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6:58:14 PMMarshMan A hot dog on a bun is not a sandwich cuz the bun is one piece and not two
6:58:22 PMMarshMan So the argument goes
6:58:26 PMTheFu Not me. Don't really "do" ads or tweets.
6:58:43 PMTheFu
6:59:01 PMMarshMan Do you ever leave the house/cave? 😛
6:59:16 PMMarshMan Bunker?
6:59:23 PMTheFu Mom's basement?
7:00:05 PMbp9 I see the live feed now
7:00:21 PMSolbu Kodi stream is working.
7:00:58 PMbp9 Ooooh @Sasha is that the black or dark green hoodie you're wearing?
7:01:05 PMbp9 I'm trying to decide on color.
7:01:28 PMbp9 May have to get one of each 😃
7:01:55 PMMarshMan Cliff The Fu Clavin
7:02:17 PMTheFu good audio.
7:02:21 PMSolbu No echo.
7:02:36 PMMarshMan negative
7:04:03 PMABQTKY MarshMan, after last week I have a question for you. Rockland or Orange? 8-)
7:04:35 PMBobK54 756! I win! Haha, my fitbit has been on my desk all day
7:04:36 PMMarshMan K has been allowed to leave the dinner tsable to watch Cat5
7:05:05 PMMarshMan Ulster
7:06:12 PMcitadelofswords i have my dinner with me though
7:06:15 PMcitadelofswords small victories
7:06:29 PMABQTKY MarshMan, so let's see...Esopus, Kingston, New Paltz or somewhere to the west?
7:06:40 PMMarshMan New Paltz
7:07:15 PMbp9 The crew is easily amused LOL
7:07:50 PMbp9 Change the text on the button again @RobbieF
7:08:14 PMMarshMan Mrs M just yelled BACON!
7:08:31 PMMarshMan Nothin g you would like @SashaR
7:08:47 PMSolbu And … press Record.
7:09:07 PMABQTKY MarshMan, very nice! 32 from NooBoig to NP is a nice ride...or used to be but the Thruway is faster.
7:09:53 PMMarshMan Still a nice ride ABQTKY. I live south of the village anyway
7:10:26 PMABQTKY MarshMan Excellent!!
7:12:44 PMBobK54 pfffft testing. overrated
7:12:53 PMGWG What did I miss? My neighbor showed up to have me fix his iPhone
7:12:55 PMbigkitty is the stream working?
7:13:06 PMGWG On a side note, I don't know anything about iPhones
7:13:22 PMMarshMan We are live!
7:14:01 PMbigkitty website still shows last weeks episode?
7:17:45 PMMarshMan doo doo doooo
7:17:53 PMTheFu checklist item?
7:18:31 PMMarshMan @SashaR I luv voluntold!!
7:18:38 PMMarshMan Awesome word!
7:18:39 PMGWG There's a checklist?
7:18:52 PMGWG The first item should be to check the checklist
7:18:57 PMSashaR We are fixing the link thing 😃
7:21:47 PMbigkitty yay! working!
7:21:58 PMMarshMan
7:22:14 PMbp9 Here's a discord question: I haven't logged in for a few days, but when I logged in this morning, discord only showed me messages from this morning, not my last login a few days ago.
7:22:17 PMbp9 Any idea why?
7:24:36 PMBobK54 amazon has a version of that sd card holder that also has a standard sd card adapter slot
7:24:56 PMbp9 @RobbieF how does static electricity affect those SD cards in that holder?
7:25:48 PMMarshMan @RobbieF I am using a 3A brick with no issues
7:26:07 PMBobK54
7:27:17 PMbp9 BobK54 I've had one of those units fail when I lost the write protect thingy in the adapter. The computer decided it was write protected and would not write to the card.
7:27:47 PMMarshMan OMG he soldered!!
7:27:54 PMbp9 😃
7:28:32 PMMarshMan 116A to spare
7:28:33 PMBobK54 @bp9 well thats not good! I rarely use the standard SD size so I didnt run into that problem.
7:29:34 PMbp9 Yeah so I don't use them any more. Instead I use a 72-to-1 adapter that takes all kinds of cards and plugs into a regular USB port.
7:29:35 PMMarshMan Sayal has ALMOST everything
7:29:38 PMbp9 Works much better.
7:29:54 PMMarshMan LOVE that store!
7:30:44 PMBobK54 that multi adapter is what I use in the car to play music/podcasts off the micro sd card. the micro sd also fits my cheap mp3 player so I can go either way
7:30:57 PMGWG Eleduino, not aleduino
7:31:00 PMGWG Never mind
7:32:19 PMMarshMan No XU4?? 😮
7:34:56 PMMarshMan No XU4?? 😮
7:36:49 PMbp9 So I got that wrong -- I thought the more giggles the better.
7:36:56 PMBobK54 yell out the current time so I can see if I am behind
7:37:46 PMBobK54 ok, I'm current apparently. THANKS
7:37:49 PMbp9 BobK54, just watch for your message on the chat and you can figure out the latency from that.
7:43:44 PMbp9 So the best giggle value comes from low price and high performance
7:44:14 PMSashaR That's exactly it 😃
7:44:47 PMbp9 Excellent!
7:46:15 PMbp9 I feel like these SBCs can go a long way performance wise, especially since they each run linux if I understand correctly.
7:46:54 PMbp9 But I'd probably still use a general computer (laptop, etc) instead of an SBC
7:47:47 PMbp9 And I like that an arduino will just recover and keep on running when power goes out and comes back...
7:55:30 PMMarshMan OH PLEASE! Worrying about your age!
7:55:47 PMMarshMan Did you see all of my greys?
7:56:12 PMbp9 Good job pressing record @RobbieF
7:56:13 PMbp9 :-0
7:56:54 PMbp9 I rasPi as well, just make sure you shut that puppy down properly.
7:57:33 PMMarshMan Can you say corruption?
7:57:44 PMbp9 oooohh yeah
7:57:48 PMbp9 been there done that
7:58:40 PMMarshMan I see no grey @SashaR
7:59:00 PMMarshMan or gray
8:04:49 PMMarshMan Ubuntu would outlast the toaster
8:04:56 PMMarshMan and thr fridge
8:05:14 PMGWG The Quirky Egg minder is still getting security updates and it isn't supported by its manufacturer anymore
8:05:34 PMMarshMan There you go
8:05:52 PMGWG Of course, why someone thought an internet connected egg tray was a good idea is beyond me
8:06:05 PMMarshMan LOL
8:06:43 PMMarshMan Remember, Target was hacked thru their air conditioner
8:08:04 PMTheFu Sasha, your smartphone uses a SIM? SIM cards can be cloned. Effectively, someone else can become you, since they have your phone.
8:08:35 PMMarshMan The text tells you it expires.
8:08:38 PMMarshMan Usually
8:08:51 PMTheFu But they've taken over your smartphone.
8:09:15 PMTheFu Changed your bank login
8:09:17 PMGWG Exploits are extremely valuable on the market
8:10:05 PMMarshMan @Henry Baillie-Brown your mic moved way away from your mouth
8:10:13 PMTheFu If they control your phone number, most businesses will trust that person with just a little extra proof.
8:10:39 PMTheFu
8:11:58 PMGWG I'll go to my local cell phone shop and tell them I'm Sasha Rickman and see how it works out
8:14:30 PMSashaR It may work
8:15:30 PMTheFu 430 GT here!
8:15:44 PMMarshMan Integrated video here
8:15:48 PMMarshMan 😛
8:16:04 PMTheFu Love the iGPUs!
8:16:39 PMTheFu Lockheeeeeeed / Martin.
8:16:47 PMbp9 LOL
8:17:01 PMTheFu One of my former employers. ;(
8:17:08 PMMarshMan @SashaR said she had some words that were going to trip her up
8:17:15 PMMarshMan Guess we found them
8:17:44 PMMarshMan Dirt that isn't dirt cheap
8:17:56 PMSashaR lol... yep
8:18:06 PMABQTKY TheFu, how about the original spelling of Lockheed??
8:18:18 PMTheFu Just put it in the calendar.
8:18:54 PMTheFu I only worked for that company a few months after they bought the part of Loral I worked at.
8:19:13 PMbp9 Arrival
8:19:14 PMMarshMan Remember there were credits
8:19:29 PMABQTKY TheFu, so were you in Westchester or some such place??
8:19:30 PMMarshMan and people in it
8:19:30 PMbp9 District 9?
8:19:32 PMTheFu "life"
8:19:51 PMMarshMan ABQTKY, I work in Manhattan
8:19:57 PMTheFu ABQTKY, nope. Houston.
8:20:02 PMTheFu And Marietta
8:20:44 PMGWG Earth Dirt?
8:20:54 PMGWG Earth is dirt
8:21:06 PMABQTKY MarshMan, the bus terminal to NP, back and forth every day? Oy!!
8:21:07 PMTheFu Japan is returning samples from another asteroid - next year?
8:21:22 PMbp9 GW, Earth dirt vs. Mars Dirt LOL
8:21:46 PMMarshMan ABQTKY, Yup, Oy covers it
8:22:24 PMABQTKY TheFu, Houston is just the western suburbs of NY.
8:22:48 PMABQTKY MarshMan, Oy DOESN'T quite cover it. 8-(
8:22:49 PMTheFu Different pronunciation, methinks.
8:23:18 PMbp9 YAY, excellent job @RobbieF @SashaR @Henry Baillie-Brown
8:23:50 PMMarshMan ABQTKY, Lost a lot of my life commuting
8:23:54 PMBobK54 good show as usual! night all
8:24:19 PMSashaR Thank you everyone 😃 😃
8:24:22 PMTheFu Checklist update Robbie?
8:24:32 PMABQTKY But you can watch Category5 on Wednesdays on the bus, right?


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