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6:58:21 PMnoeman5 Through the board
6:58:33 PMSolbu Through the board.
6:58:51 PMMarshMan Loud cracling
6:58:55 PMSandMarq Yes
6:58:58 PMTheFu_ Who's the heavy breather?
6:59:07 PMSolbu Yes.
6:59:09 PMnoeman5 yes
6:59:54 PMnoeman5 @RobbieF has been ionized.
7:01:08 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: Another thing, Amy is out of focus. Not sure if she can do anything about it.
7:01:18 PMnoeman5 I love The I.T. Crowd and User Friendly
7:02:04 PMMarshMan
7:02:18 PMnoeman5 No Crack-a-lackin!
7:02:29 PMMarshMan 🐧
7:05:07 PMSolbu Hehehe
7:11:46 PMnoeman5 Tattoos are a lot more common and accepted today than they used to be. But there are still a lot of small minds out there.
7:12:21 PMTheFu_ Amie DD is my sort of people!
7:12:38 PMSashaR Mine too! I love this lady 🙂
7:12:42 PMMarshMan People ask why far too much
7:12:51 PMMarshMan Because
7:12:59 PMnoeman5 Y ask Y?
7:15:21 PMnoeman5 Excalibur
7:22:17 PMMarshMan As long as the blue smoke is still inside the hardware should work
7:25:31 PMMarshMan
7:31:22 PMSweSG IRC is so much easier than Discord ;)
7:31:58 PMSolbu It is.
7:32:11 PMMarshMan Nahhhhhh
7:39:10 PMTheFu_ Can she "tap twice" 1 handed?
7:40:33 PMTheFu_ And fertilizer ... always need more of that, so I hear.
7:43:04 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: Question for Amy – Have Tesla been in contact in anyway, do they not like it, have they said anything about it.
7:43:23 PMameriDroid I finally made it! Work constantly getting in the way...
7:43:48 PMnoeman5 welcome @ameriDroid
7:45:55 PMnoeman5 Suuurrre she hasn't.😁
7:46:06 PMTheFu_ NDA. Very common.
7:47:20 PMTheFu_ I'd assume Tesla uses PKI, so it isn't anything like the 20+ yr old car key FOBs where they only have 10000 combinations.
7:48:49 PMTheFu_ Made from the same stuff they use in doggie chips, just larger?
7:49:49 PMnoeman5 I've wondered, when a chipped dog is cremated, are there any fireworks or problems when the animal is cremated?
7:50:42 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn NY ,finally got here
7:52:33 PMnoeman5 Hi Skywriter
7:52:42 PMnoeman5 64
7:54:46 PMnoeman5 She has an implanted chip and antenna in her arm that controls her Tesla car.
7:54:56 PMSkywriter64 WOW
7:59:58 PMnoeman5 I have an Aunt that was an I.T. troubleshooter for Mattel toys in the 60's. She only knew of 2 other women in the field at the time.
8:04:59 PMTheFu_ NASA has lots of female engineers today and they did in the 1990s too. They can always use more, of course.
8:05:27 PMnoeman5 I have a problem in which I get intensely interested in something for a short period and learn all I can about it, then after a while, move on to something else. As a result I know a lot about a lot.
8:05:49 PMSkywriter64 that is right
8:07:09 PMTheFu_ DragonCon rocks!
8:08:42 PMnoeman5 Fall down 6 times, get up 7.
8:13:33 PMnoeman5 @SashaR , you challenged the universe by saying you wouldn't be late.
8:14:28 PMSolbu Hehe
8:16:18 PMnoeman5 I think Discord on-screen has frozen, maybe because of the news?
8:16:52 PMSolbu «Yesterday, all those backups seemed a waste of pay. Now my database has gone away. Oh I believe in yesterday»
8:17:19 PMnoeman5 😁 Solbu
8:18:18 PMMarshMan Check for reflection in @SashaR glasses
8:18:34 PMSolbu I think the discord froze.
8:18:49 PMTheFu_ Wicked reflection.
8:18:50 PMMarshMan It has frozen
8:19:18 PMMarshMan Bad reflection in @SashaR glasses
8:19:25 PMnoeman5 We can see the teleprompter in her glasses.
8:19:44 PMnoeman5 That killed it
8:19:57 PMnoeman5 That works
8:20:04 PMMarshMan @SashaR looks nice too
8:20:08 PMTheFu_ It was a bad day for Tesla stock ... missed production, revenue, etc.
8:21:00 PMSweSG Too dark!
8:21:38 PMSolbu Yea, to dark, but only on the news shot showing only sasha.
8:21:48 PMBaneOfHavoc Tell the nice IT lady that was just on to clean her camera phone off it was blurry joy....really tho she is awesome
8:21:56 PMnoeman5 Escaped prison, only to live in a self-imposed prison
8:22:24 PMTheFu_ Some ranchers have used small planes for decades to find livestock.
8:23:13 PMTheFu_ When did mainlain China change to "simplified Chinese?" Would that impact local spoken speech?
8:23:43 PMSolbu TheFu_: After MAo and the communist party took over.
8:23:58 PMBaneOfHavoc Dude this bot is annoying
8:24:22 PMTheFu_ So they lease it like Pandas?


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