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6:58:29 PMMarshMan Guys, just look at the camera that we are watching
6:59:21 PMnoeman5
7:00:25 PMSolbu «Today on Category5 TV: Sasha is reinstalling her computer»
7:00:35 PMMarshMan Again
7:00:57 PMameriDroid Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Windows messing with my workflow? Windows updates... 💢
7:01:35 PMMarshMan With you @ameriDroid
7:01:39 PMbp9 G'day Y'all
7:01:40 PMnoeman5 just put a flashing light on the mute buttons
7:02:02 PMMarshMan hey @bp9 long time no see
7:02:10 PMbp9 I love it when @Jeff Weston can't figure out what camera to look at LOL LOL LOL
7:02:25 PMbp9 Hi @MarshMan yeah sorry about that!
7:02:49 PMbp9 Just changed jobs and I was allowed to go home early for Turkey Day Eve 🙂
7:03:09 PMMarshMan Very cool @bp9
7:03:23 PMMarshMan good to "see" you
7:03:31 PMbp9 @MarshMan back to mainframe! Yay!
7:03:40 PMMarshMan Oy!
7:03:41 PMameriDroid Look what I've been working on...
7:03:43 PMameriDroid
7:04:02 PMameriDroid
7:04:09 PMMarshMan Sweet!
7:04:14 PMbp9 OOh nice!
7:04:30 PMameriDroid That's the cleanest 486 I've ever seen.
7:04:35 PMMarshMan Taking your frustration out on that table @ameriDroid
7:05:02 PMMarshMan Hah! CD-ROM games. Amateurs!
7:05:15 PMMarshMan Floppy or nothing!
7:05:36 PMbp9 @RobbieF and @Jeff Weston what about Starfighter on TRS-80 Model 1 ??
7:05:41 PMbp9 Hmm...?
7:05:58 PMGuest_007 Carts Coleco comm64
7:06:20 PMSolbu Tremulous is still available online.
7:07:33 PMameriDroid Aww man. That 486dx I just pulled won't play it!
7:08:02 PMG_Dog1985_ grr great my echo is going to off when talking about that
7:08:12 PMMarshMan I was gonna say...
7:08:19 PMMarshMan yeah right!
7:08:28 PMMarshMan 😛
7:08:44 PMSolbu This summer i threw away a 233 MHz computer I bought in 1998.
7:08:59 PMG_Dog1985_ My is called computer to
7:09:03 PMnoeman5 I still have a WindowsMe disk around. 🙂
7:09:08 PMSolbu I still have the invoice it came with. :-)
7:10:09 PMnoeman5 Doom rules!
7:10:28 PMbp9 Solbu, I don't throw away even older computers. I still have a stack of them. Sometimes I use the floppy cables to get my Kaypro 2X running 🙂
7:10:31 PMSolbu
7:10:45 PMalpeck I loved SOF. Was nice to come home from work and let off some steam.
7:11:55 PMMoeMaravilla Hello to all
7:12:10 PMMarshMan Hey Moe!
7:12:39 PMMoeMaravilla I still have my Amiga 2000
7:13:47 PMbp9 Moe: Nice! Mine was an Amiga 500.
7:14:36 PMameriDroid I had every model of Amiga that was commonly available. I had to finally downsize and let them go.
7:14:52 PMSolbu SwitchedToLinux use to say: «Alexa: order Unicorn Meat. Confirm»
7:14:57 PMMoeMaravilla It has not been powered on in 15 years.
7:15:07 PMnoeman5 Have my Commodore 64 in storage and an old Silicon Graphics workstation and my old Packard Bell pentium unit. I don't throw things away either.
7:15:17 PMameriDroid I still have an A2000 with a Video Toaster.
7:15:34 PMameriDroid And a C64 and Commodore monitor.
7:15:43 PMnoeman5 Yuck
7:15:46 PMbp9 Yah my Kaypro blew a capacitor in the power supply when I powered it up for the first time in 15 years.
7:15:47 PMbp9 Sigh
7:16:20 PMnoeman5 @bp9 send it @RobbieF he can solder in a new one for you.
7:16:31 PMMarshMan I do not have one
7:16:34 PMMoeMaravilla If you solder better than Robbie... You can fix it.
7:16:39 PMbp9 @noeman5 No need, I already did that LOL
7:17:03 PMnoeman5 That flex looks like a hockey puck
7:17:19 PMnoeman5 Or a DingDong cake
7:17:37 PMMarshMan Ding Dong Deluxe
7:17:42 PMalpeck If you have a hard to find capacitor you can try to reform it.
7:17:43 PMbp9 or a can of cat food 🙂
7:18:40 PMbp9 alpeck: Not a problem, I replaced the blown tin-film capacitor with a tantalum of similar capacity, and it's been running find ever since.
7:19:04 PMameriDroid But what if we hate Amazon?
7:19:11 PMnoeman5 lol
7:19:29 PMalpeck Reforming is something you would do before you power it up after sitting idle for a long period of time.
7:19:42 PMnoeman5 Oh, just what we need, more surveillance!
7:19:50 PMMoeMaravilla Then you make jokes on chat.
7:20:50 PMameriDroid It's so easy to let Amazon spy on you!
7:21:05 PMMarshMan Takes no time at all
7:21:06 PMSolbu What? it's that hard to configure? ;-)
7:21:14 PMMoeMaravilla Now it knows everything about Robbie.
7:21:20 PMnoeman5 And now with Portal, you can let FaceBook spy on you too!
7:21:24 PMbp9 alpeck: How does on reform a capacitor? Massage it? 🙂
7:21:32 PMG_Dog1985_ yes
7:22:09 PMalpeck You have to remove before you try to apply power. Otherwise they will just pop.
7:22:47 PMMarshMan The dog will turn on the Christmas tree
7:22:53 PMbp9 I've been running it on a regular basis without incident.
7:23:03 PMnoeman5 Just what I was thinking @MarshMan
7:23:04 PMalpeck Then using and external DC power supply you apply a lower voltage then capacitor rating while watching current.
7:23:13 PMMoeMaravilla Now all employees at Amazon know when Robbie is home.
7:23:47 PMalpeck You should slowly see current reduce as it reforms.
7:24:00 PMMarshMan Alexa set first light to blue and do not say OK
7:24:23 PMalpeck once current stops reducing you step voltage up a bit and repeat.
7:25:37 PMalpeck I would go up in steps of 25% of expected operating voltage.
7:26:36 PMalpeck I would also stop for a minimum of 30 minutes at each voltage once current hasn't decreased any more.
7:27:15 PMMarshMan Thanks @Jeff Weston
7:27:31 PMMarshMan I won't have one of those in my house anyway
7:27:48 PMameriDroid Same here
7:27:56 PMalpeck Re-install capacitor, turn device on and pray.
7:27:58 PMMoeMaravilla Me either
7:28:04 PMnoeman5 Alexa, self-destruct
7:28:22 PMameriDroid 😆
7:29:58 PMbp9 Thanks alpeck, I'll keep that in mind!
7:30:42 PMnoeman5 And Cyber-Monday is coming.
7:30:47 PMalpeck If they haven't dried up this should work.
7:30:52 PMMarshMan Cyber Monday @Jeff Weston
7:31:30 PMSolbu «Alexa: Activate Skynet»
7:31:35 PMG_Dog1985_ I got more good Google mini here
7:31:48 PMnoeman5 😄 solbu
7:32:09 PMG_Dog1985_ vs dots
7:34:29 PMalpeck that's a big meat ball
7:34:53 PMnoeman5 That'sa spicy meatball
7:35:16 PMG_Dog1985_ lol
7:35:22 PMMarshMan LuksDumped a meatball
7:36:07 PMnoeman5 Last time @Jeff Weston does the honorable mentions 😄
7:36:27 PMMarshMan Reading the news isn't so easy huh @Jeff Weston
7:36:28 PMbp9 At least he's looking at the correct camera this week LOL LOL LOL
7:36:33 PMSolbu Hehe
7:36:54 PMG_Dog1985_ poor jeff
7:37:35 PMMarshMan Poor Jeff won't make fun of Sasha so much now, will he?
7:38:44 PMMoeMaravilla QuadQuam
7:39:08 PMG_Dog1985_ yes
7:39:31 PMnoeman5 They did a show a while back about a router or ISP that did just that. They were really psyched about it, especially @Jeff Weston
7:41:23 PMMoeMaravilla The Chinese make everything for us.
7:41:34 PMalpeck do we really need 5G yet?
7:41:45 PMnoeman5 28.8 modems!
7:45:04 PMalpeck It is worth the money but I think they are a little over confident.
7:46:11 PMalpeck Over confident to the point they are going to pay less because it is going to impact their bottom line.
7:46:57 PMalpeck But what is a bottom line when you make billions and billions of dollars every year.
7:47:39 PMnoeman5 Wasn't it Cisco about 10 years ago that advertised their software as unbreakable, then had to retract that days later when a hacker broke it and took down one of their servers?
7:47:59 PMalpeck Exactly
7:49:07 PMnoeman5 The old "send a thief to catch a thief" idea.
7:50:28 PMMoeMaravilla "It takes a thief" good series from the 70's
7:50:38 PMalpeck Time for new glasses @Jeff
7:54:44 PMMoeMaravilla So if your a hacker... provide a web-page that matches your MD5SUM binary.
7:56:16 PMSolbu Automatic updates should only be used for the linux distros repository. Not for binaries from any website.
7:59:19 PMSolbu We used to be able to edit the title and headline of links we added to Facebook. a few years ago they just removed it.
7:59:32 PMSolbu I used it often.
7:59:47 PMMoeMaravilla I don't get my news from FB.
8:00:02 PMMoeMaravilla Or any Social Media (for that matter).
8:01:22 PMG_Dog1985_ hmm
8:02:32 PMMoeMaravilla Social media without adds (or "news").
8:02:44 PMMarshMan You are manipulated by ANY news delivery
8:02:57 PMMoeMaravilla Agreed.
8:03:10 PMalpeck There is nothing social about social media.
8:03:35 PMnoeman5 And nothing real about Reality TV
8:03:51 PMMarshMan The ultimate oxymoron
8:04:12 PMMoeMaravilla Ummm... This is the Cat 5tv news segment.
8:04:53 PMMarshMan @SashaR The missus will be your first friend
8:05:00 PMalpeck I prefer to call it ochestrated reality.
8:05:19 PMnoeman5 Jeff "meatball" Weston.
8:05:28 PMMarshMan He hates everything TODAY???
8:05:47 PMalpeck Add meatball to the bloppers list.
8:07:49 PMMoeMaravilla Cloud storage
8:08:48 PMnoeman5 You'll need 3 times as many drives due to small size constraints of SSD's. Even enterprise level SSD's
8:09:03 PMRobbieF
8:09:12 PMBobK54 love it!
8:09:26 PMalpeck I believe spinning hard drives will be around for a long time yet.
8:09:41 PMSashaR You guys rock!!
8:09:53 PMameriDroid I like the Cybertruck and the way it looks.
8:10:02 PMRobbieF Agreed @ameriDroid
8:10:10 PMMarshMan @Jeff Weston the Devil's Advocate
8:10:15 PMMikeyikey Goodnight If I had the money I would go SSDs.
8:10:17 PMalpeck Does UnRaid support wear levelling for SSD's?
8:10:20 PMnoeman5 A LITTLE @SashaR ?
8:10:29 PMRobbieF This is why Sasha is my favorite: she only agrees with me.
8:10:48 PMRobbieF alpeck - no SSD support in unRAID.
8:10:55 PMSolbu Jeff: We love that you have a diferent perspective. That makes it interesting.
8:11:11 PMRobbieF I just wish I had a meatball to throw at him....
8:11:14 PMMarshMan Love is a strong word Solbu
8:11:31 PMSolbu I'm a strong man. ;-)
8:11:40 PMnoeman5 @Jeff Weston will wait until he sees the WT Social user manual before he makes up his mind. lol
8:13:02 PMMarshMan Good night everybody!
8:13:21 PMnoeman5 Good night @MarshMan
8:13:25 PMMoeMaravilla If I pay... I want no adds.
8:13:35 PMalpeck SashaR just has good posture.
8:14:15 PMRobbieF for those interested 🙂
8:14:16 PMnoeman5 And suddenly, they're gone!
8:14:34 PMalpeck Very interesting show tonight...bye
8:15:16 PMnoeman5 Have a good night, and in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!
8:19:02 PMnoeman5 I'll give Brave a try, although probably minimally, I really like my Epic Browser.
8:21:29 PMMarshMan Brave is just a fork of Chromium
8:22:48 PMRobbieF Correct: it is Chrome with some improvements, plus if you see ads, some of the revenue goes to you / cat5 rather than all going to whoever has the ad.
8:23:49 PMMarshMan As long as it works better than Chrome
8:24:05 PMMarshMan Chrome has been a royal pain lately
8:24:14 PMRobbieF I hope Brave works better for you!
8:24:21 PMRobbieF So far I am really happy with it.
8:25:34 PMMarshMan A good thing is I can use certain needed extensions too
8:26:59 PMRobbieF Yep; exactly. I was quick to install LastPass, for example.
8:27:17 PMMarshMan Precisely
8:28:10 PMMarshMan Although
8:28:23 PMMarshMan I do not see it on the iPad version
8:28:39 PMMarshMan May have to sync with my desktop
8:30:05 PMMarshMan I do not think so. Different name, yes
8:31:31 PMRobbieF Too bad really
8:32:36 PMMarshMan Yeah, I see no way to change your avatar
8:35:02 PMMarshMan Wow, to sync Brave you need to use a word phrase consisting of 25 words to sync devices
8:40:26 PMRobbieF Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In dictum non enim eget mattis. Quisque eros leo, egestas vel velit nec, semper commodo magna. Proin.
8:41:58 PMMarshMan Or you do it the other way by starting on the desktop and scan a QR code with the tablet
8:42:02 PMMarshMan 😛
8:43:15 PMMarshMan Very funny with the lorem ipsum
8:45:33 PMRobbieF
8:52:29 PMMarshMan Turkey Day tomorrow
8:52:30 PMMarshMan
8:55:15 PMRobbieF Mmmmmm, I could go for a Turkey.
8:56:07 PMMarshMan I made sure my stretchy pants are clean
8:58:57 PMameriDroid I'm brining a turkey right now. I'll throw it in the smoker tomorrow morning. Hope it turns out OK!
9:03:01 PMRobbieF ❤️
9:19:06 PMRobbieF


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