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6:58:23 PMBlokey Is the A/C on tonight?
6:59:01 PMnoeman5 It must be, @RobbieF is wearing a sweater
6:59:25 PMBlokey The 'autumn' outfits?
6:59:34 PMSashaR It's actually not, but it's fall-ish out!
6:59:46 PMNelson Hi Robbie, I'm here
7:00:24 PMBlokey SashaR, I'm just down the road in Aurora!
7:00:41 PMSashaR I'm going to butcher a Swedish town name in the news tonight... I apologize in advance!
7:01:05 PMSashaR You live in Aurora!!!! that's so close πŸ™‚ Come visit!
7:01:39 PMnoeman5 Only the important people are on
7:01:44 PMBlokey SashaR, I keep meaning to, one day I will!
7:01:59 PMSkywriter64 Hi, Robbie,Do you know anything about Neverware(cloudready) buying FLINT OS ?
7:02:31 PMnoeman5 He's up to two packs a day
7:02:38 PMSolbu So, did Jeff's vision improve durng the last week? I notice no glasses.
7:02:55 PMSashaR It's a miracle!!!
7:02:56 PMnoeman5 I don't think that's Anoosheh
7:03:50 PMMarshMan Nobody is taking shots at @Jeff Weston
7:03:56 PMMarshMan Yet
7:04:08 PMnoeman5 yet
7:05:19 PMnoeman5 Or kill more flies with a Bug-a-salt gun
7:06:04 PMSolbu We are Go for launch.
7:06:12 PMNelson no echo, sounds great
7:06:15 PMMarshMan
7:06:22 PMnoeman5 No echo, but Andrew sounds like he's coming from a speaker in the next room
7:06:42 PMnoeman5 studio monitor speaker?
7:07:01 PMBlokey Andrew's in the washroom
7:08:47 PMSkywriter64 Thanks ,MarshMan
7:09:05 PMMarshMan Yep yep
7:09:24 PMLyndon We hear ya
7:09:51 PMSweSG Ethernet
7:10:23 PMnoeman5 I've seen some of the early episodes, hilarious distractions
7:11:11 PMBlokey At least 36 wifi networks in my neighbourhood from the nearby apartment building
7:11:35 PMnoeman5 Blokey, any of them unsecure?
7:11:52 PMMarshMan What's your favorite SSID?
7:11:54 PMnoeman5 I think more people are getting better about that, finally
7:12:11 PMBlokey Not that I've checked lately but I use ethernet anyway
7:14:07 PMnoeman5 Cue the Star Trek communicator
7:18:30 PMMarshMan 52 devices here
7:18:59 PMTheFu "Public WIFI"
7:19:25 PMTheFu That's what my laptop broadcasts when I'm not at home.
7:20:12 PMnoeman5 I don't have any "smart home" items, but I do have 3 laptops, 5 desktops, an OrangePi, a RaspberryPi, 2 phones and 2 kindles.
7:20:17 PMSweSG I use Ubiquiti AP's at home.
7:21:12 PMSolbu MarshMan: REgarding SSIDs; in my old flat I once saw an accesspoint called National_Security_Agency ;-)
7:21:23 PMTheFu "FBI Van"
7:23:22 PMTheFu Where is your wifi AP in your home? Corner? Closet? Central part of ceiling?
7:23:52 PMMarshMan Back of house away from the road
7:24:10 PMSolbu TheFu: In my hoise it's all wired cables. No wireless of any kind.
7:24:12 PMSolbu *house
7:24:27 PMLyndon Just stay there. We cant see it
7:24:35 PMTheFu We've seen photos - hoise is fine. ;)
7:24:53 PMjlim \o @SashaR
7:25:02 PMameriDroid I'm looking forward to replacing my home network. It's this a solution I can use now?
7:25:12 PMMarshMan Coffee in a dribble cup
7:26:05 PMTheFu Wifi in my house is in the center, but only connects to the public internet outside the main router. Effectively wifi is considered internet only.
7:26:11 PMBlokey When is the new technology on the market and how affordable will it be?
7:26:46 PMjlim discord locked up in live feed.
7:27:02 PMLyndon Like radio stations. Kinda..
7:28:36 PMLyndon Why don't computers have 2 Wi-Fi receivers or more?
7:28:45 PMTheFu Some do.
7:29:34 PMnoeman5 There we go, live discord back up
7:29:34 PMMarshMan Perfect
7:29:39 PMjlim i want one
7:29:39 PMjlim lol
7:30:06 PMjlim \o @SashaR
7:30:41 PMnoeman5 OTW airconditioning (Open The Window)
7:31:44 PMnoeman5 discord locked up again.
7:31:52 PMMarshMan @noeman5 in the car we use 465, open 4 windows at 65 MPH
7:32:40 PMSweSG Something wrong with this:
7:32:42 PMSweSG
7:32:42 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan πŸ‘Œ
7:32:46 PMSweSG :D
7:32:48 PMTheFu Don't some people just buy whatever Apple is selling?
7:33:37 PMnoeman5 And you'll be in the far left lane when your exit comes up
7:33:45 PMMarshMan Always
7:34:18 PMTheFu Handy for all those left exits.
7:34:47 PMnoeman5 ah discord is back (on live feed)
7:34:57 PMjlim Mostr of my deice are running on ethernet in the home.
7:35:06 PMBlokey Bell Canada not even providing IPv6 in this town yet!
7:36:04 PMTheFu OpenWRT
7:36:21 PMjlim i am ddwrt
7:36:36 PMjlim open wrt was too buggy for me
7:36:57 PMjlim loe asll the plugins for openwrt though
7:37:02 PMjlim love*
7:37:04 PMjlim typos
7:37:08 PMjlim sheesh
7:37:09 PMBlokey Are these channels selectable?
7:37:33 PMTheFu Blokey, can't imagine why not.
7:37:41 PMMarshMan Kids chatting on Facebook, cut 'em off
7:37:42 PMTheFu 2 channels side-by-side.
7:38:07 PMTheFu
7:38:14 PMTheFu add that to your hosts file.
7:38:43 PMnoeman5 strictly for telling Dad jokes
7:38:47 PMBlokey Is there a link available for more info?
7:39:04 PMMarshMan
7:40:03 PMG_Dog1985_ is it like a vlan for channels? @RobbieF
7:40:50 PMLyndon This is actually pretty amazing
7:41:08 PMalpeck Are there going to be more channels???
7:41:10 PMLyndon YES
7:41:35 PMTheFu alpeck, govt sets the channel width.
7:42:48 PMG_Dog1985_ it's sound like a vlan class for wireless channels or am I wrong?
7:44:17 PMBlokey Same encryption standards but channel detection trickier?
7:44:59 PMjlim yes
7:45:20 PMjlim my favorite part of the show.
7:46:03 PMNelson thank you Robbie
7:46:51 PMBlokey Robbie puts his order in for a truckload of these new routers
7:47:12 PMMarshMan Hey @RobbieF
7:47:39 PMNelson it was AWESOME. Thank you again !!
7:48:02 PMLyndon I thought so!
7:48:03 PMjlim πŸ‘
7:48:33 PMBlokey No more latency on my fridge?
7:48:40 PMLyndon πŸ˜‰
7:48:49 PMjlim @SashaR How are you?
7:48:53 PMMarshMan And me @SashaR
7:48:57 PMjlim me
7:49:20 PMSweSG Me2!
7:49:33 PMnoeman5 Gotta love the FaceBook bashing
7:50:31 PMMarshMan WINRAR
7:50:38 PMjlim rrrrrrr
7:50:47 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan lol
7:50:48 PMjlim lol
7:51:08 PMTheFu SODIMM
7:51:20 PMjlim winrar lol
7:51:26 PMjlim winwaw
7:51:44 PMnoeman5 @SashaR does
7:51:49 PMSolbu Jeff: The best one was a few shows ago when Sahsa had problems starting, and then robbie forgot to do something and Sahsa whent: Β«I'm Sasha Rickman, and you're not doing anythingΒ»
7:51:51 PMjlim i do
7:51:52 PMNelson you guys are having too much fun !!!
7:52:02 PMjlim i'll take a coffee
7:52:45 PMTheFu LUKS dump
7:52:46 PMjlim heat
7:52:56 PMLyndon Sooo dim
7:53:00 PMMarshMan You did that @SashaR but the guys are mean
7:53:36 PMMarshMan If @SashaR starts laughing @Jeff Weston will do the news
7:53:45 PMjlim for reason ther facebook live feed freezes
7:54:02 PMLyndon Luke's dump πŸ˜‚ That was my fav!
7:54:09 PMG_Dog1985_ @Jeff Weston am right the new WiFi dual channel is basically a vlans for your WiFi channels?
7:54:29 PMnoeman5 Ommpah Loompah...
7:54:30 PMMarshMan No @RobbieF she can't
7:54:31 PMLyndon Gosh , that seem like so long ago
7:55:22 PMLyndon πŸ™‚
7:55:54 PMSolbu This fun bits between takes is a large part of why I love this show. :-)
7:55:56 PMameriDroid I need facial recognition to keep track of my employees!
7:56:06 PMSweSG What is this?
7:56:40 PMnoeman5 Both of them @RobbieF ?
7:57:49 PMnoeman5 Be alert, the world needs more lerts
7:58:04 PMMarshMan GROOOOANNNN
7:58:06 PMTheFu DragonCON was last weekend - 100,000+ attendees.
7:59:17 PMMarshMan Now that Discord isn't showing, my favorite SSID is: It hurts when IP
7:59:27 PMSolbu Hehehe
7:59:40 PMLyndon Lol
7:59:59 PMnoeman5 πŸ˜‚
8:00:24 PMLyndon No Sasha
8:00:41 PMLyndon Some people are just made that way
8:01:55 PMTheFu It is probably at the bottom of every email he sent. If not today, perhaps a few years ago?
8:02:38 PMTheFu Twitter is the least of the problems. If you use SMS for 2-factor auth with your bank or brokerage account?
8:03:22 PMTheFu Do you mean phracking? or "phreaking"?
8:03:30 PMSolbu I think Robbie means Freaking, not Fracking.
8:03:43 PMSolbu What TheFu said.
8:03:50 PMameriDroid I believe phreaking was with phone codes.
8:04:00 PMnoeman5 And you can also receive all of the robo-calls for an extended vehicle warranty.
8:04:32 PMTheFu AT&T CSRs are almost always in call cneters.
8:04:55 PMMarshMan Gotta go gang. My Missus is ill and she needs my help now. Have a great rest of the show time!
8:04:56 PMTheFu Fracking - oil fields.
8:05:11 PMTheFu 'night MM.
8:05:51 PMnoeman5 See ya @MarshMan
8:05:52 PMTheFu Disney required finger prints to enter their parks a few years ago. I don't know if that is still required.
8:06:02 PMalpeck you don't want biometrics
8:06:22 PMTheFu They are hard to expire with out surgery.
8:06:49 PMSolbu Good point from Sasha, raising privacy issue regarding providing fingerprints to companies.
8:06:51 PMLyndon Or just make it a security measure built into your account on your phone to have a fingerprint if you want to change something as important as a SIM card
8:07:51 PMTheFu AT&T doesn't pay minimum wage.
8:08:16 PMLyndon I don't even know why I have brick and mortar cell phone stores anymore
8:08:53 PMTheFu So average people can buy more phone than they need and have someone move everything from the old phone to the new phone.
8:09:22 PMLyndon Oh yeah that makes sense
8:10:53 PMTheFu 30 yrs of poor MSFT behavior - call me skeptical.
8:11:57 PMSolbu TheFu: Oh ye of little faith!!11oneone
8:14:32 PMTheFu Well, recovering from malware in a huge organization, even with excellent backups, is a non-trivial exercise.
8:15:34 PMTheFu But once malware has been on a box, you can never trust it again, until it is wiped.
8:17:13 PMameriDroid Too little bureaucracy leads to abuse, too much bureaucracy leads to an overly expensive and slow system.
8:18:18 PMTheFu Robbie, but that's inconvenient.
8:20:19 PMTheFu Did the kids all have Bill Clinton masks?
8:22:06 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff:: The reason the swedish school where fined is because the pupils in effect cannot give permission as they are in a dependency of the school in order to get in, so they dont reall yhave a choce.
8:22:11 PMSolbu *choice
8:23:56 PMTheFu Perhaps Jeff is worried about the data being leaked/sold after the "here" checkbox happens.
8:24:00 PMSkywriter64 Teachers with 20 years in NYC top salary is about $60 000 USD
8:24:33 PMLyndon I 10 years we will all have have bio recognition on our phones and will clock in and out with our phones


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