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6:58:33 PMDJMike @SashaR2 I got voice E I E OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol
7:01:46 PMMarshMan RobbieF: I'm happy you're happy
7:02:35 PMRobbieF :)
7:02:41 PMRobbieF me too, amiright?
7:04:59 PMSkywriter64 Thanks
7:07:10 PMSkywriter64 HI where is everyone?
7:08:23 PMMarshMan I'm here. My wife handed me her tablet, Can you fix this?
7:09:29 PMSkywriter64 MarshMan,hi
7:10:48 PMBlokey I'm late, had to warm up some shepherds pie
7:10:50 PMLyndon We appreciate what you guys do.
7:11:22 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF, The new Doctor Who is starting on 10/7/18
7:12:08 PMLyndon "Oooooeeeeeooooooo"
7:13:00 PMBlokey Best looking Dr Who so far!
7:13:29 PMLyndon Hes not old? Lol
7:15:22 PMSkywriter64 She is the best looking. PS , BBC america is on 11 days marathon of Doctor Who
7:16:23 PMLyndon What?? She a girl??
7:16:40 PMLyndon Awesome!
7:16:42 PMTheFu nice.
7:16:50 PMSkywriter64 yesss!
7:16:52 PMLyndon Thats gonna be different
7:17:06 PMBlokey Pretty good make-up is she's not?
7:17:08 PMLyndon I just googled... Wow
7:17:38 PMLyndon Then stay with debian
7:19:05 PMLyndon Robbie has a gift for being serious when everyone is not
7:19:45 PMLyndon Sorry man
7:20:08 PMMarshMan RobbieF: is passionate in what he believes in
7:20:22 PMLyndon Yes. Hes awesome
7:20:44 PMMarshMan Yes!! I have voice today.
7:21:49 PMMarshMan RobbieF: do they exploded brussel sprouts?
7:21:51 PMLyndon Agree to disagree
7:22:06 PMTheFu MarshMan, brussel sprouts totally ROCK!
7:22:27 PMLyndon You should invest in high speed on the show
7:22:47 PMSkywriter64 Doctor Who is a fighter for everyone, know matters what color!
7:22:50 PMTheFu I'm passionate about brussel sprouts. Yum! They are so good, so easy.
7:23:12 PMTheFu Nuked, broiled, steamed, all yummy.
7:23:45 PMLyndon We could alreasy do that though
7:24:12 PMLyndon With a virtual machine
7:24:18 PMBobK54 announcement: "Today Ubuntu becomes Microsoft Linux!"
7:24:50 PMTheFu For $9 ... in the Windows store.
7:24:57 PMBobK54 :)
7:25:25 PMTheFu Windows runs great, in a VM under Linux hypervisors.
7:25:32 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF, which win10 edition?
7:25:53 PMLyndon What if Microsoft buys cononical!!
7:26:39 PMalbertr I will now drop Ubuntu and go to Debian
7:26:57 PMTheFu What's happening? "Embrace, extend, extinguish" ...
7:27:05 PMLyndon Yes.. Maybe
7:27:07 PMMarshMan RobbieF: the Linux world is in upheaval about the Code of Conduct.
7:27:44 PMMarshMan strange things are bound to happen
7:28:28 PMLyndon I think its good that Microsoft is seeing the value in Ubuntu
7:29:08 PMSashaR2 What would Linus say?
7:29:10 PMTheFu Lyndon, Ubuntu is the most popular server distro for cloudy services. They are doing this to make Azure competitive.
7:29:28 PMLyndon Love the background
7:29:46 PMLyndon Ic see +TheFu
7:29:48 PMMarshMan SashaR2: Not @#$%%$#@ anymore since he's in therapy
7:30:44 PMSashaR2 That's what I was thinking
7:32:03 PMRobbieF ya'll can hear me?
7:32:14 PMLyndon Only 1.49gb??
7:32:26 PMMarshMan RobbieF: What?
7:33:21 PMLyndon Yes
7:38:13 PMLyndon I havent used 18.04 yet. Whats good about this version.
7:38:51 PMLyndon Looks like win95
7:41:03 PMalbertr It runs perfectly in VirtualBox on any OS
7:41:23 PMLyndon Any machine?
7:41:37 PMMarshMan buggy buggy buggy
7:41:50 PMalbertr M$ Crap
7:42:38 PMMarshMan Use Virtualbox
7:43:06 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF, I think you should check your username!
7:43:25 PMalpeck ctrl-alt-del
7:44:16 PMalpeck restart virtual machine
7:44:45 PMSkywriter64 It gave you "robbie visual machine" I think
7:45:39 PMDJMike Maybe its a new thing and the servers are clogged
7:45:41 PMLyndon Check back next week
7:46:04 PMBlokey Does Ubuntu load from the ISO or does it need an internet connection?
7:49:15 PMBlokey Can the ISO be verified?
7:51:36 PMLyndon I was thinking the same thing .. I only use Android
7:52:09 PMLyndon And pressing the "back button"
7:52:17 PMBobK54 I still have an iPhone 4. Using it every day. Time to upgrade.....
7:53:26 PMalbertr Apple Crap
7:53:35 PMRobbieF Try Android BobK54
7:53:53 PMLyndon Shes grown up!
7:53:59 PMBobK54 my wife has a samsung galaxy 7 and loves it
7:54:25 PMalpeck how do you operate a computer with a single mouse button
7:54:32 PMLyndon Cool. I just got a new LG phone. Its so nice
7:54:47 PMBobK54 my iphone 4 was corporate issue and they didnt want it back when they escorted me to the door 1.5 years ago. so...I still use it
7:54:57 PMLyndon Right??. I hated that
7:55:26 PMLyndon I need buttons!
7:55:53 PMTheFu I like that I can buy a $40 Android phone or a $1000 Android, both new.
7:55:56 PMLyndon I need options
7:56:20 PMalpeck I don't know what sucks more...a single button mouse or a laptop with the buttons integrated into the touch pad.
7:56:42 PMLyndon Yes. There is choice. You pick what you want from the phone
7:57:01 PMTheFu But for many people, convenience far out ways $700 every 3 yrs. It isn't worth their time to deal with having too many choices.
7:57:19 PMLyndon I just bought the right phone for my needs. Not everyone elses needs
7:57:27 PMTheFu alpeck, Macs have had multiple mouse buttons for a LONG TIME.
7:57:44 PMLyndon But there phones dont
7:58:08 PMLyndon Their*
7:58:31 PMTheFu It isn't like the entire screen isn't touch sensitive.
7:58:45 PMLyndon I need buttons
7:59:01 PMTheFu I'm playing devils advocate here. I'd never own any Apple products.
7:59:31 PMalpeck I have an iphone but it is company issued
7:59:38 PMLyndon Just a simple task bar at least.
7:59:48 PMalbertr I agree TheFu
8:01:06 PMTheFu People can use whatever they like that fits their needs, budget, and expected lifetime for the product.
8:01:52 PMTheFu I've been burned by Google phones being EOL'd much faster than I'd like. If I spend $450 on a phone, I want it working 5+ yrs AND supported.
8:02:00 PMLyndon I like my new LG becouse i can do split screen and also minimise my whole screen for one hand "one thumb" operations
8:02:14 PMTheFu Google had a different idea ... after 3 yrs and they stopped releasing any security patches for it.
8:02:46 PMTheFu SashaR2, I thought she was running Linux at home all this time. I'm so sad.
8:03:08 PMalpeck TheFu: me too
8:03:56 PMalpeck But i feel her pain. I also run windows for the games.
8:04:21 PMLyndon Me too...
8:04:34 PMalpeck I also run windows for tax preparation
8:04:42 PMTheFu I run Windows ... inside a KVM virtual machine on a headless,8+ yr old computer.
8:05:11 PMTheFu Quicken, Taxcut, are the primary reasons it is even loaded.
8:05:57 PMalpeck TheFu: that might works for tax time you still need a valid windows os which sucks
8:06:04 PMalpeck ^but
8:06:41 PMTheFu Win7 - before they broken the EULA. My Win7 license was given by MSFT. I was in "the business".
8:07:32 PMTheFu s/broken/broke/
8:09:42 PMTheFu email is like a postcard. Everyone in the chain can see everything.
8:11:26 PMLyndon What a waste
8:11:47 PMLyndon Just like the spinach fiasco
8:12:15 PMBlokey All lettuce had to go so none ''romained' ?
8:12:31 PMLyndon Nice pun!
8:13:45 PMalpeck block-chain might help explain why food is so overpriced and money is not making it back to the source (farmers).
8:14:01 PMLyndon Buy local
8:14:16 PMLyndon Farmers markets
8:14:38 PMalpeck even farmer markets are full of scammers
8:15:10 PMLyndon :\
8:16:35 PMLyndon You can avoid scams by forming relationships with the local growers though
8:16:45 PMTheFu very cheap rfid / or 2-D barcodes.
8:17:37 PMalpeck Lyndon: difficult to do if you live in the city
8:17:44 PMLyndon Cant always do that though.. So unless you grow your own food properly there is always going to be some uncertainty as to what you are eating
8:17:57 PMLyndon Right
8:19:05 PMSkywriter64 Goodnite everyone!
8:19:24 PMalpeck Good show Sasha and Robbie
8:20:24 PMLyndon Good conversation too. +alpeck
8:20:40 PMalpeck bye
8:20:43 PMLyndon Bye
8:20:49 PMBobK54 night all !! good show!
8:21:00 PMalpeck thanks Lyndon
8:21:06 PMSashaR2 Thank you all for being such an important part of my life... I look forward to this day more than you know :)
8:21:11 PMLyndon ;)
8:21:27 PMLyndon Awes
8:22:01 PMBlokey Sasha, include us all on your Xmas card list!


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