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6:58:04 PMTheFu Been unshaved and no haircut for about 4 months - DMV visit tomorrow. ;)
6:58:05 PMRobbieF
6:58:37 PMSashaR Thank you!! I have excactly one person on the "messy hair" team with me πŸ˜ƒ
6:58:50 PMRobbieF Her hair looks GREAT on me
6:58:59 PMMarshMan Everybody STOP TYPING
6:59:09 PMnoeman5 Sasha's bangs make you look like you have REALLY bushy eyebrows Robbie
6:59:11 PMRobbieF Hi
6:59:14 PMRobbieF How are you?
6:59:18 PMRobbieF Nice to see you.
6:59:30 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:33 PMDennis_Kelley Hllo
6:59:34 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:36 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:39 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:42 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:45 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
6:59:46 PMTheFu
6:59:48 PMMarshMan πŸ₯“
7:00:01 PMMarshMan ❀ @SashaR
7:00:20 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:21 PMDennis_Kelley Hello @RobbieF and @SashaR
7:00:24 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:26 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:29 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:31 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:39 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:42 PMDennis_Kelley
7:00:43 PMMarshMan πŸ†
7:00:47 PMTheFu You knew I couldn't resist.
7:01:23 PMMortimer Hello I drew a picture yay
7:01:24 PMMortimer
7:01:26 PMMarshMan NOW YOU KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE @RobbieF and @SashaR
7:01:27 PMDennis_Kelley even the picture?
7:01:37 PMDennis_Kelley
7:01:56 PMMortimer oh my
7:02:34 PMDennis_Kelley @Mortimer see what you have to look forward to!
7:02:37 PMMarshMan
7:03:32 PMBlokey Evening all
7:03:35 PMDennis_Kelley @SashaR I love your shirt
7:03:51 PMDennis_Kelley evening Blokey
7:04:12 PMTheFu They were drinkin' _something_
7:04:21 PMMarshMan
7:04:27 PMDennis_Kelley or smoking something
7:05:13 PMTheFu
7:05:34 PMDennis_Kelley Picard face plam!
7:05:44 PMBlokey I logged in but went for a shower so I was almost early for the show
7:06:03 PMDennis_Kelley
7:06:10 PMDennis_Kelley it was time
7:06:21 PMSkywriter64 A_LOTT make-up
7:06:42 PMMarshMan UNCLE!
7:07:13 PMMarshMan He's a 150 years old?
7:07:15 PMTheFu Archeology, no doubt.
7:07:40 PMnoeman5 Feeling pains in my chest when I wear this.
7:07:41 PMnoeman5
7:08:06 PMDennis_Kelley @MarshMan so you dont want me to post the picture again?
7:08:36 PMTheFu IMDB says 10 eps
7:09:43 PMMarshMan No comment @Dennis_Kelley
7:10:02 PMDennis_Kelley dont make me post it again!
7:10:23 PMMoeMaravilla Hello everyone
7:10:29 PMTheFu Funny ... 3 times. Not so much after that. IMHO.
7:10:58 PMDennis_Kelley hello MoeMaravilla
7:10:59 PMMarshMan
7:11:31 PMDennis_Kelley ok TheFu I feel ya!
7:12:20 PMTheFu Chromebooks usually have an offline mode for recent documents. Doesn't a chromium-book have that too?
7:13:14 PMMarshMan Or the Toronto Zoo @RobbieF
7:14:36 PMnoeman5 Not a cabin, but in my kayak in the middle of a lake, but I usually don't take a laptop with me there, that's where I escape.
7:14:39 PMMarshMan Don't jump on your new computer @RobbieF
7:16:15 PMnoeman5 How about Internet Exploder?
7:16:25 PMDennis_Kelley um no
7:16:26 PMTheFu Chromium-browser ok????
7:16:28 PMMarshMan If you used Firefox the extension would be disabled anyway
7:17:55 PMTheFu Lots of chromebooks only have 16G total storage. About 8 for the OS alone, I think.
7:19:35 PMSolbu Shared collisions :-)
7:25:37 PMnoeman5 Welcom @don-geek-dom
7:28:59 PMBobK54 but but a MS commercial a few years back Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars" fame said this was impossible! He said a Chromebook without internet was "a BRICK". I did call him out on that via email...he never answered. πŸ˜ƒ
7:29:32 PMnoeman5 He should have called one of his friends
7:29:40 PMBobK54 hahahaha
7:30:55 PMnoeman5 But Microsponge always tells the whole truth, right?
7:32:59 PMnoeman5 So Sasha is a flapper?
7:33:03 PMDennis_Kelley @SashaR I like your shirt
7:34:18 PMnoeman5 You need some chocolate covered espresso beans.
7:34:59 PMTheFu Cuba gets wifi! It is legal there as of today.
7:35:52 PMnoeman5 Welcome to 1985 Cuba!
7:37:41 PMBobK54 China: "All your drones are belong to us"
7:38:14 PMnoeman5 Political posturing or technology concern?
7:38:32 PMTheFu ... some data is sent, but
7:39:45 PMnoeman5 Taking a page from Windows 10 and phoning home with telemetry you can't completely cancel?
7:40:01 PMMarshMan How do you spell hypocritical - USA
7:40:35 PMTheFu I think MSFT is worse than DJI at this point.
7:43:46 PMTheFu The US Army stopped using DJI drones and had their people hand them in.
7:44:09 PMTheFu Think that was in 2018, perhaps earlier.
7:49:43 PMMarshMan I sleep with my eyes closed
7:49:49 PMMarshMan Usually
7:51:56 PMTheFu Some US companies provide health insurance incentives for using these tracking devices and allowing the health insurance provider access to the data.
7:52:37 PMMarshMan I like the use of the word "incentives"
7:52:52 PMMarshMan Do it or PAY
7:53:23 PMMarshMan Sorry, doing Jeff impression today
7:53:27 PMMarshMan πŸ˜›
7:54:06 PMTheFu
7:54:51 PMMarshMan Wow, old pic
7:55:25 PMTheFu Needed to find one without copyright issues. ;)
7:56:21 PMTheFu Wasn't there a STNG episode where they merged with STO?
7:56:54 PMMarshMan With the Tribbles
7:57:30 PMTheFu Stream has stopped twice tonight. Just me?
7:57:52 PMMarshMan Very brief once
7:58:28 PMMarshMan Thyen again I have about 35 devices using bandwith here
7:59:14 PMDennis_Kelley a few SBC's @MarshMan ?
7:59:28 PMMarshMan 20 NEMS servers
7:59:38 PMDennis_Kelley nice
8:00:27 PMTheFu Sasha - there was a Robbin Williams' movie _The Final Cut_ about making a eulogy from life recordings.
8:00:56 PMTheFu s/Robbin/Robin/
8:01:22 PMSashaR I'll have to watch it πŸ˜ƒ
8:03:43 PMMarshMan May 29, we have a b'day today
8:05:05 PMSashaR Who's? πŸ˜ƒ
8:05:34 PMMarshMan 🎁 Mrs MMarshman🎁
8:05:49 PMSashaR HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!
8:06:33 PMDennis_Kelley @MarshMan wish her happy birthday from us!
8:07:16 PMMarshMan 🎁
8:08:20 PMMarshMan She thanks all for the birthday wishes
8:09:11 PMBobK54 digital etch-a-sketch"?
8:09:25 PMMarshMan Eggsactly
8:14:12 PMDennis_Kelley Great Show @RobbieF and @SashaR !!
8:14:26 PMSashaR Thank you @Dennis_Kelley
8:14:27 PMnoeman5 I follow Robbie and now have 1 follower. Lol
8:15:02 PMMarshMan One follower is sometines called a stalker
8:15:34 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan ha ha
8:15:59 PMTheFu Sounds like an old 1985 HDD.
8:16:12 PMMarshMan Can't wait for next weeks shirt @SashaR
8:16:38 PMTheFu DK - you know what we need now, right?
8:16:39 PMSashaR What sort of birthday fun did you treat D to? Supper?
8:16:40 PMnoeman5 It won't be her favorite
8:17:31 PMMarshMan She unfortunately is not feeling well this week so I have been doing things all week
8:17:54 PMDennis_Kelley
8:18:06 PMMarshMan Cooking, cleaning, driving her to doctors @SashaR
8:18:24 PMMarshMan D'oh @Dennis_Kelley
8:19:28 PMMarshMan That pic is just SO wrong
8:19:59 PMDennis_Kelley TheFu made me post it again!
8:20:21 PMnoeman5 You will see that picture when you least expect it for years to come.
8:20:36 PMDennis_Kelley yes you will
8:20:42 PMMarshMan Yeah, that is not going to die anytime soon
8:21:13 PMDennis_Kelley you wish it would @MarshMan
8:21:34 PMMarshMan Doesn't bother me
8:21:39 PMTheFu I use translate when traveling. There's a voice mode - just hand the phone back and forth.
8:21:39 PMDennis_Kelley never!
8:22:05 PMMarshMan Messy hair on Robbies face
8:22:20 PMnoeman5 We've got phones that are smarter than communicators, replicator type devices and now dermal regenerators. Star Trek is now
8:22:42 PMTheFu Only issue is when you get to a country that doesn't allow foreigners to get a SIM in less than 2 weeks - cough - Chile!
8:22:55 PMSashaR Thank you everyone.. what a great show!!
8:23:29 PMMarshMan Despite the chatroom redundancy
8:23:53 PMMarshMan Despite the chatroom redundancy
8:24:00 PMTheFu Good night from the Department of Redundancy department.
8:24:03 PMRobbieF ❀
8:24:28 PMnoeman5 Time to hit the gym. Thanks for the great show. See you all next week!
8:24:41 PMRobbieF Thanks @noeman5
8:24:48 PMMarshMan
8:25:07 PMnoeman5 Nice @MarshMan
8:26:20 PMMarshMan I have to get back up to Barrie soon
8:26:34 PMRobbieF That'd be nice.
8:26:41 PMRobbieF Just wait until the construction is over πŸ˜„
8:26:42 PMstormchaser3000 and I am late again :/
8:26:45 PMRobbieF otherwise, great city.
8:27:01 PMRobbieF stormchaser3000 did you want us to start the show over?
8:27:02 PMRobbieF πŸ˜„
8:27:06 PMGWG I have to get to Ontario someday
8:27:07 PMMarshMan Construction?
8:27:23 PMstormchaser3000 RobbieF: that would be very unreasonable of me to ask you to do that
8:27:58 PMstormchaser3000 not to mention it would be very rude of me
8:28:00 PMMarshMan I work in Manhattan where they build entire neighborhoods at a time
8:28:10 PMstormchaser3000 I will just watch the recorded version :)
8:28:39 PMMarshMan It was fun. Make sure you do
8:29:05 PMstormchaser3000 lol I don't have emoticon support installed at the moment so I was not able to see the text emoticons
8:30:30 PMRobbieF stormchaser3000 don't worry, I'd have said no πŸ˜„
8:30:31 PMRobbieF hehe
8:30:45 PMRobbieF Can't repackage something only to unbox it LOL
8:30:52 PMMarshMan Uh oh
8:30:59 PMDennis_Kelley @RobbieF how is your arm feeling?
8:31:37 PMRobbieF I am definitely on the other side DK, thanks. Still a fair bit of pain, but it comes in waves now, not constant.
8:31:51 PMDennis_Kelley good to hear?
8:31:59 PMRobbieF Yes, I think so. πŸ˜„
8:32:14 PMMarshMan Don't get complacent @RobbieF
8:32:27 PMRobbieF I'm not bro, don't worry. And thanks.
8:32:42 PMRobbieF Watch back the episode. You'll see I'm careful with my right arm.
8:33:57 PMMarshMan I saw. I just am speaking as a person with TWO surgeries under their belt to prevent nerve damage
8:34:35 PMRobbieF Yeah. Thanks bro. I do appreciate it.
8:35:44 PMMarshMan Ok. Take care. I know you have work to do now. 6 days and 22 1/2 hours to go.
8:36:20 PMRobbieF Looking forward to the next one.
9:24:07 PMRobbieF PATRONS: I just subbed out the final 4TB drive on our backup unit. Full 10 TB rotation has now begun.


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