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6:58:08 PMSolbu Kodi stream is live – at 320p
6:58:25 PMSashaR Luckily we are still a couple minutes from live! :):)
6:58:29 PMdave_maydew Roku is primed here to
6:58:38 PMSashaR Robbie is working on it :):)
6:58:38 PMABQTKY Wow, YT here is at 240p. HiRez again!!
6:58:53 PMMarshMan Where is the sound? I want to hear that angelic voice of @SashaR
6:59:02 PMSolbu SashaR: Stopped pretending to have a working laptop? :-)
6:59:07 PMdave_maydew Partner is using Roku downstairs streaming Last of the summer wine from Plex Server
6:59:27 PMSashaR That's exactly what Robbie is working on :)
6:59:29 PMnoeman5 I've got a couple of drives with Win10 on them,(one for the desktop, one for the laptop) just to keep current, but I don't do much on them. I still use Mint, Ubuntu and Win7 primarily (Win7 just for gaming pretty much.)
6:59:45 PMSashaR Yes Solbu... Soon I will have mine back :)
6:59:51 PMSolbu :-)
7:00:11 PMMarshMan Win 7 in my house is long gone
7:00:24 PMnoeman5 Have it back @SashaR , or a new one?
7:00:32 PMSolbu Last Windows I had was Windows 2000 Pro.
7:00:33 PMMarshMan Altho, my work laptop is still Win 7
7:00:45 PMMarshMan They just will not give me an upgrade
7:00:46 PMdave_maydew The only Microsoft products we have are Xbox One consoles
7:00:56 PMdave_maydew the rest are either Linux or Android
7:01:04 PMABQTKY SashaR please shout, we can't hear you.
7:01:13 PMMarshMan I have to have a Win PC and a Mac
7:01:32 PMMarshMan ALL the rest are variants of Linux
7:01:34 PMSashaR I'm laughing out loud
7:01:43 PMSashaR Can you hear anyone?
7:02:02 PMdave_maydew No I think I'm deaf
7:02:12 PMMarshMan Started using LInux with Ubuntu Dapper Drake
7:02:26 PMSolbu MarshMan: At my previous work I refused to use Windows. After we got a new boss I said that I could take responsibility for the broken computer, provided I could install Linux. After a board meeting, they agreed. :-)
7:02:31 PMdave_maydew I started in 2009 when Vista killed it for me
7:02:47 PMdave_maydew Now everyone in the Fanily use Ubuntu Mate
7:02:56 PMMarshMan I never had a problem with Vista
7:03:13 PMdave_maydew Even my media server running Plex runs Ubuntu Mate 24/7
7:03:22 PMMarshMan You just had to have the box confiured properly
7:03:31 PMMarshMan i.e. enuf memory
7:03:43 PMdave_maydew @agamotto It's been how long since we spoke??
7:04:11 PMMarshMan YT offline
7:04:12 PMSolbu Kodi stream just died. I'm choosing to believe RobbieF is fixing something.
7:04:12 PMagamotto Hallo all, I take it that we are having technical issues at the studio?
7:04:18 PMMarshMan πŸ’©
7:04:19 PMSashaR Yep
7:04:20 PMSashaR
7:04:45 PMDennis_Kelley Happy New Year @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:05:06 PMABQTKY RobbieF I'm down to 144P on YouTube - but I hear sound now!! Wow, now it's flying along at 720P! It must be 2020 already!!!
7:05:07 PMnoeman5 HNY @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:05:12 PMagamotto dave_maydew, Some time - thanks to the time zone difference, and that weird thing called work that usually has me busy on Wednesday evenings...
7:05:13 PMSolbu SashaR: Awesome image, I love how the Starfleet sign is visible in the background. :-)
7:05:13 PMdave_maydew It's like I've not missed anything lol
7:05:44 PMnoeman5 Not sitting down today?
7:05:50 PMSolbu Kodi stream is live - at 320p
7:05:54 PMdave_maydew @agamotto for me it's a big move to Wales and 2 kids ;-)
7:05:56 PMMarshMan Why do they always say "Check 1, 2"?
7:05:58 PMnoeman5 No sound though
7:06:01 PMSolbu Audio works.
7:06:08 PMdave_maydew We have sound
7:06:29 PMagamotto dave_maydew, Wales???? You felt the need to get rid of all of your vowels?
7:06:36 PMdave_maydew I always say "Helloooooo Radio" :-)
7:06:40 PMABQTKY RFobbieF No it's not. YT switched me over to somebody else's channel. Not much luck with Category5...yet.
7:06:46 PMagamotto I can hear you lot now
7:06:58 PMdave_maydew @agamotto of course ;-)
7:07:05 PMagamotto I am getting audio via youtube
7:07:11 PMDennis_Kelley Sounds good to me!
7:07:14 PMdave_maydew I still cannot pronounce some of the places
7:07:28 PMSolbu Sometimes the sound is gone. Sounds like when Robbie switch something.
7:07:34 PMagamotto Abersthwyth?
7:07:42 PMnoeman5 Interesting, I had no audio in the Brave browser, but I do now in Epic.
7:07:51 PMdave_maydew I'm in the Rhondda Valleys South Wales now
7:08:17 PMdave_maydew Near Tonypandy and wait for the no vowel... Pontypridd
7:08:25 PMagamotto I seem to be getting stereo on my end
7:08:38 PMnoeman5 That's okay @SashaR, Robbie had trouble the day of the snowstorm
7:08:55 PMagamotto dave_maydew, Pontypridd... sounds like an STD
7:09:06 PMagamotto Jeff is coming across very softly
7:09:11 PMDennis_Kelley Dave Maydew were you in the states before?
7:09:27 PMagamotto Jeff is louder now
7:09:42 PMdave_maydew No I was in Walsall West Midlands
7:09:44 PMagamotto Now, Sasha is soft
7:09:48 PMMarshMan Jeffdid the whole thing about the sign that I could not hear and cannot see the sign.
7:10:12 PMSolbu SashaR was offline during parts of the last checks.
7:10:30 PMagamotto "You must not see the color that must be unseen, you must not make the sign that is the sign, you just not drink the water that is not water."
7:10:37 PMagamotto Audio is much better on all the mics now
7:10:42 PMABQTKY SashaR - dead silence in Albuquerque. Video is close to dead, too. (240p)
7:11:25 PMagamotto It could be worse, they could be from Regina
7:11:31 PMnoeman5 Got audio, @SashaR and @Jeff "Meatball" Weston are at same level.
7:11:57 PMdave_maydew Ah, the only bad thing I had to go through last year was the death of my Mom back in the Midlands @agamotto
7:12:05 PMagamotto I can live w/o video if needed, I can't stand bad audio
7:12:09 PMSolbu Jeff: I have the luxury quality then, with 320p in kodi. :-)
7:12:11 PMdave_maydew So I was glad to see 2019 end
7:12:15 PMMarshMan Sorry to hear Dave
7:12:54 PMMarshMan 120 too fast
7:12:59 PMdave_maydew Ah cheers @MarshMan, I keep in close contact with my Dad via Video
7:13:02 PMABQTKY Wow, sound AND 240p. Will wonders never cease??!!
7:13:08 PMagamotto dave_maydew, "wake me up when September ends..."
7:13:22 PMdave_maydew @agamotto So true
7:14:03 PMagamotto Ooooohhhh, do the Oompa Loompa Dance!
7:14:49 PMnoeman5 Stats for nerds says the feed is 426x240.
7:14:50 PMagamotto Robbie has been exfoliating!
7:14:50 PMMarshMan I need to come visit again with @MarshmanGF so @SashaR can feel tall again
7:15:38 PMagamotto So, issues with Rogers?
7:15:47 PMSolbu Jeff could stand behind SashaR, and we'd still see his entire face. :-)
7:15:56 PMagamotto Your rather smooth skull.... it looks like you have been exfoliating
7:16:38 PMagamotto Ok, some kind of CGI eye chart?
7:17:20 PMSolbu 2020 – The year of Hindsight.
7:17:25 PMagamotto Most women wearing heels tend to clomp around
7:17:50 PMnoeman5 New year, same meatballs.
7:17:58 PMagamotto Everyone around here is chocking on their spit as well.
7:18:09 PMMarshMan New decade starts next year...... discuss
7:18:09 PMSolbu Ignition sequense started.
7:18:20 PMagamotto choking, even
7:18:30 PMDennis_Kelley I made it!
7:18:48 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan , computer counting starts at 0 (Zero).
7:18:50 PMagamotto I thought the new decade didn't start until x1?.
7:19:15 PMMarshMan @noeman5 Calendar year does not
7:19:26 PMagamotto Calendar 0 denotes 10
7:19:45 PMMarshMan so year one is 1
7:19:54 PMMarshMan 2011 is new decade
7:20:25 PMMarshMan Old jokes never die
7:20:35 PMagamotto Thankfully, it wasn't Star Trek: Beyond... what a stinker.
7:20:59 PMnoeman5 I got Red Dwarf Season 11 for Christmas.
7:21:02 PMSolbu Hehehe. awesome gift. :-)
7:21:41 PMagamotto I have recently dropped about 8lb from switching to powdered peanut butter...
7:21:50 PMDennis_Kelley my New Years Reselution is to drink more and eat more, so when I fail! I will be good!
7:21:57 PMagamotto In about a year, I may be down 30lb.
7:22:10 PMnoeman5 Good for you agamotto!
7:22:24 PMDennis_Kelley great job agamotto
7:22:30 PMagamotto Yes, 210lb should be very comfortable
7:23:00 PMdave_maydew Sorry everyone Daughter woke up
7:23:07 PMdave_maydew She's watching now too
7:23:09 PMagamotto The hardest part is finding all of the sugars hidden in your food
7:23:12 PMMarshMan he's 40, boo hoo
7:23:29 PMMarshMan Hello little one
7:23:49 PMnoeman5 I'm at 218, down from 240 a year and a half ago.
7:24:01 PMagamotto Yay!
7:24:12 PMagamotto Body composition scale?
7:24:26 PMnoeman5 I agree @MarshMan , I'm 62, so 40 is a kid.
7:24:55 PMagamotto 40 was a very good year for me... alot of things just came together
7:25:13 PMMarshMan I don't remember 40
7:25:48 PMagamotto I just don't see the point of going to a building, putting on special shoes, clothes, then have to wipe stuff down, when I can just go take a walk or do some simple things at home.
7:25:48 PMBobK54 40?? nope, no memory. I may win the race here...I'll be 66 in two months
7:26:23 PMdave_maydew @MarshMan Annabelle says "Ughh Ughh" :-)
7:26:44 PMMarshMan Nuff nuff Annabelle
7:26:53 PMagamotto dave_maydew, What, she can't handle VGA at this early age?
7:27:00 PMdave_maydew She's smiling at Robbie
7:27:23 PMdave_maydew Hahaha @agamotto
7:27:36 PMnoeman5 What do you have @SashaR ? A Fitbit Aria?
7:27:45 PMMarshMan Smart scale? Does it call you fatty?
7:27:52 PMBobK54 πŸ™‚
7:28:15 PMSashaR Yes... The aria :)
7:28:31 PMdave_maydew She knows how a Tablet PC works already, and she knows how to move a mouse to... I'll make a Linux baby out of her, like I did with my 4 year old son
7:28:49 PMagamotto Did I hear something about a 'ho?
7:28:49 PMMarshMan They know big word like kindergarden and delicatessen
7:29:00 PMnoeman5 Beer weight?
7:29:27 PMMarshMan Doctor 'ho
7:29:33 PMagamotto That thing sounds like some kind of PET scan...
7:29:36 PMBobK54 it doesnt have enuf digits for my body age
7:29:37 PMdave_maydew lol @MarshMan
7:30:00 PMnoeman5 @BobK54 Ha Ha
7:30:35 PMMarshMan My body's age is about 2765
7:30:56 PMnoeman5 If I got on that scale, it would say "Welcome King Tut".
7:31:07 PMMarshMan Funky Tut
7:31:11 PMnoeman5 Body age
7:31:52 PMnoeman5 But my brain still thinks I'm thirty, go figure.
7:32:38 PMagamotto Well all love you and accept you just as you are, Robbie.
7:33:03 PMMarshMan I know @noeman5 . it can get you in trouble with the brain lagging like that
7:33:26 PMagamotto That must have been a big BM...
7:33:29 PMnoeman5 πŸ˜„ @MarshMan
7:33:33 PMSolbu jeff, SashaR: Question, does it work in any capacity without pairing to a smart device?
7:33:57 PMMarshMan Since Solbu only has stupid devices
7:34:14 PMdave_maydew I've used Google Fit for a while
7:34:23 PMnoeman5 You know you are in trouble when you get on the scale and it says, "Hey! One at a time!"
7:34:27 PMdave_maydew but now I use Huawei Health to
7:34:47 PMdave_maydew I've lost over 1.5stone in 12 months
7:34:55 PMagamotto Well, considering that some people think 5'8" male should weigh no more than 165...
7:35:04 PMBobK54 @noemam5 - good one!
7:35:31 PMagamotto dave_maydew, Not bad at all! Chasing the kidlets around?
7:35:41 PMdave_maydew I'm 5"4 and 169lb
7:36:10 PMagamotto I wonder how it can tell your muscle mass?
7:36:10 PMdave_maydew Keep forgetting I have to use lb for other countries lol
7:36:23 PMagamotto lb/stone/kg
7:36:24 PMMarshMan agamotto, I questioned my doctor about that weight chart in their office. It shows green for my height and 140lbs. I say that means I am terribly sick
7:36:31 PMMarshMan The chart came down
7:36:51 PMSashaR I'm 5"1 and 118 :)
7:37:22 PMagamotto MarshMan In my family that would qualify as anorexic.
7:37:32 PMnoeman5 I'd say you look healthy @SashaR
7:37:37 PMMarshMan Ten years ago I was 188lbs and I am 6'1"
7:37:57 PMMarshMan Today.... 235
7:38:29 PMagamotto I have thrown out most of the exercise advice and just started to walk more, with and without the dog
7:38:55 PMMarshMan Walking was my go to exercise
7:39:09 PMnoeman5 I'm 6'2" at 218, told my doctor I want to get down to 200. She said that was doable and a good goal. (my weight 20 years ago when I was skydiving.)
7:39:12 PMMarshMan Arthritis in my foot is preventing that now
7:39:21 PMagamotto The powdered peanut butter came as a complete surprise. I was expecting it to taste horrible, but it now makes 'regular' PB taste sickeningly sweet.
7:39:39 PMdave_maydew @MarshMan I've got that in both knees and wrist
7:39:44 PMdave_maydew I'm 45
7:40:07 PMagamotto MarshMan: Yah, isn't it funny how what hurts you is what is supposed to help you?
7:40:08 PMDennis_Kelley agamotto how is it spread on ?
7:40:22 PMMarshMan Welcome to the Cat5 Wrinkly's Reunuion
7:40:34 PMdave_maydew @MarshMan I have Macular Degeneration too.... I'm falling apart lol
7:40:36 PMnoeman5 πŸ˜„
7:40:47 PMagamotto Dennis_Kelly: You mix it with water/very little oil, and it spreads quite well.
7:41:06 PMDennis_Kelley I will look into that!
7:41:12 PMagamotto Averages 80% less fat and sugars
7:41:27 PMnoeman5 Wow Dave_Maydew, that sucks
7:41:41 PMagamotto Jeff: that or incredibly ripped?
7:41:42 PMdave_maydew @RobbieF 150lb is my ideal weight for my height
7:41:52 PMnoeman5 You'd be anorexic @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:41:55 PMdave_maydew I'm aiming for that by Christmas 2020
7:42:12 PMdave_maydew I used to be 150lb
7:42:17 PMMarshMan 192 at 5'11' sounds about right
7:43:29 PMagamotto Wow... I can't imagine what I would be like below 180... would be anorexic for me
7:43:32 PMdave_maydew We will be Skeletons :-)
7:43:55 PMagamotto I think I would rather be an Adiposian...
7:44:11 PMMarshMan
7:44:21 PMG_Dog1985_ hey all
7:44:38 PMMarshMan G Doggggggggg!
7:45:13 PMG_Dog1985_ hey marshman
7:45:43 PMnoeman5
7:45:48 PMG_Dog1985_ yep
7:45:58 PMDennis_Kelley great!
7:46:13 PMABQTKY SashaR - sound great, video is stuck at 240p.
7:46:14 PMG_Dog1985_ all good @RobbieF
7:46:42 PMMarshMan One size fits all at 5'1"
7:46:44 PMagamotto I wasn't aware anything came in 'one-size' for women...
7:47:40 PMMarshMan I kept my last New Year's Resolution that I made over 20 years ago. I resolved to never make another resolution
7:47:58 PMG_Dog1985_ haha
7:48:08 PMSolbu I have 8 new years resolutions: 1024Γ—576 1152Γ—648 1280Γ—720 1366Γ—768 1600Γ—900 1920Γ—1080 2560Γ—1440 3840Γ—2160
7:48:16 PMMarshMan Groooooan
7:48:40 PMagamotto Is it cheap, or is it frugal?
7:48:53 PMnoeman5 Solbu, I shared a joke like that on FB on new years day.
7:49:03 PMMarshMan So did he
7:49:17 PMSolbu noeman: Guess where I found it. hehe..
7:49:19 PMagamotto FB... something I do not miss in my life.
7:49:33 PMMarshMan Agreed
7:50:26 PMagamotto I don't trust that the data from those things will stay where it is supposed to
7:51:26 PMagamotto Tea, Earl Grey, not-so-hot.
7:51:44 PMSolbu I don't need a device in order to make a fit.
7:51:52 PMagamotto I am only somewhat sedentary two days a week.
7:52:19 PMMarshMan I don't need a watch to tell me I am sedentary
7:52:27 PMagamotto My job helps keep me moving around
7:52:39 PMnoeman5 me too agamotto.
7:53:19 PMnoeman5 The American Heart Association recommends 10k steps a day, I usually hit that within the first 2 hours at work.
7:53:24 PMagamotto Tonight is the longest I have sat in... three days. Not quite two hours at this point
7:54:11 PMdave_maydew @agamotto This is the longest I've stayed still too
7:54:22 PMdave_maydew in 2 hours lol
7:55:30 PMagamotto Rachel isn't around to translate anymore?
7:58:20 PMagamotto Perhaps most of the price difference isn't so much in the watch, as in the software?
7:59:18 PMagamotto Glad I don't have to deal with that!
7:59:34 PMagamotto Portable Plasma Gun?
7:59:45 PMagamotto Pulse Oximeter?
8:00:00 PMSolbu Yea, plasma gun. hehe..
8:00:00 PMMarshMan I could not have @Jeff "Meatball" Weston watch. It would never stop beeping on me
8:01:58 PMMarshMan Same color temp
8:02:07 PMSkywriter64 FYI,google bought Fitbit about a month
8:02:33 PMBobK54 as a secondary effect you get a grreat tan from that light too! πŸ™‚
8:02:57 PMdave_maydew I'm thinking of getting a Smart band/Watch to keep track of my heart condition
8:02:57 PMnoeman5 I get up at 0400 @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:03:17 PMdave_maydew Heart rate especially
8:04:10 PMMarshMan MY EYES!
8:04:43 PMagamotto I need about 30min of sun to feel 'right' in the winter. Thankfully, Izzie is very helpful with that.
8:04:51 PMMarshMan Try putting it on the ceiling
8:04:58 PMdave_maydew Right guys I must go, need to be up at 6am
8:05:12 PMdave_maydew it's 0105, School run in the morning for me
8:05:14 PMMarshMan G'night Dave!
8:05:16 PMnoeman5 So long dave_maydew
8:05:32 PMagamotto Oooh, that doesn't give you much sleep
8:06:25 PMdave_maydew I will be back next week for sure!! @agamotto since my Mom passing away, and my daughter being born sleep is a luxury even 2 hours :-)
8:06:40 PMdave_maydew I've become an insomniac
8:07:42 PMdave_maydew but the way I look at it, I'm giving my partner her rest while I look after our daughter if she wakes in the night
8:07:46 PMSolbu Jeff: I like having the 3 of you behind that standing desk again. The interaction between the 3 of you looks more natural when all of you are together.
8:08:01 PMagamotto dave_maydew, As long as it works for you
8:08:35 PMBobK54 ahhhhh.......too close!!!!!!
8:08:36 PMDennis_Kelley wow that is close!
8:08:49 PMdave_maydew ah, kids are just great lol.... @agamotto it works most of the time... but I have the odd day where my body just keeps telling me off
8:09:08 PMMarshMan It is a funny movie @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:09:09 PMagamotto Robbie: You need to moisturize those hands!
8:09:24 PMdave_maydew @DennisKelley Goodnight Sir and everyone too see you next week
8:09:49 PMdave_maydew Argh @Dennis_Kelley sorry
8:13:24 PMagamotto Zed works here in the US
8:17:05 PMagamotto Sounds like how Hangul(sp?) is supposed to work
8:18:01 PMagamotto Doing ok here
8:18:07 PMnoeman5 This might have been a good thing for Stephen Hawking.
8:18:16 PMSolbu Dead battery?
8:18:21 PMMarshMan Battery died from sitting around too long
8:18:38 PMbp9 pocophone died LOL
8:18:53 PMDennis_Kelley nice buttons!
8:22:50 PMagamotto Especially for those with locked-in syndromes
8:23:27 PMSolbu Break! Break! Break!
8:25:56 PMagamotto Which is how it should have been from the beginning, along with built-in encryption for all connections
8:26:43 PMMarshMan American Express credit card doesn't even offer 2FA
8:26:54 PMagamotto Ah, but Robbie... is 2FA really safer?
8:30:45 PMnoeman5 I can't trust anyone that doesn't like bacon
8:31:11 PMnoeman5 gross, meatless burgers
8:31:26 PMMarshMan Impossible burger is quite good. Right texture which is a BIG plus
8:33:00 PMagamotto Well, I must go. A certain canine is wanting some attention.
8:33:06 PMMarshMan Fakin Bacon is WRONG!
8:33:29 PMagamotto I won't be back for a few weeks, at least for the show.
8:33:33 PMnoeman5 see ya agamotto
8:33:36 PMMarshMan Later agamotto
8:33:53 PMMarshMan You will be missed
8:34:18 PMMarshMan The sun lamp is interfering
8:34:25 PMMarshMan Sun lamp spots
8:35:13 PMbp9 G'day @RobbieF @SashaR @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:35:21 PMMarshMan Here comes @bp9
8:35:42 PMbp9 waves at @MarshMan
8:36:01 PMnoeman5 better late than never bp9
8:36:06 PMbp9 I've been here for a while catching up on ol messages πŸ™‚
8:36:18 PMSolbu Β«Alexa: Are Big Brother spying on me?Β»
8:37:49 PMMarshMan @noeman5 should level up with next post
8:37:54 PMnoeman5 Are smart bathtubs for real?
8:38:18 PMnoeman5 yep @MarshMan , happened as soon as I posted.
8:38:38 PMMarshMan Been doing this too much
8:39:14 PMSolbu Dryers can catch fire. So I would never trust that to run while not at home.
8:39:25 PMSolbu … or while asleep
8:41:40 PMnoeman5 Sorry about spraying WD-40 in your mouth, but it did stop that annoying sound you were making. Lol
8:41:54 PMMarshMan Has Linux even been mentioned on the show tonight?
8:43:06 PMnoeman5 Oompa Loompah dooby di doo...
8:43:43 PMBobK54 night all !!
8:44:19 PMnoeman5 g'night @BobK54
8:44:56 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks Guys
8:45:50 PMnoeman5 Good show, glad you're back!
8:47:02 PMSolbu I should go to bed too. The ensurance company is sending a surveyor tomorrow to look at any damages in my basement. I had 20 cm water in my entire basement for a few hours, while I was away on january 1.
8:47:43 PMnoeman5 G'night Solbu
8:47:46 PMSolbu The ground water came up through the basement floor, during heavy rain.
8:49:18 PMSolbu RobbieF: it was nice to see you all behind the same desk, again. In my opinion that's when you guys are best.
8:51:55 PMMarshMan Good night everyone!!
8:54:44 PMRobbieF ❀️ hope you all enjoyed yourselves πŸ™‚
8:56:33 PMRobbieF Skywriter64 if I hadn't, I'd be ticked at the spoiler - haha!
8:56:51 PMRobbieF Yeah, kinda exciting, and the actor who is playing him is awesome. He was in Outsourced, which Bekah and I really enjoyed.
8:57:06 PMRobbieF He REALLY showed his chops on that episode.
9:00:15 PMDennis_Kelley Great Show @RobbieF
9:01:38 PMbp9 Hey @RobbieF it was a great show! I'm so happy I can get home early enough to catch (most of) it now. LOL
9:02:47 PMbp9 I do like that you were out front again instead of hidden away in the "production centre" πŸ™‚
9:07:28 PMRobbieF Aww thanks @Dennis_Kelley & @bp9
9:08:00 PMRobbieF The 'production centre' is looking pretty cool now @bp9 - can't wait for you to see it!
9:08:51 PMbp9 I keep checking the weather to see if I can aviate up there but the darn snow, sleet, and generally nasty weather prevent it.
9:10:18 PMbp9 Oh yeah @RobbieF -- my pocophone (not the same model as yours) refused to sync with my caldav and carddav server.
9:10:43 PMbp9 The last straw was when the phone refused to ring when I was waiting for a support call from my work.
9:10:59 PMbp9 I switched back to my old phone and everything came back to normal.
9:15:45 PMRobbieF Install BlueMail @bp9 ?
9:16:12 PMRobbieF If anyone wonders why I hold up a card at the beginning of the show:
9:16:13 PMbp9 BlueMail?
9:16:23 PMRobbieF For caldav, etc @bp9
9:16:31 PMRobbieF Not sure; I don't use that.
9:16:43 PMRobbieF I use Google Calendar, personally.
9:17:02 PMbp9 No, I used the standard google apps on the phone for contacts and calendar. Not for email.
9:18:31 PMbp9 I explicitly do not use google calendar. The whole point of using my own cloud is so I don't have my data on someone else's computer. πŸ™‚
9:20:50 PMbp9 Oh boy.... I'm starting to sound like @Jeff "Meatball" Weston LOL LOL LOL


Does Not Include Lurkers