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6:58:21 PMnoeman5 Through the board
6:58:33 PMSolbu Through the board.
6:58:51 PMMarshMan Loud cracling
6:58:55 PMSandMarq Yes
6:58:58 PMTheFu_ Who's the heavy breather?
6:59:07 PMSolbu Yes.
6:59:09 PMnoeman5 yes
6:59:54 PMnoeman5 @RobbieF has been ionized.
7:01:08 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: Another thing, Amy is out of focus. Not sure if she can do anything about it.
7:01:18 PMnoeman5 I love The I.T. Crowd and User Friendly
7:02:04 PMMarshMan
7:02:18 PMnoeman5 No Crack-a-lackin!
7:02:29 PMMarshMan 🐧
7:05:07 PMSolbu Hehehe
7:11:46 PMnoeman5 Tattoos are a lot more common and accepted today than they used to be. But there are still a lot of small minds out there.
7:12:21 PMTheFu_ Amie DD is my sort of people!
7:12:38 PMSashaR Mine too! I love this lady 🙂
7:12:42 PMMarshMan People ask why far too much
7:12:51 PMMarshMan Because
7:12:59 PMnoeman5 Y ask Y?
7:15:21 PMnoeman5 Excalibur
7:22:17 PMMarshMan As long as the blue smoke is still inside the hardware should work
7:25:31 PMMarshMan
7:31:22 PMSweSG IRC is so much easier than Discord ;)
7:31:58 PMSolbu It is.
7:32:11 PMMarshMan Nahhhhhh
7:39:10 PMTheFu_ Can she "tap twice" 1 handed?
7:40:33 PMTheFu_ And fertilizer ... always need more of that, so I hear.
7:43:04 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: Question for Amy – Have Tesla been in contact in anyway, do they not like it, have they said anything about it.
7:43:23 PMameriDroid I finally made it! Work constantly getting in the way...
7:43:48 PMnoeman5 welcome @ameriDroid
7:45:55 PMnoeman5 Suuurrre she hasn't.😁
7:46:06 PMTheFu_ NDA. Very common.
7:47:20 PMTheFu_ I'd assume Tesla uses PKI, so it isn't anything like the 20+ yr old car key FOBs where they only have 10000 combinations.
7:48:49 PMTheFu_ Made from the same stuff they use in doggie chips, just larger?
7:49:49 PMnoeman5 I've wondered, when a chipped dog is cremated, are there any fireworks or problems when the animal is cremated?
7:50:42 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn NY ,finally got here
7:52:33 PMnoeman5 Hi Skywriter
7:52:42 PMnoeman5 64
7:54:46 PMnoeman5 She has an implanted chip and antenna in her arm that controls her Tesla car.
7:54:56 PMSkywriter64 WOW
7:59:58 PMnoeman5 I have an Aunt that was an I.T. troubleshooter for Mattel toys in the 60's. She only knew of 2 other women in the field at the time.
8:04:59 PMTheFu_ NASA has lots of female engineers today and they did in the 1990s too. They can always use more, of course.
8:05:27 PMnoeman5 I have a problem in which I get intensely interested in something for a short period and learn all I can about it, then after a while, move on to something else. As a result I know a lot about a lot.
8:05:49 PMSkywriter64 that is right
8:07:09 PMTheFu_ DragonCon rocks!
8:08:42 PMnoeman5 Fall down 6 times, get up 7.
8:13:33 PMnoeman5 @SashaR , you challenged the universe by saying you wouldn't be late.
8:14:28 PMSolbu Hehe
8:16:18 PMnoeman5 I think Discord on-screen has frozen, maybe because of the news?
8:16:52 PMSolbu «Yesterday, all those backups seemed a waste of pay. Now my database has gone away. Oh I believe in yesterday»
8:17:19 PMnoeman5 😁 Solbu
8:18:18 PMMarshMan Check for reflection in @SashaR glasses
8:18:34 PMSolbu I think the discord froze.
8:18:49 PMTheFu_ Wicked reflection.
8:18:50 PMMarshMan It has frozen
8:19:18 PMMarshMan Bad reflection in @SashaR glasses
8:19:25 PMnoeman5 We can see the teleprompter in her glasses.
8:19:44 PMnoeman5 That killed it
8:19:57 PMnoeman5 That works
8:20:04 PMMarshMan @SashaR looks nice too
8:20:08 PMTheFu_ It was a bad day for Tesla stock ... missed production, revenue, etc.
8:21:00 PMSweSG Too dark!
8:21:38 PMSolbu Yea, to dark, but only on the news shot showing only sasha.
8:21:48 PMBaneOfHavoc Tell the nice IT lady that was just on to clean her camera phone off it was blurry joy....really tho she is awesome
8:21:56 PMnoeman5 Escaped prison, only to live in a self-imposed prison
8:22:24 PMTheFu_ Some ranchers have used small planes for decades to find livestock.
8:23:13 PMTheFu_ When did mainlain China change to "simplified Chinese?" Would that impact local spoken speech?
8:23:43 PMSolbu TheFu_: After MAo and the communist party took over.
8:23:58 PMBaneOfHavoc Dude this bot is annoying
8:24:22 PMTheFu_ So they lease it like Pandas?
8:27:19 PMSolbu For a few seconds i thought she was about to say «the starship Enterprise»… :-)
8:28:38 PMnoeman5 6 months-ish
8:34:02 PMnoeman5 Discord is back, and still frozen
8:34:29 PMTheFu_ There are times with the Rocket Equation prevents being able to reuse the 1st stage.
8:36:28 PMSweSG nn
8:36:49 PMTheFu_ Mr. Robot S4 - begins Sunday.
8:37:03 PMSashaR Goodnight my darlings 🙂
8:37:27 PMYetiWizard Good night! 😄
8:37:28 PMnoeman5 Goodnight @SashaR !
8:40:10 PMnoeman5 Good night all!
8:40:21 PMameriDroid Good night!
8:45:36 PMRobbieF Hi all - hope you enjoyed the show!
8:46:37 PMSolbu It was interesting.
8:48:17 PMSolbu i can understand the «religious people» having issues with implanting devices in the arm. The problem is that the technology being used for the mark of the beast wil not spear untill the anti christ comes on the scene. And he haven't yet.
8:48:31 PMSolbu *will not apear
8:50:09 PMRobbieF Yes, but that's not what she has, nor her intention. "Religious people" need to remember to show love to others, not condemn. I didn't want to touch on the religion end of things, but wanted rather to allow Amie to share who she really is, and all the awesome stuff she's up to.
8:50:31 PMSolbu i thought that was what you did. :-)
8:50:49 PMRobbieF Yep. 🙂
8:51:02 PMRobbieF Just saying why I didn't want to talk on that aspect.
8:51:19 PMSolbu 40 years ago, the debet and credit cards where the mark of the beast. ;-)
8:51:25 PMRobbieF Yep
8:51:29 PMRobbieF every year it'll be something different.
8:51:37 PMRobbieF meanwhile, we're all wrong 😄
8:51:51 PMSolbu And the devil have at one point or another lived in just about every instrument. heh.
8:52:01 PMRobbieF Like the guy living in the mountain for 17 years and suddenly seeing a bunch of drones. How could John explain what he was actually seeing?
8:52:46 PMMarshMan The devil lived in left handed people too
8:52:56 PMRobbieF Still does, Bill. Still does.
8:52:58 PMRobbieF 😄
8:53:03 PMSolbu I talked to a drummer in a norwegian country band. He told me that once an old lady asked him if he didn't know the debvil lived in the bass drum. To which he replied: «Yes, that's why I kick so hard»
8:53:16 PMMarshMan Lol
8:53:17 PMRobbieF have you seen them try to use right-handed scissors?
8:53:19 PMRobbieF 😄
8:53:32 PMRobbieF haha nice one Solbu
8:53:59 PMMarshMan Like I use them with my left hand cuz I have my right hand full
8:54:09 PMMarshMan Spastic
9:07:19 PMSashaR Home now! That was one of my favorite episodes ever!
9:07:35 PMRobbieF Oh my gosh - sorry to keep you all so late, but wow - THANK YOU.
9:08:33 PMSashaR Seriously Cool... Relatable...Respectful and Fun! :) Makes me so proud to be a part of this :)
9:08:53 PMRobbieF Aww, thanks @SashaR
9:14:35 PMRobbieF Just so you all know, I've offered to either donate 10% of our video monetization, or demonetize the video, depending on which option Amie wishes.
9:15:29 PMSolbu :-)


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