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6:58:08 PMTheFu Did I miss the Xmas stuff that santa brought?
6:58:18 PMGarbee Just spend like 2-3 minutes covering what tech ya'll bought for x-mas gifts.
6:58:22 PMGarbee And leave it at that.
6:59:38 PMGarbee Jeff's ability to Amazon... -3/10
6:59:53 PMTheFu Jeff - amazon-challenged.
7:00:03 PMTheFu Might need to stick with ebay.
7:00:07 PMGarbee No, Negative 3 out of 10
7:00:17 PMDennis_Kelley Hi Gang
7:00:19 PMTheFu NEGATIVE
7:01:25 PMGarbee
7:01:26 PMGarbee
7:01:29 PMGarbee No echo
7:01:30 PMGarbee
7:01:31 PMGarbee
7:01:32 PMGarbee
7:01:33 PMGarbee
7:01:34 PMGarbee
7:01:35 PMGarbee
7:01:36 PMGarbee
7:01:37 PMDennis_Kelley Hello @Jeff Weston @SashaR and @RobbieF
7:02:16 PMGarbee I think the Discord chat thing crashed
7:02:22 PMDennis_Kelley Happy New Year to you also!
7:02:28 PMGarbee It's already stuck on something way behind.
7:03:38 PMTheFu Discord is dead Jim.
7:04:20 PMGarbee They'll get to it in a break.
7:04:46 PMDennis_Kelley my favorite moment of all time is when I started to watch the show . many years ago!
7:04:53 PMMarshMan Thhank you @SashaR
7:05:12 PMTheFu LUKSdump? Was that in 2018?
7:05:31 PMDennis_Kelley believe it was TheFu
7:05:40 PMGarbee Lol, "Blockchain will keep track of who in the family gets what gift for whom" That would be hilarious.
7:08:03 PMDennis_Kelley that chat that is stuck! funny
7:08:05 PMGarbee The irony that the discord chat is dead on screen right now...
7:08:26 PMGWG The 'old' way?
7:08:37 PMGarbee This is Garbee on IRC.
7:09:02 PMGarbee Yes, GWG you are old.
7:09:06 PMSolbu This is Solbu on the Internet.
7:09:18 PMGWG Just because something is classic doesn't mean it is bad
7:09:36 PMGWG RobbieF's hair may be gone, but IRC lives on.
7:09:36 PMGarbee Oh "classic" that's putting a positive spin on it.
7:17:50 PMSolbu :-)
7:18:56 PMTheFu Solbu, who is the question for?
7:19:14 PMSolbu TheFu: See the quotes? :-)
7:19:33 PMSolbu Imagine them being a comic talk bubble. :-)
7:19:35 PMSashaR 😃
7:20:02 PMTheFu whooosh.
7:20:08 PMTheFu ;)
7:21:34 PMSolbu TheFu: I was pictureing a manager scolding a tech person for not doing all tests before shipping something. :-)
7:21:57 PMSashaR I can help with said test for sure!
7:23:29 PMGWG Sure, Discord is 'better'. But yet it keeps freezing on you
7:24:12 PMGarbee Should we let everyone know Roy. W. Nash is OK on air?
7:24:18 PMMarshMan That's called marriage @SashaR
7:24:38 PMRobbieF Absolutely, @Garbee we will mention it at the top of the news.
7:24:45 PMGarbee Ok cool
7:24:50 PMTheFu Spouses have that towards their better halves.
7:25:08 PMDennis_Kelley called selective hearing
7:25:10 PMBobK54 I got some socks for Christmas which say "I have selective hearing"
7:25:35 PMGarbee @BobK54, Um... Aren't those just general socks?
7:25:45 PMGarbee It doesn't need to be Christmas for selective hearing to be used.
7:26:36 PMSolbu DRM – Digital Restriction Management.
7:26:45 PMTheFu Don't put the socks into your ears.
7:26:46 PMMarshMan It wouldn't be a true show without a @SashaR do do do.
7:26:50 PMSolbu it is restricting, not protecting the user.
7:27:43 PMGarbee Fake nice.
7:27:50 PMTheFu Sasha makes me smile.
7:27:51 PMBobK54 @Garbee - I think my socks were actually for my she remembers and doesnt get annoyed at me.....AGAIN
7:28:01 PMGarbee hahah
7:29:13 PMDennis_Kelley something
7:29:16 PMMarshMan Scroll baby scroll
7:29:21 PMGarbee 🤦
7:29:32 PMGWG Robbie Ferguson, the Mr. Rogers of Tech.
7:29:48 PMGWG Sorry, most random thing I could think of.
7:29:48 PMGarbee I demand the emoji's be made larger.
7:29:51 PMMarshMan Where's his cardigan?
7:29:54 PMGarbee My facepalm should not be missed
7:30:41 PMMarshMan
7:31:32 PMMarshMan It's a different image.
7:31:44 PMSolbu Nice, MarshMan.
7:33:09 PMTheFu DVDs collect fingerprints and tiny hands seem to touch only the shiny side.
7:33:26 PMMarshMan Love Inspector Lewis
7:34:23 PMGarbee Wow, a rush of tired just came over me. I'm gonna lay down and try to sleep early tonight.
7:34:27 PMGarbee Ya'll have a good one.
7:34:37 PMTheFu g'night old man.
7:34:39 PMMarshMan Night bro
7:35:44 PMTheFu We can rip _mosts_ DVDs, but not all.
7:37:30 PMDennis_Kelley I am a rebal
7:37:52 PMGWG I already compared RobbieF to Mr. Rogers. What other thing can I say?
7:39:34 PMMarshMan 🥓
7:43:00 PMTheFu Much easier on Linux ... add a PPA, apt install ...
7:43:28 PMSolbu TheFu: On Ubuntu derived systems, yes. :_)
7:44:03 PMTheFu Jeff ... huh?
7:45:43 PMTheFu Ah. much clearer.
7:46:55 PMTheFu is a guide for doing this on Ubuntu or derivatives.
7:47:52 PMTheFu I love that we can include all the audio languages and subtitles easily too.
7:49:14 PMTheFu and the handbrake PPA how-to:
7:55:33 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff: What if one just want to rip without changing the encoding? (DVD encoding is MPEG2)
7:56:01 PMTheFu vobcopy is a tool for that.
7:56:20 PMSolbu TheFu: I know, I'm asking for the benefit of viewers. :-)
7:56:28 PMTheFu I don't think Plex will play them, but Kodi will with all the menus.
7:58:29 PMGWG The tagging is always a pain though
7:58:37 PMTheFu Some commercial DVDs cannot be ripped this easily. Mainly those for extremely popular films or Disney stuff.
7:58:47 PMTheFu "tagging"?
7:58:48 PMGWG TheFu: You can sometimes if creative
7:59:03 PMGWG I just am not very organized sometimes
8:00:11 PMDennis_Kelley i will have to setup a plex media server and start getting my dvds playing again
8:00:30 PMTheFu Kodi and Plex mandate some organization, but we don't have to use S01E01 - 101 is the same, assuming nothing else in the filename "looks" like a season/episode.
8:00:41 PMGWG I just redid my home theater setup and was testing it with a copy of a Lincoln Center production of Candide.
8:00:53 PMSolbu Speaking of copy protection, I remember when drm om audio CDs came around. The fun part was that the protection only worked on Windows. :-)
8:01:07 PMTheFu Pi can't do 4K video, but if you don't need that, they are fine.
8:01:24 PMSolbu TheFu: I usually use 1x01 for season tagging.
8:02:34 PMTheFu Yep Solbu, lots of options for filenames. The_100 TV show required using S02E06, since that is the highest preferred regex.
8:03:30 PMSolbu Kodi doesn't care what prefix one use. What Plex does is of no concern. It's proprietary, so I don't use it.
8:03:58 PMTheFu I think Plex is a fork of Kodi from long, long, ago.
8:04:36 PMGWG The old XBMC
8:04:39 PMTheFu I moved my Kodi library into plex fairly painlessly. The TV, Movies, Music, Photos and filenaming was the same.
8:05:55 PMSolbu TheFu: It is a fork from when it was still called XBMC, then they relicenced it to a closed source license.
8:07:48 PMTheFu India has lots of human assets, so it is cheaper to pay a human to wash your clothes than to buy a washing machine.
8:11:31 PMSolbu I remember when I grew up. I'm born in 1973. Mom used to phone the store, saying what groceries whe wanted to buy, and they shipped it to us by sending it on the bus, which dropped it on the side of the road in our driveway.
8:12:05 PMSolbu I think we where billed once a month.
8:12:32 PMTheFu In Asia, it is common to pick up food on your walk home, daily.
8:12:58 PMTheFu Very fresh and if you don't have a fridge, very handy.
8:13:42 PMSolbu Jeff: The groceries was shipped in a cardboard box. :-)
8:13:49 PMTheFu If you don't shop with a vehicle, you'll tend to shop more often with what you can carry.
8:15:53 PMTheFu A remote operator can probably monitor 4-8 trains concurrently.
8:17:40 PMTheFu Hopefully, they will start and carefully grow the workload per remote monitor.
8:17:44 PMMarshMan Back in 2018?
8:18:34 PMSolbu Another benefit of automated train systems is the removal of human errors, which depending on the error can result in casualties.
8:19:11 PMMarshMan Would I be a Martian MarshMan?
8:19:36 PMTheFu Except external-to-the-train human errors ... like people in rural areas trying to get across the tracks at the last second.
8:21:47 PMTheFu ISS is inside the Van Allen protection. Also, both twins were astronauts.
8:21:57 PMSolbu TheFu: Also, automated systems often can't tell the difference between a human and an animal. In norway, the trains never stop when they hit animals, they don't even try to stop as it's usualy useless. THe brakes doens't fully engage before they hit the animal. So they push on and kill the animal rather than causing painfull injury that can take several days before the animal dies if it's not found.
8:22:35 PMTheFu The moon shot for a private person is just an orbit, no landing.
8:24:59 PMSolbu Heh. That's a nice pun. be mine-full on crypo currency.
8:25:58 PMSolbu This was the best show so far this year.
8:27:00 PMGWG No one did the feast of the 7 fishes
8:27:02 PMGWG ?
8:27:31 PMTheFu great show!
8:28:22 PMMarshMan Later gators!!
8:28:54 PMMarshMan 🐊 🐊
8:31:00 PMGWG This is my favorite show. The brick wall show
8:38:57 PMRobbieF Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoyed the show 😃


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