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6:58:11 PMLyndon Im here to stay this time
6:58:53 PMABQTKY Ooh, those snazzy new wireless microphones!
6:58:58 PMSolbu Is it just me, or is Robbies mike a little distorted?
6:59:07 PMSashaR Is it?
6:59:25 PMMarshMan How vertically challenged is @SashaR ?
6:59:26 PMDJMike @Solbu that is new to me
6:59:38 PMDJMike Sounds great!
6:59:51 PMDJMike No stack
7:00:07 PMDJMike HECK ya
7:00:11 PMMarshMan Sounds ok to me
7:00:19 PMDJMike I will do a party for you anytome
7:00:24 PMDJMike Great
7:00:34 PMDJMike Anytime
7:00:40 PMDJMike New to me
7:00:57 PMbp9 Thank you for my voice :-)
7:01:03 PMMarshMan @SashaR my wife is 4’11”
7:01:08 PMbp9 G'day Y'all!
7:01:11 PMLyndon Pretty good. I think robbie is just closer the the mic
7:01:31 PMDJMike :D
7:01:32 PMSolbu Robbie: Oh, now I hear it. The Sss sound on your mike only is the noice I hear.
7:01:36 PMbp9 She sells sea shells by the sea shore :-)
7:01:43 PMDJMike @robbie
7:01:52 PMalpeck don't forget to mute before you go to the washroom
7:02:05 PMDJMike How do we go to the other server?
7:02:27 PMbp9 I don't hear any distortion even when Robbie gets loud.
7:02:36 PMLyndon Yes
7:02:47 PMLyndon Soumds great
7:02:58 PMMarshMan @RobbieF sounds great
7:03:05 PMLyndon Sounds great! *
7:03:54 PMMarshMan That was so wrong @RobbieF
7:03:59 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn,
7:04:28 PMABQTKY I might have commented on the audio, but as I tell people I'm deaf in one ear and the other one doesn't work. Besides, I don't know how to describe how the audio seems different.
7:06:48 PMSolbu RobbieF: Also, this week we have an automatic voice bot. :-)
7:06:55 PMTheFu GSM phones interfered with almost all electronics and still do, though LTE makes it better.
7:07:03 PMbp9 @SashaR how is your root canal healing? All OK?
7:07:26 PMLyndon 4 inches?
7:07:36 PMLyndon Thats tiny!
7:07:57 PMLyndon Thats smaller than a cell phone
7:08:53 PMbp9 @SashaR Sorry to hear that. I hope it heals up OK. Go back and make your dentist fix that if you need to.
7:10:49 PMLyndon That's why we're here
7:11:07 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston has that sibilant S
7:11:31 PMLyndon Is it going to work this time?
7:12:00 PMLyndon ;)
7:12:21 PMbp9 It's windows... of course not LOL
7:12:24 PMMarshMan Yeah “his daughter”
7:12:37 PMTheFu Is discord federated or centralized?
7:12:57 PMLyndon Is that a joke?
7:13:06 PMSashaR 😃
7:13:24 PMSashaR Hi all you awesome people!!
7:13:27 PMbp9 Is there a discord app on linux?
7:14:45 PMbp9 Thanks. I'll stick with IRC
7:14:54 PMbp9 (I;m a command line junkie) :-)
7:15:35 PMSolbu Nooo. Our secret is out. We are all bots.
7:15:37 PMTheFu More options is good.
7:15:48 PMMarshMan @SashaR needs an avatar
7:15:51 PMMisterSWFL I took the red pill.
7:16:26 PMSashaR I just joined...I do need an avatar
7:16:46 PMTheFu With IRC, you can use a "bouncer" so you can scroll back as far as you like ... but that isn't automatic.
7:16:48 PMSashaR I have a level?
7:18:04 PMLyndon That would be awesome if we all had avatars
7:19:25 PMSashaR I will do it after the show 😃
7:20:06 PMCee128d @RobbieF Were you able to use the old mics with the body packs? Did you have to do much re-wiring to get them to work?
7:20:35 PMMarshMan The shop gave them adapter cables. Using wireless now
7:20:58 PMCee128d Sweet MarshMan.
7:23:11 PMDJMike Who can I ask a question about discord?
7:23:42 PMMarshMan @DJMike ask everyone
7:24:01 PMDJMike I cant get in via the webpage but it looks like I can use the pc app but need the invite code
7:24:11 PMTheFu Solution ... format c: ?
7:25:07 PMbp9 Hmmmm... looks like discord has a timer. I can't type anything on discord for at least 10 minutes... :-/
7:25:15 PMMarshMan @RobbieF aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!
7:25:20 PMCee128d Staple a Sticky Note to Robbie's forehead to remind him
7:25:37 PMDJMike When I go via the website it asks me for a auth code but I never enabled 2FA
7:25:44 PMMarshMan @RobbieF push record on Atomos
7:26:17 PMbp9 Oh I see... you have to be a member for 10 minutes.
7:26:22 PMTheFu For really important things, perhaps a checklist?
7:26:42 PMMisterSWFL Checklist are overrated unless you are flying an airplane
7:26:47 PMMarshMan @RobbieF don’t push record on Atomos
7:26:53 PMTheFu Or space craft.
7:26:53 PMDJMike Have EVERYone Yell PRESS RECORD lol
7:27:03 PMSolbu DJMike: Hehe. Yea.
7:27:10 PMbp9 PRESS RECORD!
7:27:31 PMTheFu Worked at a place where we had a checklist to ensure all the correct checklists were included in our code review packages.
7:27:39 PMMisterSWFL Troll Toll on discord
7:27:39 PMbp9 I already had a pre-exsiting discord account
7:27:56 PMDJMike When I go via the website it asks me for a auth code but I never enabled 2FA
7:28:12 PMTheFu What about adding a red LED that shines where we can see it?
7:28:19 PMDJMike No wounded nettops died lol
7:28:39 PMMarshMan @RobbieF setup warning light for Atomos
7:29:24 PMbigkitty hi
7:29:58 PMbp9 That's alright, @SashaR will monitor discord for you! LOL
7:30:24 PMSashaR Thank you 😃
7:30:51 PMDJMike Sasha is the woman in charge lol
7:30:57 PMbp9 hee hee
7:31:13 PMbp9 @Robbie that's what we have live CDs for. :-)
7:32:42 PMTheFu is that thing on?
7:33:11 PMSashaR It is now 😃
7:33:32 PMbp9 YAY! I'm out of timer purgatory!
7:33:46 PMSashaR Welcome !!!!
7:33:55 PMSashaR 10 minutes is a long time
7:34:06 PMbp9 Thanks @SashaR
7:34:30 PMbp9 I don't think that timer will hit next week; I suspect it's a one-off thing.
7:35:03 PMMarshMan It’s not actually ten minutes either
7:35:24 PMbp9 @MarshMan really?
7:35:46 PMMarshMan Mine was about ten seconds
7:35:47 PMSashaR It's good that it's not every time ... because I wil be on and off all ady now 😃
7:35:50 PMSashaR day
7:37:15 PMbp9 @RobbieF I did wonder if you were actually logging into your linux VM when you gave your credentials to XRDP
7:37:59 PMTheFu What are you trying to get?
7:38:04 PMCee128d @RobbieF You want account details
7:38:14 PMSolbu What about running the GUI command in a terminal
7:39:30 PMTheFu Check the process table ... Solbu is trying to see any error messages that are being hidden when run from point-n-click methods.
7:40:16 PMTheFu Trying to modify the /etc/passwd file or add the userid to a group?
7:40:27 PMMarshMan Full user experience
7:40:49 PMTheFu I've been running Ubuntu for over a decade, but have never seen these screens. ;)
7:40:51 PMSashaR Congratulations MarshMan
7:41:17 PMbp9 I remember Robbie selected "Authomatic login" when he first installed the VM last week.
7:41:35 PMTheFu Automatic has never been a good idea.
7:41:58 PMbp9 Sigh I wish I could spell LOL
7:42:15 PMTheFu This was all self inflicted by choosing "automatic login?"
7:42:31 PMbp9 I think so
7:42:43 PMCee128d Yes Fu.
7:43:42 PMbp9 Everyone... all together now...
7:43:44 PMbp9 PRESS RECORD!
7:43:56 PMTheFu Well, it isn't like we all haven't done something similar,right? ;)
7:43:57 PMMarshMan If you setup auto login, when you get the connect button, don’t click it just x out then follow @RobbieF steps
7:44:03 PMbp9 ooopsy no caps boys and girls. 😃
7:44:15 PMSashaR Capital letters? really?
7:44:47 PMbp9 @SashaR @Jeff Weston yup LOL
7:45:25 PMTheFu You guys are fun!
7:45:28 PMTheFu FUN!
7:45:34 PMbp9 Hmmmmm, suddenly IRC looks better all the time. LOL
7:46:00 PMSolbu Robbie, Jeff: Question: Why would one use the Hyper V over Virtualbox?
7:46:30 PMMarshMan Solbu: i said that last week
7:46:42 PMTheFu Solbu, because it is from MSFT and if you aren't allowed to load 3rd-party tools on your work PC, hyper-v might be the only allowed option.
7:46:42 PMbp9 @Solbu why would anyone run linux guest OS on windows host OS? 😃
7:47:38 PMTheFu bp9, maybe you don't have local admin on the machine, but can get hyper-v installed? It is a corporate policy thing.
7:47:44 PMSolbu TheFu: My point was that they should mention it on the show, for normal users.
7:47:52 PMMarshMan @SashaR is Atomos recording?
7:48:02 PMSashaR sure is
7:48:11 PMMoeMaravilla Robbie - Is the RDP session passing the audio through?
7:48:17 PMMarshMan Dual bot baaaahhhh
7:48:21 PMTheFu I think virtualbox is the least terrible option for Windows people to have some virtualization.
7:48:30 PMMarshMan *boot
7:48:39 PMbp9 @TheFu I have admin on my work laptop and I use it. I even have Redhat CentOS running in a VM. No worries there. 😃
7:49:15 PMbp9 Yes, I don't like it but I can do it. 😃
7:49:49 PMTheFu
7:49:57 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston show-off LOL
7:50:12 PMbp9 @Sasha is lost LOL
7:50:15 PMTheFu Looks the same from this side. ;)
7:50:49 PMbp9 In IRC the photos just show as links
7:51:17 PMTheFu They are active links in my IRC client.
7:52:04 PMTheFu if I click them.
7:52:22 PMTheFu But lynx doesn't support images.
7:52:51 PMDJMike I got a link of a pic
7:52:55 PMSolbu Jeff: It's a link.
7:53:09 PMbp9 Hmm, I'm using pidgin for my IRC client and I guesss it would just open firefox to display the pictures.
7:53:10 PMSolbu jeff: On IRC they show up as links to the image.
7:53:13 PMTheFu "lynx" is a text only browser.
7:53:20 PMTheFu No JS, no images.
7:53:25 PMTheFu Very fast.
7:54:08 PMMarshMan @SashaR beautiful peacock blouse
7:54:22 PMDJMike There goes the sound lol
7:54:47 PMABQTKY Hmmm. No audio. Who tripped over the cables??
7:54:48 PMTheFu That blouse reminds me of ... that scifi movie ... Logan's Run.
7:54:58 PMbp9 @DJMike yeah @RobbieF must be messing with it LOL
7:55:01 PMLyndon Finally i can type!!!
7:55:09 PMSolbu DJMike: Oh. Now i got the old song in my head. «Here comes the sun» :-)
7:55:18 PMMoeMaravilla No audio
7:55:30 PMbp9 Welcome @Lyndon did you get hit by the ten minute timer too?
7:55:51 PMLyndon Yes. It was so long
7:56:03 PMbp9 @RobbieF PRESS RECORD!
7:56:25 PMbp9 hee hee I send it from IRC so it won't ding me Bwahahaha
7:56:34 PMSolbu Jeff: I got the song in my head when DJMike said «There goes the sound».
7:57:23 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston I beat you to level 2! Woo Hoo
7:57:49 PMDJMike Never heard of Billy Van lol
7:57:52 PMLyndon I wish i got a bonus for doing pushups
7:58:36 PMbp9 @RobbieF @SashaR is centered in screen?
7:58:41 PMTheFu Nassau?
7:58:43 PMbp9 No room for overlays?
7:59:11 PMLyndon Nope
7:59:20 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston yeah but it's fun to give you a hard time...
7:59:21 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston you’re cheating
7:59:23 PMLyndon We are special
8:00:01 PMDJMike Now she is in the center of the shot lol
8:00:22 PMbp9 Yeah I hope @RobbieF sees that.
8:00:44 PMbp9 He can always fix that in post LOL
8:00:58 PMbp9 There it is. Much better.
8:01:26 PMLyndon It's just $20mil no biggie
8:02:00 PMDJMike $40 :)
8:02:17 PMDJMike He is 20 and company is 20
8:02:38 PMSashaR Should I shuffle over?
8:02:42 PMSashaR Left?
8:02:50 PMbp9 It's OK Robbie fixed it.
8:03:33 PMDJMike @SashaR do the shuffle dance lol
8:04:00 PMMarshMan @DJMike the shoulder shuffle?
8:04:28 PMMoeMaravilla Insider information
8:04:44 PMDJMike What ever she wishes. lol
8:04:46 PMbp9 @SashaR The difference is when Elon tweets it makes a huge shift in the marketplace
8:05:24 PMLyndon Lile Greenspan
8:06:15 PMTheFu But Musk is in a critical position in the company. THAT is the issue here.
8:06:21 PMLyndon Alan Greenspan
8:06:26 PMbp9 nods
8:06:43 PMTheFu I make my living as a stock investor.
8:07:06 PMSashaR you do?!?!?
8:07:28 PMLyndon Yay Sasha
8:07:35 PMLyndon Yay mee
8:07:57 PMbp9 LOL
8:07:58 PMDJMike I heard he cant tweet anymore so maybe he has to show someone before he sends it?
8:08:14 PMSolbu RobbieF: If you need someone to hold yu acountable, the Chatroom can do that. :-)
8:08:33 PMMarshMan @solbu amen!
8:09:24 PMMarshMan Time’s up people
8:09:39 PMTheFu Musk is an adult. Either he can control his mouth or he cannot.
8:10:16 PMMoeMaravilla An accident is a mistake.
8:10:17 PMABQTKY Musk and Torvalds - four week time out?
8:10:27 PMMoeMaravilla Your word can by bonding.
8:10:37 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla, Yep.
8:11:03 PMMoeMaravilla Accidents can kill people.
8:11:06 PMMarshMan @SashaR cut them off
8:11:14 PMSashaR I know eh!
8:11:20 PMLyndon Yes agreed
8:11:35 PMMoeMaravilla No regulation!!!
8:11:40 PMbp9 I thought we weren't doing politics
8:11:45 PMMoeMaravilla Free speach cannot hurt others.
8:11:58 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston head is going to explode
8:12:04 PMMoeMaravilla Loss of investment is hurting some.
8:12:37 PMbetterlatethan Jeff is right
8:13:07 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston you are going to end up with ulcers
8:14:09 PMTheFu Whole Foods is 20% higher priced than other local options here. ;(
8:15:07 PMLyndon Im really liling discord
8:15:17 PMLyndon Liking*
8:15:53 PMTheFu I'm really disliking the way Discord posts to IRC.
8:16:39 PMTheFu Can't target a reply to an individual, for example. Not highlighted.
8:16:48 PMLyndon Oh.. I heard that metropcs is including Amazon prime with their top unlimited plan
8:17:06 PMMarshMan There is an Amazon book store on 34th St in Manhattan. High rent street.
8:17:22 PMLyndon And google go.. I think its called
8:17:58 PMTheFu There's an Amazon locker near Georgia Tech "Tech Village"... they keep offering for me to drive 45 min to pick stuff up there.
8:18:07 PMLyndon Well now its going to be meteo by tmobil
8:18:30 PMMarshMan There are a bunch of Amazon lockers in NYC
8:18:46 PMMarshMan mostly in parking garages
8:19:10 PMTheFu ESET? Don't we need a disclaimer from Robbie on this?
8:19:19 PMLyndon Wow
8:19:30 PMTheFu It is Windows only so far.
8:19:40 PMLyndon Great name lol
8:21:55 PMLyndon Say "borrowed" again @SashaR
8:22:22 PMbp9 Are @RobbieF and @Jeff Weston mics muted while @SashaR is reading the news? I think I hear breathing
8:22:31 PMSashaR I'm not great with Rs
8:22:40 PMbp9 Probably @Jeff Weston LOL
8:23:32 PMLyndon Its your Canadian accent shining through😉
8:24:23 PMLyndon I just moved up north from th deep south. Im noticing accents


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