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6:58:17 PMTheFu We are being watched.
6:59:11 PMZigon Nice πŸ˜„
7:00:59 PMGarbee Yes, I am watching.
7:01:59 PMRonnicat yes we are watched lol
7:02:23 PMMarshMan All three Moderators are watching.
7:03:24 PMSolbu And the doscord chat is frozen, again.
7:03:27 PMSolbu *discord
7:03:46 PMGarbee Hi Sasha!
7:03:57 PMGarbee Yes it is frozen
7:04:01 PMABQTKY Testing, one, two, two and a half...two and three quarters? Ooh, there's Sasha!
7:04:18 PMTheFu kicked out.
7:04:23 PMRonnicat ok Roku disappeared
7:04:49 PMMarshMan Hey ABQTKY!
7:04:52 PMRonnicat well not Roku but Cat5
7:05:11 PMTheFu Solbu, "polar vortex"
7:05:36 PMABQTKY MarshMan, how's Ulster Cty right now??
7:05:38 PMSolbu Jeff: Do the Hal9000 fix. Unscrew the memory modules, and reinsert. That should fix RobbieF. :-)
7:06:02 PMMarshMan Chilly and snowy ABQTKY.
7:06:05 PMRonnicat Going on website broken Roku channel
7:06:20 PMSolbu Kodi stream is also down.
7:06:21 PMRonnicat oh snap that is broken too
7:06:46 PMABQTKY MarshMan - chilly is okay. As long as 'chilly' isn't 30 or 40 below.
7:06:47 PMSolbu Perhaps the light in the fiber cable froze. ;-)
7:06:53 PMSashaR Robbie is on it πŸ˜ƒ
7:07:12 PMRonnicat ok we know just
7:07:37 PMRonnicat letting him know and enjoying everyone
7:07:45 PMMarshMan @SashaR It's the wind chilly that will get us
7:08:05 PMSashaR It's so cold .... arg
7:08:23 PMABQTKY SashaR - so how cold is it????
7:08:29 PMMarshMan There is no sense in complaining that it's cold in the wintertime
7:08:31 PMTheFu Brrrrr ... even way down here in GA.
7:08:37 PMSashaR ohhh wait... I have a joke
7:08:51 PMTheFu How cold is it, Sasha?
7:08:52 PMMarshMan Here it comes
7:08:55 PMSolbu Kodi stream is back
7:08:57 PMABQTKY It's that darned Global Warming!
7:09:11 PMRonnicat what is it @SashaR SashaR
7:09:55 PMMarshMan all good now @SashaR
7:10:11 PMMarshMan @RobbieF is soldering!!!!!
7:10:47 PMRonnicat lmbo
7:10:49 PMABQTKY Electrons are so much slower in bitter cold weather, RobbieF is trying to compansate.
7:10:55 PMDennis_Kelley good one @SashaR
7:10:57 PMMarshMan You have that effect on people @Jeff Weston
7:11:10 PMTheFu Isn't that camera behind you recording?
7:11:16 PMTheFu --Jeff?
7:11:26 PMTheFu Stream dropped again.
7:11:54 PMZigon its up now
7:12:07 PMSolbu Is it just be or did the video stutter a little?
7:12:12 PMSolbu *just me
7:12:16 PMRonnicat This is going to be some show tonight i can feel it
7:12:26 PMTheFu 20 sec stutters?
7:12:27 PMABQTKY Jeff Weston, you could turn that little blue guy in front of you on. You could if you wanted to.
7:13:05 PMRonnicat yes we see you
7:13:27 PMABQTKY No, the blue guy!!
7:13:35 PMABQTKY The BLUE one.
7:13:35 PMMarshMan You need help @Jeff Weston
7:14:35 PMTheFu Jeff - throwing the gang signs.
7:14:54 PMSolbu Video is stable now. Been stable for the last 2 minutes.
7:14:54 PMMarshMan Negative on echo
7:15:30 PMRonnicat No echoes here
7:15:50 PMDennis_Kelley working
7:16:06 PMDennis_Kelley on
7:16:15 PMGarbee Pinebook Pro!
7:16:34 PMGarbee Oops.
7:17:08 PMTheFu But will he be able to play the violin?
7:18:12 PMMarshMan With or without ear wax @Jeff Weston ?
7:19:34 PMSashaR eeeewwwwwww
7:20:17 PMRonnicat I want the pillow speakers 😦
7:20:35 PMTheFu I love books on tape (digital downloads) from the library.
7:20:54 PMRonnicat same here
7:21:27 PMTheFu Been listening to "The Expanse" the last few weeks. On book 6 now.
7:22:03 PMGarbee oooh. I want to take a Pineboard SoC and make a custom digital photo frame.
7:22:41 PMTheFu Kodi 18 includes RetroPi, doesn't it?
7:28:32 PMRobbieF ❀
7:30:17 PMGarbee yes kill mics.
7:31:52 PMGarbee Pinephone interested me more with the announcement.
7:32:28 PMGarbee OS support on it will be very interesting.
7:32:55 PMRobbieF PinePhone excites me for the privacy aspect! I'll ask Lukasz about that.
7:33:47 PMSashaR I'll be getting one of these for sure
7:34:11 PMGarbee That's a major differentiator.
7:34:25 PMDennis_Kelley a hacker or a software update
7:34:38 PMSolbu Is this live, or was the inverview prerecorded?
7:34:53 PMDennis_Kelley should be live
7:38:12 PMRobbieF If you're experiencing streaming problems please go to #streaming-problems
7:38:37 PMSolbu RobbieF: take it that's a discord-only room?
7:38:40 PMSolbu *I take it
7:38:52 PMRobbieF Yes: Discord FTW.
7:39:03 PMMarshMan Pine64 is working with KDE Neon and Manjaro to have images ready at launch of Pro
7:39:29 PMMarshMan Also working on Armbian, DietPi ans Q4OS
7:39:45 PMRobbieF Pinebook Pro: ALUMINUM BODY for just $200!
7:40:23 PMMarshMan There will be a waiting list
7:40:24 PMSashaR Guess who's geting one of these asap? πŸ˜ƒ
7:40:31 PMMarshMan It's gonna be huge!
7:41:01 PMRobbieF How you know my Christmas list?
7:41:02 PMGarbee Stocking stuffer
7:41:36 PMSolbu RobbieF: We asked Googke to spy on you. ;-)
7:41:41 PMSolbu *google
7:41:46 PMGarbee I have big feet Jeff.
7:41:54 PMRobbieF Alexa: Add Pinebook Pro to my Christmas List.
7:41:55 PMGarbee Y'know what they say about those...
7:42:02 PMMarshMan Hobbit sized feet
7:42:03 PMTheFu Any info on screen size and resolution?
7:42:04 PMSashaR big shoes?
7:42:16 PMRobbieF 1080p IPS.
7:42:20 PMRobbieF 14"
7:42:28 PMTheFu SWEET!
7:42:41 PMSashaR Which means Ii'll need a bigger stocking this Christmas πŸ˜ƒ
7:42:45 PMGarbee Good Netflix system.
7:43:02 PMGarbee For all that time on the loo. πŸ˜›
7:43:06 PMSolbu SashaR: Or a bigger salary. ;-)
7:43:11 PMMarshMan Pinebook Pro System Specifications 14β€³ 1080p IPS LCD panel 64GB of eMMC storage Black magnesium alloy body MicroSD card slot Digital video output via USB-C Audio aux out / UART USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports 802.11ac WiFi Bluetooth 4.2 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM Charging via barrel port or USB-C Rockchip RK3399 Hexacore SOC 2mpx front-facing camera Microphone Speakers Slim and slick design with minimal branding PCIe x4 that can take a m.2
7:43:46 PMGarbee Also, USB-C charging available. HUGE win there.
7:43:51 PMDennis_Kelley sweet
7:44:23 PMGarbee 4.2 is perfectly fine.
7:44:27 PMSashaR This is going to be perfect for so many people in so many ways
7:44:40 PMlukasz @Michael - DJ Wheels - KD4MAA funny you mention that - we're just looking into updating the BT to 5.0
7:44:45 PMRonnicat 4.2 is the average today
7:44:56 PMRobbieF
7:45:07 PMlukasz Will see if we can get a good quote from a vendor we're on good terms with
7:45:40 PMMarshMan to see it all
7:45:44 PMDennis_Kelley makes my motioneysOS that i am working on easier
7:46:10 PMTheFu Beer delivery?
7:46:28 PMMarshMan Working on it
7:46:29 PMGarbee I don't see 5 vs 4.2 as a dealbreaker of any kind. Only the extended range would be useful on average with a laptop scenario. But, it would be fairly odd to really need that extra range in most use cases.
7:46:54 PMGarbee Maybe if 5.0 does all that and consumes less power, then the power savings is super beneficial.
7:47:07 PMlukasz @Garbee if the difference will be ~$1-3 then we'll update it
7:47:41 PMRobbieF * YES - IMX179... this sensor is 8.08 MPix.
7:47:50 PMMarshMan Chromebook killer??
7:48:36 PMlukasz Other things we're talking about are illuminated keyboard and a perhaps an illuminated logo in teh back. Those illuminated keyboards are very expensive however, so unlikely - but we'll try
7:49:13 PMMarshMan I usually don't work in the dark @lukasz
7:49:23 PMlukasz πŸ˜ƒ
7:49:28 PMGarbee I'd pay extra for backlit keyboard.
7:49:35 PMGarbee I adore my Macbook Pro for having that.
7:49:56 PMTheFu Echo, echo.
7:49:57 PMDennis_Kelley wow!
7:49:58 PMGarbee But, I know splitting production lines also costs
7:50:11 PMlukasz @Garbee Fully understand. But you'd be surprised that they start at ~$16 in bulk order :/
7:51:09 PMABQTKY lukasz - Ouch! But all this stuff sounds incredible!! Thanks!!
7:51:23 PMlukasz Will try with other vendors of course πŸ˜ƒ
7:51:34 PMGarbee @lukasz That is surprising. It makes me question why more mainstream laptop vendors don't provide it. But for ya'll, I completely understand based on the price point you're trying to hit it is a barrier. Splitting production lines also costs so it may not be worth optioning if only 5-10% of us are willing to pay $50 on top for one.
7:52:41 PMGarbee 5-10% is also being generous on the estimate of units it would see in.
7:52:49 PMDennis_Kelley after the third try
7:52:52 PMMarshMan Nailed or screwed
7:53:00 PMRonnicat awesome
7:53:26 PMGarbee Um. Did that banner just say we are "Family Friendly"?
7:54:24 PMRonnicat can't wait for the phone
7:54:30 PMnoeman5 What was the giggle score for the Rock Pro 64?
7:55:00 PMGarbee gasps
7:55:10 PMGarbee I can get my nephew a Pinebook Pro as his first computer
7:55:40 PMGarbee $200, if he destroys it in a few months. So what? I mean, he won't get another one for a while. But it's nothing to cry over.
7:55:55 PMMarshMan RockPro64 Giggle score
7:56:01 PMGarbee And that introduces him to a computer with a keyboard and mouse input.
7:56:12 PMMarshMan RockPro64 Δ’81.00
7:56:39 PMnoeman5 Thanks MarshMan
7:56:43 PMRonnicat Sounds like a winner for a 1st pc
7:57:01 PMTheFu Jeff - if you didn't run Windows, you could get a fast laptop for $240-ish.
7:57:14 PMlukasz Garbee indeed. And that is not a given these days. There are many kids in their early teens who have very limited exposure to full computer desktops ...
8:00:16 PMMarshMan Faster than my work computer too
8:01:19 PMSolbu That sound slike a nice kodi system.
8:01:48 PMnoeman5 I'ce been impressed by the power and speed of current SBC's. Amazing for such a small package.
8:02:15 PMnoeman5 I've
8:02:58 PMlukasz @RobbieF you'd need Armbian media patch to run youtube with hw acceleration : )
8:03:28 PMlukasz Indeed πŸ˜ƒ
8:04:02 PMMarshMan Thanks @lukasz I run Armbian on one of my RockPros
8:04:32 PMlukasz ^try the patch and offer the Armbian guys some feedback
8:05:21 PMTheFu Is that Gnome3?
8:05:36 PMlukasz No worries πŸ˜ƒ
8:05:44 PMGarbee Looks like MATE
8:05:50 PMlukasz Armbian ? XFCE
8:06:03 PMGarbee ah, XFCE.
8:06:35 PMTheFu I'm clueless about DEs. Don't use them myself.
8:06:39 PMGarbee I was guessing based on the top menubar I saw. I guess MATE, XFCE, and LXDE all fit the bill within reason.
8:06:40 PMlukasz As for retro-gaming:
8:07:07 PMlukasz @Garbee they theme it a bit
8:07:23 PMlukasz Anyways, good night friends - past 1AM in the morning πŸ˜ƒ
8:07:28 PMTheFu The intent for the Gnome3 question was to get a feel for GPU responsiveness.
8:07:31 PMGarbee Goodnight @lukasz
8:07:34 PMGarbee Thanks for joining us.
8:07:41 PMlukasz Thanks all πŸ˜ƒ
8:07:59 PMRonnicat Good night @lukasz
8:08:22 PMlukasz Loved it - talk soon πŸ˜ƒ
8:09:55 PMGarbee So... I can't put a computer in my computer?
8:10:58 PMnoeman5 My windows 10 box could use the extra help.πŸ˜†
8:11:14 PMRonnicat @Garbee I wish we could.
8:11:41 PMSolbu Garbee: That could confuse the virtual server marked. ;-)
8:11:58 PMGarbee so-dimm sounds like the chips aren't that bright.
8:13:09 PMGarbee HEY! I have no need for more than 64k of memory.
8:13:19 PMGarbee Take that remark back Robbie.
8:13:30 PMnoeman5 But Sod-dimm sounds like Sod it! I thought Sascha was Canadian, not British.πŸ˜ƒ
8:15:32 PMSolbu Hehe
8:16:27 PMnoeman5 Welcome Michael
8:16:34 PMRonnicat hi Michaelhele
8:17:04 PMABQTKY Greetings and salutations, Michaelhele!
8:18:33 PMRonnicat Facebook hmm ;Yahoo integrated years ago . Where are they really now?
8:18:51 PMTheFu WhatsApp is used by the "kids" because it communicates world-wide for free.
8:19:03 PMRonnicat Yes they are going to have end to end encryption that is the plan
8:19:38 PMSolbu SashaR; RobbieF: Jeff's mike have failed a few seconds 2 times during the last 10 minutes.
8:20:03 PMSolbu Perhaps he's stepping on a mute pedal.
8:20:46 PMTheFu Did everyone see that FB-alpha channel has been removed by Apple from the App-Store - over privacy issues.
8:21:37 PMTheFu Timeliness?
8:22:28 PMTheFu When will Google ban the app?
8:22:37 PMRonnicat I see FB having problems in the future with Australia
8:24:53 PMTheFu FB wants to know what everyone uses on their phones, so they can buy/clone those apps and gather even more personal data.
8:25:51 PMTheFu Did everyone see "The Circle"?
8:26:26 PMABQTKY Scary movie!
8:26:29 PMTheFu
8:26:59 PMTheFu Add that to your /etc/hosts as a start.
8:27:26 PMTheFu But there are about 200 other domains to be blocked just for FB.
8:27:42 PMmichaelhele Facebook justification - we were bad long before we were really bad Apple
8:29:51 PMRonnicat Facebook is like The plant on Little Shop of Horror; Feed me "Seymore feed me". That is how they are with data.
8:30:06 PMTheFu 20 yr olds don't use facebook, except to deal with their parents.
8:30:34 PMRonnicat you mean grandparents lol
8:31:24 PMTheFu So ... parents for 20-somethings.
8:32:44 PMTheFu All facial recognition is racially based. It has to be.
8:32:47 PMSolbu For a fewe seconds I was reading Β«their patentsΒ» :-)
8:33:18 PMRonnicat both TheFu I have seen some who had grandchildren at 36 that were 7. So by the time they are 50 I can see that. Some people start early
8:34:22 PMTheFu Fingerprints are not unique after it is simplified to 100 points for a computer.
8:35:22 PMTheFu Sasha, will AI replace Chiropractic doctors?
8:36:11 PMRonnicat Can AI really distinguish between Quadruplets or Octuplets ? I wonder how AI will react?
8:36:39 PMmichaelhele the Ai in my glasses picked out Sasha as a super supermodel
8:37:29 PMTheFu There are over 16 different sexes, I hear.
8:37:47 PMRonnicat wow
8:38:31 PMRonnicat oh no out of coffee 😦
8:38:58 PMTheFu Solbu, got a mention!
8:39:02 PMTheFu Nice.
8:39:06 PMSolbu :-)
8:39:48 PMRonnicat Bye
8:39:51 PMSashaR You are all darn awesome πŸ˜ƒ
8:40:16 PMRonnicat So are you @SashaR
8:40:21 PMTheFu +1
8:40:43 PMMarshMan you did not do the Tech Podcast, Kingston or IAIB bits
8:41:48 PMDennis_Kelley see ya all later
8:41:58 PMTheFu Bye DK!
8:42:23 PMRonnicat Until Next Time
8:42:28 PMDennis_Kelley see ya @Jeff Weston
8:43:49 PMMarshMan Later 🐊 🐊 🐊
8:44:39 PMSolbu Next week we might hear about the cat5's reaction to the raid saga.
8:44:47 PMSolbu I'm exited. :-)
8:45:15 PMSolbu Too bad Jeff woun't be there, as I can picture his reation to the story in my head. :-)
8:58:49 PMRobbieF Hope you all had fun tonight!!
8:59:35 PMMarshMan Everybody Wang-Chung tonight
9:00:25 PMMarshMan Seemed a bit like deja vu
9:00:45 PMRobbieF Only for some πŸ˜›


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