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6:58:07 PMGarbee oh Jeff_W I have 2 hackintoshes going.
6:58:17 PMGarbee You haven't been around to hear about either I think.
6:58:42 PMSolbu Check received.
6:58:56 PMSolbu But it seems the check bounced.
6:58:57 PMGarbee The check bounced.
6:59:15 PMGarbee lol, we both did a bounce joke at once.
6:59:22 PMGarbee Yes we hear you
6:59:36 PMTheFu I'm hearing thumping.
7:00:06 PMMarshMan The thumping hurt a little
7:00:16 PMGarbee Sadly we hear you RobbieF
7:00:37 PMGarbee RobbieF: You can just turn Jeff_W's and your mic off.
7:00:50 PMGarbee Make tonight a SashaR show.
7:01:25 PMMarshMan SashaR: SashaR SashaR
7:01:27 PMGarbee Yes we can hear you all.
7:01:42 PMGarbee So, I bet tonight we get through 20% of the material with Jeff_W back.
7:02:47 PMGarbee hahahahaa
7:03:36 PMGuest_6968 2 am here
7:04:26 PMMarshMan Jeff_W: Save me some jerky
7:04:40 PMGuest_6968 Finland
7:04:41 PMTheFu "bag a deer" - wouldn't it be kinder to shot it?
7:04:49 PMGarbee reverse lookup the IP
7:04:54 PMGarbee One moment..
7:04:54 PMTheFu s/shot/shoot/
7:05:36 PMSkywriter64 hieveryone
7:05:47 PMGarbee Finland SashaR
7:06:14 PMMarshMan We still love you SashaR
7:06:17 PMCee_128d Two weeks off and Jeff forgets everything about the show.
7:06:25 PMJeff_W you know it
7:07:53 PMGarbee Rabbit poop soldering job.
7:09:04 PMSolbu And yes, No crackle! :-)
7:09:15 PMMarshMan SashaR: Call RobbieF
7:10:08 PMMarshMan Jeff_W: I am up at 4:30
7:10:50 PMCee_128d The only time I'm awake at that time is when I haven't gone to bed yet.
7:10:54 PMTheFu After hours support = time + materials, always.
7:11:20 PMMarshMan Cee_128d: I feel that way sometimes
7:11:42 PMDJMike @RobbieF Donate it to them (her work)
7:11:44 PMTheFu I naturally wake around 4:30a daily.
7:12:03 PMJeff_W exactly cee_128d
7:13:26 PMGarbee I think my bad behavior is rubbing off on RobbieF. He just shamed SashaR on air live.
7:14:09 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff_W: Perhaps better explanation: A virtual server is a simulated system, that simulate a real system.
7:15:24 PMTheFu Have a Win7 VM. Stopped patching it over 2 yrs ago. Every few months, the KVM hypervisor suspends it. It has plenty of storage left.
7:15:26 PMMarshMan Jeff_W: You can never have too much pi
7:16:13 PMMarshMan RobbieF: And you had no car
7:17:14 PMTheFu Jeff_W, "slave" isn't an allowed word anymore.
7:17:23 PMGuest_6968 S7 also have another stupid fail. The usb-port replace needs also a screen change.
7:17:57 PMMarshMan TheFu: what's the replacement word?
7:18:48 PMMarshMan RobbieF: except with soldering
7:18:57 PMGarbee SashaR: Trust me, 9/100 is closer to Robbie's actual ratio.
7:19:07 PMTheFu $400 solves a simple HDMI problem. Nice standards.
7:19:48 PMTheFu MarshMan, I don't know, but the python guys have removed "master" and "slave" ... or was it a different team?
7:20:23 PMGarbee Many projects are removing master/slave and whitelist/blacklist.
7:20:24 PMTheFu Jeff_W, I was talknig about SashaR's issue.
7:20:36 PMJeff_W oh ok
7:20:39 PMGarbee Python I believe is one doing it.
7:20:56 PMSolbu Use the partner links to buy a fake sd-card… :-)=
7:21:06 PMMarshMan RobbieF: Rock and roll
7:21:37 PMTheFu Did anyone tell the Facebook viewers what's happening?
7:21:46 PMMarshMan RobbieF: Keep the faith brother!!
7:21:51 PMSashaR Nope
7:21:56 PMSashaR We forgot to!
7:23:11 PMTheFu What happens if the Atmos fills up? Flash a different color?
7:23:35 PMGarbee It stops recording.
7:23:42 PMGarbee So no flashing light that it is recording.
7:24:35 PMTheFu RobbieF, to keep the middleman out, do amazon gift cards work?
7:24:37 PMSolbu A buck here and a buck there is quicly two bucks.
7:26:29 PMTheFu Performance for SBCs:
7:26:36 PMCee_128d But can it run Crysis?
7:27:08 PMTheFu Cee_128d, wrong CPU architecture, so probably not.
7:27:21 PMJeff_W LOVE crysis
7:27:46 PMCee_128d I was being facetious.
7:28:43 PMGarbee
7:28:53 PMGarbee In case anyone else is interested in this board.
7:31:35 PMGarbee Once you go 98 cores you don't go back.
7:32:10 PMGarbee
7:33:45 PMMarshMan SashaR: There is a brief echo when Robbie switches to and from the product camera. FYI
7:34:23 PMSashaR Thank you... is it distracting enought to tell him now?
7:34:37 PMTheFu I didn't notice it.
7:34:52 PMMarshMan Very brief
7:35:05 PMSashaR Okay.. then it's not too bad, you have good ears TheFu
7:35:15 PMMarshMan headphones may make it more noticeable
7:35:15 PMTheFu cntl-+ implied a shift was required, right?
7:35:27 PMSashaR MarshMan, I'll tell him on the break :)
7:35:35 PMTheFu SashaR, huh?
7:35:39 PMCee_128d Not worth interupting him during the show. Just let him know for furture shows.
7:35:52 PMSashaR Thank you!
7:35:55 PMMarshMan Yeah it was just an FYI
7:36:57 PMTheFu I use rdate
7:37:21 PMTheFu Security stuff cares about date/time stuff.
7:37:22 PMSolbu TheFu: rdate is not supported by all services, ntpdate is a better idea.
7:37:47 PMTheFu Solbu, I thought NTP stuff wasn't secure anymore.
7:38:09 PMTheFu I still use it, but only on my LANs.
7:38:24 PMGarbee TheFu: NTP is fine. It's just *servers* that are poorly configured are an issue.
7:38:32 PMSolbu ntp is insecure, if you don't secure it. Surprise, surprise.
7:38:34 PMGarbee But, that's just like anything else in tech.
7:38:45 PMTheFu I need to switch to the secure time sync stuff, someday.
7:39:22 PMSolbu I often install chrony on systems that have time problems or doesn't have a RTC clock.
7:39:45 PMTheFu I'm seeing wildly different pricing for the Rock64.... $35 to $95.
7:39:46 PMSolbu chrony is a ntp client/server that doesn't care how large time difference the system is from the ntp servers.
7:40:23 PMSolbu It updates the clock regardless, whereas ntp and openntp refuse to update if the time difference is larger that half a second.
7:42:44 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff_W: We didn't hear the audio from the youtube test.
7:43:28 PMSashaR I don't know there was any
7:43:34 PMGarbee RobbieF: But can I mine bitcoin or transcode 4k videos on it?
7:43:36 PMJeff_W ok good
7:43:58 PMGarbee (Sarcasm, don't actually ask that on air.)
7:44:01 PMTheFu Garbee, yes, you can, but it isn't a great idea.
7:44:04 PMTheFu ;)
7:44:42 PMTheFu I tried to transcode a hidef video to 480p using an old Atom N270 ... took about 36 hrs.
7:44:53 PMDJMike @RobbieF Not sure if you are running the BSP but its not working.
7:45:56 PMDJMike Oh ok
7:46:12 PMDJMike Yes for like a sec
7:46:31 PMMarshMan Very brief
7:46:56 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff_W: I heard it too. Have heard it for a few months.
7:47:04 PMTheFu Question - at what point does a cheap intel CPU/build make more sense than an SBC that costs $60+
7:47:04 PMMarshMan That's fine
7:47:08 PMDJMike the one shot
7:47:09 PMGarbee It's fine, just hte one shot
7:47:17 PMMarshMan Only product cam
7:47:21 PMSocalMadness Hey @RobbieF what do you use to edit video with
7:47:46 PMTheFu SocalMadness, some commercial Widnows program.
7:47:48 PMGarbee Yea, we had that issue before with that camera.
7:48:20 PMSkywriter64 which linux is he running on the pine?
7:48:22 PMSocalMadness haha
7:48:30 PMGarbee Check for the blinking light!
7:48:48 PMTheFu Is the light still blinking?
7:49:23 PMJeff_W yes
7:49:53 PMeastaustinsttech So by putting on android, can this be used as a "TV" box?
7:49:58 PMTheFu RobbieF, I use some cheap proprietary Windows software for video editing too. For my needs, the Linux options just don't cut it.
7:51:08 PMJeff_W yes you can eastaustiontech
7:51:10 PMeastaustinsttech I go wired
7:51:59 PMGopher is there an android TV distro or are you think regular android eastaustinsttech ?
7:52:11 PMSocalMadness Thank @RobbieF
7:52:33 PMTheFu wouldn't kodi work on the SBC too?
7:53:45 PMGarbee I gotta head home. See everyone who is left around in a bit hopefully.
7:53:57 PMJeff_W night garbee
7:54:01 PMSolbu See you Garbee.
7:54:22 PMSkywriter64 The FU, yes KODI would work.Check with
7:54:48 PMeastaustinsttech now my clients and I can look into dropping spectrum while waiting for GOOGLE fiber
7:55:16 PMTheFu Google found this ... Kodi/AndroidTV on rock64.
7:58:05 PMTheFu ATC is read-only for most accesses.
7:58:27 PMSkywriter64 Bye everyone ,I have to watch the finale of AGT
7:59:20 PMTheFu $100/hr is cheap for telecom expertise.
8:01:45 PMSolbu I'd charge $10 per IP address lookup.
8:03:18 PMTheFu They need to look up by the exact date/time, what IP was assigned to which address. That is at least 2 very different systems.
8:03:46 PMTheFu One will be part of "network" and the other will be part of accounts/billing.
8:04:50 PMJeff_W and this happened years ago...meaning going over old data
8:06:00 PMMarshMan My Mac has never crashed
8:06:51 PMTheFu Jeff_W, the legal team probably sent out a records retention demand initially. That should prevent deletion, in theory.
8:06:52 PMSolbu The swedish ISP Bahnhof solves it by not logging any customer data. They don't log any information on which customer have what IP address, because the swedish law don't (yet) require it.
8:07:39 PMTheFu But ... if a system upgrade happens, the DB schema is likely to change and old records won't be valid anymore.
8:09:43 PMSolbu Jeff_W: Linus recognized this because people in his coding community confronted him with his lack of recognizing peoples emotions.
8:11:31 PMMarshMan Linus has been confronted for YEARS
8:12:01 PMMarshMan Cue the kissing noises
8:12:39 PMTheFu I think Jeff_W is correct. Some "Platinum level" sponsor for the Linux Foundation probably said they were leaving until this was fixed.
8:13:07 PMTheFu Or his kids asked him "why is daddy mean to other people?"
8:13:46 PMGarbee Cool, made it back in time for the end.
8:14:14 PMTheFu Hey ... thoughts on why Linus apologized?
8:14:27 PMJeff_W yup thefu...
8:14:30 PMGarbee SashaR: But you are a bad person for sending a bad patch.
8:14:40 PMGarbee You should know better before sending it in.
8:15:21 PMTheFu Linus thinks if you read 1 byte at a time, you should have been pre-aborted since you are too stupid to find a tit to suck.
8:15:26 PMMarshMan This is killing Jeff_W
8:15:54 PMJeff_W yup
8:16:31 PMTheFu BTW, that isn't a direct quote, but that was the gist.
8:16:41 PMMarshMan Now gimme money
8:16:52 PMTheFu Linus used more colorful wording. ;(
8:17:34 PMMarshMan Not a single crackle all night
8:18:00 PMJeff_W night all
8:18:05 PMTheFu q;night
8:18:11 PMGarbee Bye SashaR and Jeff_W
8:18:18 PMMarshMan TTFN
8:18:24 PMSashaR Good night my dear friends :)
8:19:26 PMTheFu SashaR, for more Linus quotes.
8:25:03 PMSolbu I think that the sould searching that Linus is doing can only be a good thing. It's a good thing to think about how one behave towards people if one get a complaint, something Linus says he got.
8:25:08 PMSolbu *soul
8:25:30 PMTheFu Solbu, agreed.
8:26:00 PMGarbee Yea, someone in his close circle finally told him off.
8:26:05 PMSolbu Even if he keeps ranting and shouting against bad patches, and skip the personall attacks, that is a big improvement.
8:26:14 PMGarbee So it hit him harder than anyone else doing it (as they have been for years.)
8:26:38 PMTheFu Linus isn't always correct.
8:26:44 PMSolbu What I thught when I read his e-mail was – somebodys prayer is answered.
8:26:48 PMSolbu *thought
8:27:18 PMSolbu And, somebody talked to him in a way that he could understand.
8:27:34 PMTheFu After reading the overview paragraph, I figured it was the SJW people who had to be happy. PostgreSQL came out with their CoC.
8:27:42 PMTheFu I find it much more agreeable.
8:28:06 PMSolbu Besides, I don't think it's Linus who wrote the new Code of Conduct.
8:28:32 PMTheFu He committed it to the Kernel VERY QUICKLY.
8:29:06 PMSolbu Yes, because it's he who pulles patches. But the Code of Conduct commit was by Greg.
8:29:08 PMGarbee No he didn't write it.
8:29:22 PMTheFu Finally, it’s clear that I’m not only the smartest person around, I’m also incredibly good-looking, and that my infallible charm is also second only to my becoming modesty.
8:29:31 PMGarbee The guy that requested the addition pulled it from the Covanent code or whatever.
8:29:57 PMGarbee
8:29:59 PMGarbee That place
8:30:42 PMSolbu And yes, Robbiewas right. Linus have been open all along that he isn't a nice person in e-mail.
8:30:53 PMGarbee Oh yea, that's no secret.
8:32:40 PMSolbu The fact that he did this the same week that the community people confrinted him, is evidence that it has hit him that he have been handleing people the wrong way maybe from the beginning.
8:33:32 PMSolbu His e-mail shows that he really want to change it, since he intend to have a timeout in order to seek advice
8:35:55 PMGarbee It wasn't really a "community person" or group. It was one of his "lieutenants" in a conference call during the Kernel event.
8:36:21 PMGarbee He was pissed at Linus doing what he did with vacation to try and avoid it instead of just *saying he didn't want to go* in advance.
8:36:38 PMGarbee So they moved it, and had to do a split conference call with some because they couldn't switch countries and all.
8:37:00 PMGarbee It was upsetting and threw them over the edge. So they let Linus know. And it really upset him at that point seeing what his actions do to people.
8:37:22 PMGarbee That's probably as much detail as we'll ever figure out about it. Because everyone close is, of course, trying to keep it private and hush-hush.
8:37:40 PMSolbu That lieutenant is in his community. so it's a community person who confronted him. Provided it was that conversation he's referring to.
8:37:42 PMGarbee I respect them for that too, it isn't like we need to know all the details. Just that someone finally got through to him.
8:38:03 PMGarbee eh, if you're at that level to Linus you're far from community area.
8:38:17 PMGarbee Like, those are literally his direct inner circle of devs.
8:38:29 PMGarbee They are the ones who actively maintain the kernel. He just double checks their work.
8:38:30 PMSolbu That is still a communty.
8:38:48 PMGarbee I'm talking about *Linus*'s perspective.
8:38:51 PMGarbee They are not community.
8:39:06 PMSolbu Yes they are.
8:39:13 PMSolbu But that is not my point.
8:39:31 PMSolbu My point is that he is not identifying the person of persons that congronted him.
8:39:35 PMSolbu *or
8:40:16 PMGarbee Think of Lieutenants like core maintainers. They came into the project from the community. But they've evolved in respect to the project to be in it instead of outside of it.
8:40:53 PMTheFu The top 30 people do some amazing work, usually.
8:41:29 PMGarbee I'm gonna go watch some twitch and turn my brain off.
8:41:35 PMGarbee Maybe have a bowl of ice cream.
8:41:43 PMTheFu Enjoy.
8:42:26 PMSolbu Garbee: I disagree with you. I have a close circle of really good friends. And i have close family members. They are all part of my community. We scandinavians, and I think also Finnish people thing that way.
8:42:39 PMSolbu *think
8:43:14 PMTheFu Linus has been in the USA a long time.
8:43:15 PMGarbee Solbu: I am literally speaking based on how *LINUS* himself has explained how he sees things in terms of the *project*.
8:43:25 PMGarbee It's very much how most open source projects are operated that I see.
8:43:43 PMGarbee You eventually evolve beyond being a pure community member once you are a relied upon contributor.
8:44:09 PMGarbee Yes, they can still be in "community". But, in regards to the project and the respect Linus has for them, it's way above that.
8:44:23 PMGarbee It's not just "any old community member" got to Linus. That hasn't ever worked.
8:44:48 PMSolbu Garbee: And Linus himself stated in the now famous e-mail that it was perople in the Community that confrinted him. If his lieutenants is not in that community, then it was not that pissed off lieutenant that he is talking about that confronted him.
8:45:36 PMSolbu I have read the entire e-mail a few times, he said exactly that.
8:45:59 PMGarbee The Lieutenant got to him. Then he probably went back and re-read the pissed off emails and it got to him more.
8:46:29 PMGarbee And yes, he's doing the right thing by trying to be inclusive to the wider audiences issues as well in his apology and not make it just about his inner circle.
8:47:18 PMGarbee But, it wasn't just community people bitching that got to him in the slightest at first. He has literally never given two cares at all and even *planned* his vacation to do just that if anyone cared.
8:49:39 PMSolbu But you are wrong on one point, he did not Plan on missing the maintainership summit, he screwed it up and was embarrased about that. But since he screwed that up, he hoped to continue his family vacation in any case.
8:50:45 PMSolbu In any case, that screwup might have been a blessing in disquise, since he is taling a few sabatical weeks to clean up his act. :-)
8:50:55 PMSolbu *taking


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