8:08:54 PMBlokey I watch youtube on my Pi and it works as a FM transmitter
8:08:54 PMraidghost DJMike: Person If Interrest
8:09:23 PMraidghost Blokey: the raspbian Os and youtube gives you 480P and Nothing higher Resolution
8:09:27 PMDJMike Yes true but still they have MORE tech then we do!
8:09:42 PMraidghost I bought a touchscreen and installed raspbian, The worst time ever used.
8:09:51 PMMoeMaravilla More "Big Brother" technology.
8:10:00 PMTheFu raidghost, I use an amd64 plex server to transcode anything necessary for the pi.
8:10:04 PMBlokey I don't need hi -res youtube
8:10:09 PMDJMike I want that link!!!!
8:10:09 PMMarshMan Jeff_W: How many laws did he break?
8:10:35 PMTheFu Blue pill.
8:10:45 PMraidghost Blokey: low resolution is "Stoneage"
8:10:55 PMraidghost Its Okey REsolution rather than low resolution.
8:11:05 PMMoeMaravilla In Japan they use facial recognition in the bathroom to limit toilet paper to 0.75 M per half hour per person.
8:11:06 PMTheFu raidghost, yes, 364p is bad.
8:11:09 PMDJMike Yep no flying over people
8:11:21 PMBlokey raidghost: I'M stoneage!
8:11:35 PMJeff_W
8:11:41 PMJeff_W thats the drone coffee video
8:11:49 PMraidghost If video isnt 720P or 1080, Then i dont see the point in watch it.
8:12:00 PMDJMike Thanks @Jeff_W
8:12:10 PMTheFu raidghost, I remember when I wouldn't watch black-n-white movies.
8:12:12 PMsolbu_ raidghost, Then just listen. ;-)
8:12:23 PMraidghost blablabla.. :P
8:12:29 PMsolbu_ :-)
8:13:06 PMTheFu I only have a 100inch projector, so 4K at 12ft isn't worth it.
8:13:57 PMTheFu But my eyesight has been poor since I was 30.
8:14:57 PMTheFu is the 4k video player.
8:15:02 PMMoeMaravilla +TheFu ... Was that 30 years ago?
8:15:27 PMbp9 Jeff_W: Good luck with your book! What word processor are you using?
8:15:38 PMDJMike Robbie just trigged her lol
8:15:46 PMJeff_W just word
8:16:23 PMJeff_W im not a true author...but have been sitting on this concept and the salient points of insight for years
8:16:27 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla, no.
8:16:34 PMJeff_W so i just decided to start typing haha
8:16:39 PMMoeMaravilla Hey... That would be 1991 - I started my career then.
8:16:39 PMbp9 You may want to checkout It uses markdown as source.
8:17:33 PMMoeMaravilla +TheFu, I was 30 years old 22 yaers ago.
8:17:46 PMbp9 I don't use proprietary products as a rule. All my documents are in clear-text format: Markdown or LaTeX
8:18:16 PMsolbu_ And there we have todays show title: «Linux is like Sasha»
8:18:58 PMMoeMaravilla I thought "Steam" was Java.
8:19:26 PMraidghost If internett was powered by ONLY Microsoft Products. There would not be a 99% uptime of internet :)
8:19:27 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla, RobbieF said "SteamOS", not steam
8:19:48 PMMoeMaravilla Ahhh... okay.
8:20:02 PMsolbu_ raidghost, That high? My take would be maybe 95%. :-)
8:20:14 PMDJMike The Mic lol
8:21:31 PMBlokey I have underwear older than Linux! TMI ?
8:21:59 PMTheFu Blokey, hint - you can get new UW every few years.
8:22:26 PMTheFu SashaR, I've been watching more Black Mirror, at your suggestion.
8:22:37 PMraidghost Blokey: Time to wash some underwear than. :P
8:22:54 PMbp9 @all, thank you for an EXCELLENT show tonight!
8:23:05 PMTheFu Have a happy week good folks. Enjoy the remaining summer weather. Jeff_W Nice.
8:23:11 PMJeff_W bye
8:23:18 PMBlokey TheFu: True but it's tough to give up the comfy stuff
8:23:28 PMbp9 Sasha, don't worry about the root canal. You'll be fine.
8:23:34 PMMoeMaravilla Bye... Thank you
8:23:41 PMBlokey raidghost: It's clean but old!
8:24:11 PMSashaR Good night all... awesome TheFu, thank you bp9! alright.... gotta run
8:24:24 PMSashaR See you all next week!!!
8:24:24 PMbp9 Have a good night.
8:24:31 PMBlokey This old Dell I'm on has a bios date 2003!
8:25:27 PMTheFu Blokey, I saw a new chromebook for $169 that would be 30x faster than that Dell today. You can load Linux on it.
8:26:59 PMBlokey TheFu: I wouldn't spend my money on a chromebook
8:28:48 PMRobbieF LOL I was so caught up in everything tonight, all the technical stuff, I forgot to push record :P
8:28:56 PMRobbieF looks like I'll actually be using the video from YouTube.
8:28:59 PMRobbieF Hope it was good :)
8:29:02 PMTheFu Blokey, perhaps not, based on running a 2003 system. I've retired multiple Core2 Duo systems here and about to retire some Core i5s.
8:29:22 PMRobbieF I'll get in on the weekend and finish setting up properly so I don't run into issues.
8:29:23 PMTheFu RobbieF, I've been there!
8:29:54 PMTheFu Can you connect it into the USB button-board you have?
8:30:37 PMsolbu_ Bye gang. Tomorrow I'm heading back home, so next week I'm back on my own connection.
8:31:18 PMraidghost Own connection? cablecut? :P
8:31:47 PMsolbu_ In case it's not obwious, I'm visinting raidghost. :-)
8:32:05 PMraidghost Back to DSL (the new/old system) What a life :P
8:33:41 PMBlokey o/ Night all!
8:34:07 PMbp9 RobbieF: Have you had a chance to play on the Enterprise simulation that you showed us when you finished helping Sasha build her computer?
8:34:39 PMRobbieF Hey bp9 - we're going to be taking the new atamos ninja flame to her house to do just that. But no, I haven't got to try it since as she took the computer :)
8:34:46 PMbp9 I wondered if you found any easter eggs on the simulation
8:36:23 PMRobbieF so with a 480 GB hard drive, the Atomos ran out of space :P
8:36:37 PMRobbieF I guess I'll need to do some testing and see if I need to put a 1TB drive in it.
8:36:45 PMRobbieF that's wild.
8:38:00 PMraidghost RobbieF: So everything of todays live gone?


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