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6:58:47 PMUğurABA @discord is sleeping..... 😇
6:58:48 PMMarshMan Hey there all
6:58:57 PMUğurABA hey @MarshMan
6:59:01 PMSashaR Hi @MarshMan
6:59:06 PMMarshMan What's up with the wrist @SashaR ?
6:59:20 PMMarshMan Hello hello
7:00:06 PMMarshMan Look good too
7:00:07 PMUğurABA Hi @RobbieF sound check ok
7:00:39 PMUğurABA it's time
7:00:41 PMUğurABA 02:00
7:00:50 PMUğurABA yeay 😃
7:01:24 PMjlim Hello Sasha \o
7:01:54 PMUğurABA is that huge screen has a box ? wow
7:02:30 PMMarshMan 🔔
7:02:37 PMMarshMan 🔔
7:02:51 PMjlim That's a big box
7:02:59 PMjlim lol
7:03:13 PMUğurABA santa is early this year... 🎅
7:04:02 PMjlim kiosk machine
7:05:03 PMMarshMan How's the wifi using that metal case??
7:05:25 PMUğurABA it does not effect a lot.
7:05:58 PMUğurABA it is definately kiosk with touch screen 😃
7:06:07 PMUğurABA but how much that screen ?
7:07:53 PMMarshMan Gravity is tough
7:08:58 PMSkywriter64 hi from Brooklyn NY
7:09:00 PMUğurABA is there a link for screen ?
7:11:40 PMjlim @SashaR How are you tonight?
7:12:40 PMUğurABA not 1080p its 16K 😛
7:13:14 PMjlim They are there just in case a loose a few lol
7:15:14 PMUğurABA i want to get a kiosk but i dont need it 🙄 🤔
7:15:51 PMjlim Too bad they hadn't put the HDMI and USB port in the back of the screen instead of the side.
7:16:23 PMUğurABA @jlim it is a big design problem.
7:16:56 PMjlim 12
7:16:58 PMjlim 1
7:17:14 PMjlim 1 second is up
7:17:16 PMMarshMan Those numbers will set resolution and Over/Under scan so image fits @RobbieF
7:17:20 PMjlim lol
7:18:06 PMMarshMan Exactly
7:18:36 PMUğurABA something like old atari games ?
7:18:37 PMjlim look at that
7:19:33 PMjlim good for portable retropi console
7:19:53 PMUğurABA select one of them
7:20:36 PMUğurABA screen is getting better
7:21:07 PMjlim very nice
7:22:36 PMjlim i like it
7:23:35 PMUğurABA i should developed a web application with firebase
7:24:33 PMUğurABA open url on that raspberry pi, if it stays there 😎
7:25:01 PMjlim Not available in the states yet?
7:25:24 PMMarshMan I can't find it in US
7:25:35 PMjlim you can run Gourmet on it
7:25:46 PMjlim in the kitchen
7:27:09 PMjlim 👍
7:29:24 PMjlim yES
7:30:01 PMMarshMan Throw away the instructions
7:30:06 PMMarshMan 😛
7:30:22 PMUğurABA @Jeff Weston will read it later 😛
7:30:57 PMjlim will it play movies also?
7:31:14 PMUğurABA only 16 pixel 😂
7:33:03 PMMarshMan Where is the brick? Should have a brick in the box.
7:33:21 PMjlim you probably have to shut the lots off to see it
7:33:39 PMUğurABA
7:33:53 PMBobK54 DISCO baby!!!!
7:33:57 PMjlim looks like a disco tech
7:34:01 PMUğurABA it is something like orange squeezer
7:34:02 PMjlim lol
7:34:11 PMjlim Disco Dingo
7:34:32 PMMarshMan 19.10
7:35:30 PMjlim party time
7:37:18 PMMarshMan Should have a PS in the Aurora box
7:38:06 PMjlim very nice
7:38:33 PMjlim @SashaR Good job Sahsa
7:38:47 PMjlim 👍
7:39:20 PMjlim video inerrupted
7:39:27 PMjlim back\
7:40:34 PMSweSG Offline!
7:40:40 PMjlim :)\
7:40:55 PMUğurABA Houston we have a problem.
7:41:13 PMjlim your good here
7:41:20 PMABQTKY Calling Barrie, ON...calling Barrie, ON...Come in Barrie, ON............................
7:41:25 PMjlim i had a momentary cut out
7:41:48 PMBlokey Sorry I'm late Sir, my parrot ate my homework!
7:41:49 PMUğurABA now it comes...
7:42:03 PMSashaR We'll get it up 😃
7:42:10 PMjlim working on facebook stream
7:42:16 PMUğurABA i can see you, can you see me 😛
7:42:28 PMSweSG online!
7:42:51 PMalpeck one small step for man one giant leap....oh they are back
7:43:02 PMBlokey Give me 50 minutes I'll drive up to the studio and see what's up
7:43:40 PMUğurABA Go go go
7:43:42 PMBlokey Yep, Aurora !!
7:43:58 PMcocoflan can't chat get error "cannot send to nick"
7:44:33 PMjlim I am about 6 hours away. Willing to make the trip to be lie audience one of these days.
7:44:39 PMUğurABA without teleprompter newsroom will be hard.
7:44:45 PMjlim live*
7:45:07 PMUğurABA I am about 8700 KM away, i can come next month 😎
7:45:14 PMSashaR That would be so of my major life highlights was meeting Mr and Mrs Marsh 😃
7:45:18 PMcocoflan Now it works !
7:45:29 PMjlim Now we need passport to cross the Canadian border unfortunately
7:45:47 PMBlokey Continues knitting squirrel scarves for next winter
7:45:55 PMMarshMan Would love to come back @SashaR
7:46:26 PMBobK54 my last trip into Ottawa was interesting. I thought I was going to get a cavity search.
7:46:36 PMjlim I years ago you could cross the border without any papers
7:46:43 PMjlim typos todayt
7:46:46 PMjlim lol
7:46:56 PMBobK54 hehe.
7:46:58 PMABQTKY MarshMan most of the snow will have melted by mid June, you know!!
7:47:17 PMMarshMan Works for me ABQTKY
7:47:25 PMBobK54 used to come across with my drivers license. now you need a passport and papers signed by the queen
7:47:39 PMUğurABA server is gone
7:47:47 PMUğurABA yeap.
7:47:48 PMjlim @BobK54 yup
7:47:54 PMjlim server?
7:48:03 PMUğurABA streaming server
7:48:15 PMjlim oh i had that problem yesterday
7:48:35 PMjlim use flatpak version robbie
7:48:37 PMjlim it works
7:49:02 PMjlim flatpak version of dropbox work perfectly
7:49:08 PMBlokey No monthly cronjob to update Dropbox?
7:49:27 PMjlim i switched over all my machines last night
7:49:38 PMcocoflan use an alternative
7:49:41 PMjlim update wiull not works
7:49:45 PMjlim typos
7:50:07 PMjlim update will not work. its a bug to do with systemd
7:50:08 PMUğurABA we never understand big companies policies
7:50:26 PMBlokey So is Sasha gonna sing us a song?
7:50:30 PMABQTKY We should have all gone to medical school!!
7:50:33 PMjlim flatpak is tion i coudlast night
7:50:39 PMalpeck sing us a song Sasha
7:50:42 PMjlim omnly*
7:50:58 PMalpeck tell us a joke
7:50:59 PMUğurABA it is television magic, robbie is cut that part 😃
7:51:01 PMjlim typos
7:51:05 PMBlokey Tell us a joke?
7:51:05 PMjlim ohg my god
7:51:13 PMalpeck excellent
7:51:16 PMMarshMan Mrs M is peeting your head on the TV screen @SashaR
7:51:17 PMjlim what is wrong with me tonight
7:51:20 PMjlim ?
7:51:51 PMBlokey Keep it clean...
7:52:00 PMUğurABA 😅
7:52:10 PMjlim lol
7:52:26 PMABQTKY SashaR ask Alexa to tell another joke.
7:52:36 PMcocoflan always make you have a backup plan by hand
7:53:05 PMjlim i was saying last night robbie
7:53:12 PMMarshMan You can do tongue twisters but you can't say words with an R in the middle @SashaR
7:53:15 PMABQTKY SashaR Will everybody get the SAME joke???
7:53:21 PMalpeck tell us about your new job
7:53:27 PMjlim @SashaR really?
7:53:39 PMjlim what do you make it with
7:53:44 PMjlim ?
7:53:59 PMcocoflan alexa tell me a joke and all get ...
7:54:40 PMalpeck i love to cook
7:54:49 PMjlim nice 👍
7:55:01 PMBlokey Ah, Sasha come here and feed my cats so I get a lie in!
7:55:21 PMjlim tea tree is a bit expensive is it not?
7:55:22 PMUğurABA
7:55:24 PMalpeck had BBQ'ed chicken and garlic tonight
7:55:49 PMalpeck roasted garlic
7:55:53 PMABQTKY SashaR Was that Robbie's sigh???
7:56:10 PMjlim lol
7:56:20 PMjlim I was robbie last night
7:56:26 PMBlokey back in the day I think soot from the fireplace was used as toothpaste?
7:56:36 PMMarshMan Good one @UğurABA
7:56:46 PMjlim it will not work robbie
7:56:52 PMUğurABA thanks @MarshMan
7:56:58 PMjlim flatpak is theonly thing that will work
7:57:24 PMjlim yummy
7:57:31 PMjlim sounds good
7:58:05 PMalpeck time to think about another solution
7:58:06 PMMarshMan Can't @SashaR just read the hard copy?
7:58:11 PMBlokey Does suggest anything?
7:58:12 PMjlim nice
7:58:14 PMUğurABA oo i love python3
7:58:39 PMalpeck nice hairy finger Robbie
7:58:50 PMalpeck ^fingers
7:59:01 PMjlim in 2 minutes the update dialog box will pop up again
7:59:10 PMjlim for dropbox
7:59:15 PMBlokey Thanks for the delay, I arrived late anyway
7:59:24 PMSashaR :).... happy to help!
7:59:35 PMRobbieF
7:59:40 PMMarshMan We just got to look at @SashaR for twenty minutes. No apologies needed
7:59:43 PMMarshMan 😛
7:59:53 PMjlim lol
8:00:03 PMjlim @MarshMan yes
8:00:17 PMUğurABA 😍 😎
8:00:26 PMBlokey No singing and no dancing Sasha and her joke was rubbish!
8:00:30 PMcocoflan First time i chat here, i am from Europe, no problem could happen the problems.
8:00:58 PMUğurABA noo we are not ready
8:01:02 PMjlim no joy for dropbox
8:01:13 PMjlim i was you robbie last night
8:01:33 PMBlokey Marcus comes from my old neck of the woods in UK
8:01:49 PMcocoflan Any one using dietpi?
8:01:51 PMUğurABA i want to became a bot or moderator 💯
8:02:07 PMjlim @SashaR 👍
8:03:31 PMBobK54 push updates....test LATER!
8:05:24 PMcocoflan maybe something for the show "dietpi os" for single board computers.
8:05:48 PMjlim That's Microsoft for you
8:05:57 PMjlim Thats why I use Linux
8:06:03 PMBlokey I left MS at XP
8:06:27 PMUğurABA b/c visual studio i cannot leave windows.
8:06:58 PMMarshMan Because of 7 billion other people I cannot leave MS
8:07:18 PMjlim You can't teach an old dog new tricks
8:07:30 PMjlim lol
8:07:48 PMcocoflan maybe something for the show "dietpi os" for single board computers.
8:08:06 PMUğurABA @cocoflan that is noted.
8:08:17 PMMarshMan Deja vu
8:08:53 PMnoeman5 windows 10 hasn't worked correctly for me in at least a year. Updates don't work, won't install, etc. I don't use it for production work.
8:09:28 PMjlim lol
8:09:52 PMBlokey Marcus pleaded guilty to US charges
8:10:03 PMBobK54 you had a computer? I had STICKS. 😃
8:10:24 PMalpeck your 10 year old can program your VCR and Alarm they can hack
8:10:31 PMjlim sounds like a commodore 64
8:11:11 PMUğurABA he use his skills for money, not good.
8:11:32 PMMarshMan Listened to a podcast from last year which told about a contest to see how long it would take to hack an Election Result website. It took an 11 year old ten minutes to hack it.
8:12:05 PMUğurABA Which country election result ?
8:12:22 PMMarshMan It was a fake site
8:12:32 PMMarshMan built for the contest
8:12:35 PMUğurABA oo okay
8:12:47 PMBlokey Burglars make the best security expects
8:12:54 PMMarshMan But 11 yr old can do it
8:12:55 PMBlokey experts*
8:13:24 PMjlim what happened to the statute of limitation?
8:13:28 PMMarshMan The bad guys are always ahead of the curve
8:13:35 PMjlim they shouldn't ba able to charge him
8:14:07 PMBobK54 "Do you want to play a game?"
8:14:23 PMBlokey His Wannacry off switch was discovered by chance
8:14:37 PMUğurABA this competition will never end, black hat's has always at least one step will be ahead
8:15:06 PMalpeck good advice
8:15:21 PMBlokey Oh, NOW you say!
8:16:05 PMUğurABA 2K$ and it will broke, funny.
8:16:12 PMjlim why would they ever think that something like this could ever work???
8:16:13 PMnoeman5 Folding phones = gimmick
8:16:16 PMalpeck why didn't they see this coming
8:16:28 PMUğurABA This is a much critic than note 7
8:17:04 PMalpeck they should have seen this coming
8:17:07 PMMarshMan Substances????
8:17:34 PMUğurABA @alpeck they already know that, but the payholder want to earn more money, it is something like unfinished games are released 2 years later that patch and finish the game.
8:18:11 PMMarshMan Folding phones came and went
8:18:22 PMMarshMan So retro
8:18:25 PMSweSG Time to sleep! Bye all!
8:18:27 PMUğurABA like vr
8:18:33 PMalpeck it is the cost of developement
8:19:13 PMjlim lol
8:19:21 PMMarshMan
8:19:26 PMUğurABA they will not catch the early stages, so the cost is getting huge.
8:19:47 PMjlim @MarshMan =That's old
8:20:00 PMUğurABA its something like car accumulator
8:20:07 PMMarshMan It's making a comeback
8:20:18 PMUğurABA huge
8:20:19 PMMarshMan If the folding phone can
8:20:20 PMnoeman5 Coming soon, 3-D phone screens! Lol
8:20:47 PMABQTKY Holographic phones.
8:21:16 PMUğurABA that is a good news.
8:22:21 PMMarshMan Folding is IN!
8:22:22 PMMarshMan
8:24:23 PMSkywriter64 Sasha, you want the new LG tv that rolls down in the cabinet , except the laptop version
8:24:51 PMalpeck so AI will program my VCR and Alarm clock


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