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6:58:17 PMTheFu I bricked a chromebook by disconnecting the battery.
6:58:25 PMGarbee 1 wrong click and you're stuck in a "guest" login basically.
6:58:42 PMGarbee And you have to go logout of that (which is hard to find) to get to where you can then try to log in to your account again.
6:58:48 PMTheFu No CMOS battery and it lost all the non-standard settings.
6:59:37 PMbp9 @SashaR "It's not @RobbieF 's" -- oh snap!
6:59:38 PMGarbee ooooh, Aww Snap. Yea, it be broke if that is consistent.
6:59:42 PMGarbee That's not you.
6:59:44 PMGarbee That's Discord.
7:00:07 PMMarshMan @RobbieF there is somebody behind you.
7:00:10 PMTheFu Powerwash time.
7:00:13 PMGarbee Unless an extension is causing the problem.
7:00:21 PMGarbee But that's the only thing that would do it.
7:00:29 PMGarbee If it isn't Discord's code being iffy.
7:00:43 PMubu ooooo - just downloaded the app... nice
7:01:11 PMGarbee It's an old HDD system. It's slow.
7:02:25 PMGarbee All you had to do was open DevTools on the discord page (even broken) and in the "Application" panel of that find the "clear all" button and click it.
7:02:36 PMGarbee No need to go clear all data from the past week.
7:03:20 PMGarbee @SashaR Do this one thing... Go to chrome://chrashes in your browser
7:03:30 PMGarbee See if there is an entry for that crash (about 7:02PM)
7:03:36 PMGarbee If so, submit a bug report from it.
7:03:54 PMGarbee If it is Chrome having an issue, that crash report is amazingly helpful for them to fix it.
7:04:10 PMubu is this the laptop you just upgraded???
7:04:11 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF ,What no more SBCs?
7:04:43 PMTheFu ubu - it is a really old laptop that she loaded a ChromiumOS onto.
7:04:43 PMGarbee The red Toshiba that Robbie just took is the one she installed ChromeOS on.
7:05:02 PMTheFu Not the real ChromeOS. That only runs on real chromebooks.
7:05:05 PMubu @garbee - ouch!
7:05:13 PMGarbee Chrome/Chromium is 98% the same thing.
7:05:25 PMTheFu True - except DRM stuff.
7:05:31 PMGarbee It's branding between them.
7:05:36 PMGarbee Nope you can get Widevine in Chromium.
7:05:41 PMMarshMan All auxiliary mics off??
7:05:54 PMGarbee In fact, the place that produces the one Sasha installed has it as a simple button to get it.
7:05:58 PMMarshMan YouTube good?
7:05:59 PMubu i have the flu, but have been looking forward to this show all day
7:06:16 PMGarbee Like I said, Chrome and Chromium are pretty much interchangeable. It's only branding and official support differences.
7:06:19 PMbp9 @SashaR is so punny today LOL
7:06:27 PMMarshMan No echo
7:07:12 PMubu sounds fine
7:07:16 PMGarbee Nope, you're good Jeff.
7:07:36 PMGarbee Not weird.
7:07:48 PMGarbee Conditioning is critical to keeping it not itchy.
7:07:54 PMGarbee And looking nice.
7:08:07 PMbp9 I thought @Jeff Weston said "is my EAR hair scratching on the mic" and had a bad visual LOL
7:08:08 PMGarbee That's why I'll never grow a beard. Too much extra maintenance work.
7:09:30 PMGarbee Or that lady didn't have good eyesight.
7:09:37 PMGarbee They should have checked her for blindness.
7:09:54 PMRobbieF hi erbody!
7:09:54 PMSolbu RobbieF: Yo7u should as a joke, walk into a hairdresser and ask for a hair cut. :-)
7:09:58 PMGarbee Audio all sounds good here.
7:10:18 PMMarshMan Sausage fingers hit Caps lock
7:10:29 PMMarshMan 🥓
7:10:32 PMMarshMan 🥓
7:10:34 PMMarshMan 🥓
7:10:41 PMGarbee hahahahahaha. Cloud all over again.
7:10:53 PMMarshMan g
7:11:29 PMMarshMan Almost every week
7:12:12 PMGarbee The wife should speak for herself.
7:12:16 PMGWG Last week at this time I was on Soarin'
7:12:19 PMGarbee We don't know if the marriage was under duress.
7:13:26 PMSolbu So that's why discord is broken, Sasha broke it. :-)
7:17:52 PMTheFu The EU laws forced whois to hide data.
7:19:59 PMTheFu It started world-wide lsat May/June.
7:20:04 PMbp9 You often see those emails or paper mails disguise the request but if you read closely, they are really trying to get you to pay to "put your website at the top of search results"
7:20:11 PMbp9 Nothing really to do with renewing the domain
7:20:38 PMMarshMan It's usually the gozinta that fails
7:26:42 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF,which Boogie board e-paper save to a computer ?
7:27:13 PMSolbu RobbieF: When you fix your dryer next time, record it.
7:28:27 PMGWG At this time last week, I finished the Seas and was moving to Mission Space.
7:28:37 PMbp9 Don't you mean: When @Jeff Weston fixes @RobbieF 's dryer? LOL
7:29:35 PMTheFu Sasha - don't forget that your CCard might double the warranty. For me, it is easier to let the CC handle it.
7:32:13 PMubu $299 on Amazon
7:32:46 PMMarshMan $68.99 US
7:32:48 PMubu Credit card is a good idea! Nice
7:33:20 PMSolbu Aaand Kodi is acting up – again.
7:33:25 PMTheFu They sell different models.
7:33:33 PMbp9 probably 288 Canaduan
7:33:47 PMTheFu Solbu, kodi fine here.
7:33:56 PMSolbu – again. ;-)
7:34:22 PMubu looked at the wrong thing... my bad
7:34:41 PMSolbu Jeff: I am not on Discord. (I dont accept their terms)
7:34:52 PMTheFu Solbu, exactly.
7:38:12 PMTheFu JEff - don't tell them all that it does. Make them RTFM!
7:38:58 PMGWG There is no accounting for musical taste
7:38:59 PMBlokey Ooops I'm late, Dog ate my homework.......oh wrong excuse
7:39:02 PMMarshMan Wake up the cloud and make it rain
7:39:34 PMubu hmmmm cloud based... I wonder if they would work with Plex audio files
7:40:54 PMMarshMan R u still cold @SashaR ?
7:41:08 PMSashaR how'd you know? 😃
7:41:30 PMbp9 Using your sleeves as gloves was my clue LOL
7:41:34 PMMarshMan I notice things
7:41:42 PMSashaR I'm no ninja
7:41:49 PMSolbu THis is goot TV – dead air. ;-)
7:41:53 PMSolbu *good
7:42:07 PMTheFu What? No audiobooks?
7:42:21 PMTheFu Podcasts?
7:42:49 PMMarshMan Brilliant!
7:43:53 PMMarshMan Put them on the dummy
7:44:18 PMTheFu This segment would be better on radio.
7:44:53 PMMarshMan Surprised no one jumped on my comment
7:45:01 PMSashaR This is funny.... but they are so comfy
7:45:06 PMSolbu TheFu: Hehehe. My thoughts exactly :-)
7:45:21 PMTheFu Some comments look to be missing ....
7:45:32 PMbp9 I just like how @Jeff Weston just got lost in the music. Fun!
7:46:40 PMbp9 Is there a receptacle for putting in a SD card for local (not bluetooth) music?
7:47:04 PMbp9 We hear nothing from the dummy head
7:47:08 PMSolbu RobbieF: What song did you play?
7:47:18 PMTheFu Post processing will help.
7:48:05 PMbp9 Thanks @SashaR for activating everyone's google device 😃
7:48:23 PMSashaR oops
7:48:54 PMfking Sasha just set off my google home mini
7:49:00 PMbp9 hee hee
7:49:21 PMTheFu And so did Jeff.
7:49:46 PMbp9 Oh @Jeff Weston stop it man
7:52:32 PMMarshMan You made Jeff disappear
7:54:04 PMbp9 It looks like @SashaR has dalek ears!
7:54:38 PMMarshMan The Dalek gave her the horns
7:54:53 PMMarshMan Move that Dalek
7:55:32 PMMarshMan @SashaR is my hero for being able to read that teleprompter
7:55:58 PMbp9 With the 30 second streeam lag, the photos are showing up in stream as soon as @RobbieF takes the photo -- or at least, that's how it seems LOL
7:56:09 PMMarshMan Keep this up and Jeff will need to do the news again
7:56:32 PMGarbee Don't mention "The Cloud"
7:56:35 PMGarbee Sasha might lose control.
7:56:59 PMbp9 @RobbieF , next time put "I'm Sasha Dermeitis" on the teleprompter and see what happens 😃
7:57:31 PMMarshMan That's cold @bp9
7:57:41 PMbp9 hee hee hee
7:59:43 PMbp9 Cue the theme song for "Space:1999"
8:00:21 PMMarshMan What about the dark side of the moon
8:00:51 PMbp9 @SashaR to discover caves, you need minetest 😃
8:00:53 PMSkywriter64 Moon base alpha
8:04:43 PMSolbu The Dark Side of Category5.
8:07:17 PMBobK54 read an article in the last few days which said Edge will be replaced...wait for a Chromuim-based browser
8:07:58 PMGarbee MS also limits the gamepads that they allow to use the Gamepad API in Edge.
8:08:09 PMbp9 Using biometrics gets interesting when you cross country borders and Customs insists that you unlock your phone
8:08:26 PMGarbee To "Xbox Driver compatible" ones or a few alternatives. But nothing like other browsers support openly.
8:09:24 PMSweSG Firefox
8:10:17 PMMarshMan Netscape
8:10:32 PMTheFu Sasha, there are generic fingerprint images that work with lots of fingerprint readers.
8:11:14 PMTheFu Biometrics is for convenience, but not for real security. How do you revoke your finger?
8:11:39 PMTheFu Every glass you touch gives up the keys.
8:13:30 PMbp9 Yup. Law enforcement can impel you to give up something you HAVE (fingerprints) but not something you KNOW (password)
8:14:21 PMGarbee No they can get you on the front page list. Just not for the keywords that describe your business.
8:14:21 PMTheFu
8:15:21 PMSolbu The problem with only biometric locking is, you're screwed once something happens that require one to change it. One can't.
8:16:14 PMGarbee My primary password is "123bob321bob123"
8:16:33 PMSolbu MythBusters managed to clone a fingerprint and unlock using a print of the scanned fingerprint
8:16:50 PMTheFu Free coffee on Robbie!
8:17:04 PMGarbee The spoofability of a fingerprint depends on the complexity of the reader.
8:17:11 PMGarbee Most phones... Are going to be cheap readers.
8:17:30 PMTheFu iPhone reader was handled.
8:17:39 PMGarbee Because it isn't fiscally responsible for them to invest in making more secure readers in that form factor.
8:18:18 PMTheFu fingerprint as a 2nd factor, AFTER entering the 20+ character passphrase, DOES make sense.
8:19:02 PMCee_128d I love that MicroShaft is having all of these problems with updates recently as it makes it more likely that they'll finally rehire the actual testers that no what they are doing again.
8:20:35 PMGarbee lol, point 1 is "If you follow DMCA safe harbor defense rules you're fine."
8:20:39 PMTheFu Talking smack while gaming is "commentary" - nice.
8:22:12 PMGarbee There are legal definitions for the amount of custom bits needed on top. But, it's up to Nintendo Lawyers to properly apply it and they won't.
8:22:15 PMTheFu MST3K comments.
8:23:46 PMTheFu Is it finally safe to buy a new GPU again?
8:26:00 PMGarbee TheFu, If you can find one sure.
8:27:41 PMbp9 Sigh.... crypto currencies are NOT an investment vehicle!
8:28:07 PMbp9 I wish folks would use crypto currency as regular currency just for exchange of value.
8:28:36 PMTheFu There are plenty - looked this week. I'm looking for a $30 GPU that plays HEVC 4K. Don't care about gaming.
8:28:51 PMGarbee What would be most interesting is making a currency that is harder to compute on the GPU making it CPU focused to hash.
8:29:03 PMCee_128d The Difficulty factor for mining has reached the point where it isn't profitable to mine on cpus and gpus any longer. It's only profitable with ASIC miners, but that won't last long.
8:29:20 PMGarbee It wouldn't solve the core problem of "those with more money win" because they'd just buy up massive CPU rigs.
8:29:38 PMGarbee But, it would offload the GPU power consumption that is nutso.
8:30:04 PMTheFu 108 CPU computers use lots of power too.
8:30:32 PMGarbee I think Jeff's mic momentarily glitched out towards the end here.
8:30:53 PMbp9 Great job @RobbieF @SashaR @Jeff Weston
8:30:54 PMGarbee Just for a moment, it sounded like his mic died and we were hearing him through someone else's. It sounded distant.
8:31:32 PMbp9 Yah that happened a couple of times during the show
8:32:05 PMGarbee mhm, something to keep an ear out for in post production. See if a cause can be found (maybe head turning and pulling the cable a certain way.)
8:32:05 PMTheFu Maybe Jeff was stepping on his mute?
8:32:20 PMGarbee No it wasn't a mute thing. It was so momentary.
8:32:38 PMGarbee Unless the mute buttons are pressure vs switch.
8:32:47 PMGarbee But as I recall they are switches.
8:32:50 PMbp9 Sounded like @Jeff Weston 's battery was flaking out
8:33:21 PMMarshMan They are switches
8:33:51 PMCee_128d Every mute switch I have ever used over the past 40 plus years has been momentary.
8:34:15 PMCee_128d At least the floor ones.
8:37:11 PMnoeman5 @Bobk54, I read the same article. One can only hope. About time MS gave up trying to write a decent browser.
8:39:03 PMnoeman5 I saw a meme one time that said, "Internet Explorer, the most used browser to download other browsers."
8:43:21 PMbp9 @Jeff Weston but it didn't sound like a mute event
8:43:26 PMnoeman5 I've heard "The Orville" is coming back Dec. 30th! Yay!
8:43:41 PMbp9 It sounded like your wireless mic battery might have been flaking out
8:43:57 PMbp9 @SashaR You nailed it.
8:44:01 PMbp9 Nice job!
8:47:27 PMSashaR Thank you :):)
8:47:59 PMbp9 Great job on take 3 as well.
8:48:01 PMMarshMan Ah @SashaR if I were twenty years younger
8:48:11 PMbp9 Looksed great. You're hired. 😃
8:49:42 PMMarshMan And umarried
8:49:51 PMMarshMan And Canadian
8:50:05 PMMarshMan 😛
8:50:13 PMSolbu And _____________
8:50:16 PMSolbu ;-)
8:53:09 PMGWG Why Canadian?
8:53:18 PMGWG Are you saying Mixed Marriages don't work?
8:53:35 PMMarshMan Made the list longer
8:53:40 PMMarshMan Looks better
8:53:42 PMMarshMan 😛
8:53:57 PMMarshMan Eh!
9:13:15 PMbp9 @SashaR what's a PSW? (You mentioned it in your spiel).
9:14:45 PMBlokey PSW = Personal Support Worker
9:15:56 PMbp9 So, someone who visits elderly or infirm folks at home and does stuff for them that they cannot necessarily do themselves?
9:16:44 PMBlokey Yes but there are various forms of PSW I believe?
9:18:06 PMbp9 OK... got it, thanks!


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