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6:58:05 PMRobbieF start at 5 seconds.
6:59:18 PMGarbee I requested a credit card today. Time to see if thou paycheck is worthy.
6:59:46 PMGarbee 🍿 does not go good with 🍕
7:00:12 PMSkywriter64 Hi everyone from Brooklyn,NY
7:00:30 PMGarbee Hello Skywriter.
7:00:45 PMGarbee And discord is crashed on stream.
7:00:54 PMGarbee uh or, the bot isn't showing.
7:01:38 PMGarbee That's odd. Solbu showed up in the chat area, but Skywriter's welcome did not. Both through the bot.
7:01:58 PMSkywriter64 it's finally above freezing in NYC
7:02:31 PMGarbee That's very odd. Is there a location filter on the chat stream?
7:02:40 PMGarbee Wow, the beard Jeff has accumulated.
7:02:54 PMGarbee How many grilled cheeses do you have stuff in there.
7:02:56 PMGarbee ?
7:02:58 PMGWG Hello, Brooklyn, Queens here
7:03:04 PMABQTKY Skywriter64 So now you have six inches of slush everywhere there's a crosswalk. 8-)
7:03:05 PMGarbee No, certain messages aren't showing up.
7:03:28 PMTheFu 72 degF here today. Spring has sprung, fully. Some trees had flowers last week.
7:03:30 PMGWG Does he have a beard comb?
7:03:31 PMSolbu Kodi stream is working.
7:04:12 PMGarbee Skywriter's intro message failed to show up. Seems to be working fine now. Temp glitch maybe?
7:04:12 PMTheFu That's 22degC.
7:04:21 PMSashaR We made it back in time to watch :):):)
7:04:32 PMSashaR Yepper
7:04:37 PMSkywriter64 Hi Queens ,I will be there on Friday or Sat. @microcenter by Queens College
7:04:43 PMGarbee Hello Sasha!
7:04:47 PMGarbee
7:04:48 PMSashaR Hi guys :)
7:04:49 PMGWG Now I am going to have If you only have a mustache stuck in my head
7:04:50 PMGarbee
7:04:51 PMGarbee
7:05:08 PMTheFu Anyone else miss the DST switch?
7:05:09 PMGWG Skywriter, stop into the kosher supermarket next door. Good bakery
7:05:24 PMSkywriter64 yea!
7:05:28 PMGWG Why will you be in that Microcenter?
7:05:34 PMGarbee I'm playing PS4 btw, so my heckling will have a reduced capacity this evening
7:06:03 PMSashaR Sounds great
7:06:04 PMGarbee Both sound good.
7:06:10 PMGarbee Voice quality, "eh"
7:06:15 PMGarbee I've heard better voices.
7:06:19 PMSkywriter64 I will checking the parts for a new build
7:06:19 PMGarbee Morgan Freeman for instance.
7:06:23 PMGarbee And Steven Hawking.
7:06:24 PMSashaR Whatcha playing Garbee?
7:06:32 PMGarbee Assassins Creed Odyssey
7:06:34 PMSolbu TheFu: I have added the time in my calendar using the toronto timezone. So I got notifications an hour earlier today.
7:06:57 PMTheFu Thanks Robbie for the GImp tips last week. Tried to use them yesterday. Need much more practice. ;)
7:07:08 PMSashaR Dave wants to play that one :)
7:07:35 PMSolbu SashaR: Will you be back for episode 600?
7:07:55 PMSashaR It's awesome here :):):)
7:08:03 PMSashaR Hey !!!!
7:08:16 PMGWG I have always wanted to see more of Canada
7:08:20 PMTheFu Whistler rocks! Don't party too late!
7:08:30 PMGWG Like Toronto, Vancouver, etc
7:09:11 PMGWG My brother has 7 and he's taken them to Disney
7:09:41 PMSolbu I remember when I installed a new ATI video card. There was commercial videos from Canada on the CDrom with the drivers.
7:09:48 PMSashaR I think it would be great to travel and visit y'all!
7:09:52 PMSolbu Some 20 years ago.
7:09:55 PMTheFu Sasha, been over to Blackcomb for some dbl-black runs?
7:11:02 PMSashaR Blue! I stop at blue :) Dave did some black diamond, and loved it - I'm just too new
7:11:06 PMGWG SashaR, you are always welcome in NY. I'm sure I and the other locals would come out to say hi
7:11:54 PMTheFu Blue is fun! I'm on the bunny runs these days, but in my youth, we'd head off-trail and nearly die every day.
7:12:03 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff: Which CAD program do robbie use?
7:12:41 PMSashaR Thanks GWG :). It would be so much fun :)
7:12:57 PMTheFu Jeff - this this true.
7:13:05 PMGWG I love excuses to go sightseeing
7:13:13 PMGWG We can go to all the sites
7:13:18 PMGWG The Tenement Museum
7:13:35 PMGWG The former psychiatric hospital on Ellis Island...
7:13:47 PMGWG The fun spots
7:13:51 PMTheFu I love to visit Air and Space Museums around the world.
7:14:29 PMGWG I want to go back to the Udvar Hazy Museum. I didn't get to see it all
7:14:47 PMTheFu The Toilet of Modern Art - not to be missed.
7:15:41 PMGWG Oddly enough, I have been to the DEA museum more than once. They have a great exhibit on drug paraphernalia throughout the ages.
7:15:49 PMSashaR My sister's husband (we are staying with them for the week) is a pilot-- and loves air/space stuff :)
7:16:04 PMTheFu Ah ... you mean the Dulles branch of Smithsonian Air and Space - been there. ;)
7:16:19 PMGWG I did mean that
7:16:43 PMGWG I just missed Cranky Dorkfest DFW
7:16:52 PMGWG It sounded like fun
7:17:12 PMMarshMan Greetings from a bus on the NJ Turnpike
7:17:21 PMTheFu Paris Air Show is on my bucket list.
7:17:34 PMGWG Where are you going Marshman?
7:17:46 PMSashaR Home, no doubt
7:17:49 PMTheFu We should return to the scheduled program. ;) pi-hole. Nice.
7:17:54 PMMarshMan Home, just left work in NYC
7:18:19 PMGWG Fun
7:18:42 PMABQTKY MarshMan That's a l-o-n-g ride once...or TWICE...a day.
7:18:59 PMMarshMan Once again, watching show on one phone and Discord on anothe
7:19:16 PMMarshMan Yup, two hours each way
7:19:47 PMABQTKY MarshMan Sure, if there's no traffic!
7:20:12 PMMarshMan Thanks for that ABQTKY
7:20:27 PMABQTKY MarshMan Sorry about that.
7:20:56 PMMarshMan Just need to get thru Joisey
7:22:07 PMTheFu Wonder how Robbie labels and organizes all these tiny, extra, tools necessary to do all the stuff he does.
7:22:21 PMTheFu Label Maker?
7:22:21 PMMarshMan Labels?
7:23:01 PMMarshMan Organizes?
7:23:14 PMTheFu I lost an m.2 SSD 2240 size for about a year because I put it somewhere that made perfect sense. ;)
7:23:35 PMMarshMan Hah, been there.
7:24:03 PMABQTKY I didn't say a word about misplacing stuff.
7:24:29 PMTheFu After 20+ yrs, I bet Robbie has a but of .... "cherished" items that may never be used more than once.
7:24:40 PMTheFu s/but/bunch/
7:25:44 PMABQTKY TheFu Good point...BTW, anybody have a keyboard cable for a Kaypro2 laying around...somewhere???
7:26:20 PMSashaR
7:26:22 PMTheFu ABQTKY, link with an image, please?
7:26:53 PMSolbu I've been blocking ad networks using dns blocking on my linux gateway since about 2001.
7:27:22 PMTheFu Close -
7:27:23 PMABQTKY TheFu they didn't have modern stuff like 'links' or 'images' back in the early 80's...not that I had a Kaypro back then.
7:27:55 PMMoeMaravilla I use opendns for that... It's free.
7:27:56 PMTheFu
7:29:12 PMTheFu Pi-hole is better for a home network than my Lifehacker article suggestion.
7:29:18 PMABQTKY Welcome to Cat5, Ugur.Aba!!
7:29:41 PMCee128d ABQTKY See if this helps.
7:30:45 PMABQTKY Cee128d BTW, I used to use WordStar on a C128. Kind of slow Z80, though.
7:31:55 PMTheFu Ah - kaypro is from the late '70s. Ouch. No can help.
7:32:00 PMABQTKY Thanks for the link, Cee128d 8-)
7:32:26 PMCee128d I was (and still am) a die hard WordPerfect user since the lmid 1980's. That's why I can't go Linux for 24/7/365
7:32:46 PMTheFu Didn't opendns get bought by Cisco?
7:33:11 PMCee128d Yes they did.
7:33:31 PMTheFu If you use wordperfect for DOS, a DOSBOX will work perfectly.
7:34:27 PMABQTKY Cee128d WordPerfect? Eh. I used WordStar to publish a (very) small newsletter...using a 9 pin dot matrix printer. (But I had a system)
7:34:33 PMCee128d I use a more up to date version so that I can import MS Word docx files. That's only for Windows.
7:35:17 PMCee128d And the newer Windows versions have a lot of other features not found on the old WP Dos versions.
7:35:26 PMABQTKY Cee128d But WordPerfect was famous for having superlative customer service!
7:36:08 PMSashaR Stop muting me Jeff!!!
7:36:39 PMSweSG Hi
7:37:18 PMABQTKY Cee128d DOS??? That's the modern stuff! (or WAS the modern stuff)
7:37:26 PMCee128d WordPerfect did have one of the best support departments when it was owned by WP. After they sold it to Novell which sold it to Corel they closed the Orem, UT support facility and fired all of the actual WP Support people when they moved to Corel in Canada.
7:38:31 PMABQTKY Cee128d Hey, we should have a computer history show on Cat5 one of these days. (or maybe not)
7:39:20 PMugur.aba Hi everyone, this episode is great.
7:39:56 PMTheFu What can be done and what _should_ be done are usually very different.
7:40:36 PMCee128d ABQTKY That would be awesome. Unfortunately I lost most of my pre 2005 computers and all of my antique/classic/ software in a move several years ago
7:41:01 PMABQTKY Cee128d Bragging or complaining about that?
7:41:58 PMCee128d Lost my original Kaypro and the Kaypro 2, TI-99, IBM 5150 and 5155 portable, TRS-50 Model 1-4, CoCos, etc. Over a hundred classic computers never arrived.
7:42:15 PMTheFu 160Kb floppies with code still here. No way to easily read them anymore. I did keep hardware, however.
7:42:42 PMTheFu Sold the Mac-128 in the early 1990s.
7:42:42 PMCee128d More complaining as I miss some of them. And Jeff, I'm talking the larger 8 in cloppies
7:43:12 PMCee128d No Macs, but a lot of old Apple 2x models and clones.
7:44:09 PMABQTKY Cee128d A hundred of 'em? Phwew! I only have one 8 inch floppy...very floppy. Never had an 8 inch drive though.
7:44:24 PMMoeMaravilla Robbie should leave the second DNS entry in case the pi-hole is down.
7:44:25 PMTheFu IF you reboot the router, will the stream drop?
7:44:25 PMSashaR This is such great info :):)
7:45:05 PMTheFu Or put a 2ndary DNS into a virtual machine, so you don't have outages due to the pi-hole hardware failing.
7:46:18 PMMoeMaravilla As far as I know it is primary, secondary, tertiary.
7:48:12 PMMarshMan @RobbieF when you made the change on the router did you need to hit apply?
7:48:32 PMCee128d Could you run pi hole on X86 hardware? I don't have any of those SBCs, but I have several old laptops laying around here. Need to set up something like this at our church.
7:48:41 PMTheFu Robbie - Testify!
7:49:06 PMTheFu Cee128d - yes. Pi-hole should work on any Linux.
7:49:30 PMCee128d Thanks Fu.
7:49:35 PMUğurABA Is that possible to create some groups ? For example some users will see the ads and other are not ?
7:51:34 PMTheFu UğurABA - DNS doesn't work that way, but you can setup different DNS servers with different policies. OpenDNS has some capabilities.
7:52:08 PMTheFu Hit ...
7:54:14 PMUğurABA So we can split the users, which are allowed to see ads and disallowed ?
7:55:04 PMTheFu If you want to block access by users, a proxy server is probably better. Check out squid.
7:55:48 PMUğurABA Thanks you TheFu i will check it.
7:56:26 PMTheFu If you go that route, block outside DNS from all desktops/client machines. Only the squid proxy server should have access to external DNS.
7:56:58 PMTheFu When I say "block", I mean at the firewall. Don't trust clients. Ever.
7:57:16 PMTheFu network-firewall.
7:58:29 PMTheFu Also, block web access from the clients. Only the proxy server should have external access to the internet.
8:01:26 PMMoeMaravilla I found a link that agrees with me.
8:01:26 PMUğurABA 👍
8:02:00 PMTheFu I found one that agrees with Robbie. Might be OS specific about the order.
8:02:32 PMSashaR Win win :)
8:03:12 PMTheFu It was an excellent question!
8:03:30 PMGWG I want an ad for a flux capacitor I
8:03:32 PMMoeMaravilla ;)
8:03:55 PMGWG Does it come with Mr Fusion?
8:03:55 PMMarshMan Those aren't ads you are sending
8:04:13 PMTheFu Jeff - DNS blocks in and out if it doesn't find the server.
8:04:30 PMTheFu It is the nuclear option.
8:05:05 PMMarshMan That's data gathering by the site
8:05:56 PMGWG I have a Delorean Time Machine...scale model
8:06:18 PMMarshMan If another site tries to send an ad for the flux capacitor it will be blocked
8:06:24 PMUğurABA The site is still keep ads tracking right ?
8:06:32 PMMarshMan 88 jigawatts
8:06:54 PMTheFu ... Out of stock.
8:07:43 PMSashaR Don't show me up!! Lol
8:07:50 PMMarshMan What do we call the update blocker?
8:08:09 PMMarshMan No one can outdo you @SashaR
8:08:23 PMMarshMan SODIMM
8:10:37 PMGWG Robbie the Robocaller?
8:12:31 PMTheFu Different consumer protection laws exist around the world. Not all countries have pro-consumer rights with very limited liability.
8:17:53 PMTheFu "Earnist?" Nice.
8:18:08 PMUğurABA I believe that bitcoin wallet guy is not dead.
8:18:34 PMMarshMan Ernst, not Ernest or Earnist 😛
8:20:41 PMTheFu $10 is $10, Robbie.
8:24:30 PMTheFu Retail grocery stores accept cash at the self-checkout.
8:25:30 PMTheFu Many cities have poorer neighborhoods don't have banks. This leads to them being "under-banked" - no bank services there.
8:26:57 PMTheFu Cards that are re-loaded have much more tracking than "gift cards" which can be completely anonymous.
8:30:40 PMCee128d MicroSoft laid off all of their paid testers prior to the release of Windows 10. That's why you have faulty updates as they use the Windows 10 Home users as unpaid Beta testers of updates.
8:31:55 PMUğurABA In Windows 10 Pro versions, does they not force to you update ?
8:32:34 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston would you really want to wait 30 days for a Windows security update?
8:33:31 PMCee128d UgurABA, sort of. In Pro you have the option of being on the slow business track which delays some updates and you can manually set delays as well. You can pause updates for a couple of months, but you can only stop them altogether in Enterprise.
8:34:50 PMSashaR Thanks guys :):):)
8:34:59 PMCee128d MarshMan I have all of my Win 10 systems set to wait a week before updating except for one. I use that one to judge for myself if they are safe for the rest.
8:37:00 PMUğurABA thank you @Cee128d
8:37:33 PMCee128d No problem Ugur
8:38:02 PMMoeMaravilla Bye to all... Another great show.
8:38:28 PMUğurABA Next episode is 600 !
8:38:58 PMCee128d Everyone book your trip to Barry for the afterparty next week.
8:39:05 PMSkywriter64 Any special doings for next week?
8:40:05 PMRobbieF thanks all!!
8:40:34 PMUğurABA See you all next episode, best wish from Turkey, Çanakkale.
8:40:53 PMCee128d Jeff, can the afford NOT to?
8:41:21 PMTheFu Get the super to include it in the budget for 2020.
8:43:03 PMCee128d L8r folks. I am out of here. Got work to do. Working on recovering data from a dieing 1gig hard drive.
8:44:08 PMSolbu Nice. Someone in Nebraska made a full size car made by snow. And they got a «fake» tow ticket from a police officer. :-)
8:44:09 PMSolbu
8:51:30 PMMarshMan @RobbieF I asked about hitting Apply on the router cuz when I was setting reservations I hit Apply to make the reservation then had to hit Apply again to propagate those reservations
8:51:53 PMMarshMan Wondered if the same was for you with the DNS setting
8:52:09 PMRobbieF Quite likely.
8:52:53 PMMarshMan Yeah, learned it the hard way. 🤪
8:53:21 PMMarshMan Crashing hard here. Just got in from work.
8:53:34 PMRobbieF I'm not home yet 😛 A bit of editing to do haha
8:54:00 PMMarshMan Yeah, yeah, I know.
8:55:40 PMRobbieF 😃
8:55:45 PMRobbieF Just need to free up enough space.
8:55:56 PMRobbieF Running out of things to delete.
8:56:47 PMMarshMan This link could use Pi-Hole. Too many ads.
8:57:57 PMMarshMan That’s a big ask.
9:04:34 PMRobbieF I don't see any ads.
9:04:35 PMRobbieF 😛
9:06:42 PMMarshMan Neither will I in a few days
9:07:00 PMRobbieF 😃


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