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7:01:57 PMMarshMan @SashaR is in Slytherin
7:02:47 PMSolbu And as usual, the chat feen on the show is halted.
7:02:51 PMSolbu *feed
7:03:03 PMMarshMan Bummer
7:03:58 PMSolbu On the other hand, all of th ecat5 viewers will see that I have something to sell. heh
7:04:55 PMSashaR I am :)
7:05:09 PMSashaR In Slytherin, that is
7:05:44 PMR2D2bestfriend ok
7:07:29 PMMarshMan @RobbieF it is a special eMMC. Mine has been en route for weeks now. I'll have to check up on it.
7:08:34 PMR2D2bestfriend start the party
7:09:11 PMGuest_1353 no live stream on youtube ?
7:10:01 PMR2D2bestfriend don't know. It's all apart of going live
7:10:28 PMMarshMan I don't see a YouTube stream.
7:11:12 PMMarshMan @SashaR what time is it?
7:11:21 PMGuest_1353 youtube stream didn't work last week either
7:11:29 PMSashaR 7:11
7:11:32 PMGuest_1734 Can Android be put on it, to turn it into a TV /streamer box?
7:11:52 PMMarshMan Kidding, just saw that your watch was on your ankle. ๐Ÿ˜›
7:12:02 PMSashaR Haha!!!
7:13:27 PMR2D2bestfriend This is what I see
7:14:19 PMrd_blair ? link to live feed? my Kodi and weblink at not working
7:14:20 PMR2D2bestfriend ha
7:14:59 PMGuest_1353 no live feed on youtube either
7:15:32 PMMarshMan Go here: for the NanoPi wiki.
7:15:41 PMMarshMan It can run Android
7:16:07 PMSashaR Where can you see the live feed?
7:16:20 PMMarshMan I am on Roku
7:16:57 PMMarshMan Web page NOT working
7:16:58 PMSashaR Okay! :) anyone else able to watch....or just Roku?
7:17:25 PMR2D2bestfriend it maybe a recording
7:17:36 PMSashaR It is ;)
7:17:44 PMGuest_1353 no feed on youtube Robbie posted a link last week to view live feed
7:17:47 PMSashaR But I still want to watch
7:18:18 PMMarshMan The web page has the live link but it doesn't work.
7:18:20 PMGuest_1734 youtube going flaky again
7:20:43 PMSashaR Did any of you dress up for Halloween?
7:21:05 PMMarshMan I ahd paint in my hair. Does that count?
7:21:15 PMSashaR Completely!
7:21:32 PMMarshMan Then I was a painting fiend.
7:21:33 PMR2D2bestfriend I dressed as a human ha
7:21:56 PMSolbu I dressed as myself.
7:22:06 PMMarshMan Then later I was a carpet cleaner.
7:22:11 PMSashaR Hahaha
7:22:25 PMR2D2bestfriend @solbu That works
7:22:38 PMGuest_4628 I dressed as someone waiting to watch a YouTube stream that isn't happening,,,,, again
7:22:46 PMSashaR :(
7:23:28 PMSashaR Third time is a charm hopefully!
7:23:43 PMalpeck Can someone please send me the link to show. Not showing as Live on YouTube and watch live from does nothing as well. This is the second week in a row this has happened. Am I doing something wrong?
7:23:48 PMMarshMan Anybody have the YouTube link?
7:24:01 PMMarshMan Wow deja vu!
7:24:24 PMSolbu The kodi stream is working fine, thou.
7:24:43 PMSashaR Kodi and Roku are golden
7:25:20 PMGuest_4628 I'm not buying a special device just to watch a YouTube stream.
7:25:32 PMSashaR Its youtube that isnt working.... Which is not great (because thats how I was going to watch)
7:25:45 PMSolbu Guest_1353: Kodi is a program you install on your computer.
7:26:14 PMalpeck I am sure the youtube stream is working but without a link I can not watch
7:26:23 PMGuest_4628 Not installing a special program just to watch a YouTube stream either.
7:26:45 PMSolbu Kodi doesn't stream from Youtube.
7:27:05 PMSolbu but sure, one shouldn't need to do that when Youtube should just โ€ฆ work.
7:27:27 PMSashaR It should work!
7:27:39 PMSashaR But, alas, does not
7:27:52 PMGuest_4628 There are at least 20 other YouTube live streams in my Subscription feed so it is NOT a YouTube problem.
7:27:53 PMR2D2bestfriend You can't view the stream on Roku or Youtube
7:28:22 PMrd_blair Have not use Kodi for a while not working at this time no icons showing for any streams live or recorded
7:29:56 PMSashaR I wish I could help more... But I'm at a loss
7:30:17 PMSolbu rd_blair: A friend of mine have Kodi installed on his phone. :-)
7:31:17 PMR2D2bestfriend maybe everyone is Trick-or-treating
7:31:45 PMSashaR I believe thats the case indeed
7:32:05 PMMarshMan Mostly tricks here
7:32:08 PMMarshMan ๐Ÿ˜›
7:33:10 PMbp9 Pre-recorded live stream is running fine on Roku...
7:33:55 PMMarshMan @SashaR Are you going to stay on that side now?
7:33:57 PMBlokey Evenin' all
7:34:01 PMalpeck Oh...the show is pre-recorded tonight???
7:34:12 PMSashaR I do like that side :)
7:34:20 PMSolbu alpeck: Nope, it's live right now.
7:34:57 PMMarshMan A live pre-recorded show. Cool!
7:35:06 PMSolbu alpeck: Those that watch on Youtube and possibly Roku have problems watching.
7:35:06 PMalpeck someone sent me the link last week as I had the same problem...can you send me the link Solbu
7:35:30 PMSolbu alpeck: I don't know hos to find it if it's not published.
7:35:31 PMMarshMan @SashaR Your voice kept changing.
7:35:32 PMalpeck S__ked last week
7:35:33 PMSolbu *how
7:35:34 PMbp9 @SashaR Mr.
7:35:39 PMbp9 @RobbieF Torvalds
7:35:47 PMSashaR Hahaha
7:36:10 PMSashaR I can't say that name (and so many others)
7:36:18 PMSolbu SashaR: You could just say ยซLinusยป with an S, as that's his first name.
7:36:23 PMbp9 Nicely done though. Well done.
7:36:40 PMalpeck someone pasted it in chat Solbu
7:36:48 PMSashaR Thank you :)
7:37:05 PMSkywriter64 Ok where is the show?
7:38:16 PMrd_blair someone pasted it in chat Solbu do not see link on freenode
7:38:37 PMSolbu rd_blair: I'm not on the discord either.
7:38:52 PMSolbu I don't accept it's terms of service.
7:39:11 PMGuest_4628 You know it makes me wonder why would someone watch a tech show for information when said tech show can't even figure out how to stream to YouTube when others are.
7:40:24 PMrd_blair Could someone throw us a bone (me and Solbu)
7:40:35 PMSashaR I'd say likely to watch people who love doing what they do ... Even if sometimes it doesnt work out :)
7:40:48 PMSolbu rd_blair: I watch on Kodi, so I'm good.
7:41:03 PMrd_blair great
7:41:27 PMrd_blair my kodi is sick I guess
7:41:32 PMGuest_4628 Well enough is enough. I'm outa here.
7:45:06 PMalpeck I am going too. Hard to maintain a chat with "trick or treaters" coming to the door and no stream to watch as well...I'll try again next week. Happy Halloween everyone.
7:45:26 PMMarshMan @SashaR D says If you liked the movie, you gotta rread the book
7:45:49 PMMarshMan Ready Player 1
7:46:32 PMcitadelofswords @RobbieF speaking RIGHT to my heart with VR D&D
7:46:58 PMSashaR I loved the book!!
7:47:41 PMMarshMan ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
7:47:43 PMorangeman robbie i cant not see show
7:50:03 PMorangeman can give link to show
7:50:26 PMSolbu orangeman: There isn't one. :-(
7:50:32 PMSolbu RobbieF: The Youtube stream didn't work today.
7:50:50 PMorangeman ok tanks i go to bed
7:51:52 PMMarshMan Was the show short or did I miss something?
7:51:53 PMSashaR I better get my dishes and laundry done now too :):)
7:52:08 PMSashaR It may have been short.....
7:52:34 PMbp9 They're finishing it up now. It might have started early? I missed the first 20 mins or so
7:52:35 PMRobbieF Aww you guys don't know how to open it without me?
7:52:38 PMRobbieF
7:52:56 PMSashaR Ugh
7:52:59 PMSashaR Lol
7:53:31 PMRobbieF Just bring up our yt channel and press Videos
7:53:45 PMRobbieF The one marked live... Is live :)
7:54:11 PMRobbieF Sorry I couldn't be here sooner to help
7:54:18 PMRobbieF Trick or treat :)
7:54:26 PMMarshMan i DON'T SEE IT
7:54:30 PMRobbieF
7:54:43 PMMarshMan Sorry hit Caps lock
7:54:53 PMRobbieF
7:55:41 PMMarshMan @RobbieF Which one are you?
7:55:42 PMGarbee Sorry, I ended up in a 2 hour game run on the PS4.
7:55:53 PMMarshMan Don't say the one taking the pic
7:56:00 PMRobbieF Haha
7:56:06 PMCee128d RobbieF there wasn't any video marked LIVE when I looked.
7:56:26 PMMarshMan Didn't see it either
7:57:01 PMRobbieF Let's move the chat about how to use YT over to off topic :)
7:57:56 PMMarshMan Discord wasn't moving anyway
7:58:08 PMRobbieF Oh okay.
7:58:12 PMRobbieF Thanks Bill
7:58:13 PMCee128d RobbieF It's not us. We know how to use YouTube. I was watching it while you were still trying to figure out what the World Wide Web was.
7:58:29 PMRobbieF Yeah it's yt
7:58:39 PMRobbieF They've been changing things
7:59:08 PMBlokey How dare they change things!
7:59:29 PMRobbieF Their new system sucks
8:00:10 PMCee128d It's working fine for me and the other 12 plus Live Streams in my feed right now.
8:00:54 PMCee128d Nothing on your channel tho
8:02:28 PMSolbu RobbieF: Maybe you need to start testing streaming on Vimeo.
8:02:44 PMRobbieF $$$$$ Solbu
8:03:05 PMSolbu For mee? Aww. :-)
8:04:13 PMRobbieF Sorry all. I did my best. I will be at the studio at 5am to edit and get the episode up for you
8:04:51 PMSolbu RobbieF: One idea for you, regarding youtube.
8:05:21 PMSolbu RobbieF: TWiT have a static youtube link that always points to the live feed, whatever the current id is.
8:05:46 PMSolbu You migt consider having that, as people allways have problem finding the live feed.
8:11:51 PMRobbieF We do ... - but YT broke it with the rollup to the new system. It will be back and working but falls on them.
8:12:28 PMSkywriter64 Sorry i am goihg
8:13:38 PMbp9 @RobbieF you did fine! It all worked out.
8:14:06 PMRobbieF Thanks bp9
8:15:02 PMRobbieF Solbu was the feed good 4 u tonight?
8:16:05 PMMarshMan I watched Roku with no problems
8:16:05 PMSolbu RobbieF: Allmost. Towards the end it started craping out again, but when you dhowed the ยซwere starting soonยป poster at the end before stpping the stream, it behaved again.
8:16:14 PMMarshMan I heard Kodi was good too
8:16:15 PMSolbu *showed
8:16:25 PMRobbieF K
8:16:42 PMbp9 Roku was fine here as well, for the entire show.
8:16:46 PMRobbieF I will reach out to youtube
8:16:55 PMbp9 (at least the bit I watched... I got in late ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
8:17:28 PMRobbieF Me too :)
8:17:33 PMbp9 LOL
8:17:56 PMSolbu but today you started 3 minutes early. :-)
8:18:24 PMbp9 But that's why you pre-recorded. I just didn't realise how close you were between finishing the pre-recording and transmitting it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
8:18:30 PMMarshMan Aaaaaaaand...
8:18:35 PMMarshMan bacon
8:18:53 PMbp9 yeah baby, yeah!
8:18:55 PMbp9 bacon!
8:20:10 PMMarshMan @SashaR was stage right again too
8:21:02 PMbp9 I always get them confused: stage right would be our left, correct?
8:21:37 PMMarshMan Correct. Stage sides are when you are on stage.
8:22:04 PMMarshMan House sides are how the audience sees it
8:22:23 PMMarshMan Stage right = house left
8:23:01 PMbp9 Thanks. I can only remember phrases such as "Exit, stage right" or "exit, stage left"
8:23:15 PMMarshMan Wife and daughter were both theater majors
8:23:16 PMbp9 but never heard "exit house right"
8:23:39 PMbp9 I guess that would confuse the actors
8:23:53 PMMarshMan correct
8:24:15 PMbp9 That makes sense. Thanks!
8:24:39 PMMarshMan I am a wealth of useless information
8:24:53 PMbp9 And I see everyone else has surged ahead of me on the leaderboards.
8:25:08 PMbp9 That's what I get for staying away for a few days.
8:25:10 PMbp9 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
8:26:21 PMMarshMan On Monday the screaching sound you hear will be my Leaderboard brakes being applied as I go back to work
8:26:49 PMMarshMan cameo
8:27:08 PMbp9 Oh well you have a few more days to build up a balance LOL
8:28:23 PMMarshMan Go to #off-topic and see the pics of the room I have to fill tomorrow.
8:28:36 PMMarshMan Moving my daughter out of her room
8:29:51 PMMarshMan So I can move the office into hers
8:30:20 PMMarshMan This way the missus doesn't have to go upstairs to work anymore
8:54:13 PMRobbieF Did you get to see our rap with the tech issues tonight?
8:54:26 PMMarshMan Sadly, yes
8:55:29 PMRobbieF Haha
8:55:49 PMRobbieF Are you saying we shouldn't start a band?
8:55:52 PMRobbieF :p
8:56:07 PMMarshMan Please
8:56:32 PMBlokey I totally dislike rap so I muted that bit!
8:57:21 PMMarshMan When it came on D and K looked at me. I shrugged.
8:59:11 PMRobbieF Haha oh Blokey
8:59:39 PMRobbieF You just regret I didn't make YOU into a rap star too!
9:00:01 PMMarshMan I would NOT have done it. No way! No how!
9:00:34 PMRobbieF ๐Ÿ˜Ž
9:03:30 PMRobbieF It'll grow on you :)
9:06:07 PMMarshMan I should sign off too. Allergy jabs first thing then moving stuff.
9:06:21 PMMarshMan I'll count the flights of stairs again
9:07:03 PMbp9 It's probably just one flight of stairs but a bunch of stairs, right?
9:07:22 PMRobbieF I have to wait for kids to be picked up
9:07:32 PMMarshMan Bunch of trips
9:07:51 PMMarshMan Hopefully not so many to the basement
9:08:27 PMMarshMan 12 steps
9:08:43 PMbp9 Are you going to make that base board before you move her in there?
9:08:52 PMbp9 Might be hard to do after she's moved in
9:08:54 PMMarshMan Not enough time
9:09:16 PMMarshMan Yeah but I'll manage
9:09:29 PMMarshMan I'll give her enough warning to cleanup
9:09:41 PMMarshMan A month oughta do it
9:09:57 PMbp9 Uh-huh
9:10:36 PMMarshMan The window and closet frames should be easy
9:11:05 PMbp9 True but I was thinking about the trimming around the floor.
9:11:30 PMMarshMan Yeah, tricky
9:11:39 PMbp9 Uh-huh
9:11:56 PMMarshMan This project was decided on Sunday.
9:12:10 PMMarshMan I'm surprised I git as far as I have
9:12:20 PMbp9 Nice!
9:13:03 PMMarshMan When she's moved up, then I have to clean the carpet in her room and move the office stuff into there
9:13:20 PMMarshMan My wife's desk with hutch
9:13:31 PMMarshMan My drafting table/desk
9:13:40 PMMarshMan 4 PCs
9:13:54 PMMarshMan You know, the usual stuff
9:14:07 PMbp9 Oh yeah, that should all fit, right?
9:14:37 PMMarshMan Not a chance, so something has to go. ๐Ÿ˜›
9:14:46 PMbp9 oops
9:15:17 PMMarshMan You don't realize how much you own until you have to move it
9:16:13 PMbp9 In my case, how much I collected over the years
9:16:35 PMMarshMan This should really move back to #off-topic
9:16:50 PMMarshMan But yes, I know what you mean
9:17:06 PMbp9 Not a big deal as I'm about ready to call it for the night anyway
9:17:20 PMMarshMan Incentive for me to quit too.
9:17:39 PMbp9 Looks like @RobbieF has dropped off, but I wanted to say again that it was a great show tonight.
9:18:13 PMbp9 Have a good night @MarshMan , @RobbieF and @BekahF (cause I see her watching LOL)
9:18:19 PMMarshMan G'night.
9:18:35 PMMarshMan I see her too. Sneaky.
9:18:45 PMMarshMan Gotta watch the quiet ones.
9:18:52 PMbp9 yup
9:19:06 PMMarshMan G'night all!!
9:19:16 PMbp9 g'night!
9:22:07 PMRobbieF Aww thanks @bp9
9:23:24 PMMarshMan You came back
9:23:51 PMRobbieF Was just posting pictures of tonight
9:23:54 PMRobbieF Im here


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