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6:58:22 PMSashaR okay... I'll ask him bout it later 😃
6:58:40 PMYetiWizard Congrats 😄
6:58:52 PMGarbee Snow
6:59:23 PMMarshMan The Roads of Barrie Rap
6:59:54 PMGarbee Technical Problems
7:00:28 PMMarshMan Poutine Rap
7:00:49 PMSkywriter64 How about Picard
7:01:04 PMMarshMan I accept blame
7:01:19 PMSolbu The Picard Orville Rap.
7:01:31 PMABQTKY SashaR Wow, your Tee Shirt looks just like the new Macintosh!
7:01:43 PMGarbee Orville alone
7:01:45 PMYetiWizard Do one about that bird that got in the office xD
7:01:46 PMGarbee Hell yea
7:02:08 PMGarbee A parody of the parody.
7:02:13 PMGarbee No....
7:03:32 PMGarbee Time traveling email.
7:06:26 PMSolbu Nice RobbieF, that is good advice.
7:06:38 PMGarbee Coding is all about Google
7:08:28 PMMarshMan Hi all!
7:08:56 PMMarshMan 🌎
7:09:30 PMnoeman5 Hi @MarshMan marsh, on the road home again, juggling phones?
7:10:07 PMMarshMan Negative. Comfy cozy in my recliner.
7:10:34 PMnoeman5 🙂
7:12:54 PMGarbee Covergirl!
7:12:57 PMnoeman5 Interesting, when I type something into Discord on my phone, it takes 7 seconds to show on the sidebar on my laptop and another 12 seconds to appear on the sidebar on my TV.
7:13:30 PMMarshMan There is latency with the feed
7:13:39 PMMarshMan Of the show
7:13:41 PMnoeman5 Bigtime
7:14:22 PMMarshMan I have seen it close to 90 seconds on Roku sometimes
7:15:48 PMnoeman5 That's what I'm watching it on, (Roku) on the TV. Guess I'll stick with the laptop, it's a bit faster.
7:16:50 PMMarshMan Yay, @RobbieF finally received his Pinebook
7:17:08 PMGarbee Pinebook finally
7:17:36 PMGarbee Oh the Pro still isn't out.
7:17:52 PMGarbee Picard torture episode
7:18:02 PMGarbee From TNG secret mission
7:18:02 PMalpeck sesame street
7:19:14 PMalpeck hahaha!
7:20:06 PMnoeman5 From Walmart?
7:21:44 PMGarbee Canadian or American bucks?
7:21:46 PMGarbee Big difference.
7:22:47 PMGarbee Or spacebucks? Gotta be at least a million then.
7:23:54 PMnoeman5 Gotta pay off Pizza Th Hutt @Garbee ?
7:24:45 PMGarbee noeman5, Nah I pay ahead.
7:25:33 PMnoeman5 Thought you were referencing Spaceballs.
7:26:32 PMnoeman5 There goes Robbie's white balance, lol.
7:26:53 PMMarshMan Ohhh, @RobbieF didn’t get the plastic carry case shipping box
7:27:35 PMMarshMan The entire letter in it’s entirety
7:27:58 PMMarshMan From the Department of Redundancy Department
7:28:12 PMnoeman5 From the Office of Redundant Redundancy.
7:29:24 PMMarshMan KDE Neon should be loaded
7:31:08 PMMarshMan 2G of RAM
7:32:05 PMMarshMan Plug it in @RobbieF the battery may be flat
7:32:28 PMMarshMan The HDMI only works with certain OSes
7:34:43 PMMarshMan Check the wiki for key mappings
7:36:45 PMalpeck shift key as well
7:37:10 PMYetiWizard Fix it by using a custom keyboard layout
7:37:14 PMnoeman5 They did it because they can.
7:37:27 PMnoeman5 Remap!
7:39:17 PMGarbee No branding
7:39:56 PMGarbee 'ey, I like my Apple logo. It's a useful flashlight.
7:41:37 PMYetiWizard heh, more like "Hey look, I can afford Apple products!" 😄
7:42:38 PMGarbee @YetiWizard Nah, that's the newer ones that don't have it light up.
7:43:36 PMGarbee What happens if you pour soda on the keyboard? Just enough to be a spill.
7:43:39 PMYetiWizard oh, so they removed that
7:43:55 PMGarbee @YetiWizard Yea, USB-C+ systems, no lit up logo.
7:45:48 PMalpeck Robbie is doing the sesame street voices again
7:45:57 PMGarbee arg, I need to go get dinner soon.
7:46:46 PMnoeman5 I wonder what the battery level is out of the box. Maybe you need to plug it in.
7:48:17 PMMarshMan @noeman5 there have been dead batteries on arrival cuz there was a bug where the laptop powered down and back on after you close it
7:48:53 PMMarshMan Not that they listened to me earlier
7:50:21 PMYetiWizard Is the keyboard backlit?
7:50:23 PMalpeck maybe it is something in the touch pad settings
7:50:39 PMMarshMan I HATE tapping the pad
7:50:46 PMMarshMan No backlight
7:51:21 PMMarshMan Not in the wrong place for two fingered typists
7:52:55 PMSolbu A pinebook in 1959 – Robbie would be king! :-)
7:53:47 PMSashaR @MarshMan we did listen to you! 😃
7:53:48 PMnoeman5 Do or Do Not, there is no try
7:54:39 PMMarshMan # timedatectl set-time '2019-06-05 19:50:30’
7:54:39 PMSolbu SashaR: Tell him to use ntpdate
7:55:33 PMMarshMan @SashaR see above
7:56:20 PMMarshMan My arms are too short
7:56:29 PMGarbee That # means a root shell
7:56:38 PMGarbee Everything after it is the command to run.
7:57:19 PMYetiWizard See, in Windows it's just disable-enable Automatic Date/Time 😄
7:57:33 PMGarbee We can't fix that keyboard though.
7:57:51 PMGarbee It is a $100 computer....
7:58:35 PMSolbu SashaR: If he install «chrony», it will set the date on each boot, and each time he get a network connection. I install that on all systems I configure for clients.
8:00:12 PMSashaR Thanks guys!! 😃
8:00:50 PMYetiWizard Yay 😁
8:00:59 PMMarshMan I went through this with my Pinebook. @RobbieF should have contacted me. 😛
8:01:08 PMnoeman5 The Pinebook Drive You Out Of Your Mind experience.
8:01:27 PMGarbee Yes I can hear it.
8:01:48 PMMarshMan The “speakers” are awful
8:01:51 PMGarbee It's a $100 system. I wouldn't expect good sound.
8:01:54 PMnoeman5 Headphone jack?
8:02:00 PMMarshMan Yes
8:02:02 PMGarbee It's enough for the system notification ping.
8:02:06 PMMarshMan Yes
8:02:50 PMYetiWizard Amplify it in the equalizer🔊
8:02:55 PMnoeman5 I would use my Power Locus headphones
8:03:37 PMGarbee Oh speaking of Bash... To anyone programming scripts for MacOS, Apple is making ZSH the default going forward. So... Brace yourselves for Bash's removal in a few years.
8:03:47 PMalpeck does font look off in Discord???
8:04:22 PMGarbee alpeck, yes it does. Looks very skinny.
8:04:28 PMnoeman5 Klingon or Kaylon?
8:04:33 PMGarbee But, nothing that can be fixed right now so... Something for after-hours.
8:04:52 PMSolbu SashaR: Battery time on that?
8:04:54 PMalpeck Letter i and l is skinny and faint
8:05:36 PMnoeman5 @alpeck I get the same thing on my end.
8:06:06 PMnoeman5 But only on my laptop screen
8:06:19 PMMarshMan @RobbieF different OSes will operate differently
8:06:20 PMSolbu «acpi -i» will give some battery info.
8:06:28 PMalpeck I am on the road and not using my normal computer so I thought maybe that was the problem
8:07:07 PMstormchaser3000 I really like the Pine64
8:07:17 PMstormchaser3000 I haven't tested the Pinebook though
8:07:25 PMstormchaser3000 I am waiting for the PInebook Pro to come out
8:08:04 PMGarbee Pro needs to have a different (normal) keybaord.
8:08:55 PMGarbee No key stickers and do Dvorak as default.
8:10:20 PMGarbee Time for me to go get dinner. See ya'll later.
8:10:22 PMYetiWizard What I want is a keyboard that has mini displays on each key for when you use multiple layouts 😄
8:10:38 PMYetiWizard bye
8:11:42 PMstormchaser3000 @RobbieF would you recommend that I buy the Pine64 if all I would need to do with it is word processing or watching videos?
8:11:45 PMYetiWizard oh, thats useful
8:11:50 PMnoeman5 See you later @Garbee
8:12:32 PMnoeman5 Word Processing might be a problem with the key layout
8:12:56 PMstormchaser3000 I was actually thinking that I would like to buy my mother a laptop (her previous laptop broke)
8:13:45 PMTheFu You won't be coding Java in Eclipse on that machine.
8:14:02 PMstormchaser3000 I actually find that you could use a SBC as your daily driver if all you need is basic computing needs
8:14:22 PMYetiWizard Do you actually use the french layout?
8:14:41 PMYetiWizard The AZERTY one?
8:14:44 PMTheFu I used chromebooks w/ Ubuntu-Mate since 2013 as a daily driver ... on travel.
8:15:01 PMalpeck nothing against French-Canadians but I hate the French-Canadian keyboard layout


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