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6:58:14 PMagamotto Not much... avoiding television today, enjoying a day off in the middle of the week
6:58:16 PMGarbee agamotto, charcoal-based. It isn't literally charcoal chunks like they used to do.
6:58:31 PMagamotto Ahh, ok.
6:58:38 PMSkywriter64 Sour dough starter
6:59:01 PMagamotto I really don't like the idea of any 'whitening' toothpaste...
6:59:14 PMGarbee No wonder I'm still single.
6:59:21 PMagamotto Teeth generally aren't meant to light up the room at night.
6:59:35 PMSkywriter64 I have a starter I started from 1980
6:59:49 PMGarbee agamotto, they are if you apply glow in the dark teethpaste.
6:59:51 PM7idge Good evening everyone
7:00:27 PMG_Dog1985_ my mom make her own soaps
7:00:29 PM7idge It's like 7-idge
7:00:43 PMagamotto True, but you know the stereotype: orange skin, flourescent teeth that look like dentures, and yet turkey-neck.
7:01:02 PMTheFu Some people use vodka for deodorant.
7:01:17 PMameriDroid Hello all
7:01:19 PMagamotto Well, alcohol would at least kill some of the bacteria
7:01:23 PMSashaR I use it to make vanilla extract 🙂
7:01:46 PMGarbee
7:01:58 PMTheFu I can post a picture ... you know the one ... if you like. ;)
7:02:06 PMG_Dog1985_ I am both
7:02:25 PMSashaR nope!
7:02:34 PMGarbee
7:02:39 PMGarbee Me eating dinner tonight ^^
7:02:46 PMnoeman5 would that be the face swap photo FU?
7:03:07 PMTheFu no comment.
7:03:10 PMagamotto I just had pizza for lunch today
7:03:40 PMGarbee
7:03:44 PMGarbee Graduated/
7:03:49 PMMaineGeek75 lol, Congratulations Sasha!
7:04:24 PMnoeman5 Congrats @SashaR !
7:04:47 PM7idge Congratulations @SashaR
7:05:06 PMalbertr Hi
7:05:47 PMGarbee
7:06:06 PMGarbee Sasha knowing tech...
7:06:28 PMagamotto Until the company servers go down...
7:06:54 PM7idge It looked like pathingtek on the dashcam screen
7:07:21 PMGarbee Hurry up, hack the dashcam.
7:07:48 PMagamotto Over 40 in Barrie?
7:08:43 PMTheFu Inside a closed vehicle.
7:08:57 PMagamotto Ahh
7:09:02 PMnoeman5 Try Arizona in the summer, where they drive with oven mitts on. lol
7:09:32 PMagamotto Don't laugh, my brother is in the Phoenix area and has had to do this
7:09:35 PMTheFu That's why there are leather steering wheel covers.
7:10:12 PMGarbee Arizona, the oven of the US.
7:10:15 PMnoeman5 I grew up in Yuma, Arizona. 108 is springtime.
7:13:20 PMagamotto Condoms on the ethernet ports?
7:13:50 PMTheFu RobbieF - Is there much ransomeware for Linux?
7:14:20 PMGarbee Drive keeps file history.
7:16:12 PMagamotto Teamviewer
7:16:19 PMMaineGeek75 anydesk
7:16:29 PMameriDroid Just published an article about building your own NAS today:
7:16:30 PMTheFu TNO - x2go over ssh tunnels.
7:16:37 PMagamotto It regularly keeps me from being disowned by extended family.
7:16:49 PMameriDroid This could be a good solution.
7:18:32 PMTheFu Businesses should use a self-hosted VPN for remote access.
7:18:40 PMagamotto The problem is that there are many legit Windows programs that INSIST on you turning off anti-bad people software just to install.
7:18:58 PMTheFu Windows? Windows?
7:19:24 PMagamotto Yah, I have extended family that insist on using it
7:19:55 PMTheFu I won't support family who isn't using Linux. agamotto
7:20:16 PMameriDroid @agamotto - Tell your family if they want support from you, they have to switch to Linux.
7:20:40 PMagamotto TheFu, I am almost there... I have to wait for a few to die off before I can institute a moratorium.
7:21:09 PMTheFu I did. 2 switched after they were hacked. 2 got hacked and refused to switch. The rest just buy new computers if anything happens.
7:21:38 PMnoeman5 Maybe it's a black helicopter @RobbieF
7:21:53 PMGarbee
7:22:00 PMagamotto catch? Don't you mean feature?
7:22:10 PM7idge I'm going to go to sleep now. Talk to you later Robbie!
7:22:51 PMGarbee
7:23:30 PMGarbee
7:23:32 PMnoeman5 good night @7idge
7:23:47 PMTheFu Linux Journal stopped last week. All their magazines are online, for free, now.
7:24:12 PMnoeman5 That's a shame FU. I liked that mag.
7:24:20 PMagamotto I am still in mourning for Tekthing
7:24:45 PMTheFu Yep. I have all the dead-tree versions ... them and Sys Admin.
7:25:36 PMagamotto Component video... ick
7:25:38 PMTheFu I own one of those AGPTek devices.
7:26:11 PMTheFu Had one get fried, bought a replacement the next week.
7:26:41 PMTheFu cough ...
7:26:51 PMGarbee
7:28:15 PMTheFu It will burn up flash storage. Destroyed 2 name-brand, quality, flash drives in 1 yr. Really want a spinning disk with external power.
7:28:34 PMTheFu No need for the DVD/CD.
7:28:37 PMnoeman5 Jeff would be happy, it came with a manual
7:28:58 PMGarbee Who reads the manual?
7:29:09 PMGarbee This bald nerd....
7:29:10 PMSashaR Robbie..... and live on air 🙂
7:29:54 PMGarbee I just want to make Sasha laugh so hard she snorts while Robbie is talking...
7:30:05 PMGarbee
7:30:12 PMTheFu Mic only works with Component input, not HDMI. ... or is it the other way around? I don't use it.
7:30:41 PMSashaR not looking at this screen ....
7:31:28 PMGarbee
7:31:54 PMTheFu The video files are HUGE and cut at 2GB each. Only supports NTFS or FAT32 storage. No exFAT or any other file system.
7:32:07 PMGarbee
7:32:43 PMGarbee Sasha is truly avoiding chat. 😄
7:32:49 PMGarbee Like a champ.
7:32:59 PMTheFu Sasha is WINNING!
7:33:55 PMnoeman5 Something to make @SashaR go Awww.
7:33:56 PMnoeman5
7:34:00 PMGarbee How can anyone read a CD these days?
7:34:01 PMTheFu h.264/AAC stereo, no better audio.
7:34:27 PMTheFu No 5.1 channels, only stereo.
7:34:46 PMTheFu regardless of input.
7:35:48 PMTheFu NTFS works.
7:36:44 PMYetiWizard is it not 4 GB?
7:36:46 PMGarbee
7:36:49 PMTheFu I've recorded 5+ hrs, 001 --
7:37:09 PMMarshMan
7:37:42 PMameriDroid You got her to smile
7:38:14 PMMarshMan I’ll take it
7:38:43 PMSashaR You guys!!!
7:38:52 PMameriDroid I had the previous generation version. It burned up.
7:39:25 PMGarbee
7:40:12 PMTheFu
7:40:12 PMMarshMan That is hurting my eyes
7:40:40 PMGWG How's the show going? I am on a table at an appointment
7:41:13 PMnoeman5 @SashaR , that's what you get for switching to water.
7:41:17 PMameriDroid He's a professional tale dancer
7:41:20 PMGarbee
7:41:25 PMameriDroid Table dancer
7:41:32 PMG_Dog1985_ hate windows can't open or see ext4
7:42:02 PMGarbee I'm not disrupting the news once she starts.
7:42:24 PMGarbee Truce for news
7:42:40 PMTheFu
7:44:12 PMMarshMan What is with the voices tonight?
7:44:17 PMGarbee
7:44:25 PMGarbee Honey I shrunk the kids
7:44:29 PMGarbee Classic from the 90's.
7:45:16 PMGarbee
7:45:24 PMGarbee That Facebook new intro.
7:45:32 PMGarbee Perfecto
7:46:31 PMMarshMan Thank you @RobbieF !
7:51:36 PMameriDroid We sell solar panels with built in regulators:
7:51:51 PMTheFu Sasha might like a "Tiny House" - they often use camper electrical equipment, so battery powered + generator + solar.
7:54:41 PMG_Dog1985_ better check codes in area in usa
7:54:58 PMG_Dog1985_ better check codes in area in usa
7:55:21 PMMarshMan Convolutional neural network , nice job @SashaR
7:55:34 PMMarshMan Twice
7:55:36 PMG_Dog1985_ some states will not let you do it
7:55:45 PMTheFu
8:00:55 PMG_Dog1985_ ouch
8:02:12 PMGarbee oooh, Kingston M.2 SSD hitting 10 cents per GB MSRP:
8:03:18 PMalbertr Sad that people is still using windows as an operating system
8:04:48 PMG_Dog1985_ or chrome os @SashaR and @RobbieF
8:07:10 PMMarshMan Why not spend the money to fix the earth?
8:07:39 PMTheFu The Earth is a death trap Sasha. Mars is the step to the stars, which humans need to get to so our race doesn't die off.
8:07:40 PMameriDroid But you can see if it works on the Moon first. Biodome2 didn't even work.
8:08:12 PMTheFu It is a govt project - with real funding. BiodomeX was all private, correct?
8:08:57 PMTheFu Once born on Mars, it would likely be nearly impossible to return to Earth.
8:09:10 PMagamotto The Expanse deals with some of this nicely
8:09:15 PMameriDroid Sorry, I meant Biosphere2
8:09:46 PMTheFu NASA knows this stuff.
8:10:05 PMagamotto In a weird way, it might be easier to terraform Venus
8:11:00 PMagamotto Seed the clouds with nanites to clean up/out the CO2.. see what develops from there
8:11:29 PMagamotto The eternal problem with Mars will be the lack of a reasonable magnetic field
8:11:41 PMTheFu Venus has a run-away greenhouse. NOVA has been redoing The Planets the last few weeks with all the latest knowledge.
8:12:48 PMTheFu The Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars books cover many of the problems with settling Mars too. I think 2 are Hugo winners.
8:13:31 PMagamotto Well, I am off... time to hang out with my dog
8:13:51 PMTheFu Protection against high-energy particles is always a concern outside near-Earth orbit.
8:14:00 PMnoeman5 so long agamotto
8:14:07 PMTheFu g'night.
8:14:33 PMMarshMan Send the pests to Mars.
8:16:23 PMTheFu RobbieF - have you been to my house? Fruit flies going crazy.
8:17:52 PMMarshMan Bzzzzzt
8:18:40 PMnoeman5 Flied lice!
8:18:56 PMMarshMan I have seen the bugs go down in flames with those
8:20:06 PMGarbee
8:20:26 PMnoeman5 ha ha @Garbee
8:22:11 PMnoeman5 So what was with all of the black & white stuff and the retro TV? I thought it would be related to the show.
8:22:35 PMG_Dog1985_ emby Robbie
8:22:39 PMSkywriter64 Will it work for crawling bugs?
8:23:05 PMYetiWizard i thought the same lol
8:23:15 PMG_Dog1985_ @RobbieF emby server
8:23:54 PMGarbee
8:24:30 PMGarbee
8:25:10 PMGarbee It's not peanut butter Robbie.
8:25:15 PMameriDroid Hard G for GIF
8:25:38 PMYetiWizard G, as in Garry
8:25:41 PMTheFu I'm with ameriDroid, but I think I'm wrong.
8:25:46 PMGarbee NO. He took over 20 years to explain. He lost his vote.
8:25:49 PMYetiWizard Gif, Giga
8:25:55 PMGarbee It is not jif.
8:25:58 PMMarshMan G as in graphical
8:26:10 PMGarbee ROBBIE IS WRONG
8:26:12 PMGarbee I have spoken
8:26:17 PMGarbee End of discussion
8:26:33 PMTheFu vi or emacs?
8:26:39 PMameriDroid Robbie won't agree with you, Jarbee.
8:26:41 PMTheFu Something easier.
8:26:43 PMGarbee Someone just go unplug Robbie's mic.
8:27:06 PMGarbee No, Robbie is reading a valid article. It's just wrong.
8:27:20 PMYetiWizard if only English pronunciation wasn't so stupid 😄
8:27:21 PMG_Dog1985_ wow
8:27:34 PMMarshMan Here we are against you @RobbieF
8:27:57 PMGarbee
8:28:29 PMYetiWizard We defeated him lol
8:28:30 PMGarbee Just for Robbie
8:28:57 PMnoeman5 @SashaR just missed a good one from Jarbee by signing off early. lol
8:29:04 PMG_Dog1985_ @SashaR you still on nerverware
8:29:06 PMGarbee Tune in next week when Jarbee loses his mod status.
8:29:35 PMameriDroid I'm going to go work on some jraphics now.
8:29:38 PMRobbieF sure am 🙂
8:29:47 PMRobbieF this is sasha 🙂
8:29:57 PMMarshMan @Henry Baillie-Brown needs to cut back on the caffeine
8:30:34 PMGarbee I feel like the best 5 minutes was after the show eneded.
8:30:38 PMameriDroid I'm going to use JIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program
8:30:39 PMGarbee That needs to be made into a blooper.
8:31:08 PMMarshMan A Linux Tech Show bit
8:31:26 PMMarshMan Let the youtube trolls have their say
8:31:52 PMGarbee We don't need YT Trolls. We have me, that's enough.
8:32:06 PMGarbee See ya HEnry
8:32:10 PMGarbee Have a safe trip home
8:32:16 PMMarshMan More than enuf Jarbee
8:32:37 PMameriDroid 😂
8:33:37 PMnoeman5 Time to take out the Jarbage
8:33:51 PMGarbee I'm just gonna go to bed now.
8:34:01 PMGarbee Behave yourselves or I'll be deleting some messages tomorrow morning.
8:34:07 PMMarshMan Jonna jo
8:34:10 PMameriDroid @noeman5, awesome...
8:34:14 PMnoeman5 g'night @Garbee
8:34:23 PMameriDroid Jood night
8:34:30 PMMarshMan Laters
8:34:53 PMnoeman5 Auf Wiedersehen y'all
8:35:11 PMnoeman5 (southern german)
8:35:46 PMameriDroid You mean Bavarian?
8:36:22 PMameriDroid They kind of are the hillbillies of Germany. 😁
8:40:58 PMYetiWizard Servus 😄
9:03:42 PMSashaR That was such a great time :)... What a great way to mark the end of my student-hood! :)
9:10:59 PMGWG Student-hood?
9:13:14 PMMaineGeek75 man, I missed the show..and I was actually here when it started lol. my daughter came over and needed my help. I guess I will just have to watch the show after it gets uploaded lol...story of my life 😛
9:14:45 PMMaineGeek75 well, everyone have a great night. Thanks for putting on the show again. From what I had seen, it looked like a great show 🙂
9:17:01 PMRobbieF Have a great night @MaineGeek75 - sorry you couldn't make it for the live show.
9:17:08 PMRobbieF We had a lot of fun.


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