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6:58:23 PMTheFu Pufnstuf???
6:58:29 PMABQTKY Thank you to who ever may happen to be in Trondheim this evening.
6:58:46 PMSolbu ABQTKY: I live there. :-)
6:59:14 PMABQTKY Solbu What an amazing coincidence!! 8-)
6:59:22 PMG_Dog1985_ your lucky @RobbieF am watching live
6:59:39 PMTheFu I'm so sorry Solbu.
6:59:44 PMG_Dog1985_ that good movie
7:00:07 PMUğurABA @Solbu is that a good movie ?
7:00:14 PMSolbu Yes.
7:00:19 PMameridroid59 What's tonight's show about?
7:00:21 PMSolbu I recommend it.
7:00:36 PMameridroid59 Hi Robbie!
7:00:39 PMameridroid59 Sounds good.
7:00:39 PMUğurABA @Solbu i will watch it tomorrow 😃
7:00:54 PMameridroid59 Hi!
7:00:58 PMG_Dog1985_ yeah all good
7:01:06 PMGWG Just walked in door
7:01:18 PMGWG ameridroid59: They'll never tell you.
7:01:28 PMGWG Maybe something with a droid?
7:01:36 PMUğurABA Thank you 😃
7:01:45 PMGWG While the team talks, I'll be pressed burgers
7:02:02 PMG_Dog1985_ haha
7:02:10 PMUğurABA @Jeff Weston two finger is enough 😛
7:02:19 PMUğurABA Have a good show folks...
7:04:19 PMUğurABA Which model is that Thinkpad ?
7:04:23 PMnoeman5 Howdy all!
7:04:50 PMG_Dog1985_ t430 maybe
7:05:00 PMABQTKY Ooh, that's right! I haven't noticed the ThinkPad...till now!!
7:05:10 PMUğurABA i have t450s, i want to buy t480
7:07:23 PMGWG I sympathize. I have a cervical herniation that immobilized my right arm a while back
7:07:30 PMTheFu hydrocodone - highly recommended, for 2 weeks or less.
7:08:20 PMTheFu Had lower back pain for about 8 yrs from sports injuries.
7:08:30 PMUğurABA I have a prosthesis on my right hip, i can easily understand how painful is it.
7:08:31 PMG_Dog1985_ i fell you robbie
7:08:32 PMTheFu Breathing hurt.
7:08:55 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Everyone!
7:09:03 PMUğurABA @Dennis_Kelley welcome
7:09:12 PMvariant51 Btw The YouTube notification freezes My Android TV box... Like now when im watching live If i get a notification everything Will freezes
7:12:23 PMG_Dog1985_ wow that take me back
7:13:00 PMG_Dog1985_ yep i rembered
7:15:00 PMTheFu Sounds like a job for flatpak or snaps?
7:18:06 PMTheFu Static linking or using shared objects?
7:19:46 PMSolbu THe only thing I don't like with that script, is that it compiles as root.
7:19:59 PMUğurABA What is that application tracking ? Only face or eyes ?
7:20:10 PMMikeyikey Sounds good too me
7:21:01 PMTheFu I'd want to keep it separate - modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH just for the application, not to harm any other installed packages.
7:22:03 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Sunny Brooklyn NY
7:22:23 PMUğurABA Hi @Skywriter64
7:22:24 PMnoeman5 Sasha is crying for your pain Robbie.
7:27:07 PMTheFu Ah ... looking at the script. Just libwxgtk3.0-dev is removed, gtk v3 and the others are all current in the normal package manager. No big deal.
7:27:46 PMUğurABA That is a good application, i really like it.
7:27:53 PMUğurABA @MarshMan Hi
7:27:56 PMUğurABA Welcome
7:28:01 PMMarshMan You are just not tall enough @RobbieF
7:28:17 PMMarshMan Hey @UğurABA
7:28:25 PMUğurABA 👍
7:29:22 PMjlim robbie\0
7:30:26 PMjlim @SashaR Hi \o
7:30:43 PMMarshMan Hovering your face??
7:30:55 PMTheFu "hovering my face" - ha!
7:32:02 PMMarshMan Next get a voice synthesizer and @RobbieF can do his Stephen Hawking impersonation.
7:33:21 PMTheFu Or use StoT program instead of the keyboard.
7:33:35 PMnoeman5 Ha ha, shame on you @MarshMan
7:33:48 PMMarshMan I can be mean
7:34:22 PMTheFu And funnY
7:34:31 PMUğurABA calibration function is very good.
7:35:04 PMTheFu is the install script.
7:35:42 PMUğurABA While watching my neck pain is started 😇
7:36:26 PMMarshMan I started watching Cat5while recovering from necksurgery for pinched nerves
7:36:51 PMnoeman5 Not for use by people with Parkinsons
7:36:59 PMMarshMan Oh
7:37:01 PMMarshMan Oh
7:37:11 PMMarshMan Iand shame on me huh?
7:37:56 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan 😉
7:38:09 PMjlim That's crazy
7:38:12 PMameridroid59 Can you click by winking at the screen?
7:38:31 PMUğurABA @ameriDroid it will be flawless.
7:38:33 PMTheFu ameridroid59, right? or clapping, snapping?
7:39:08 PMameridroid59 Close a window by making a mad face at it.
7:39:19 PMTheFu How does two-finger scrolling work? Need 2 faces?
7:39:36 PMUğurABA @TheFu you can use 2 eyes
7:40:28 PMnoeman5 @TheFu, that wouldn't be a problem for some people
7:41:10 PMSolbu So, soon RobbieF will have neck pains instead of arm pains? :-)
7:41:11 PMMarshMan Cross your eyes for center click
7:41:17 PMTheFu Solbu, or both.
7:41:26 PMameridroid59 I wonder how it would work with my 4 computer Synergy setup:
7:41:34 PMUğurABA @MarshMan that will be funny
7:41:42 PMTheFu MM - but don't hold it too long or you'll get stuck that way.
7:42:24 PMMarshMan Mine never got stuck but they do tend to dift hat way
7:42:36 PMjlim It's called eviacam?
7:42:51 PMTheFu The link is above.
7:42:59 PMRobbieF
7:43:07 PMjlim i like it
7:43:18 PMMarshMan Hi sweetie@sas
7:43:40 PMjlim @SashaR hi \o
7:44:55 PMjlim lol
7:45:13 PMnoeman5 That's more better. 😃
7:46:24 PMMarshMan Check #off-topic @RobbieF
7:50:45 PMnoeman5 I just went to github and see that the eviacam files were updated just 3 hours ago.
7:52:13 PMvarian4 Jos diesel The discord bridge work? Where should i join?
7:52:25 PMameridroid59 @RobbieF Fresh Coder of Barrie
7:52:29 PMvarian4 How does
7:52:38 PMnoeman5 Oh great @Jeff Weston , now I've got the theme from Fresh Prince stuck in my head. 😃
7:53:42 PMnoeman5 I use Epic security browser (based on Chrome) haven't used Firefox in years.
7:53:58 PMTheFu All my certs expire in about 25 days. I'm working the renews NOW.
7:54:50 PMTheFu Calendar reminders are amazing things.
7:55:53 PMSolbu Hehe. Good one Jeff. -)
7:56:01 PMnoeman5 @Jeff Weston Good one!
7:56:18 PMMarshMan @varian4:
7:57:22 PMMarshMan @varian4 - there s a 10 minute delay for posting
7:57:43 PMTheFu For Sasha: Be afraid. That's a CBS News story.
7:59:04 PMTheFu Cauliflower can replace rice, if you're trying to reduce carbs.
7:59:05 PMMarshMan Speak about cauliflower and @Jeff Weston leaves
7:59:09 PMMarshMan Who knew?
8:00:15 PMnoeman5 dicing cauliflower?
8:00:47 PMTheFu Actually, it was location data being sold by telecoms, FB, google, etc ... which you can buy for $19.95.
8:01:15 PMTheFu No names, but do you leave your cell phone at work or do you take it home?
8:01:46 PMameridroid59 Shaun Murphy sounds like a good doctor
8:01:48 PMnoeman5 eh, just put it in a Faraday envelope
8:01:49 PMTheFu In the USA, property information (price paid, owners name) is available online.
8:02:34 PMTheFu I do use an envelope, but then the phone doesn't ring at the house. And there are 2 other people here who will NOT do that.
8:04:06 PMMarshMan TheFu, I keep both of my cell phones together so they can talk to each other
8:04:30 PMnoeman5 This could be a boon for burn victims
8:05:52 PMMarshMan Could have used this idea instead of having a giant skin graft
8:06:00 PMSolbu The Star Trek Hypospray is comming…
8:06:12 PMjlim good job @SashaR
8:06:38 PMjlim 👍
8:07:45 PMjlim lol
8:08:05 PMSashaR Thank you!!
8:09:06 PMDennis_Kelley @SashaR I Love the new sticker!
8:09:26 PMnoeman5 Solbu, in the army we received dozens of injections via a pneumatic syringe. Early hypospray?
8:09:46 PMMarshMan @SashaR it is called an aglet
8:10:19 PMjlim you guys don't daylight savings? do you?
8:10:47 PMCee128D Next time I play Trivial Pursuit, MarshMan is on my team
8:11:03 PMameridroid59 Always watching, Wyzowski. Always watching...
8:11:09 PMMarshMan If it's useless info that cannot make me any money, it's in my head
8:11:14 PMjlim lol
8:11:24 PMSweSG I bought a USB stick yesterday. SanDisk!
8:12:11 PMCee128D My Family calls me the fount of useless trivia. The more useless it is, the more likely I am to know it.
8:12:24 PMSweSG
8:12:41 PMjlim welcom back, welcome back, welcome back
8:12:55 PMjlim welcome back carter
8:13:00 PMjlim lol
8:13:28 PMnoeman5 Whoa, that's going way back @jlim
8:13:40 PMSolbu Cee128D: Everyone got a skill. ;-)
8:13:52 PMjlim yes@noeman5
8:14:11 PMMarshMan @SashaR are you muting yourself?
8:14:20 PMTheFu "What?" "Where?"
8:14:42 PMMikeyikey like stargate
8:14:55 PMCee128D Sasha's mic is turned off.
8:15:06 PMDennis_Kelley congrates
8:15:11 PMSashaR battery is dead 😦
8:15:18 PMjlim i must have lag here
8:15:19 PMMarshMan Whoops
8:15:27 PMSashaR no one will notice!
8:15:34 PMTheFu She's dead Jim.
8:15:49 PMDennis_Kelley well will notice @SashaR
8:16:18 PMnoeman5 fun show follks, as always!
8:16:19 PMMarshMan Thanks for setting off my vertigo @RobbieF
8:16:28 PMMarshMan 😛
8:16:33 PMDennis_Kelley now she will not talk at all!
8:16:44 PMSashaR can't ... but I can smile
8:16:55 PMDennis_Kelley great smile!
8:17:00 PMMarshMan as always @SashaR
8:17:09 PMjlim nice]
8:17:20 PMCee128D SashaR, just turn and yell at Robbie. His mic should pic you up.
8:17:28 PMameridroid59 Thanks for a great show!
8:17:36 PMjlim lol @SashaR
8:18:20 PMMarshMan Battery died during the Time Tunnel piece
8:18:38 PMMarshMan Mouse face
8:18:42 PMMarshMan Cooooool
8:18:51 PMDennis_Kelley great show!
8:19:00 PMBobK54 night all!!
8:19:05 PMjlim lol
8:19:09 PMjlim good night
8:19:11 PMTheFu Made me smile. Thanks Robbie!
8:19:13 PMnoeman5 @SashaR is practicing for Vanna White's job
8:19:14 PMMikeyikey good night
8:19:15 PMSashaR Thank you guys 😃 I'm already looking forward to next week 😃
8:19:25 PMSashaR bahaha!!!
8:19:32 PMameridroid59 @RobbieF Got our first shipment of KKSB cases in stock now. Thanks for hooking us up!
8:19:36 PMSashaR I'd say Lol, but no one will hear me 😃
8:19:51 PMSashaR Logging off and heading home!
8:19:56 PMTheFu Are you in space SashaR?
8:20:01 PMMarshMan Night sweetness
8:20:04 PMSweSG nn
8:20:25 PMTheFu Where nobody can hear you scream!
8:20:54 PMTheFu Operation Peticoat
8:21:15 PMDennis_Kelley @MarshMan your smart.. is there a way to safe all the open tabs in firefos?
8:21:26 PMnoeman5 Heading to dinner with family, goodnight all.
8:21:27 PMDennis_Kelley *save
8:21:40 PMDennis_Kelley *firefox
8:21:46 PMDennis_Kelley cant type tonight
8:22:15 PMMarshMan Right-click on any tab that is open in the browser and select "bookmark all tabs" from the context menu.
8:22:57 PMMarshMan Works on Chrome as well
8:23:22 PMMarshMan @Dennis_Kelley
8:23:37 PMDennis_Kelley that works! thanks
8:33:59 PMRobbieF Since ameridroid mentioned synergy it should be noted my work setup is 3 monitor synergy (where I use this technique).
8:34:13 PMRobbieF Too bad I missed that question when live.


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