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6:58:35 PMSashaR Hi Mrs Marsh!!!!
6:59:02 PMMarshMan You look 27 today @SashaR
6:59:11 PMMarshMan the missus again
6:59:52 PMSashaR She is my best friend!
7:00:13 PMMoeMaravilla Hello everyone
7:00:27 PMMarshMan Hellllloooooooooo
7:00:36 PMSashaR Hello!!!
7:00:57 PMMarshMan Alexa, cut the music!
7:01:48 PMSashaR My back is burnt and bug bitey.... such a bad combo
7:02:12 PMMarshMan Been there - hated that!
7:02:34 PMSashaR My skin feels too small!
7:03:23 PMMarshMan Sound!!!
7:04:47 PMMarshMan A computer genius is the person who knows who to call for assistance
7:04:53 PMRonnicat hello everyone
7:05:19 PMSashaR That's right Marshman.... 😃
7:05:32 PMMarshMan And you call @RobbieF
7:06:02 PMSashaR Or... I turn it off and on again 😃
7:06:09 PMMarshMan LOL
7:07:13 PMRonnicat why?
7:07:31 PMMarshMan Ughhhhhhhh
7:07:37 PMSashaR You love it!
7:07:51 PMRonnicat lmbo hahahaha
7:08:46 PMMarshMan
7:08:59 PMRonnicat lol
7:10:14 PMMarshMan
7:10:53 PMMarshMan Always was the favorite @SashaR
7:10:54 PMYetiWizard Robbie sounds a little down 😄
7:10:58 PMMarshMan Always will be
7:11:18 PMMarshMan Challenge accepted!
7:11:39 PMRonnicat i am laughing so hard too
7:11:49 PMbigkitty
7:12:18 PMRonnicat OMG HAHAha
7:12:36 PMMarshMan
7:13:22 PMbigkitty
7:14:03 PMbigkitty ya
7:14:11 PMMarshMan
7:14:37 PMMarshMan HE HAS a box!!!!!
7:15:19 PMMarshMan Inside the box is a T-Rex that is both alive and dead.
7:15:33 PMMarshMan Schroedinger's T-Rex
7:16:10 PMbigkitty
7:17:08 PMSashaR This looks awesome!!!
7:17:27 PMMarshMan It will not ship until Aug 10
7:17:32 PMMarshMan Boooooo
7:17:45 PMRonnicat wow 6 CORE
7:18:12 PMMarshMan Big little architecture
7:18:17 PMbigkitty 6 core
7:18:42 PMbigkitty whats that
7:18:48 PMMarshMan 5 TOPS NPU , now THAT is cool
7:22:03 PMRonnicat The dreamy board...
7:23:06 PMMarshMan If using the NPU you probably shoukld use active cooling
7:26:11 PMMarshMan
7:27:08 PMMarshMan You did drop
7:27:12 PMMoeMaravilla microphone
7:27:43 PMbigkitty
7:27:59 PMMarshMan No, BOARD!
7:30:16 PMMarshMan Announced with a last second SOC change
7:30:51 PMbigkitty
7:31:43 PMMarshMan Bloatware
7:31:56 PMMarshMan Not here
7:32:21 PMbigkitty no
7:34:48 PMMarshMan Is that the 2Gig RAM version or 4Gig?
7:35:27 PMbigkitty yes, way
7:37:05 PMbigkitty ,whay
7:38:23 PMjlim @bigkitty \o
7:38:47 PMMarshMan What if while running the YouTube video you right click on the video and then Stats for Nerds?
7:41:30 PMMarshMan Just a cool little thing to look at Stats for Nerds
7:42:03 PMbigkitty that not work @jlim
7:44:02 PMMarshMan Got my coupon code today
7:44:07 PMYetiWizard How about testing it on a 4k display?
7:45:43 PMMarshMan Need to get a 4K display
7:46:54 PMMarshMan
7:48:10 PMSweSG Is it possible to buy in Sweden?
7:48:43 PMbigkitty @everyone hi im bigkitty go to
7:50:41 PMYetiWizard How big should it be? 😄
7:51:13 PMYetiWizard Might as well get an 8k
7:51:32 PMbigkitty hmmm how big swd it be
7:52:16 PMMarshMan Khadas site says they deliver to ALMOST every country in the world.
7:52:38 PMMarshMan Barely heard you @RobbieF
7:53:19 PMMarshMan @SashaR is just too special!
7:53:35 PMMarshMan Barely
7:54:25 PMYetiWizard What's the price difference?
7:54:26 PMMarshMan A win is a win!
7:55:02 PMMarshMan Enough to buy a 4K display
7:55:25 PMMarshMan Maybe not
7:56:38 PMYetiWizard Heh, I just got mine a couple months ago, you guys will have to wait 😅
8:04:57 PMMarshMan Slight spousal disagreements. 😛 Hah!
8:06:50 PMjlim @bigkitty \o
8:08:50 PMjlim @RobbieF \o
8:09:23 PMjlim @SashaR \o
8:10:52 PMjlim did i do it backward? @bigkitty
8:11:10 PMjlim \o @bigkitty
8:11:27 PMjlim \o @RobbieF
8:11:46 PMjlim \o @SashaR
8:13:23 PMameridroid Sorry I'm late!
8:13:43 PMMarshMan Hey @ameriDroid
8:13:45 PMameridroid We have the RPi4 available for preorder from
8:13:47 PMYetiWizard It's interesting how the extra GB of RAM kick the price up
8:14:15 PMameridroid The price jump is pretty standard for other SBCs. $10 per memory size jump.
8:14:45 PMYetiWizard and then 2 GB for $10
8:14:59 PMbigkitty /tenor @everyone
8:15:49 PMMarshMan @ameriDroid do you have an outlook for Odroid H2 availability?
8:15:56 PMjlim i am not a big Discord user. still learning it
8:15:59 PMjlim lol
8:16:04 PMameridroid We just sold out of our last batch, and more are coming in soon.
8:16:13 PMameridroid (H2)
8:17:08 PMSolbu Need some O to go with the H2? ;-)
8:17:20 PMMarshMan Placed my order today for the H2 so... I'll have to wait
8:17:35 PMMarshMan Sighhhhh
8:17:58 PMjlim @MarshMan \0
8:18:02 PMameridroid BTW, I'll have some ameriDroid stickers for Sasha's and Robbie's laptops when I come to visit. :-)
8:18:16 PMMarshMan Very cool!
8:18:25 PMameridroid And t-shirts.
8:18:54 PMjlim wierd. the facebook live feed keeps droping. I'll to switch to youtube
8:19:11 PMameridroid Just eat more BACON!
8:19:31 PMMarshMan 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓
8:19:40 PMjlim lol
8:19:59 PMameridroid Dehydrated eggplant bacon? That doesn't sound great, but it may be surprising...
8:20:03 PMMarshMan Fakin Bacon
8:20:18 PMbigkitty ✒
8:20:24 PMjlim lol
8:21:05 PMameridroid Satay?
8:21:10 PMᑭOᑭᔕIᑕᒪE seitan
8:21:19 PMᑭOᑭᔕIᑕᒪE almond malk -sasha
8:21:35 PMjlim go on Keto diet and you will not hae to worry about all this. lol
8:21:58 PMjlim My V key is sticking
8:22:45 PMjlim lol
8:23:15 PMameridroid Almost as old as my Windows laptop...
8:23:30 PMᑭOᑭᔕIᑕᒪE man I caught the show too late, want more of that rp4 segment
8:23:36 PMMarshMan
8:23:48 PMjlim lol @MarshMan
8:24:16 PMYetiWizard Mmmmm
8:24:36 PMMarshMan When I went to the recycling center today I saw that someone threw out a couple of IBM PC AT computers


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