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6:58:59 PMSolbu Kodi stream is working.
6:59:43 PMABQTKY RobbieF So, ah, YouTube is streaming at 480p tonight?? Not 720p?? Just checking.
7:00:07 PMSolbu ABQTKY: Kodi is in 720p.
7:00:16 PMSolbu So I guess youtube also supports that.
7:01:10 PMSolbu
7:01:30 PMABQTKY Solbu - YT is usually in 720p, but not tonight...yet. Just wondering. Maybe it will be more stable at the lower res???
7:01:32 PMSweSG Hi!
7:01:43 PMWildBill SashaR: Did you try to do a Powerwash on your laptop
7:02:53 PMSolbu We are Go for launch
7:03:01 PMnoeman5 Because the Dark Side has cookies
7:03:26 PMSweSG 480P?
7:04:11 PMABQTKY SweSG Solbu YouTube just dropped me to 360p. 8-(
7:04:27 PMSweSG :/
7:05:51 PMABQTKY Wow, Robbie looks ten years younger at 360, but I just (temporarily) set it back to 720p.
7:06:16 PMSolbu Lift off.
7:06:23 PMABQTKY And no, I ain't gettin' no steenkeen buffering out here in the desert.
7:08:08 PMSweSG Looks bad!
7:09:41 PMSweSG 10GbE
7:10:20 PMTheFu Early adopters overpay.
7:11:09 PMnoeman5 Go with fiber?
7:11:28 PMTheFu In 3 yrs, everything will be cheaper for the same performance/throughput. Especially on the SBC stuff.
7:12:05 PMMarshMan By then newer stuff will be out and the question starts again
7:12:26 PMTheFu I don't see an ODroid transcoding 4K video into 480p in real-time.
7:12:56 PMnoeman5 Whenever I buy components, phones, tablets, whatever, I buy one or two steps below the most current version. Saves me a ton of money and I'm not too far down in speed or capability.
7:13:19 PMTheFu No budget? Infiniband!
7:13:33 PMMarshMan
7:14:02 PMSweSG I have this one:
7:14:05 PMTheFu I've had infiniband connected storage for about a decade.
7:14:16 PMnoeman5 Tim "The Toolman" Taylor says, more speed!
7:14:58 PMMarshMan grunt grunt grunt
7:15:03 PMTheFu Too bad the HDDs are all slow. ;(
7:15:38 PMMarshMan Interface-fast, Hardware-slow
7:15:48 PMMarshMan Weakest link
7:16:08 PMTheFu Just had to restart the stream. Got stuck.
7:16:11 PMABQTKY Uh, oh. Stream just froze...for ten seconds. Okay again.
7:16:18 PMnoeman5 And BAM! we lost YouTube.
7:16:26 PMSolbu You /Are/ the weakest link. Goodbye.
7:16:27 PMTheFu and again.
7:16:38 PMnoeman5 Here we go again
7:16:41 PMSolbu Kodi stream just halted.
7:16:50 PMSashaR Ugh
7:16:55 PMTheFu offline.
7:17:06 PMMarshMan Roku sttuters
7:17:14 PMTheFu I'm using that, Meatball/
7:17:19 PMnoeman5 Watching from the Cat5 stream, it died
7:17:20 PMBobK54 is offline too
7:17:35 PMnoeman5 Sasha has two fingers in the air
7:17:40 PMTheFu "Stay tuned" - live in 17 minutes.
7:18:07 PMSolbu «… after being dead for a minute»
7:18:09 PMSolbu :-)
7:18:18 PMABQTKY Back now.
7:18:22 PMBobK54 all of the electrons are frozen
7:18:24 PMnoeman5 A reload of the website says you are live in 17 minutes
7:18:28 PMTheFu MM - does that infiniband PCI card work in an Odroid?
7:18:31 PMSashaR I know Robbie would notice if it were on this end by where he is sitting
7:18:50 PMSashaR So I suspect its youtube :/
7:20:01 PMnoeman5 And we're back!
7:20:19 PMnoeman5 If you come back
7:20:21 PMMarshMan TheFu- No, I was just thinking along the same lines that you were
7:20:36 PMTheFu ;)
7:21:07 PMSolbu Low on pressing Go.. hehehe
7:22:26 PMMarshMan Follows politics - Explains a LOT
7:22:54 PMSolbu Stream have been stable for 3 minutes.
7:22:56 PMTheFu ... watching the pre-show.
7:23:02 PMSolbu Hopefully is't stable for the rest of the show.
7:23:32 PMSolbu Is there a lik to the spy camera?
7:23:37 PMSolbu *links
7:25:04 PMMarshMan
7:26:17 PMMarshMan No
7:27:24 PMnoeman5 @Jeff "Meatball" Weston you can read multiple book formats on the kindle if you load the Calibre app.
7:28:28 PMnoeman5 Oh, my mistake, I use a Kindle. But it is a kindle fire. and yes, I can read epubs on it, but uploading, I don't know.
7:29:24 PMABQTKY Wait a second - YouTube is REPLAYING stuff from half an hour ago INSTEAD of playing current stuff??? What planet are we on tonight??????
7:29:41 PMTheFu Way-back machine, planet.
7:30:05 PMnoeman5 or the eLibrary app. But again I don't know about upload, I've only downloaded.
7:30:41 PMTheFu I use Calibre. To add books, there is a thick client. On Linux, is it X11 client app.
7:30:58 PMBobK54 I had to refresh twice to get out of the wayback machine thing. same was from earlier tonight
7:30:59 PMABQTKY TheFu Well, half an hour isn't quite 'WAY BACK' but it's getting close.
7:31:12 PMTheFu It works well with aldiko reader on a Fire 8 Tablet.
7:31:25 PMMarshMan There is an app called Aldiko which takes ePubs
7:31:40 PMMarshMan We are in sync tonight TheFu
7:31:44 PMTheFu ;)
7:31:49 PMTheFu All day my friend.
7:32:13 PMMarshMan Yes, since 8AM
7:32:23 PMnoeman5 And no Discord on the kindle
7:32:44 PMTheFu IRC works on every platform. ;)
7:33:22 PMABQTKY Nope I just tried to refresh...FOUR times...still half an hour back. I've been watching Robbie with his white balance target several times.
7:34:35 PMSashaR We just watched ourselves on YouTube... With no delay. So I'm not sure what is happening!!
7:35:07 PMnoeman5 I'm not having any troubles anymore. It's been fine since after the break
7:35:15 PMABQTKY Of course we all come here for the witty banter between Jeff, Sasha an Robbie. BTW, YouTube won't drop farther than 144p. After that it just dies on my end.
7:36:03 PMSolbu Jeff: Question: are there apps one cannot remove from the device?
7:36:04 PMSashaR I love your patience through the hiccups
7:37:52 PMnoeman5 cruft=bloatware
7:42:00 PMTheFu I've had a Fire 8 tablet for a few years. First boot, it seemed like an amazon advertising machine.
7:43:29 PMTheFu Then I looked up how to "fix" that, change some settings. Through adb (the android debugger), removal of some apps, disabling some others, and there is a root method available, at least for my gen7 tablet.
7:44:29 PMTheFu Mainly, I use it to connect into the public library ebooks and audiobooks, but with f-droid, I've loaded some F/LOSS programs.
7:45:44 PMBobK54 thanks, I wanted to know the weather here!
7:45:47 PMTheFu They did load alexa last year sometime. Disable the listening and use a long-press on the "circle" to have alexa listen.
7:46:31 PMTheFu About every 6 months, they force an OS update. It doesn't ever happen conveniently.
7:46:56 PMTheFu Last update took about 30 min ... "optimizing" after the reboot.
7:47:00 PMABQTKY Ooh, now YouTube jumped ahead to only 26 minutes ago. Now I'm missing around fifteen minutes of the show. 8-p
7:47:39 PMTheFu Looks like Robbie has the temperature set for US.
7:49:04 PMTheFu Worth it for the money? YES! To me as well, Robbie. This is a fairly low-cost device. The camera(s) aren't great, but they are good enough. The resolution isn't great, but good enough. The battery life isn't great, but good enough.
7:50:16 PMTheFu If mine fire 8 fails, I might make it a week before I missed it. I've seen them for US$20 or $50.
7:50:39 PMSolbu Heh, here is a good sad Keanu photo:
7:50:42 PMTheFu With VLC or BubbleUPnP, it accesses a Plex Server nicely.
7:51:55 PMSashaR So sad, that nice man.
7:52:05 PMSolbu :-)
7:56:29 PMTheFu Jeff, do safe companies provide the police with master keys to access a safe?
7:57:35 PMnoeman5 Party!
7:58:39 PMTheFu Sasha, you live in a relatively nice place and don't have anything to hide. What if you lived under a totalitarian govt, where being gay is illegal?
7:58:58 PMalpeck maybe what they need is a warrant to disable the encryption for persons of interest without the person of interest knowing.
7:59:14 PMnoeman5 Or making fun of the politicians could land you in prison?
7:59:24 PMTheFu These places exist. Humans are thrown off tall buildings for being different.
7:59:30 PMSolbu jut because I'm not doing anything wrong, that doesn't mean I want other people to see or hear it. You lock the door to the toilet, that de not mean you are doing something wrong. You just don't want other people to see it.
7:59:52 PMSweSG Everything would be encrypted!
8:00:06 PMnoeman5 All nude?
8:00:13 PMTheFu Just because I'm not doing anything wrong, doesn't mean I want my neighbors, police, govt, to know about it.
8:00:14 PMSweSG :P
8:00:18 PMSolbu SweSG: Skandinavisk er jo en brukbar krypteringsnøkkel. ;-)
8:00:49 PMTheFu I think that my freedom is more important than my security.
8:00:49 PMTheFu I prefer to live in a free but insecure world than in a perfectly safe but not free world.
8:01:22 PMSolbu TheFu: Exactly.
8:03:03 PMnoeman5 Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
8:03:26 PMnoeman5 Thus, encryption for your own good.
8:03:36 PMABQTKY Nowman5 Sounds more like Jefferson to me.
8:03:57 PMABQTKY One of those guys!
8:04:05 PMMarshMan Benjamin Franklin also said: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!
8:04:15 PMnoeman5 I love that quote
8:04:28 PMMarshMan I have it on my beer glass
8:05:06 PMSolbu Jeff, RobbieF: The closeup of Sasha during the news makes it look like Sahsa are heavily leaning forward to the camera in order to read the text.
8:05:55 PMSashaR I could perhaps lean back?
8:06:05 PMMarshMan Mrs M says TOO CLOSE!
8:06:28 PMABQTKY Hey, everybody stop picking on Sasha.
8:06:49 PMMarshMan I am picking on the framing
8:06:53 PMSashaR Also... I do agree that some privacy is indeed necessary!
8:07:00 PMSolbu Jeff: I noticed whe is leaning forward, but the close framing makes it look like she's leaning more than I think she is.,
8:07:03 PMnoeman5 Leaning forward erases the 10 years the low resolution takes off
8:07:12 PMSashaR I too, close the door to the loo!!!
8:07:13 PMMarshMan Any closer and we could pick her nose
8:07:22 PMSolbu MarshMan: Hehehe
8:07:47 PMnoeman5 You can pick your friends and pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose.
8:08:00 PMMarshMan Speak for yourself!
8:08:05 PMMarshMan Ewwwwwww
8:08:30 PMSashaR Hahaha
8:08:35 PMSolbu Heh.
8:08:58 PMSashaR Is there anything I could be doing differently?
8:09:22 PMSolbu SashaR: Maybe just don't lean forward.
8:09:38 PMMarshMan @SashaR you do what you need to do to read that itty bitty screen
8:11:57 PMnoeman5 I've just started setting up a "Keepass" db. Switching everything over takes time.
8:13:51 PMTheFu Sasha needs a FIDOv2 U2F token?
8:14:19 PMnoeman5 Looking at a Yubikey for my laptop
8:16:00 PMnoeman5 @SashaR 's infamous "thinger"
8:16:22 PMMarshMan You MUST remember ONE password at least
8:16:35 PMTheFu Noeman5 - maybe check out KeePassXC ... with a .kdbx compatible file?
8:16:51 PMnoeman5 Thanks Fu, I'll take a look
8:18:30 PMnoeman5 I just started using Keepass2, so I haven't gotten too far in it to be too much trouble to change
8:19:21 PMG_Dog1985_ Robbief yubikey for the win
8:19:33 PMG_Dog1985_ @SashaR ^^
8:19:45 PMTheFu Keepass2 .... depends on the platforms involved. I think it is a .NET app and I won't use Mono on Linux.
8:20:32 PMTheFu Personal issue, my dislike of mono.
8:22:12 PMTheFu Sasha, there's no replacement for length and complexity. Sometimes, not knowing your loginname is also useful.
8:22:33 PMnoeman5 Didn't think about cross-platform capability. So KeepassXC makes more sense, then I can use it on my Linux systems, and maybe my PinePhone when it arrives.
8:23:22 PMTheFu Keepass2 probably uses the same encrypted file format that keepassxc uses. These work with lots of different programs on lots of platforms.
8:24:49 PMnoeman5 My bank almost does TOO good a job at that. When I moved from Arizona to Oregon, I told them I was moving, but while moving, my debit card was frozen because of too many uses on the road in between homes.
8:25:27 PMMarshMan @Jeff "Meatball" Weston Many sites are smart enough to know if you are logging in from a different location i.e. using a VPN server in a different country
8:25:38 PMMarshMan They will question it
8:25:59 PMTheFu Check for apps on all platforms, then pick the password manager for your primary platform that uses a compatible file.
8:26:26 PMTheFu Use nextcloud or seafile or rsync to replicate the DB file to each platform.
8:27:28 PMnoeman5 There was a Sci-Fi program abut Space Marines that used LIDAR to sense enemy spacecraft.
8:27:47 PMTheFu Space Above and Beyond.
8:27:51 PMSadSack963 I've never used a Password Manager. What happens when a site alters it's logging in procedure, or alters the login web address?
8:28:28 PMnoeman5 Wow, Fu, that's it!
8:28:35 PMTheFu I dont allow any password manager to automatically enter credentials, ever.
8:28:46 PMTheFu noeman5 - I have the DVDs. ;)
8:29:03 PMSadSack963 🙂
8:29:07 PMTheFu A flawed show, but ... entertaining.
8:30:10 PMnoeman5 Everything is getting smaller, except cellphones
8:32:53 PMTheFu
8:33:09 PMnoeman5 Holodeck or Orville simulators
8:36:45 PMnoeman5 Cat5x360 = Cat1800
8:37:38 PMABQTKY RobbieF - register that!! Cat1800!!!
8:39:59 PMnoeman5 And your basement floods and wipes out your entire life.
8:40:44 PMSweSG I have 3 of these as NAS:
8:40:47 PMTheFu Jeff, there are disk arrays with handles. But cooling is a huge issue.
8:41:31 PMnoeman5 We can hear @SashaR through your mike @RobbieF
8:41:58 PMABQTKY Now we're at 144p - what??!!
8:42:20 PMTheFu Pick the size you need:
8:42:27 PMnoeman5 Bye y'all.
8:43:55 PMTheFu One extra nice thing about a Fire tablet ... shipping updates as notifications for stuff purchased.
8:44:20 PMTheFu I do wish they had a GPS, however.
9:03:44 PMRobbieF 🙂


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