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6:58:51 PMDennis_Kelley @RobbieF did you get affected by the latest storms that went by?
6:59:15 PMnoeman5 Happy Wednesday.
6:59:27 PMbaldricthebrave Hi Robbie... very cool. I have an Atari 800 and 800XL... still need to fire them up to see if they still work.
6:59:38 PMSolbu The live resolution is better than last week. 480p, upgrade form 320p ;-)
6:59:48 PMbaldricthebrave There mine from when i was a kid...
7:01:35 PMnoeman5 I still have my C64 in storage, still worked the last time I fired it up 9 years ago.
7:02:17 PMnoeman5 I'm in Oregon, it's in Arizona.
7:02:24 PMbaldricthebrave If they still work i will buy one of the SD adapters and download the game files...
7:02:25 PMABQTKY RobbieF Wow, this week YT is up to 480i.
7:02:33 PMSolbu I have a handhelt handheld Nintendo from 1984.
7:03:20 PMABQTKY What did they do???
7:03:40 PMbaldricthebrave YouTube looks great on my tv.
7:03:46 PMABQTKY Gee, I can recognize faces this week!!
7:03:46 PMnoeman5 Thanks ABQTKY!
7:04:54 PMSolbu heh, COPPA killed HD . ;-)
7:05:18 PMABQTKY So Google screwed up YouTube! okay, that sounds about right.
7:06:21 PMABQTKY How about very young computer nerds???
7:06:46 PMbaldricthebrave Trouble is most of the kids know more about modern tec than us old fellas...
7:07:02 PMSolbu We are Go for launch.
7:09:43 PMnoeman5
7:10:03 PMSolbu Hehe
7:11:48 PMstormchaser3000 Finally showed up for a stream
7:12:22 PMnoeman5 The preview of the gif wasn't nearly as fast, this can be a bit annoying how often it repeats.
7:13:27 PMnoeman5 Just the opposite of Slim Pickens ride in Dr. Strangelove
7:33:15 PMbaldricthebrave Very cool...
7:38:30 PMbaldricthebrave Can u colorize the vector image?
7:41:07 PMbaldricthebrave Brilliant
7:42:36 PMnoeman5 And they don't have the key?
7:43:04 PMnoeman5 Hello Big Brother.
7:44:58 PMGarbee Hiya
7:45:26 PMbaldricthebrave Hi...
7:46:58 PMGarbee hmm, I never got it to DHU before on linux. That's a long wait time.
7:53:32 PMnoeman5 Hey @RobbieF , maybe if you plug your coffee maker into a smart plug, you can start the coffee when you enter the studio. lol
7:54:35 PMGarbee The only kink in this armor, newer iOS and Android randomize the MAC/Hostname to wifi APs to prevent tracking. Although, I think it may be only for unprotected networks. Just something to keep in mind if you hit a wall.
7:56:52 PMchaslinux What was that URL again?
7:56:56 PMGarbee I'm gonna get ready for bed.
7:56:59 PMGarbee See ya'll later.
7:57:06 PMGarbee Have a goodnight.
7:57:13 PMnoeman5 g'night @Garbee
7:57:15 PMbaldricthebrave Really need to load up Linus on one of my older Pcs and have a play...
7:59:24 PMbaldricthebrave Was never any good at DOS, so may take a while to learn stuff
8:00:16 PMABQTKY Thanks to all anonymous doners to Category 5!
8:01:16 PMABQTKY Thanks to all not-so-anonymous doners to Category 5!
8:03:41 PMnoeman5 I'm still waiting on my PinePhone Braveheart. Ordered back in November, hopefully they start shipping soon.
8:05:48 PMnoeman5 Windows 10 Sux
8:06:47 PMnoeman5 Switch to Linux instead
8:08:16 PMnoeman5 Except for 32 bit systems. A number of Linux distros no longer support 32 bit, thus cutting a lot of old hardware out.
8:22:25 PMnoeman5 I just found a blog post, the PinePhone Braveheart edition begins shipping on the 17th! This Friday! Hooray!
8:24:30 PMbaldricthebrave Is this an eco friendly phone made from timber?
8:26:08 PMnoeman5 lol @baldricthebrave
8:26:33 PMbaldricthebrave Ha ha...
8:26:40 PMABQTKY I believe the Pinephone is built with Pine VENEER, since pine timbers would be a bit too unwieldy. 8-)
8:26:53 PMbaldricthebrave Bit of UK humor.
8:27:10 PMnoeman5 Too bad it's not made of British Oak
8:27:14 PMABQTKY And desert humor.
8:29:15 PMRobbieF ❤️
8:29:46 PMABQTKY Gotta run. TTYL to all of youse. 8-|
8:30:01 PMDennis_Kelley @RobbieF great show!
8:30:16 PMnoeman5 See ya' ABQTKY
8:31:18 PMRobbieF
8:31:44 PMnoeman5 Is Discord available on Linux?
8:32:19 PMnoeman5 Hi
8:32:51 PMnoeman5 BACON!
8:32:53 PMRonnicat Awesome
8:32:54 PMbaldricthebrave Good nite from the uk... its 1.30am
8:33:09 PMnoeman5 G'night @baldricthebrave
8:33:23 PMSolbu 2:33 am in norway. :-)
8:34:04 PMRobbieF Night night @baldricthebrave
8:34:07 PMRonnicat Good night
8:34:11 PMRobbieF #bacon
8:35:03 PMbaldricthebrave Stop talking about Bacon... or i will never sleep 🤓
8:35:27 PMRobbieF
8:35:43 PMRobbieF Sweet dreams.
8:35:46 PMRobbieF 😄
8:36:46 PMRonnicat @RobbieF you made me remember the things I had to learn in school. So can't wait to see Next Week in Graphics...
8:37:19 PMRobbieF 🙂
8:38:49 PMRonnicat An official Goodnight. See you all next week.
8:39:08 PMRobbieF Night @Ronnicat
8:57:49 PMnoeman5 Hey @RobbieF just saw an ad on Brave for a card that allow you to spend crypto currency anywhere VISA is accepted. Have you seen it?
8:58:09 PMnoeman5 News story for next week?
8:58:28 PMRobbieF I haven't seen it
8:59:10 PMnoeman5 Let's see if it will let me copy the link.
8:59:26 PMRobbieF email ?
8:59:34 PMnoeman5 I'll try.
8:59:53 PMnoeman5 noeman5
9:00:03 PMnoeman5 sorry, wrong keyboard
9:02:19 PMnoeman5 Sent
9:05:51 PMRobbieF haha
9:05:52 PMRobbieF np
9:05:53 PMRobbieF thanks
9:06:09 PMRobbieF I'm hardcore editing right now
9:14:08 PMnoeman5 I've picked up a dev board from Nordic Semiconductor so I can start playing with my PineTime watch. Time for me to start seriously learning to write apps.


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