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6:58:12 PMBobK54 πŸ˜ƒ
6:58:44 PMGWG Anyone ever been to Bulgaria?
6:59:42 PMameridroid @GWG I've been to Ukraine, but not Bulgaria.
7:00:03 PMstormchaser3000 watching this on roku while I download OSMC
7:00:08 PMGWG I'm trying to learn about it
7:00:09 PMTheFu GWG - lots of people. I'm sure.
7:00:24 PMTheFu ;)
7:01:07 PMGWG Yes, but no one I know.
7:01:33 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn,NY
7:02:15 PMSolbu Hi from home. ;-)
7:02:22 PMGWG Hi from Queens, NY
7:02:31 PMstormchaser3000 emphasis on KODI XD
7:02:31 PMTheFu Solbu, don't you mean flat?
7:02:40 PMGWG It's like Brooklyn, only we have less subways
7:03:06 PMSolbu TheFu: it is still my home, untill I move. :-)
7:03:33 PMzh @RobbieF @SashaR gonna love this one
7:03:42 PMTheFu Do you have a detailed plan to move all the servers to minimize downtime?
7:04:01 PMSolbu There is really only one server.
7:04:22 PMSolbu I have a backup MX running in a datacenter, so mail won't be lost.
7:04:36 PMameridroid I have a Pinebook, and I use it!
7:05:09 PMSkywriter64 Hi, I just found out that if you subscribe to YoutubeTv, you cannot copy or make a dvd from that cloud service?
7:05:36 PMGWG I need something cheap to use for videoconferencing at events
7:05:41 PMGWG Wonder if it would fit the bill.
7:05:45 PMTheFu Skywriter64, which TV service DOES allow that?
7:06:42 PMameridroid GWG, probably not.
7:07:04 PMGWG ameridroid: I have been using Chromebooks and Android Tablets
7:07:09 PMSkywriter64 I just trying to find out which service does?
7:07:29 PMABQTKY Skywriter64 - Broadcast TV (with rabbit ears) lets you do that. The Supreme Court here in the USA said so...back in the mid 70's.
7:07:33 PMzh the live on cat5 tv only max to 720p here
7:08:31 PMameridroid I use my Pinebook to do some basic browsing and SSH access to other machines.
7:08:40 PMGWG Anyone have a 40% keyboard?
7:09:30 PMameridroid Chromium-browser is pretty good.
7:09:43 PMGarbee Chromium and Chrome are the same except the proprietary plugins and the auto-update mechanism.
7:10:01 PMTheFu Robbie doesn't use x2go - an NX implementation?
7:10:21 PMstormchaser3000 why google docs? not trying to be rude but what about native alternatives such as Libreoffice or WPS office? maybe I am missing something
7:11:10 PMSweSG Hello!
7:11:31 PMameridroid I use LibreOffice on my Pinebook and it works fine.
7:12:04 PMzh
7:12:07 PMSkywriter64 ABQTKY,I looking to cut the cable because Spectrum charges about $90 for TV service
7:12:13 PMTheFu Pinebook is ARM ... don't think there is any NX implementation for that architecture.
7:12:26 PMTheFu Skywriter64, I cut paid TV in 2012.
7:12:33 PMameridroid The battery lasts forever...
7:12:36 PMABQTKY Skywriter64 - That's a very good reason!!
7:12:38 PMYetiWizard Robbie, how many Words Per Minute?
7:13:32 PMYetiWizard 180 sounds extreme πŸ˜„
7:13:33 PMMarshMan @RobbieF ctrl-shift-+ and zooming in Chromium works on Armbian on Pinebook
7:13:54 PMTheFu The keyboard matters for speed and accuracy, massively.
7:13:56 PMameridroid I'm slow at 104wpm
7:14:14 PMstormchaser3000 @RobbieF: why do you need Google Docs on a pinebook? why not use LibreOffice? (not trying to be rude. I am just trying to understand)
7:14:24 PMzh @RobbieF my suggestion is to get a nice mechanical gaming keyboard for the arm damage and plug to any device used
7:15:13 PMSkywriter64 I have my own DVRs that why I am looking that kind of service to make dvd copies.
7:16:16 PMMarshMan @RobbieF I installed a 64G eMMC
7:16:31 PMMarshMan to replace the 16G
7:16:58 PMABQTKY Skywriter64, MythTV, Handbrake...and the rabbit ears...and a bunch of half width cases and you're golden! BTW, BD-R holds a bunch of stuff, on each disc.
7:17:10 PMGarbee Robbie is used to a dual-CPU Xeon workstation. He can't go to ARM full time.
7:17:40 PMTheFu There is a raspbian version of x2goclient. Remote desktop with security, ssh, solved.
7:18:54 PMcocoflan would be nice to hear what you think about
7:19:53 PMameridroid I use xfreerdp to connect to RDP systems on my Pinebook.
7:21:18 PMTheFu ameridroid, check out x2go - feels 2-3x faster than free rdp/vnc options, plus it goes through ssh as part of the NX protocol.
7:22:09 PMameridroid Highlight a double quote, CTRL-C, and then CTRL-V whenever you need it. ;-p
7:22:26 PMstormchaser3000 @RobbieF the Pinebook Pro is supposed to have an ANSI keyboard option
7:22:43 PMameridroid Yes:
7:23:14 PMzh always had the problem to setup a remote access to machines across reboots and poweroff's seems no remote protocol is perfect, rdp was best used but not so secure and not opensource only on variants
7:24:05 PMTheFu Remote sessions should reconnect from any authenticated client without issue.
7:24:36 PMcocoflan docker on RPi or SBC maby something ?
7:26:12 PMTheFu cocoflan, Any 3.x or later linux kernel can run a linux "container" - it is part of the OS.
7:28:00 PMameridroid
7:28:30 PMameridroid ISO, I believe
7:28:58 PMameridroid ^^ The keyboard layout
7:29:24 PMcocoflan just want to share some usefull information that's all, for the program.
7:31:00 PMTheFu Where's the DEL key?
7:31:18 PMTheFu Looks like they put the power buttin in the WRONG PLACE!!!
7:31:26 PMMarshMan Upper right, next to power key
7:31:32 PMcocoflan Most flexible os for SBC is dietpi !
7:32:33 PMameridroid If I recall, you have to hold the power key for a second or two before it activates.
7:32:46 PMMarshMan Correct
7:33:24 PMTheFu I'm looking online at an image ...
7:33:54 PMstormchaser3000 I got kodi setup finally so I am now watching the show on my raspberry pi πŸ˜„
7:34:40 PMMarshMan Can it core a apple?
7:34:49 PMameridroid I believe KODI will run on the Pinebook. It should be at least as decent as a Raspberry Pi.
7:35:14 PMTheFu Ah - multiple keyboard options available.
7:35:18 PMstormchaser3000 true
7:35:52 PMTheFu Moss? Is that you?
7:36:53 PMSolbu Either RobbieF just muted hs mike, or it died, possibly batterdy ran out.
7:37:09 PMSolbu Ok, he muted. ;-)
7:38:17 PMcocoflan
7:40:10 PMRobbieF
7:40:50 PMSolbu nice.
7:41:27 PMMarshMan Marriage made in heaven
7:43:03 PMMarshMan Wow! I managed to make dinner betwen Pinbook and the news
7:43:13 PMSolbu RobbieF: You almost had the Nathan experience. :-)
7:43:23 PMSolbu Or was it laban.
7:43:58 PMTheFu i2p FTW
7:45:10 PMMarshMan Is @SashaR right eye ok??
7:45:59 PMzh @RobbieF darkenet is just a isolated network over tor
7:49:21 PMGopher Journalists in restricted countries use Tor
7:50:14 PMameridroid @Solbu - it was Laban and Jacob, I believe, and the daughters were Leah and Rachael.
7:50:15 PMzh The darknets which constitute the dark web include small, friend-to-friend peer-to-peer networks, as well as large, popular networks like Tor, Freenet, I2P, and Riffle operated by public organizations and individuals.
7:50:50 PMSolbu ameridroid: Ahh, yes.
7:51:01 PMMarshMan Google isn't dark?
7:51:01 PMSolbu Been a while since I've read that.
7:51:11 PMzh
7:51:19 PMameridroid Any time you make a VPN connection to your private network, you are making a dark web. ;-p
7:52:27 PMSolbu Β«Yeess. Let the dark side flow through your veins.Β»
7:52:36 PMTheFu ameridroid, assuming you don't use PPTP. ;)
7:54:08 PMSolbu I insist on using Postfix as mailserver.
7:54:28 PMTheFu same here. sendmail before it was available.
7:55:51 PMSolbu Allmost the first thing I do on debian systems, is replacing exim with postfix.
7:56:10 PMSolbu … after installing etckeeper. :-)
7:57:08 PMcocoflan nobody ever heard of dietpi ?
7:57:27 PMameridroid @cocoflan I have, and have used it.
7:58:02 PMzh
8:00:22 PMcocoflan
8:01:15 PMSolbu These are not the faces you are looking for.
8:02:59 PMGarbee I ordered my Stadia Founders Edition right away.
8:03:05 PMGarbee Loved the preview of it last year.
8:03:15 PMGarbee er, December/January.
8:04:07 PMstormchaser3000 stadia isn't for me
8:04:28 PMstormchaser3000 it might work for some people but I don't like the idea of cloud gaming
8:05:25 PMcocoflan AI test system in the browser
8:06:48 PMYetiWizard But do you guys play games? πŸ˜‰
8:07:21 PMMarshMan and I won't @RobbieF
8:08:12 PMalpeck may be it was an AI system that detected the problem Sasha
8:08:26 PMstormchaser3000 @RobbieF and @SashaR I don't like the idea of cloud gaming. the reason is because you don't actually get any software when you purchase the games on stadia (yes games are available for individual purchace)
8:08:33 PMMarshMan I am AI
8:11:33 PMMarshMan Inexpensive
8:15:38 PMameridroid Bye!
8:16:11 PMYetiWizard mentioning all these pages takes forever xD
8:16:18 PMSashaR πŸ˜ƒ
8:16:18 PMameridroid Hey, @RobbieF, do you remember if I'm coming up for the Juy 17th show?
8:19:59 PMameridroid Ah, I just checked my notes... it looks like it is the July 10th show.
8:20:03 PMSashaR Goodnight my friends πŸ˜ƒ
8:20:53 PMameridroid :-)
8:20:55 PMstormchaser3000 I wish I lived in Canda. then I could use libdvdcss legally (assuming Canada still doesn't have a DMCA style law)
8:21:10 PMameridroid Sounds great!
8:21:24 PMstormchaser3000 I want to rip my dvds so I can put them on a SSD and connect it to my raspberry pi
8:21:30 PMSashaR See you next week πŸ˜ƒ
8:21:50 PMMarshMan G'night all!
8:21:53 PMameridroid I like my Pinebook.
8:22:02 PMYetiWizard Good night!
8:22:03 PMstormchaser3000 have a good day/night Sasha and Robbie
8:22:13 PMameridroid Have a super week!
8:22:18 PMRonnicat lmbo
8:22:29 PMMarshMan Have a splendiferous week!
8:35:22 PMRobbieF Thanks all.


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