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6:58:32 PMDennis_Kelley Bacon
6:58:34 PMTheFu Soup time?
6:58:58 PMbigkitty hi
6:59:20 PMbigkitty thime for
6:59:25 PMorangeman i can see the show
6:59:27 PMorangeman now
6:59:32 PMMarshMan @SashaR Joke of the day?
6:59:40 PMDennis_Kelley I Jeff Sasha and Robbie
6:59:44 PMDennis_Kelley Hi
7:00:46 PMMarshMan @SashaR you need a hair clip πŸ˜ƒ
7:00:51 PMbp9 @RobbieF you need to move your camera angle up a bit to allow for the hair bwahahaha
7:01:04 PMDennis_Kelley sound is picked up in other mic
7:01:24 PMGarbee RobbieF, Did you hide the live stream on Youtube's listing?
7:01:28 PMDennis_Kelley right
7:01:39 PMDennis_Kelley yes right pedels
7:01:56 PMMarshMan She is wearing it @SashaR
7:02:00 PMDennis_Kelley correct pedels
7:02:09 PMbp9 Yes the mute padals sounds correct
7:02:19 PMTheFu If you don't say you are pressing a peddle, how can we tell?
7:02:27 PMGarbee Oh, hi Jeff.
7:02:32 PMGarbee You're still here?
7:02:34 PMTheFu Cars have 3 peddles, right?
7:02:55 PMbigkitty ya
7:03:04 PMGarbee You are live.
7:03:07 PMagamotto Pedals, yes
7:03:09 PMGarbee
7:03:12 PMDennis_Kelley no one!!
7:03:23 PMGarbee Which really should be HTTPS by now. ROBBIE!
7:03:31 PMGarbee πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ nudge nudge
7:04:14 PMMarshMan So @RobbieF we have no souls now?
7:04:34 PMagamotto Early chef training...
7:05:06 PMagamotto Discord is taking off?
7:05:07 PMGarbee Oh, it does work on HTTPS.
7:05:15 PMGarbee So why don't your forward to HTTPS?
7:05:20 PMTheFu agamotto, no. Stay on IRC!
7:05:22 PMMarshMan NO!!!!!!
7:05:26 PMGarbee Such poor management here at Cat5. πŸ˜›
7:05:31 PMGarbee Still not right.
7:05:33 PMMarshMan ❀
7:05:34 PMGarbee HTTP -
7:05:36 PMMarshMan ❀
7:05:37 PMGarbee No I don't.
7:05:41 PMGarbee I expect secure forwards.
7:05:50 PMagamotto TheFu, I was thinking of using it to replace Facebook, not IRC.
7:05:53 PMalpeck i am watching
7:06:11 PMTheFu agamotto, review the privacy policy carefully.
7:06:26 PMGarbee Now Robbie is wishing my guy did have me away for the whole show.
7:06:26 PMagamotto TheFu, As bad as Facebook then?
7:06:41 PMGarbee I've started this one by badgering him about the security of the live stream page.
7:07:05 PMTheFu agamotto, I don't recall, but after reading my decision was, nope.
7:07:15 PMagamotto TheFu, poo
7:07:18 PMGarbee Charming?
7:07:22 PMGarbee Ginger sure, but charming?
7:07:42 PMbp9 Who is that hirsute red fella?
7:07:53 PMTheFu I block about 50 facebook domains at the network layer, so if they hope to violate privacy, it is very hard for them.
7:08:20 PMGarbee Yea, most of the national stuff there is free entry.
7:08:26 PMBlokey good evening all
7:08:33 PMGarbee Just LONG lines if you go during a school visit season.
7:09:16 PMTheFu Jeff, did you get out to the Air and Space annex at Dulles?
7:09:23 PMGarbee Yea, if it falls on the weekdays here people typically go weekend before.
7:09:54 PMGarbee You shoulda come to Virginia Sasha.
7:10:18 PMTheFu I heard that Canada has mountains too.
7:10:39 PMGarbee TheFu, they're covered in ice.
7:10:53 PMagamotto I used to love bicycling around Manassass Park when I was a much younger
7:10:57 PMTheFu Not always.
7:11:07 PMMarshMan So Sasha drove past the mountains of Ny and Pa to get to WV
7:11:09 PMGarbee "not always" ha
7:11:12 PMTheFu agamotto, I lived in Fairfax, VA.
7:11:28 PMSashaR yepper... I heard those were the best mountains
7:11:35 PMagamotto Sasha was going for the OxyContin...
7:11:50 PMagamotto Kidnip?
7:12:17 PMDennis_Kelley Sasha my parents live in North Carolina in the mountains. Close to WV
7:12:21 PMGarbee My grandmother bought a bag of candy "because we won't get anyone" ... I netted some snickers. It was worth it.
7:12:31 PMTheFu DK - Boone is wonderful!
7:12:56 PMTheFu We do family meetings there every fall during leaf season.
7:13:14 PMDennis_Kelley TheFu, its all beautiful in that area
7:13:24 PMagamotto You can't 'trick' in most places now for people suing you over soiled pants...
7:13:30 PMTheFu Well, except the cell coverage sucks.
7:13:56 PMDennis_Kelley TheFu = Right!
7:16:05 PMTheFu DK - in summer, I love how the locals wear old clothes and slide down the streams on the rocks that have become smooth.
7:16:56 PMMarshMan Is it me or is @RobbieF 's mic quieter than the others?
7:17:05 PMbp9 Yup
7:17:23 PMbp9 That;s what I was trying to tell Robbie earlier.
7:18:06 PMSolbu MarshMan: Maybe he's practicing being modest. :-)
7:18:13 PMSashaR still really quiet?
7:18:14 PMMarshMan Hah!!
7:18:29 PMMarshMan a bit yes
7:18:36 PMbp9 Not super quiet, just a bit fainter than everyone else's mic
7:18:41 PMBlokey Volume levels seem ok to me?
7:18:42 PMTheFu If Jeff is 90%, then Robbie is 85%.
7:19:03 PMMarshMan Jeff is always louder πŸ˜›
7:20:29 PMagamotto I don't bother with any of that... do I get some energy credits for saving?
7:20:51 PMTheFu I thought they said copper, but I could be wrong.
7:21:28 PMMarshMan Wing Dings!!
7:21:31 PMTheFu
7:21:44 PMTheFu More than twice that to mine copper or gold.
7:23:21 PMTheFu I thought Sasha's computer was a year old?
7:23:33 PMMarshMan Work pc
7:23:38 PMbp9 @Sasha's work computer, I think
7:25:35 PMTheFu I thought MS-Word reads ODT just fine?
7:27:32 PMMarshMan ❀
7:28:05 PMagamotto I just laugh when people complain about ODT files not 'working...'
7:28:09 PMTheFu Formating is always an issue.
7:28:28 PMTheFu Different fonts, different layouts.
7:29:30 PMTheFu Excel Macros don't translate into Calc, IME.
7:30:17 PMMarshMan I switched from Roku to the web site and the mic balalnce is better??
7:30:47 PMMarshMan And Roku has a twenty five second lag
7:30:54 PMTheFu ChromiumOS or ChromeOS?
7:31:05 PMMarshMan turn the mic down
7:31:18 PMbp9 It's OK @RobbieF We see the flashing red light on the back of your screen LOL
7:31:34 PMMarshMan @robb you will not win with me
7:31:41 PMbp9 @SashaR I laughed Out Load and scared my cat off my lap!
7:32:15 PMMarshMan bwahahahah
7:32:17 PMbp9 (your off-key comment)
7:32:27 PMagamotto Silence! Or, I will kill you all!
7:32:31 PMMarshMan @SashaR where is your new coat?
7:33:32 PMTheFu Sasha becoming a Buddhist?
7:33:42 PMbp9 run, @SashaR Run!
7:34:20 PMbp9 Must be getting cold up there in Canada LOL
7:35:28 PMMarshMan My favorite time while in Barrie
7:35:32 PMbp9 We have mid 50's here right now
7:35:40 PMMarshMan Sasha hid a coat price and had me guess I was off by more than $1000.00
7:36:14 PMBlokey 6C or 1C with windchill here atm
7:36:48 PMMarshMan Puppy
7:36:51 PMSolbu agamotto: Carefull, or I'll have Walter gas you in your suitcase – again. :-)
7:37:06 PMTheFu Lubuntu or TinyCore.
7:37:56 PMbp9 cloud = someone else's computer
7:38:20 PMTheFu For more Chromebooks, you can wipe the included OS and install a Linux. Works fine, unless the CPU is very low-end.
7:38:36 PMSolbu Stallman would be prou… err, pulling his hair.
7:38:56 PMBlokey Chromebooks don't usually have much storage space?
7:39:19 PMbp9 Right because all your stuff is in the cloud
7:39:45 PMTheFu I have a Toshiba 2015 chromebook w/ Core i3 CPU, 1080p, sub-3 lbs, 10+ hrs of battery.
7:40:23 PMTheFu Blokey, on my Chromebooks, they ahve an m.2 SSD which can be swapped.
7:40:52 PMTheFu Plus Linux doesn't need 60G for the OS.
7:41:53 PMMarshMan πŸ––
7:42:08 PMTheFu Chromebook hardware tied to ChromeOS is probably the most secure computing available today that gets on a neetwork.
7:42:22 PMTheFu s/neetwork/network/
7:43:18 PMMarshMan Friendface
7:43:22 PMagamotto So, like a tablet...
7:44:46 PMSolbu Cloudready is free of charge, but not Free software.
7:47:00 PMTheFu Bet it will be nice inside a VM.
7:47:54 PMMarshMan Should give it a try
7:47:55 PMBlokey What's the minimum internet speed?
7:48:31 PMTheFu Blokey, huh?
7:49:13 PMTheFu The great thing about ChromeOS is the automatic patch management and fantastic security at the OS+HW level.
7:49:21 PMBlokey Is there a minimum internet connection required?
7:49:47 PMSolbu Jeff, SashaR: What happens with such a system if for whatever reason the internet connection is gone? A Β«cloud OSΒ» is often useless without internet access.
7:49:50 PMTheFu The bad thing about ChromiumOS is no patch management. Upgrades are a wipe + install.
7:50:00 PMTheFu Blokey, Depends on what you do.
7:50:37 PMTheFu Solbu, GoogleDocs work offline.
7:50:55 PMSolbu TheFu: I ask for the benefit of other viewers. :-)
7:51:31 PMTheFu ChromeOS/ChromiumOS are great for travel!
7:51:57 PMTheFu RobbieF - Testify!
7:51:58 PMagamotto ChromeOS does it all for you
7:52:30 PMTheFu Used Chromebooks are found for $80.
7:53:12 PMTheFu agamotto, ChromeOS forces updates and there isn't any way to prevent them.
7:55:32 PMBlokey I have an old Acer that needs a new hdd (will be an ssd) I'll try this on.
7:57:05 PMTheFu If you are into the Cloudy services and keep everything in the cloud (damn the privacy!), then chromeOS/ChromiumOS are a great option.
7:57:38 PMTheFu I'd think there was an ARM version of ChromiumOS ... let me google.
7:58:25 PMDennis_Kelley working great!
7:58:26 PMbp9 Fish and Chips!
7:58:45 PMbp9 @RobbieF feed is excellent on Roku so far
7:58:55 PMTheFu ... ARM with ChromiumOS - for Jeff
7:58:57 PMBlokey I'm waiting for show to end to go cook some egg and chips
8:00:02 PMMarshMan Neverware is going to acquire FlintOS
8:00:21 PMSolbu The kodi stream was just fine, up untill now,. when it started craping out – as usual
8:00:47 PMTheFu Solbu, fine here on kodi ... so far.
8:00:54 PMMarshMan There is a download of FlintOS for RPi
8:01:03 PMSolbu … as usual..Β heh.
8:01:19 PMTheFu Rep. "They" know it is you.
8:01:41 PMMarshMan There is a FlintOS download for TinkerBoard
8:01:53 PMBlokey All fine here but i'm less than an hour's drive away
8:01:57 PMbp9 Roku is good
8:03:06 PMMarshMan do do do
8:03:23 PMDennis_Kelley TheFu that is something I can use FlintOS looking for a light web interface for my pi
8:03:36 PMSolbu jeff: It's fine now, thou. Something happened when robbie reinstalled one of the main cat5 systems (the recorder system?) and it's been unstable since. But today has been good in comparison.
8:04:12 PMbp9 Torvalds
8:04:21 PMMarshMan Bacon
8:13:37 PMbp9 Quiet too LOL
8:13:59 PMbp9 Digesting bacon
8:14:08 PMTheFu There's no fix. Nothing can be done.
8:14:19 PMbp9 Blame @MarshMan
8:14:22 PMbp9 LOL
8:14:37 PMMarshMan What did I do now?
8:14:46 PMbp9 bacon LOL
8:14:49 PMMarshMan oh bacon
8:14:55 PMMarshMan my bad
8:14:57 PMTheFu Secret websites aren't on the internet. That's Rule #1 of SECOPS.
8:14:59 PMbp9 hee hee
8:15:22 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“ πŸ₯“ πŸ₯“ πŸ₯“
8:15:44 PMTheFu And don't forget that is always crawling the web too.
8:16:53 PMagamotto I need to go make dinner
8:17:08 PMbp9 Enjoy your dinner!
8:17:15 PMbp9 Make sure it includes bacon
8:17:18 PMbp9 πŸ˜ƒ
8:17:44 PMTheFu Upper management has political or business degrees, not Computer Security.
8:18:14 PMTheFu CIA makes all sorts of OPSEC failures.
8:18:29 PMbp9 I keep hearing "communication channels" but that means nothing without properly encrypted messges
8:19:15 PMbp9 Don't assume anything traveling over a channel is secure unless it is independently encrypted using public-private key encryption at least.
8:19:34 PMTheFu Only Neil Breen knows everything.
8:20:26 PMTheFu Double Down - the greatest spy movie ever!
8:21:25 PMTheFu CIA agents have been traced because they used their real names to get hotel reservations overseas and wanted the airline points.
8:24:57 PMTheFu Did you see the Facebook stuff on PBS this week? They did a 2-part on how FB is used to splinter politics around the world.
8:25:15 PMTheFu Part 1:
8:25:23 PMTheFu Part 2:
8:25:33 PMTheFu PBS-Frontline episodes.
8:27:24 PMTheFu OPSEC failures of Spies:
8:29:13 PMbp9 @SashaR They may not be native english speakers
8:29:22 PMMarshMan
8:31:30 PMTheFu Candy coated? Yummy!
8:31:43 PMbp9 bacon!
8:36:19 PMTheFu Robbie isn't the normal phone buyer.
8:37:16 PMTheFu But the iPhone "just works"
8:38:06 PMMarshMan Oh @SashaR I love you
8:38:14 PMTheFu MM - she is great!
8:38:43 PMTheFu Where is FOSSDOM this year?
8:40:01 PMMarshMan Hey @RobbieF just to confuse things:
8:40:27 PMSashaR I love you all!!!
8:40:35 PMTheFu Jeff ... a rpi BBQ monitoring system?
8:40:38 PMbp9 Time for @MarshMan to co-host another show LOL
8:40:48 PMDennis_Kelley Be Safe @Jeff Weston
8:42:01 PMSashaR Time to log off momentarily whilst I drive home πŸ˜ƒ
8:44:01 PMTheFu Sasha - not biking home?
8:44:26 PMSolbu Good to see you back on the show Jeff. We missed you. :-)
8:44:31 PMMarshMan I would love to @bp9 especially instaed og havin the test that I need to have done
8:44:44 PMTheFu I biked to/from work every day living in ND.
8:44:53 PMTheFu Layers. ;)
8:45:27 PMbp9 ouch @MarshMan !!
8:45:45 PMbp9 bye @Jeff Weston !!
8:45:55 PMMarshMan Cystography - look it up
8:46:05 PMbp9 great show as always!
8:46:25 PMTheFu MM - I know it well.
8:46:36 PMMarshMan sorry
8:46:49 PMTheFu Reminds me of that scene in Fletch.
8:47:05 PMbp9 double ouch since I think I know wht it is without even looking it up
8:47:21 PMMarshMan yup
8:47:33 PMTheFu Runs in my family too. ;(
8:50:47 PMbp9 I guess I didn't type enough today... everyone leveled up except me
8:50:48 PMbp9 boo
8:51:18 PMMarshMan I didn't either
8:51:30 PMMarshMan looooong way to go
8:57:01 PMbp9 So I know who @Blobby McBlobface and @IRC Bridge is.
8:57:01 PMbp9 Who is @Sean DeSitely ?
8:57:10 PMbp9 (all bots)
8:59:43 PMMarshMan it's a way to embed Discord on a web page
9:00:15 PMMarshMan Sean. not like Shawn but more like Seein'
9:00:29 PMMarshMan Just a guess
9:01:16 PMMarshMan Or maybe Showin'?
9:04:07 PMbp9 Yeah it reads to me like "Seein'" but I know that Sean is pronounced "Shawn"
9:05:08 PMbp9 I thought discord was already embedded -- like
9:06:28 PMMarshMan @RobbieF would know.
9:06:38 PMMarshMan Crashing early
9:06:50 PMMarshMan Goodnight all
9:06:57 PMbp9 No worries -- have a good night!
9:06:58 PMRobbieF Night bro
9:08:20 PMRobbieF Bp9 click interact and view discord without account on our site
9:08:49 PMbp9 stand by -- doing that now
9:08:59 PMRobbieF Meet sean :)
9:09:46 PMbp9 Not Found The requested URL /interact.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 443
9:10:08 PMbp9
9:12:35 PMbp9 Oh OK it works through the menu system
9:12:49 PMbp9 (that I can't see because it's white on a light green logo LOL
9:13:27 PMbp9 That looks suspiciously like the chat room on the live feed πŸ˜ƒ
9:16:11 PMRobbieF That it is.
9:16:18 PMRobbieF Sean makes it all possible.
9:21:15 PMbp9 Well that's just cool.
9:21:49 PMbp9 Also, great show tonight, I loved the pre-show banter that just sort of flowed right into the show. πŸ˜ƒ


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