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6:58:10 PMSashaR So, cool and breezy?
6:58:50 PMUğurABA Hi @Jeff Weston
6:59:40 PMUğurABA How was your week ?
7:00:31 PMUğurABA 👍
7:00:45 PMUğurABA my mics are not on
7:01:11 PMSkywriter64 Sasha,coolabout 60F
7:01:56 PMUğurABA its like 90's tv channels
7:02:23 PMUğurABA good and happy times
7:02:48 PMUğurABA wooolaaaa
7:03:35 PMSashaR I've been watching a show called Life below 0 (or something like that) on Netflix.... It's really quite good
7:04:34 PMUğurABA it is national geographic documentary
7:04:51 PMUğurABA
7:05:14 PMUğurABA second bald man appear
7:05:43 PMUğurABA Hi @MarshMan
7:06:09 PMMarshMan Scurvy is caused by total lack of vitamin C. A small amount is all you really need to prevent scurvy
7:06:25 PMMarshMan Hi @UğurABA
7:06:32 PMUğurABA 😎
7:09:31 PMUğurABA We did municipality election on march 31, and the counting is finished today, it the specific municipal
7:10:29 PMUğurABA 13000 votes difference
7:10:41 PMUğurABA in istanbul there are 16 million people lives
7:11:00 PMUğurABA yes
7:11:07 PMRobbieF WOW
7:11:21 PMUğurABA It is Turkey, Istanbul, but i live in another country Çanakkale.
7:11:40 PMUğurABA not country, city 😃
7:12:10 PMUğurABA I just listened your latest song @RobbieF
7:12:20 PMUğurABA 02:12
7:14:08 PMUğurABA 👍
7:14:30 PMnoeman5 Howdy all, my first Wednesday off in a month or so, glad I could catch the show live. Been watching post-edit lately.
7:14:56 PMMarshMan You trimmed it @Jeff Weston
7:15:27 PMUğurABA no waay she couldnt be the shortest
7:15:44 PMUğurABA 😛
7:16:00 PMSashaR I'm the runt!
7:16:08 PMSkywriter64 ZZ top
7:16:10 PMMarshMan @SashaR is not the shortest, my wife is
7:16:16 PMUğurABA 😃
7:16:17 PMSashaR that's right!!
7:16:28 PMG_Dog1985_ hey all
7:16:45 PMUğurABA lets do the soldering guys
7:18:51 PMMarshMan 🇨🇦
7:19:31 PMUğurABA giggle scores
7:19:57 PMMarshMan TitanPi
7:20:42 PMUğurABA 😃
7:21:14 PMG_Dog1985_ yeah
7:21:36 PMMarshMan A year ago @RobbieF killed the Pi and now he brings it back to life
7:22:19 PMUğurABA Can you write site url ?
7:22:46 PMMarshMan Welcome @ameriDroid
7:23:46 PMBobK54 evening all. got here late
7:24:52 PMnoeman5 Titan Pie!
7:24:53 PMnoeman5
7:26:08 PMG_Dog1985_ oh boy
7:26:15 PMUğurABA 😃
7:29:00 PMBobK54 maybe I froze it? 😄
7:30:22 PMalpeck are you recording? I don't see the flashing LED
7:30:36 PMG_Dog1985_ oh
7:31:06 PMalpeck oh...I see it now
7:34:06 PMUğurABA @SashaR did you remember/found your password ?
7:34:32 PMSashaR Nope
7:34:37 PMSashaR It's gone forever!
7:34:50 PMBobK54 WILD!!!!!!!
7:34:51 PMUğurABA 😃
7:35:02 PMG_Dog1985_ lol
7:35:15 PMMarshMan GoRobbie go robbie go robbie
7:35:33 PMUğurABA solder every capacitor, even it is not necessary 😃
7:36:56 PMUğurABA Safety first guys 👍
7:36:58 PMMarshMan Bzzzzzzzzt
7:37:44 PMABQTKY Use a tablespoon for the flux, Robbie.
7:38:39 PMMarshMan Long nose pliers
7:38:49 PMMarshMan Buy some @RobbieF
7:39:19 PMABQTKY Butter knife, for spreading flux, please.
7:39:30 PMMarshMan Yawn on that Back to the Future joke
7:40:05 PMBobK54 get a solder-pullit. spring loaded solder sucker
7:40:46 PMABQTKY A bit of green spray paint is all you need to cover up the burn marks.
7:40:49 PMMarshMan @RobbieF said he has one @BobK54
7:41:40 PMMarshMan It is standard @SashaR
7:41:46 PMABQTKY Forget the paint, no burn marks on the front of the board.
7:42:06 PMMarshMan Nobody will see it when the cover is on 😛
7:43:02 PMABQTKY MarshMan I thought Robbie was gonna make a plexiglass cover for the switch.
7:43:09 PMMarshMan Doing fine @RobbieF
7:43:19 PMUğurABA The real question is that board will be work or not not 😃
7:43:28 PMMarshMan And add LEDs ABQTKY
7:43:56 PMABQTKY Of course!
7:44:21 PMameriDroid Hello. Just put Discord on my phone and there was a delay before I could post.
7:44:38 PMMarshMan Ten minutes @ameriDroid
7:44:48 PMMarshMan SPAM protection
7:44:57 PMABQTKY MarshMan Does that Dell switch's power supply have enough juice for a couple dozen leds??
7:45:41 PMMarshMan Uhhhhhhhhhhh 🤷
7:45:54 PMMarshMan Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt
7:46:13 PMUğurABA 4x run 😃
7:46:22 PMMarshMan Check for the smoke after he plugs it in @Jeff Weston
7:47:17 PMBobK54 the MAGIC smoke!!!
7:47:32 PMMarshMan
7:47:54 PMBobK54 nice!!
7:48:34 PMMarshMan All in fun my friends!!
7:48:42 PMBobK54 It's ALIVE!!!!
7:49:28 PMMarshMan What caused the caps to pop in the first place???
7:49:46 PMameriDroid Electricity
7:49:53 PMMarshMan Touche
7:50:05 PMameriDroid 😂
7:50:14 PMalpeck Probably defective capacitors
7:51:18 PMBobK54 a bunch of years back many motherboards had bad caps and died ugly deaths for a few cents of components
7:51:19 PMMarshMan Yeah, Skywriter, most solder has a rosin core
7:51:46 PMameriDroid I believe electrolytic capacitors wear out over time. That's why the solid caps are worth the extra money. Military grade.
7:52:21 PMalpeck see
7:52:49 PMameriDroid Link didn't work on my phone
7:53:30 PMMarshMan Page not found
7:54:06 PMSkywriter64 Marshman, yeah,much easier
7:54:32 PMalpeck fixed url
7:54:36 PMUğurABA
7:54:50 PMMarshMan Whoa, deja vu
7:54:51 PMnoeman5 @ameriDroid , military grade is impressive, unless you've been in the military. 😃
7:55:44 PMUğurABA nooooooooooo
7:56:25 PMMarshMan Travelling to Canada, that narrows it down to half the planet
7:57:52 PMMarshMan Not a bad stereotype to have
7:58:33 PMMarshMan I am on my way @RobbieF
7:58:36 PMMarshMan Eh?
7:59:13 PMameriDroid Siobhan is Gaelic
7:59:21 PMMarshMan That is correct @SashaR
7:59:28 PMMarshMan Irish
7:59:49 PMnoeman5 looks like TitanPi is freezing again.
8:00:09 PMUğurABA @noeman5 it is always freezing while newsroom.
8:00:18 PMSkywriter64 Marshman,are you getting buffering?
8:00:24 PMMarshMan Nope
8:00:38 PMUğurABA I get buffering.
8:01:02 PMameriDroid @MarshMan did you get your order from us yet?
8:01:23 PMMarshMan Seems to be stuck in Illinois @ameriDroid
8:01:37 PMG_Dog1985_ there is 10-20 sec delay
8:02:55 PMG_Dog1985_ for discord
8:03:35 PMMarshMan It's actually a delay for the video feed
8:03:39 PMalpeck Sasha's camera is slightly off. She appears to be looking beyond the camera
8:03:40 PMUğurABA my new minimal design web-site 😎
8:03:57 PMameriDroid I think she might be looking at the wrong camera
8:04:04 PMalpeck Maybe it is location of teleprompter
8:04:04 PMUğurABA I have still get buffering.
8:04:05 PMMarshMan @SashaR uis looking off to the side to read
8:04:36 PMMarshMan Whoops!
8:04:58 PMMarshMan Get ready biggest fans on You Tube!
8:05:24 PMTheFu email is decentralized and has been working 40+ yrs.
8:05:52 PMMarshMan ISPs sometimes block bit torrents
8:06:43 PMalpeck Why isn't NEMS Linux listed on Robbie???
8:06:51 PMUğurABA The universities are block bit torrents, ISP's are decrease the connection quantity
8:07:12 PMMarshMan We are trying to get it listed alpeck
8:08:00 PMMarshMan
8:08:22 PMameriDroid Me hates cloud
8:08:34 PMTheFu Me too.
8:09:20 PMameriDroid G-MAFIA?
8:09:31 PMnoeman5 reminds me of the old days of the internet with portals like AOL, Quest, etc. When they went down, you had nothing.
8:09:47 PMTheFu Facebook/google do near real-time replication to different regions.
8:10:39 PMTheFu Real enterprise companies do that AND test failures at least bi-weekly.
8:11:10 PMMarshMan I was stuck on a train during that power outage
8:11:20 PMMarshMan 6 hours
8:11:44 PMG_Dog1985_ i like mastodon more over twitter
8:11:50 PMTheFu So when the internet is out, how do people without cash buy things?
8:12:46 PMMarshMan Remember all it's @SashaR birthday in a few days
8:12:56 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan that sucks. When we had an outage here for about 5 hours, I was at home and just got a lot of reading done.
8:13:09 PMameriDroid Happy early birthday @SashaR!
8:13:59 PMMarshMan Kick is noeman5, I was on a train with a diesel engine stuck between two electrics
8:14:21 PMnoeman5 Happy early birthday @SashaR
8:21:43 PMG_Dog1985_ @RobbieF i use bitwaarden with greart tool with passwassw tester and with yubikey
8:22:34 PMG_Dog1985_ and run selfhosted
8:24:49 PMTheFu When someone dies, companies are pretty accommodating - just provide the death certificate. No need to know any passwords.
8:25:17 PMTheFu It is the easiest way to cancel magazine subscriptions too. ;)
8:25:44 PMG_Dog1985_ @RobbieF and @Jeff Weston
8:26:23 PMnoeman5 I stopped buying Playstations since the PS2. I don't play it enough to be worth it. I play on the PC with Steam mostly.
8:26:29 PMG_Dog1985_ 12 a yr if you want
8:27:16 PMTheFu In most states, it is illegal to touch financial accounts of a dead person, if you aren't already on the account. They actually transition the account to a new account with your name as executor/beneficiary.
8:27:26 PMnoeman5 Or on Gog
8:28:58 PMnoeman5 What the heck! It looks like I'm watch ing a Godzillz movie. Lip sync is way off.
8:29:34 PMnoeman5 And everyone is in fast motion
8:29:38 PMG_Dog1985_ @Jeff Weston you need a yubikey 5 nfc or a fido yubikey
8:29:53 PMG_Dog1985_ for dashlane
8:30:55 PMnoeman5 Ruko says it's a buffering issue
8:31:10 PMnoeman5 Roku
8:31:17 PMameriDroid Same problem on YouTube
8:31:50 PMMarshMan Do do doooo
8:33:28 PMnoeman5 I exited out, checked my connection, came back and it's okay now.
8:35:06 PMUğurABA thank you guys
8:35:20 PMUğurABA good episode, problem on youtube streaming
8:35:23 PMMarshMan I wanna build, I wanna build
8:36:13 PMameriDroid We're currently building our broadcast studio in the ameriDroid ameriBus
8:36:19 PMUğurABA I am on twitter 😃
8:36:26 PMameriDroid Mobile studio!
8:36:41 PMMarshMan Cool!
8:37:12 PMUğurABA another raspberry pi killer
8:37:18 PMUğurABA quick intro
8:37:20 PMUğurABA 😃
8:38:31 PMBobK54 night all !! great show as usual
8:38:41 PMUğurABA good episode
8:38:48 PMSashaR Alrighty... my darling friends, have a great night!
8:38:53 PMameriDroid Good job!
8:39:01 PMUğurABA 13inch
8:39:12 PMnoeman5 So much more fun watching live
8:39:27 PMameriDroid We have Raspberry Pi 7 inch screens in stock.
8:39:44 PMUğurABA resolution ?
8:39:46 PMameriDroid No 13 inch screens though.
8:40:12 PMameriDroid Thanks to Robbie, we got hooked up with KKSB.
8:40:27 PMUğurABA see you all guys, have a good week.
8:40:33 PMMarshMan Cool!
8:40:39 PMMarshMan Again
8:40:52 PMMarshMan Later @UğurABA
8:41:06 PMUğurABA @MarshMan see you, good night 😃
8:41:45 PMMarshMan You madman @RobbieF
8:41:49 PMameriDroid Bye!
8:41:53 PMRobbieF I totally am!
8:41:57 PMRobbieF Thanks all!
8:42:18 PMnoeman5 I'm sorry you're sorry @RobbieF
8:43:26 PMnoeman5 So long all, I'll try to catch you live again next week!
8:44:17 PMMarshMan Later @noeman5
8:46:03 PMRobbieF Well, that worked out!
8:46:18 PMRobbieF Hope you all enjoyed my SUCCESSFUL soldering job!
8:50:52 PMMarshMan Beautiful job!
8:51:09 PMMarshMan Buy a pair of long nose pliers
8:51:21 PMMarshMan Save your finger tips
8:54:53 PMRobbieF :)
8:56:09 PMRobbieF I've been learning eh?
8:56:40 PMMarshMan You’ve come a long way quickly. Nice job!
8:58:06 PMMarshMan Have you finished the RPi Buster image?
9:03:19 PMRobbieF Thanks 😃
9:03:45 PMRobbieF Yes, the RPi Buster base image is ready. I need to fix rc.local, but otherwise it's good to go.
9:04:33 PMMarshMan Ok. Didn't see the link on your site.
9:06:14 PMMarshMan That's why I ask
9:06:27 PMRobbieF Ah, yes the .torrent is coming as soon as I've fixed rc.local.
9:06:41 PMMarshMan 👍
9:07:13 PMRobbieF I used the RPi base image for TitanPi.
9:07:17 PMRobbieF So, it works a treat.
9:07:32 PMMarshMan Sweet
9:07:51 PMG_Dog1985_ @RobbieF here try it can be selfhosted
9:08:09 PMRobbieF Thanks @GDog1985 -- can you tag that to me on Twitter?
9:08:31 PMRobbieF This would be the best place:
9:10:54 PMG_Dog1985_ you should try
9:11:12 PMG_Dog1985_ aka mastodon
9:15:00 PMRobbieF 😦 Oh man, this broadcast server is SO dead. 😦
9:15:25 PMG_Dog1985_ not good
9:15:38 PMG_Dog1985_ done robbief
9:16:07 PMG_Dog1985_ tweet twice
9:17:01 PMRobbieF
9:17:26 PMRobbieF ^^ What I have to deal with right now.
9:17:55 PMG_Dog1985_ sorry
9:18:19 PMMarshMan What I have to deal with right now.
9:18:20 PMMarshMan
9:19:28 PMG_Dog1985_ i am in rehab with a portal kick you off every hour
9:22:31 PMG_Dog1985_ @RobbieF it webbase and desktop too


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