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6:58:25 PMSolbu No echo.
6:58:51 PMGarbee Sasha is just getting intimate with the corner.
6:59:03 PMMarshMan How are you liking that side @Jeff Weston ?
7:00:22 PMGarbee It seems more rightish here.
7:01:00 PMSolbu Jeff: What? You're not going to write a strongly worded letter? :-)
7:01:00 PMGarbee Or, do we have a proper view of reality?
7:01:04 PMTheFu_ Checklist checked?
7:01:08 PMbp9 @SashaR I was having a good chat with @lukasz about Pineboard and he (or she) retired for the evening. 😃
7:01:42 PMSashaR ahhh... that makes sense!!
7:01:45 PMGarbee Your cheque is $40 USD for that meal.
7:02:01 PMGarbee Minimum tip percentage: 120%
7:02:13 PMSkywriter64 Hey guys are you the same timeas me (701pm)nom
7:02:42 PMbp9 We know how this night will end LOL
7:02:50 PMGarbee Above average intelligence compared to what? A wrench?
7:03:16 PMGarbee No Sasha. Water + Hand.
7:03:20 PMbp9 Not seeing the blinking light on the ATOMOS...
7:03:21 PMGarbee That was pretty much it.
7:03:22 PMMarshMan Convo is sinking fast!
7:03:33 PMTheFu_ Muslims do that still.
7:04:48 PMGarbee But Sasha cares to actually hear how you're doing Jeff.
7:04:54 PMGarbee She doesn't care about the rest of us plebs.
7:05:02 PMGarbee My chicken was delicious.
7:05:04 PMGarbee
7:05:16 PMMarshMan
7:05:17 PMRobbieF Wonderful!
7:05:19 PMGarbee
7:05:20 PMMarshMan
7:05:21 PMGarbee
7:05:22 PMGarbee
7:05:23 PMGarbee
7:05:24 PMGarbee
7:05:25 PMGarbee
7:05:26 PMGarbee
7:05:27 PMGarbee
7:05:28 PMGarbee
7:05:29 PMMarshMan ❤ 🥓
7:05:30 PMGarbee
7:05:31 PMGarbee
7:05:42 PMTheFu_ Sorry.
7:05:55 PMMarshMan Stop that @RobbieF
7:06:00 PMBobK54 oops
7:06:18 PMGarbee Happy Birthday is no longer copyrighted... You'll probably still get demonetized for doing it on YouTube.
7:07:09 PMbp9 @RobbieF Cardigan, cardigan, yeah!
7:07:13 PMMarshMan Uh oh
7:07:16 PMGarbee Starting off the night with a lie...
7:07:21 PMGarbee It's not, a judge threw it out.
7:07:26 PMbp9 @RobbieF press record
7:07:32 PMGarbee Because the original copyright paper couldn't be properly traced by a legal standard.
7:08:04 PMbp9 @RobbieF I feel so much better now thanks
7:08:10 PMRobbieF 😃
7:08:38 PMTomTheCat Topic tonight?
7:09:11 PMGarbee The day of the sales means nothing anymore.
7:09:43 PMMarshMan They commercialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
7:10:13 PMTheFu_ Deliveries have all missed the "2 day" promise under prime for me.
7:10:25 PMMarshMan Me too
7:10:26 PMGarbee so... Sanded Lemon Drops. Awesome little treat.
7:11:54 PMSolbu I have 5 terminals open on 2 computers, at any one time.
7:12:02 PMSolbu total of 10 terminals.
7:12:33 PMTheFu_ 8 xterms open to other systems right now.
7:12:34 PMGarbee Flashlights. Now in all kinds of forms because you never know when you'll need one.
7:14:03 PMTheFu_ My portable USB charger has a soft-touch switch for the flashlight, but it sticks out and is constantly bumped on.
7:14:23 PMTheFu_ RTFM.
7:14:48 PMBobK54 OK Jeff.....give up your "Man Card"!!!!
7:14:48 PMGarbee Even if I read the manual, I'd never remember it.
7:14:50 PMTheFu_ Different USB ports have multiple output capabilities.
7:14:54 PMSolbu I'm with Jeff. I also read the manuals.
7:15:04 PMTheFu_ I'm with Solbu.
7:15:07 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston is the one man who reads the destructions LOL
7:15:32 PMGarbee hahaah, In my groups. We all read the manuals. But we only learn by playing. Because most games are too complex to just read once or twice and know what to do.
7:15:53 PMTheFu_ For complicated toys (like a camera), I reread the manual yearly to learn things I wasn't ready to learn before.
7:16:18 PMSolbu I used to read the manuals for my VCR's when I got them. The manuals allways had some info that was not obvious by looking at the remote.
7:16:34 PMTheFu_ .... and how to set the clock.
7:16:52 PMGarbee So, you went tactical as if it were an invasion.
7:18:18 PMSolbu I still have the manual for my 22 year old stereo amplifier.
7:19:09 PMTheFu_ Bet I can find the manual for my office stereo, purchased in the 1980s.
7:19:23 PMbp9 but there's more! We'll throw in ANOTHER knife!
7:19:50 PMGarbee And in your commercial, plug Cat5.
7:20:08 PMGarbee Like Robbie's lower third in it, "Cat5 Host for over 40 years"
7:22:10 PMnoeman5 I used to have Telegram on my phone but the wires kept getting tangled. :}
7:22:26 PMMarshMan Doh!
7:22:37 PMTheFu_ I never learned morse code
7:23:04 PMnoeman5 I learned it in Boy Scouts, but forgot it probably a month later.
7:23:07 PMGarbee When this started, Robbie had some hair.
7:23:18 PMMarshMan @RobbieF and the gerbil cam
7:23:19 PMTheFu_ .... on the top of his head.
7:23:36 PMnoeman5 Garbee, I know, I just watched the very first episode on my Roku earlier this week.
7:23:58 PMTheFu_ Any plans for
7:24:06 PMSolbu In 11 years the show is in 16k. :-)
7:24:07 PMGarbee Noeman5, Don't forget to watch episode 11.
7:24:14 PMPOPSiCLE sup, I haven't been around for a bit, got rid of the irc?
7:24:36 PMGarbee @POPSiCLE Nope, IRC still exists. It is even bridged here so all the chat shows up.
7:24:40 PMTheFu_ POPSiCLE - IRC is still going strong!
7:24:51 PMnoeman5 What a difference in production values between the first ep and now.
7:25:06 PMPOPSiCLE ahh gotcha thx
7:25:21 PMRobbieF
7:26:04 PMbp9 @RobbieF remind me -- lower giggle score is better, correct?
7:26:14 PMMarshMan Correct
7:26:15 PMGarbee hahahaha, that face.
7:26:22 PMbp9 Cool, thanks!
7:26:30 PMGarbee @RobbieF Get Sasha a box to stand on.
7:26:44 PMGarbee Equal hight for all hosts.
7:27:18 PMGarbee Robbie, don't forget about your mute switch when Jeff rambles on.
7:27:21 PMSolbu Who of you where here from the beginning?
7:27:44 PMMarshMan One year for me
7:28:03 PMBobK54 been here several years. not every night but most
7:28:04 PMnoeman5 I've been watching since about season 4 or 5, I forget which, but not since the beginning.
7:28:43 PMGarbee boom bomm nerm nerm
7:29:02 PMGarbee Me doing that will trigger demonetizing.
7:29:30 PMnoeman5 Robbie, followed your recommendation and got the Power Locus headphones. I use them at the gym and LOVE them.
7:30:12 PMGarbee Labels Robbie.
7:30:20 PMGarbee Label the boards. Nice big stickers so you know which is which.
7:30:22 PMMarshMan But no Pi
7:30:48 PMGarbee Now the show starts.
7:30:49 PMnoeman5 Marshman, but how many of us can say we've been ON the show. That trumps years of watching.
7:30:59 PMGarbee Sasha takes the reign on explaining something.
7:31:24 PMMarshMan It was fun for sure
7:31:55 PMbp9 YAY @SashaR well done!
7:31:59 PMGarbee I avoid all of their attempts to coax me into being on the show somehow.
7:32:19 PMGarbee We keep saying I'll do something. But I never do.
7:34:54 PMGarbee The true value is whatever return you get from the device.
7:35:21 PMGarbee There is nothing like a child's smile playing games or making something work from one of these. Regardless of power.
7:35:52 PMnoeman5 I bought an OrangePi One for my grandson and I to play with, to teach him programming. now looking at a new board. several possibilities.
7:36:47 PMGarbee I'm gonna be old when Robbie gets to episode #600...
7:36:53 PMTheFu_ Is the giggle program cross-platform? Like for x86?
7:37:07 PMGarbee Linux only.
7:37:31 PMnoeman5 I'm already old Garbee, so no problem. :}
7:37:36 PMTheFu_ Android included?
7:38:03 PMGarbee No pure Linux installs only is what the scripts are for.
7:38:20 PMGarbee That's what comes on most SBCs.
7:39:03 PMTheFu_ I'm struggling to compare low-end x86/AMD64 with ARM SBCs.
7:39:10 PMSashaR That makes sense, but it was worth asking :):)
7:39:45 PMSolbu Garbee: He means, is it for arm devices only, or can it be used on intel cpu devices, such as laptops and desktops.
7:39:50 PMGarbee Oh, the scripts should run on ARM chips just fine, as long as Linux runs.
7:40:14 PMGarbee It just doesn't work for Android bases even though it is running on Linux. (I mean, it may but good luck.)
7:41:13 PMTheFu_ Really more interested in AMD64/x86 SBCs ... like the AMD E-450 or APU2 which are sub-$100 now. The Android question was to compare phones and Nokia Debian devices.
7:41:36 PMMarshMan Forgot to give it to him @Jeff Weston
7:42:42 PMSweSG No Asus Tinker Board?
7:42:46 PMSweSG I have one!
7:43:01 PMnoeman5 Thank you Sascha
7:43:11 PMMarshMan I ran the Giggle on the Asus
7:43:28 PMSashaR :):)
7:43:34 PMMarshMan Quite high on the Giggles
7:43:52 PMSweSG
7:47:00 PMGarbee I wonder if Jeff uses a hair product to make it shiny on camera just to tease Robbie doing post work...
7:48:19 PMGarbee We need to make a website for this Giggle stuff.
7:51:20 PMGarbee No heatsink.
7:51:28 PMGarbee It will have a built in teleporter to move the heat away.
7:52:20 PMnoeman5 Robbie uses powder to cut the shine
7:52:51 PMGarbee I truly just like pestering Robbie.
7:52:54 PMGarbee It's fun.
7:53:26 PMnoeman5 Put some wiggle in your giggle
7:54:46 PMGarbee Your Ethernet Port is showing!
7:55:42 PMnoeman5 I feel like such a geek right now. Typing on Discord on my laptop while watching the show on my desktop and listening to music on my Kindle.
7:56:29 PMGarbee At least it isn't stage fright.
7:57:06 PMbp9 @RobbieF so professional LOL
7:57:27 PMMarshMan @noeman5 One night I watched the show on one phone and Discord on my other phone
7:58:00 PMMarshMan While riding on the bus
7:58:41 PMTheFu_ or just put the phone into a $10 faraday cage.
7:59:31 PMTheFu_ An ABC reporter in Australia posted 30 days of his GPS coordinates for his followers to figure out his life from.
7:59:51 PMTheFu_ They figured out some amazing things that he never expected.
8:00:19 PMMarshMan @jeff is percolating
8:00:26 PMnoeman5 TheFu, putting the phone in a Faraday cage will make it drain your battery as it constantly searches for signal.
8:01:21 PMTheFu_ Privacy or having to use a charger ...
8:01:25 PMTheFu_ is the story
8:02:12 PMTheFu_ It isn't just google with access to the data. Data wants to be leaked. There are API failures which get abused.
8:02:17 PMGarbee Most companies purposefully obscure why they need the access and especially for what they use the data.
8:02:26 PMGarbee I think that is the root problem that needs solving in this context.
8:02:40 PMGarbee It's the "dark UX patterns".
8:02:55 PMTheFu_ I'd like the data to be forgotten daily, automatically.
8:03:34 PMGarbee I installed a simple barcode scanner and it immediately upon installing wanted to touch my contact list.
8:03:45 PMGarbee Thankfully, I am running Lineage OS now so it stopped that proactively.
8:04:04 PMGarbee But it is scary that I saw that happen. Why does a barcode scanner need contact access?
8:05:42 PMnoeman5 That's what bugs me about most apps. They want access to almost EVERYTHING, including things that has nothing to do with the app.
8:06:35 PMTheFu_ Health care data is very important in places where it feeds into and from your normal credit reports.
8:06:46 PMnoeman5 That's why I refuse to use FaceBook Messenger. Too many unnecessary permissions required.
8:06:55 PMTheFu_ That changes the interest rates you are offered for all sorts of thing.
8:07:18 PMGarbee I run an application on my computer that blocks new software from getting internet access until I approve it.
8:07:22 PMGarbee It's great.
8:07:58 PMGarbee After the show Jeff.
8:08:51 PMbp9 I'm with @Jeff Weston on this. I don't use Bookface or any genetic services because of those privacy concerns.
8:09:08 PMGarbee The genetic stuff is crazy.
8:09:27 PMGarbee I honestly don't understand how things like 23andMe are even a business.
8:09:39 PMTheFu_ If you've ever had a personal stocker, privacy becomes a major life choice.
8:09:58 PMTheFu_ and it is very hard.
8:10:13 PMbp9 @Garbee they are into selling data just like google
8:10:35 PMGarbee bp9, I get that. I don't get why people pay them money and give them their DNA.
8:10:42 PMGarbee Equifax's leak.
8:10:57 PMGarbee Data privacy and security is an issue far beyond Silicon Valley.
8:11:01 PMbp9 Nor do I... unless they just don't understand the privacy implications
8:11:06 PMGarbee And we need proper regulation that works across the board.
8:11:27 PMGarbee We can't target Silicon Valley companies. It needs to oversee everyone who handles personally identifiable information.
8:11:37 PMbp9 I'm paranoid so I don't give out personal data unless I really have to.... and even then I squawk.
8:11:58 PMbp9 But sometimes (and you mentioned equifax) there is no choice.
8:12:14 PMTheFu_ Universities are pushing out Data Scientists ... so they can figure out how to monetize all that data.
8:12:30 PMGarbee I now run through ProtonVPN for internet access. Except for the like 4% of the time where it is broken for some reason (only on cell network at times.)
8:12:57 PMGarbee It isn't a big help. But it does help to a minor extent.
8:13:11 PMTheFu_ Once you have a stalker, things change.
8:14:10 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston I'm with you on this..
8:14:32 PMnoeman5 buttphone?
8:15:37 PMTheFu_ Extra fun to connect to speakers in a hotel.
8:16:17 PMTheFu_ at 4am
8:17:24 PMbp9 NASA Heck YEAH!
8:17:33 PMTheFu_ Oh BABY!
8:18:03 PMTheFu_ Anyone else see the "Superbowl" high-5 after the landing in the 2nd row?
8:18:16 PMTheFu_ Sasha - NAILED it!
8:18:44 PMnoeman5 Imagine waiting for a message from Insight, only to find out it's updating it's Windows software.😂
8:18:54 PMTheFu_ No Windows on Mars.
8:19:15 PMbp9 @noeman5 D'Oh!
8:19:55 PMTheFu_ It runs VxWorks.
8:21:01 PMnoeman5 Imagine a BSOD from the Red Planet
8:21:04 PMTheFu_ Robbie ... there are 2 microSats for that. Plus it is 8 minutes for radio to go from Mars to Earth.
8:23:22 PMTheFu_ Didn't BC bounce up 15% today?
8:24:37 PMGarbee So, about that genetic stuff... What?
8:24:38 PMMarshMan It did climb
8:25:13 PMbp9 Excellent show @RobbieF @SashaR @Jeff Weston WELL DONE
8:25:16 PMMarshMan BC was down to $3775
8:25:58 PMSashaR Thank you so very much 😃
8:26:13 PMbp9 You're welcome very much 😃
8:26:20 PMGarbee I think they still have the intro to do.
8:27:40 PMGarbee The recalls aren't the waste problem. The big food waste is the US company absurdity.
8:27:49 PMTheFu_ But the tech isn't in the fields, yet.
8:28:07 PMGarbee Grocery stores don't donate food to food banks because it is a cost to them to get it there.
8:28:23 PMGarbee So they throw the excess from the shelves into the dumpster.
8:28:33 PMGarbee And order so much more than necessary just to "never run out".
8:28:50 PMTheFu_ Garbee - some grocery stores DO donate to homeless shelters multiple times each week.
8:28:59 PMGarbee Very very few.
8:29:13 PMMarshMan G'night all!
8:29:15 PMTheFu_ Entire chains do.
8:29:15 PMGarbee Like compared to how many there are, it's hardly a dent in the waste.
8:29:38 PMSashaR Heading home... but I'l check in before bedtime 😃
8:29:46 PMGarbee Bye Sasha. have a good night.
8:30:01 PMTheFu_ Kroger donates 3 million meals a week, for example.
8:30:15 PMGarbee hold up.
8:30:32 PMoosgearoo Night folks 01:30 here enjoyed the show
8:30:40 PMGarbee Is that from their overstock that would otherwise be thrown away with no return? Or is that from the people buying the stuff in the checkout line to send to the food bank?
8:31:18 PMTheFu_
8:31:48 PMnoeman5 Another reason for lack of donations is liability. Yet another thing the lawsuit mentality has screwed things up for.
8:33:19 PMGarbee thefu, reading over the info available here it isn't meaningful until the future. Which is good since the first deadline they set is very close (2020.) But, it doesn't show how they differentiate what they are donating.
8:33:34 PMGarbee So, a skeptic can only assume, the majority of that is the paid for donations by customers.
8:35:38 PMTheFu_ Long ago, I worked as a stocker in a grocery chain. Baked goods were donated daily to the local food shelter.
8:35:57 PMTheFu_ Liability may have changed it. IDK.
8:36:12 PMGarbee Liability has not changed since like 1890.
8:36:18 PMGarbee And it is, there is no liability.
8:36:53 PMGarbee Places often claim they don't donate because of lawsuit fears. However, written law prevents lawsuits of food donations made in good faith.
8:37:16 PMTheFu_ I've volunteered at many food banks over the years. Much of the canned goods would be dented, but otherwise fine.
8:37:38 PMTheFu_ You are referencing all liability laws in every jurisdiction?
8:37:40 PMbp9 I still don't know how the blockchain is supposed to fix this. What stops someone from moving the tag on one item of produce to another, thereby invalidating that tag (and the item of produce that it was attached to)??
8:37:44 PMGarbee Yah the "It's dented so I don't want to buy it" mentality is insane.
8:38:00 PMGarbee In the United States the federal law prevents lawsuits in that context.
8:38:21 PMGarbee It is to protect donators from suits that are difficult to prove in order to encourage them to donate excess.
8:38:39 PMRobbieF Hope you all had fun!!
8:38:43 PMTheFu_ Well ... dented items might break an internal coating and it has been proven to reduce shelf life.
8:39:03 PMbp9 Sure did, @RobbieF !!
8:39:08 PMTheFu_ If you rotate your canned goods, a dented tin won't matter.
8:39:13 PMTheFu_ Always fun.
8:39:17 PMGarbee Shelf life of things with expiration dates 6 years in the future.... yea, could care less.
8:39:26 PMGarbee Unless it is an emergency stash.
8:39:31 PMbp9 TO the point where I am considering a Pinebook just to see if it will do what I hope it can.
8:39:35 PMTheFu_ Preppers care about shelf life.
8:39:37 PMGarbee But then, you should be rotating that stuff out every 2-3 years.
8:40:05 PMTheFu_ Rotating? Don't you mean eating?
8:40:28 PMGarbee I meant rotate as take the stash and replace it to consume what was in the stash.
8:40:44 PMTheFu_ I've had some canned items not be nearly as good with just a few months in the pantry. Canned tuna for example.
8:40:50 PMGarbee So you aren't stuck in an emergency with stuff that "expired" 4 years before.
8:40:57 PMTheFu_ Canned salmon too.
8:41:07 PMGarbee Yea, I'm not saying every canned thing lasts for years.
8:41:09 PMTheFu_ The meat isn't a firm.
8:41:21 PMTheFu_ s/a/as/
8:41:40 PMTheFu_ Didn't someone want to talk DNA testing?
9:11:19 PMrob hi guys


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