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6:58:51 PMSashaR Robbie is going to fix it in the next moment or so 🙂
6:59:16 PMMarshMan Adj refresh rate?
7:00:14 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn,NY
7:01:14 PMSashaR 😎
7:01:25 PMnoeman5 Hi all, sorry I'm late, had to work late
7:01:37 PMSkywriter64 HIHIHI
7:01:45 PMSolbu Jeff's mike is a little off centerd to the left.
7:01:46 PMMarshMan Your left side is washed out a bit @Jeff Weston
7:02:07 PMnoeman5 Solbu, that's because Jeff is a little off. lol
7:02:39 PMSolbu Hehehe
7:02:51 PMMarshMan Wow
7:03:49 PMYetiWizard Hi all!
7:04:09 PMameriDroid Hello
7:04:30 PMMarshMan Hey @ameriDroid
7:04:33 PMnoeman5 I guess I'm not the only one late to the party today.
7:05:15 PMnoeman5 1604 here in Oregon
7:05:42 PMnoeman5 plenty of time for sound checks
7:06:01 PMMarshMan What?
7:06:20 PMnoeman5 Hello Season 13! The lucky season.
7:07:16 PMnoeman5 Plenty of Chins in the chinese phonebook.
7:07:35 PMameriDroid Looks fine on YouTube
7:08:56 PMnoeman5 Skywriter64, just down the road from there in Grant's Pass
7:08:56 PMSolbu Ooh. A comodore ad on the wall. Nice.
7:08:59 PMameriDroid Move a touch to the left Sasha
7:09:17 PMameriDroid At least your laptop. :-)
7:09:18 PMnoeman5 I saw that too Solbu, when they did the closeup on Sasha
7:09:48 PMameriDroid Looks great!
7:11:16 PMnoeman5 Lots of changes, I sure, Skywriter64
7:11:18 PMameriDroid White balance looks decent, as do the ameriDroid stickers...
7:11:56 PMSolbu Jeff's lighting is a little brighter than the rest, but otherwize ok.
7:12:00 PMameriDroid Jeff Weston just leveled up
7:12:18 PMSkywriter64 brooklyn is just too loud at night
7:13:29 PMnoeman5 My phone died on the way home, so I didn't get the notification.
7:15:36 PMnoeman5 Skywriter64, the beauty of the state of New York is spoiled by the city. The rest of the state is beautiful. The only part of the city I liked was Montauk Point on Long Island.
7:16:16 PMMarshMan Cannot get further away from NYC while still being in NYCish
7:16:20 PMMarshMan 😛
7:16:55 PMnoeman5 Stayed there with in-laws for a while when I left the Army. Beautiful area.
7:17:58 PMSolbu Even the beautifull people are photoshopped to be even more «perfect».
7:20:02 PMameriDroid This GAN would be like an artist painting a picture of a person without using a model. Only from their imagination.
7:21:59 PMnoeman5 When you see a mirror image of half a person's face, it doesn't look right. We are somewhat asymmetrical.
7:23:58 PMnoeman5 I wonder how long before the porn industry jumps on this. They are usually very early adopters to new tech.
7:25:04 PMMarshMan You could steal 100,00 identities and yet ... not
7:25:31 PMMarshMan Glasses
7:25:43 PMnoeman5 Hmmm, maybe I need a new passport photo. Ha!
7:26:15 PMMarshMan Birthmark?
7:26:36 PMnoeman5 Bullet mark
7:26:48 PMMarshMan MORE realistic???
7:27:44 PMMarshMan All can be GAN generated so nobody gets paid
7:27:47 PMnoeman5 Shades of Max Headroom.
7:28:16 PMMarshMan You mena M-M-Max Headroom
7:28:36 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan Ha ha
7:30:32 PMSolbu «You could say that» … he Did say that. ;-)
7:31:33 PMnoeman5 Max Headroom Coke commercial.
7:32:10 PMMarshMan The obese wouldn't sign the release
7:32:51 PMMarshMan Nobody is BALD
7:33:56 PMSolbu The bald guy is ion TV, he is in the middle of three TV hosts.
7:35:40 PMSolbu Did the discord just freeze?
7:35:56 PMSolbu RobbieF: It dropped.
7:36:03 PMnoeman5 I think so
7:36:36 PMnoeman5 Looked like one guy was wearing a pot or colander on his head
7:36:57 PMYetiWizard I saw a woman with a beard lol
7:37:43 PMMarshMan Toward the bottom of the web page it lists ethnicity, physical properties etc
7:38:07 PMnoeman5 @YetiWizard copyrighted by P.T. Barnum. 🙂
7:40:15 PMYetiWizard xD But yea I know that such things can happen
7:42:22 PMnoeman5 fish with afros!
7:42:58 PMYetiWizard "Dollars" is ambiguous
7:43:14 PMMarshMan US dollars
7:43:30 PMSashaR Not Jamaican dollars
7:43:41 PMMarshMan No mon
7:44:00 PMSolbu Zimbabwe dollars…
7:44:02 PMSolbu ;-)
7:44:35 PMnoeman5 Dollar-pounds (ala Red Dwarf)
7:45:00 PMTonesTechTips Uploaded file:
7:45:26 PMTonesTechTips Yep thought so
7:45:27 PMSolbu Just before they retired their own currency due to inflasion, one could exchange 1 US dollar for a pallet of Zimbabwe dollar bills.
7:45:46 PMTonesTechTips that too
7:46:35 PMYetiWizard A bunch of countries use Dollars
7:47:23 PMYetiWizard And as we know the value is not the same everywhere
7:48:35 PMSolbu In parts of the northern norway we have temperatures below minus 50
7:48:37 PMMarshMan -55 to +125 degrees Celsius/ -67 to +257 degrees Fahrenheit.
7:49:09 PMSolbu Temper, temper.…
7:49:44 PMnoeman5 Got close to that in Alaska on an Army field exercise. -40 F some nights, our warmest day was -17F.
7:50:04 PMYetiWizard lol 30°C
7:50:29 PMYetiWizard Are you heating?
7:52:39 PMameriDroid This device can interface with an SBC and does temperature and a bunch of other stuff. for about $20.
7:52:57 PMnoeman5 New season and I'm watching on my new system.
7:54:32 PMSolbu RobbieF, Sasha: You need ti enclose the watch command in quotes to have «watch» run it.
7:54:49 PMSolbu RobbieF, Sasha: Then you can use grep also.
7:54:51 PMnoeman5 Didn't you do a show on how to make a smart mirror a few seasons ago?
7:55:25 PMnoeman5 push the button Robbie
7:56:20 PMYetiWizard I made a clap activated relay that can toggle lights for example
7:56:43 PMYetiWizard Its not really automation but still
7:56:53 PMSkywriter64 Did you miss the bald guy on Discord?
7:57:06 PMnoeman5 Oh, like CNN @Jeff Weston
7:57:09 PMSolbu «I'm Sasha Rickman, and you're not doing anything»
7:57:42 PMSashaR Bahaha 🙂
7:57:48 PMnoeman5 Solbu, ha ha ha
7:57:58 PMMarshMan It's Ctrl-Shift-+ @RobbieF
7:58:24 PMstormchaser3000 this is insanity... my connection is so awful that even irc is lagging O.o
7:58:34 PMnoeman5 Look behind the fridge, when something's lost, it's almost always there.
7:59:00 PMYetiWizard The classic turn it off and on again
7:59:02 PMSkywriter64 Where was it found?
7:59:06 PMnoeman5 or in the couch cushions
7:59:41 PMstormchaser3000 I don't think I can even connect to the discord server
8:00:15 PMnoeman5 I feel your pain @stormchaser3000
8:00:15 PMSolbu stormchaser3000: Of a few seconds I read «connect to the disconnect server» ;-)
8:01:04 PMnoeman5 I see a finger
8:01:26 PMnoeman5 Are you ever in control @RobbieF ?
8:01:58 PMnoeman5 @Jeff Weston lol
8:02:29 PMSolbu Hehehe.
8:03:07 PMSolbu «I'm Sasha Rickman, and you're Still not doing anything»
8:03:10 PMnoeman5 can't see it past Robbie's fingers
8:03:14 PMYetiWizard Imo. the reflections in Sasha's glasses are annoying
8:03:19 PMMarshMan Facebook has confirmed that they are going out of business
8:03:24 PMnoeman5 I hear you whispering
8:03:47 PMnoeman5 that's good
8:04:15 PMnoeman5 earthquake!
8:04:28 PMYetiWizard Ots better
8:04:39 PMnoeman5 That's better
8:04:53 PMnoeman5 That's good
8:05:05 PMnoeman5 Both are good
8:05:13 PMYetiWizard Maybe the mug's in the way?
8:05:20 PMheimans i think that tv looks better in a vertical portrait orientation
8:06:01 PMYetiWizard xD
8:07:13 PMnoeman5 I'm Sasha Rickman and you're not!
8:10:00 PMnoeman5 Oooh, free food poisoning!
8:10:56 PMYetiWizard South Park was right about them
8:11:17 PMTheFu I had an issue with both Sears and Eckerd Drugs. Aren't both out of business now?
8:11:37 PMnoeman5 Eckerd yes, Sears is circling the drain.
8:11:47 PMTheFu Sears allowed my credentials to be created, but I couldn't ever login using those.
8:12:24 PMTheFu Compu Serv had a similar issue. I canceled immediately.
8:12:24 PMnoeman5 Sears was about 10 years late with embracing ecommerce and never caught up.
8:13:40 PMTheFu Lots of these companies would just say to use their app, not the website.
8:13:58 PMTheFu I have no interest in loading an app for a few tacos.
8:14:26 PMMarshMan Burritos maybe
8:14:40 PMnoeman5
8:15:16 PMYetiWizard Interesting start for S13... Random mic drops, teleprompter problems, we'll see what's next xD
8:16:01 PMTheFu I'd like a cheese burger, no cheese, please.
8:19:42 PMnoeman5 More zero day
8:20:06 PMTheFu Jeff, lots of govts partner with tech companies which add "service fees" to do the online stuff.
8:20:09 PMnoeman5 I buy one of those shirts
8:21:15 PMameriDroid A lot of government contractors try to do the least work for the most money.
8:21:36 PMTheFu Isn't that called "business?"
8:22:14 PMMarshMan
8:22:21 PMameriDroid That is one style of business. Not my style. That's probably why we just scrape by most of the time.
8:23:24 PMMarshMan
8:23:29 PMnoeman5 Even the guy that writes the show notes
8:24:05 PMMarshMan
8:24:27 PMnoeman5 LibreOffice
8:25:56 PMstormchaser3000 yay, watching the stream in 144p
8:26:15 PMnoeman5 144p?
8:26:20 PMstormchaser3000 I wish my connection was working correctly
8:26:41 PMnoeman5 That's like watching pixel art
8:27:12 PMSolbu Cloud computing is like using other peoples computers. One doesn't controll it.
8:27:46 PMstormchaser3000 I host my own cloud server using Nextcloud
8:27:46 PMSolbu stormchaser3000: Heh, almost like watching the first season of cat5. :-)
8:28:10 PMstormchaser3000 I hate using cloud computing services that I can't host myself
8:28:59 PMMarshMan
8:29:01 PMnoeman5 But the Office 365 and Windows marketshare is only a TINY percentage of Microsponge's income.
8:29:15 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan , lol
8:30:07 PMstormchaser3000 even the audio quality is bad on my side because of the low bandwidth
8:30:33 PMnoeman5 Add a second string to your tin can @stormchaser3000
8:30:46 PMstormchaser3000 XD
8:30:59 PMTheFu Brazil!
8:31:13 PMnoeman5 TechKnowledgable
8:32:15 PMTheFu Don't switch to Linux. Switch to LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox ... on Windows first.
8:32:16 PMameriDroid @stormchaser3000 I totally agree with not wanting to use cloud services that I can't host.
8:32:31 PMTheFu Then 6 months later, move to Linux.
8:32:57 PMSolbu Henry: Pics, or it didn't happen. ;-)
8:33:08 PMstormchaser3000 Henry: word does support ODT files but the support is rather bad to my understanding
8:33:17 PMTheFu And this assumes the list-o-apps was created by each team and they didn't need any Windows-only software.
8:33:39 PMnoeman5 Security is an issue with the cloud. No one owns it. The cloud company says it is a hardware issue, the hardware company says it is the operator's issue, etc.
8:33:55 PMTheFu Fonts and edit tracking are issues with using both office suites.
8:34:13 PMSolbu Hehe
8:36:47 PMTheFu I use fail2ban to dynamically block bad people for a week.
8:36:59 PMSolbu fail2ban is awesome.
8:37:44 PMTheFu And using a reverse proxy to do some extra filtering and micro-caching for scalability.
8:38:31 PMSolbu sudo fail2ban-client status ssh|grep "Currently banned"
8:38:31 PMSolbu |- Currently banned: 164
8:38:44 PMameriDroid I've been using OpenOffice / LibreOffice for well over a decade with no issues. Windows is not needed, at least with proper support.
8:39:25 PMnoeman5 @ameriDroid , me too. Haven't used MS Office since 2012
8:40:25 PMTheFu gnumeric has been working fine for my simple spreadsheet needs. Don't need a word processor.
8:42:51 PMnoeman5 Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
8:42:55 PMameriDroid My wife and daughter use LibreOffice in their business as well.
8:43:04 PMYetiWizard The TV could show a bit more than just a single still picture per story imo.
8:43:54 PMnoeman5 The late Henry
8:44:19 PMnoeman5 Whoa, discord stopped LONG time ago
8:44:28 PMstormchaser3000 the discord window on screen is behind by quite a lot
8:44:35 PMstormchaser3000 stream*
8:45:03 PMSolbu There are, Four lights!
8:45:24 PMnoeman5 STNG Solbu?
8:45:49 PMSolbu Hehe, yes!
8:46:09 PMnoeman5 Picard hanging out. lol
8:48:01 PMSashaR Thank you all for watching... good night 🙂 See you next week 🙂
8:48:14 PMnoeman5 ahhh!
8:48:17 PMstormchaser3000 have a good night everyone
8:48:36 PMYetiWizard Good night!
8:49:10 PMTheFu Solbu, which episode? Rewatched all the ST movies over the last few weeks. They are better than I rememberd.
8:49:53 PMnoeman5 Fu, it was one of the season shows, not the movies. Picard was captured by Romulans
8:50:15 PMTheFu Ah the Picard torture. I recall.
8:50:29 PMnoeman5 Now you got it
8:50:40 PMTheFu I'm behind on Killjoys.
8:50:59 PMnoeman5 Looks like Henry's doing shadow puppets in front of the camera
8:52:45 PMTheFu Need to get ready for the new season of Rick and Morty, Nov 17th.
8:53:38 PMnoeman5 Looks like Sasha is getting ready for flight
8:55:16 PMnoeman5 Henry's really hamming it up
8:55:26 PMSolbu He's got the moves. :-)
8:56:17 PMnoeman5 Ah, the smiling bald nerd
8:57:13 PMnoeman5 Looks like the wheel spins better now.
8:57:47 PMSolbu Spinning so fast you can't see it spinning. ;-)
8:58:05 PMnoeman5 No more fun. Good night all.


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