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06:58:21 PMJohnRobert hey G_Dog
06:58:25 PMJohnRobert what up dog
06:58:27 PMJohnRobert what up g
06:58:28 PMJohnRobert etc
06:58:48 PMPrivateTux to minutes left...
06:58:57 PMG_Dog nothing get ready to watch the show
06:59:12 PMJohnRobert stand by!
06:59:17 PMDrumstick Make-up check everyone!
06:59:18 PMPrivateTux "more brew"
06:59:25 PMRick505 Did everyone read teh "tease" for tonights show
06:59:34 PMagamotto My fun news of the day is that my governor was arrested this morning. Yay!
06:59:43 PMGuest_9933 Robbie any chance you can touch on setting up a wireless network?
06:59:46 PMJohnRobert begin!
06:59:49 PMThelone yay, the show is starting :)
06:59:51 PMunderdog512 rick: Yes its AWSOME!!!
06:59:58 PMwarcow105 woohoo
07:00:03 PMJohnRobert gotta love the music
07:00:05 PMGuest_9933 Great show!
07:00:07 PMthomasgillingmac
07:00:14 PMGuest_9933 Its time.
07:00:30 PMPrivateTux wireless is ok, but wep=open net
07:00:34 PMJohnRobert robbies favourites, awesome
07:00:57 PMthomasgillingmac
07:00:58 PMJohnRobert lol, I can't believe we have mark shuttleworth on, this is massive
07:01:03 PMThelone priest robbie ?
07:01:04 PMThelone :p
07:01:06 PMthomasgillingmac oh wow NOT
07:01:09 PMagamotto hahaahah
07:01:09 PMJohnRobert heh thomasgillingmac
07:01:12 PMJohnRobert heh Thelone
07:01:13 PMJohnRobert :p
07:01:19 PMJohnRobert no collar thing
07:01:22 PMJohnRobert but close
07:01:23 PMJohnRobert :p
07:01:25 PMagamotto Note: no collar, so no priest or vicar
07:01:28 PMthomasgillingmac
07:01:32 PMthomasgillingmac
07:01:38 PMthomasgillingmac
07:01:49 PMJohnRobert RobbieF: might want to turn the music down a touch
07:01:58 PMJohnRobert or turn carrie up to compensate
07:02:14 PMGuest_2290 this is the coolest show
07:02:30 PMthomasgillingmac
07:02:49 PMagamotto RobbieF: Please, just no 'holograms'
07:03:30 PMthomasgillingmac
07:03:30 PMJohnRobert hi Dosbomber, good to see you again
07:03:35 PMthomasgillingmac
07:03:40 PMthomasgillingmac
07:03:42 PMunderdog512 nooooooooooo windows. nooooooooooo!!!
07:03:46 PMunderdog512 J/K
07:03:49 PMunderdog512 lol
07:03:55 PMthomasgillingmac what's wrong with windows?
07:03:59 PMpopey RobbieF: we're ready when you are
07:04:00 PMthomasgillingmac It beats Ubuntu
07:04:05 PMJohnRobert hi popey
07:04:09 PMagamotto Now they know how linux users feel with other online shows
07:04:15 PMGuest_2290 What makes Elisa better than xbmc or is it?
07:04:26 PMthomasgillingmac XMBC is the best
07:04:36 PMthomasgillingmac
07:04:50 PMthomasgillingmac
07:04:53 PMG_Dog np
07:04:58 PMJohnRobert popey: is Alan Pope from the UK, he used to be the UK ubuntu community leader not so long ago
07:05:01 PMlord_of_sporks Yeah finally get to see a live episode again
07:05:11 PMCBrookins xbmc way better than elisa
07:05:17 PMEgbertPopplewick y hallo thar
07:05:27 PMRobbieF alan: Video
07:05:32 PMunderdog512 I am thinking about buying my wife a Sansa
07:05:37 PMGuest_5575 from caif roger
07:05:48 PMJohnRobert there's a lot of people in the UK
07:05:53 PMEgbertPopplewick yus
07:05:53 PMG_Dog to guests
07:05:53 PMG_Dog1985_ To change nick type "/nick yourname"
07:06:21 PMDosbomber I get my desktops from NASA. :)
07:06:28 PMGuest_2290 what are yall running it on I mean what system
07:06:41 PMagamotto lolcats pics for me
07:06:45 PMDosbomber Currently featuring Epsilon Eridiani
07:06:49 PMthomasgillingmac
07:06:49 PMJohnRobert my background is just blue
07:07:10 PMthomasgillingmac carrie
07:07:34 PMGuest_2290 what website was that again
07:07:52 PMagamotto
07:07:52 PMRick505 Look up a couple lines
07:07:57 PMGuest_2290 thyanks
07:08:02 PMJohnRobert
07:08:35 PMGuest_6424 Hi, I have a hard-drive with Windows XP on, When I was installing updates on it there must have been an update on it that caused my system to fail and cause the blue screen of death. I set the drive to a slave in my main computer with Ubuntu on so I could rescue my documents, music and photos to burn to DVD-R...When I double click in Ubuntu to mount the drive it comes up with an error dialogue which goes something along the lines of “Cannot mount bec
07:08:50 PMthomasgillingmac
07:08:51 PMthomasgillingmac
07:08:52 PMDosbomber Video is kinda grainy.. did they lower quality to improve streaming?
07:08:54 PMJohnRobert RobbieF: feed is fine :)
07:09:00 PMunderdog512 this is AWSOME!!!!
07:09:21 PMSolarGeekAndHam QRZ all Ham Radio Ops - add your CallSign to your nick
07:09:45 PMG_Dog hi mark
07:09:55 PMDosbomber He's at a Google party? John C. Dvorak is gonna be SOOOO jealous
07:09:55 PMagamotto I am just impressed that this is working!
07:10:01 PMthomasgillingmac I have used that one
07:10:02 PMunderdog512 yes hi mark indeed
07:10:24 PMCBrookins astronaut?
07:10:36 PMwarcow105 he went to space
07:10:38 PMunderdog512 yes he was on mir
07:10:39 PMagamotto He has been on the ISS
07:10:55 PMagamotto Was it Mir? I stand corrected
07:10:55 PMJohnRobert it's quite a big thing having mark on the show, believe me.
07:10:55 PMunderdog512 I thought it was mir
07:10:56 PMCBrookins weird, never knew that
07:11:01 PMRick505 WB9TWQ
07:11:03 PMCBrookins strang mix, space and ubuntu
07:11:14 PMunderdog512 pretty sure it was mir
07:11:25 PMthomasgillingmac make the system better not prittyer
07:11:45 PMunderdog512 I wrote a college paper on mark shuttleworth
07:11:52 PMunderdog512 got a 100 on it
07:11:56 PMJohnRobert awesome
07:11:59 PMEgbertPopplewick JohnRobert = syrus I presume? :)
07:12:09 PMJohnRobert EgbertPopplewick: yes, who are you?
07:12:12 PMEgbertPopplewick Hornet
07:12:15 PMJohnRobert heh
07:12:19 PMJohnRobert you tuned in?
07:12:23 PMEgbertPopplewick yus
07:13:11 PMG_Dog to guests
07:13:12 PMG_Dog1985_ To change nick type "/nick yourname"
07:13:30 PMthomasgillingmac why did you not break the sterotype of FOSS and let is make sence
07:13:46 PMthomasgillingmac why did you not break the sterotype of FOSS and let is make sense?
07:13:50 PMwarcow105 >?
07:13:53 PMunderdog512 got a 100!!!!
07:14:03 PMGuest_9933 "/nick Ron"
07:14:15 PMwarcow105 without quotes
07:14:23 PMCBrookins Carrie, Ask him about the mobile version of ubuntu
07:14:54 PMG_Dog when are webcam going be able to be use like windows?
07:14:54 PMron Thanks
07:14:55 PMJohnRobert if anyone has a question for mark shuttleworth, please ask now
07:15:09 PMCShadowRun What is the preffered programming language for ubuntu applications?
07:15:14 PMCShadowRun (to mark shuttleworth)
07:15:15 PMG_Dog when are webcam going be able to be use like windows? to mark
07:15:16 PMunderdog512 Carrie: I have a question for mark. How long do think it will take for ubuntu to go mainstream on the desktop?
07:15:21 PMGuest_2290 I dont understand the distrubution setup like 8.04 then 8.10 how does that work?
07:15:25 PMBraunne Robbie: I would love to know what his thoughts are on the relationship with Debian
07:15:26 PMfish60 Mark: How is Ubuntu funded?
07:16:01 PMwarcow105 2290: it is year.month of the release
07:16:33 PMG_Dog mark are u goin a program like web cam max ?
07:16:42 PMJohnRobert fish60: he already covered that, canonical offer support for ubuntu and also put money back ito the project
07:17:08 PMG_Dog be able in linux
07:17:14 PMGuest_2290 I've seen linux on iphone
07:17:48 PMagamotto I am so tired of cell phones, I cancelled mine at the end of this month
07:18:06 PMCBrookins ubuntu: smartphone edition
07:18:19 PMJohnRobert just had to slip that in eh robbie? :)
07:18:27 PMGuest_2290 on the new netbooks they ship with linux and it is cheaper
07:18:32 PMfish60 doesnt seem like enough money to support the product. How many are on Ubuntu?
07:18:35 PMthomasgillingmac grandma is not microwashed
07:18:39 PMRootux For Mark: Do you think that you will ever make a version of Ubuntu that has Flash and MP3 support at Install time?
07:18:40 PMagamotto 2290: not always
07:18:42 PMthomasgillingmac like the pc fanboys
07:18:45 PMCBrookins anyone loaded ubuntu-eee version on their netbook?
07:19:05 PMJohnRobert fish60: most of ubuntu is developed by hobby-ists and people like you and I
07:19:06 PMthomasgillingmac
07:19:08 PMthomasgillingmac try it out
07:19:11 PMCShadowRun will this be available for download later?
07:19:21 PMagamotto CShadowRun: yes
07:19:23 PMpopey CShadowRun: yes
07:19:23 PMJohnRobert CShadowRun: yes, it's a video podcast
07:19:27 PMCShadowRun cool :)
07:19:29 PMJohnRobert get that? :)
07:19:34 PMfish60 I know... just trying to figure out when that goodwill will stop...
07:19:42 PMJohnRobert fish60: it won't
07:19:45 PMagamotto fish60: I help out where I can on the forums, especially the Mythbuntu one
07:19:49 PMAspidZent Why is it based on Debian??? (Mark...)
07:19:50 PMEgbertPopplewick Could you ask Mark whether he could focus harder on improving laptop support for ubuntu? Specifically things like APCI, power management, they never really work 100% without a *lot* of user effort & tweaking, and often break on upgrades
07:19:56 PMBraunne Robbie: I would love to know what his thoughts are on the relationship with Debian
07:19:58 PMJohnRobert people who use the thing understand that it's useful and good and give a bit back by helping develop
07:20:02 PMPriceChild EgbertPopplewick: hehe... "specifically"
07:20:10 PMtechgecko CBrookins; yes but to awkward for mobile use
07:20:25 PMEgbertPopplewick more specifically then :P those are the usual things most people have issues with it seems
07:20:31 PMJohnRobert EgbertPopplewick: that's constantly improving
07:20:34 PMfish60 Ubuntu is still not ready for prime time.... wondering how long people will put up with its shortcomings...
07:20:35 PMEgbertPopplewick acpi, hibernation, etc
07:20:37 PMunderdog512 VERY TRUE!!!
07:20:47 PMEgbertPopplewick improving but still not working properly
07:21:06 PMEgbertPopplewick a candle is a step towards a lightbulb but it's still not good enough :P
07:21:06 PMPriceChild EgbertPopplewick: sorry I was just wanting to point out that those are huge areas, and what works for one, might not work for another piece of hardware, what fixes one piece, might break another etc.
07:21:11 PMJohnRobert fish60: ubuntu tends to speed up linux development in general
07:21:13 PMEgbertPopplewick indeed
07:21:16 PMwarcow105 i dont know what you mean, i dumped it on my moms computer and now she loves it, made me put it on her new laptop because she didnt like windows anymore
07:21:17 PMJohnRobert it's certainly not the most stable distro
07:21:19 PMagamotto It kept me from buying another monitor
07:21:30 PMJohnRobert but it's good
07:21:35 PMBraunne CARRIE: I would love to know what his thoughts are on the relationship with Debian
07:21:39 PMEgbertPopplewick I know it's hard, but windows manages it - I realise that's largely due to manufacturors but that's not the point
07:21:47 PMAspidZent this guy is a genius!!!
07:22:03 PMJohnRobert this guy *is* a genous
07:22:05 PMJohnRobert genious
07:22:11 PMPriceChild EgbertPopplewick: yep
07:22:17 PMpopey sorry it's a bit dark in here
07:22:19 PMAspidZent Speaking of debian... What about Ian Murdock working at sun...
07:22:25 PMpopey the sun is going down
07:22:26 PMJohnRobert popey: I envy you :p
07:22:30 PMAspidZent sorry... lame question...
07:22:32 PMfish60 as a hobbiest.... I love linux.... as a business IT I do not feel it is ready for large scale deployment....
07:22:32 PMpopey heh
07:22:38 PMMez JohnRobert: I can testify to that ;) having a conversation with him in person about anything shows you that.
07:22:44 PMagamotto Genius.... I IS A prgrammmer...
07:22:49 PMMez AspidZent: Ian Jackson is a mean card player!
07:22:52 PMfish60 wouldnt want to invest if I do not believe it will be arond in 10 years...
07:23:08 PMJohnRobert fish60: it'd require some training
07:23:20 PMMez popey: you doing the film?
07:23:24 PMJohnRobert but it's certainly ready for the business world if you ask me, more so than the home-user market
07:23:25 PMAspidZent Mez: Ian Jackson???
07:23:28 PMagamotto fish60: You don't want to invest in tech then....
07:23:28 PMStevePearce Question for Mark: We are all aware of the worldwide economic slowdown and related bits. Are you able to discuss whether you have seen a further rise in business Ubuntu desktop/server adoption and support contracts since this.
07:23:30 PMEgbertPopplewick Carrie: Could you ask Mark whether he could focus harder on improving laptop support for ubuntu? Specifically things like APCI, power management, they never really work 100% without a *lot* of user effort & tweaking, and often break on upgrades
07:23:33 PMG_Dog mark are u goin a program like web cam max ?
07:23:35 PMMez AspidZent: ex DPL
07:23:40 PMEgbertPopplewick grr
07:23:41 PMDosbomber lol... biggest difference between Windows and Ubuntu? Ubuntu = 3000 bugs fixed. Windows = 64,000 bugs released.
07:23:44 PMpopey Mez: i am
07:23:52 PMMez popey: throw a paper plane at him ;)
07:23:57 PMGuest_9459 mark m0ebr de kb3efs
07:23:58 PMPriceChild popey: prove it ;)
07:23:59 PMmbhavaraju Mark: Your and your Ubuntu teams work is Genius.. Love it.. and Keep up the good work
07:24:01 PMJohnRobert popey: tell mark he's awesome
07:24:01 PMJohnRobert :p
07:24:02 PMEgbertPopplewick Dosbomber: ubuntu just marks them 'won't fix' :P
07:24:05 PMpopey awesome stuff
07:24:09 PMJohnRobert cheers mark!!!
07:24:11 PMStevePearce excellent interview
07:24:13 PMwarcow105 that was damn good
07:24:15 PMCBrookins i like the interview thing
07:24:17 PMJohnRobert :DDD
07:24:19 PMunderdog512 THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!
07:24:23 PMJohnRobert yay
07:24:25 PMJohnRobert party time
07:24:25 PMfish60 thanks for the interview... !!!
07:25:03 PMmbhavaraju What is EPC?
07:25:07 PMJohnRobert eeepc
07:25:09 PMDosbomber EEEPC
07:25:11 PMwarcow105 full version on the aspire one
07:25:13 PMpopey right, time to go
07:25:17 PMfish60 The eee PC also comes with a linux version...
07:25:20 PMDosbomber Tiny tiny laptop, also called a netbook
07:25:22 PMJohnRobert it's a netbook computer
07:25:23 PMagamotto Next interview: PM Berlisconi attempting to explain to us why the Internet should be regulated
07:25:31 PMJohnRobert seeya popey thanks for sorting that out, you did well.
07:25:33 PMfish60 I have one.... but with XP
07:25:34 PMMez ubuntu eee works very well... works amazingly, and Netbook Remix on it is amazing ;)
07:25:41 PMthomasgillingmac
07:25:49 PMPriceChild I'm really impressed by this broadcast.
07:25:49 PMlord_of_sporks heh wwith all the extra stuff to do Robbie seems like you might need to add some extra time to your broadcasts or even start a second broadcast a week lol
07:25:51 PMthomasgillingmac
07:25:55 PMthomasgillingmac try that
07:26:04 PMMez thomasgillingmac:
07:26:07 PMunderdog512 dell Mini come with ubuntu preinstalled
07:26:08 PMagamotto RobbieF: Especially a full-sized right SHIFT key for touch typists
07:26:28 PMJohnRobert Everyone: Don't forget, you can subscribe to the video podcast on, and the show is also broadcast live this time every week!
07:26:40 PMPriceChild How long has this been going?
07:26:44 PMwarcow105 the windows version of the aspire one is the best deal at $350, format and install linux
07:26:51 PMJohnRobert this is episode 64 I think PriceChild
07:26:51 PMDosbomber 26 minutes so far
07:26:51 PMPrivateTux aser aspier one is a better I think
07:26:52 PMGuest_7659 -.-. --.-
07:26:53 PMPriceChild as in the show, not this specific broadcast
07:26:55 PMJohnRobert so just over a year
07:26:56 PMCBrookins ssd are too small, i got a windows version for the bigger hd and just loaded ubuntu from thumb drive myself
07:26:59 PMPriceChild JohnRobert: madness
07:27:06 PMJohnRobert why madness?
07:27:09 PMPrivateTux aspire has a better keybord
07:27:17 PMPriceChild JohnRobert: the good kind of madness
07:27:18 PMPrivateTux bigger and better!
07:27:29 PMJohnRobert cool PriceChild
07:27:31 PMcable101 I did end up buying the 900 series and dual booted all of them
07:27:32 PMagamotto controlled chaos
07:27:44 PMCBrookins lenovo s10 looks good
07:27:52 PMJohnRobert If anyone has a question for Robbie or Carrie, please just ask
07:28:09 PMMez webcam conferencing - kopete works well... as does stuff like ekiga.
07:28:16 PMJohnRobert skype is really good even though it's close source
07:28:24 PMMez Skype is ok, and great for cross platform, but not free as in speech
07:28:43 PMagamotto Just don't buy any cameras from Creative... none of them work in my experience
07:28:47 PMthomasgillingmac
07:28:50 PMJohnRobert in terms of usability it's very good
07:28:52 PMJohnRobert
07:29:00 PMfish60 not free.... but quite cheap for unlimited internationl calling.....
07:29:08 PMMez JohnRobert: I'd disagree there.
07:29:09 PMthomasgillingmac
07:29:12 PMCBrookins i have actually had more luck with microsoft branded webcams in ubuntu than any other
07:29:20 PMmbhavaraju Robbie/Carrie: Thanks
07:29:22 PMthomasgillingmac
07:29:27 PMJohnRobert Mez: trying to get my mother to forward ports on her router would be harder.
07:29:29 PMagamotto if you are only interested in traditional calling
07:29:41 PMthomasgillingmac
07:29:51 PMthomasgillingmac
07:29:55 PMMez JohnRobert: lol - yeah - but getting it 1) installed correctly and 2) working with v4l is a pain.
07:29:59 PMCrewsr3 I missed the beginning of the show - what did I miss
07:30:06 PMCrewsr3 I guess I can watch the recast
07:30:08 PMJohnRobert Mez: my mum is using win xp :p
07:30:15 PMwarcow105 shuttleworth interview
07:30:17 PMthomasgillingmac
07:30:18 PMmunzy robbie how about a 2 hour show?
07:30:19 PMunderdog512 Mark Shuttleworth
07:30:20 PMagamotto Crewsr3: An interview with mark shuttleworth
07:30:26 PMMez JohnRobert: fine for her, but not for you
07:30:29 PMlord_of_sporks yeah
07:30:29 PMCrewsr3 agamotto, I missed that?
07:30:32 PMCrewsr3 agamotto, bummer
07:30:33 PMagamotto Please, he has a family
07:30:38 PMmbhavaraju Now Problem is .. My Cam is not working on UBUNTU.. I have Zonet 7200 Webcam with Microphone integrated..
07:30:40 PMMez cheques? what's the paypal address?
07:30:43 PMJohnRobert you can make donations!
07:30:47 PMJohnRobert
07:30:51 PMagamotto paypal????? ewwww
07:31:11 PMDosbomber Carrie: Your lower third still has "Mark Shuttleworth, Founder Ubuntu Linux" displayed. :)
07:31:15 PMmbhavaraju sorry.. that was for Robbie or Carre.. : Now Problem is .. My Cam is not working on UBUNTU.. I have Zonet 7200 Webcam with Microphone integrated..
07:31:18 PMmunzy how do we send a snail mail chq.?
07:31:21 PMJohnRobert if you enjoy the show and are feeling genorous, you can donate money that will go towards the production of the show on (in the left hand column)
07:31:36 PMthomasgillingmac
07:31:41 PMMez I assume JohnRobert = the male presenter?
07:31:41 PMthomasgillingmac
07:31:43 PMJohnRobert RobbieF: mark's name is still on the video banner
07:31:53 PMJohnRobert Mez: no, RobbieF is the male presenter
07:31:57 PMagamotto No, the presenter is RobbieF
07:31:58 PMMez ah, ok :D
07:32:02 PMJohnRobert heh
07:32:09 PMJohnRobert I'm just some nerd in australia
07:32:12 PMDosbomber Carrie: Your lower third still has "Mark Shuttleworth, Founder Ubuntu Linux" displayed. :)
07:32:24 PMJohnRobert Dosbomber: I've informed RobbieF
07:32:25 PMMez JohnRobert: I'd probably class you as a geek rather than a nerd so far ;)
07:32:33 PMJohnRobert heh, try me
07:32:34 PMJohnRobert :p
07:32:43 PMCarrieW thanks dosbomber and JohnRobert...I'll elbow him
07:32:49 PMthomasgillingmac
07:32:57 PMthomasgillingmac
07:33:06 PMagamotto JohnRobert: Yah, but you have to remember a nerd in AU is already 30 IQ points ahead of the general population :)
07:33:26 PMDosbomber The evening is still young. ;)
07:33:34 PMG_Dog yep
07:33:38 PMthomasgillingmac ubuntu dual boot
07:33:42 PMCrewsr3 CarrieW, in Ibex Nautilus now how has tabs, can you customize the the top, like you can with Firefox. I want to add a button for adding a new tab
07:33:45 PMJohnRobert agamotto: careful, don't want to offend any australians :p
07:33:45 PMthomasgillingmac ubuntu dual boot!!!
07:33:46 PMCBrookins heroes is awesome
07:33:51 PMJohnRobert rofl
07:33:58 PMJohnRobert heroes is a bit shabby atm
07:34:03 PMJohnRobert prison break is where it's at
07:34:03 PMagamotto This week's episode throws everything out though...
07:34:04 PMJohnRobert :p
07:34:12 PMCBrookins blasphemy
07:34:40 PMthomasgillingmac
07:34:41 PMthomasgillingmac
07:34:49 PMthomasgillingmac He has a Zombie Computer
07:35:11 PMDosbomber Internet cafes must be like a brothel for computers...
07:35:35 PMJohnRobert if your pc is in this state, back everything up and wipe it.
07:35:39 PMunderdog512 dos thats funny
07:35:40 PMagamotto Something like....
07:35:41 PMunderdog512 haha
07:35:45 PMGuest_5575 help me ustreamtv use canon zr85 i have ic but tape my show
07:35:59 PMfish60 practice safe computing
07:36:13 PMazeey lol
07:36:16 PMagamotto Please, just having Windows makes a computer wonky by default
07:36:23 PMMez RobbieF: a lot of the UK library systems use a linux thin client system
07:36:35 PMunderdog512 Robbie: how do you zoom in and out on stellarium?
07:36:35 PMCBrookins whoa, camera tricks
07:36:35 PMMez which is a good thing ;)
07:36:40 PMPrivateTux our library has Linux! instaled by me!!!
07:36:50 PMagamotto Mez: LTSP?
07:36:52 PMJohnRobert nice one PrivateTux
07:36:54 PMunderdog512 thats really cool
07:36:54 PMPrivateTux in my old jobb!
07:36:59 PMPrivateTux Norway!
07:37:08 PMCBrookins the school system i work for uses linux web servers
07:37:12 PMMez agamotto: no, think it's remote X
07:37:13 PMCBrookins not ubuntu but linux anyway
07:37:17 PMGuest_5575 robbie help me ustreamtv use canon zr85 i have ic but tape my show
07:37:19 PMunderdog512 thanks robbie
07:37:25 PMagamotto Ahh
07:37:25 PMCrewsr3 CarrieW, in Ibex Nautilus now how has tabs, can you customize the the top, like you can with Firefox. I want to add a button for adding a new tab
07:37:32 PMMez Guest_5575: not the place for ustream help
07:37:35 PMJohnRobert Guest_5575: can you re-phrase your question please.
07:37:39 PMBenBewick my irc server, web server and home servers are all linux
07:37:49 PMGuest_7659 Robbie how do you mount a broken WINDOZE drive to retrieve files using Ubuntu
07:37:49 PMAlba_Taylor I just setup up LTSP for my slow dell. Works great. Its allows my son to login and use gcompris.
07:37:54 PMmbhavaraju Robbie/Carrie: There are couple of my friends who lost their password for Yahoo and Hotmail by this trojan Viruses. Do you know how to get it back?
07:38:28 PMJohnRobert Guest_5575: you may not be able to mount it at all if it's broken
07:38:28 PMagamotto Imagine Canadians not knowing how to pronounce jhee-compeeze
07:38:32 PMMez mbhavaraju: generally the forget password link
07:38:56 PMwarcow105 guest_7659: your windows partition should be under places>removable media
07:39:06 PMagamotto It would b e best to cancel/delete the account
07:39:09 PMwarcow105 un latest ubuntu that is
07:39:21 PMMez RobbieF: but what about the forgot password question? it doesnt change that ?
07:39:21 PMCBrookins IPSec VPN on Ubuntu server? Or is that too much?
07:39:28 PMG_Dog to guests
07:39:28 PMG_Dog1985_ To change nick type "/nick yourname"
07:39:33 PMmbhavaraju they are not able to help them..
07:39:37 PMGleepwurp RobbieF: any hints on installing "TORA" with oracle support?
07:39:41 PMJohnRobert CBrookins: probably a bit too in-depth for the live show
07:39:58 PMagamotto Hotmail is so used to this, they actually have staff set aside for it alone
07:40:13 PMMez RobbieF: hotmail password hint lets you reset password without secondary email account. Did it for a person who'd got trojanned before
07:40:15 PMJohnRobert That number again: 1800-INTERNET
07:40:19 PMCrewsr3 CarrieW, in Ibex Nautilus now how has tabs, can you customize the the top, like you can with Firefox. I want to add a button for adding a new tab
07:40:22 PMUriah robbie, moblock is blocking my pidgin aol, im trying to edit the moblock conf, but its not updating please help
07:40:28 PMPrivateTux I work at an ISP now! I am internett it seems...
07:40:40 PMfish60 how do I change my password on the category5 site?
07:40:41 PMMez RobbieF: 1024 GB
07:40:45 PMCBrookins Uriah, that happened to me too after i updated
07:40:48 PMDosbomber Tuberculosis drive... you think a virus on your PC is bad?
07:40:56 PMJohnRobert Mez: 1TB is 1000GB
07:40:57 PMagamotto PrivateTux: coolies
07:41:02 PMChosen
07:41:02 PMUriah yeah, wassup with that
07:41:05 PMJohnRobert you're thing of tibibyte or whatever :p
07:41:05 PMunderdog512 no its 1024
07:41:11 PMJohnRobert no it's not
07:41:13 PMMez JohnRobert: no, that's 1TiB
07:41:14 PMagamotto trilobite?
07:41:15 PMagamotto ahahahahahah
07:41:20 PMmbhavaraju It's not 1024
07:41:34 PMJohnRobert 1TiB = 1024 GiB I think..
07:41:39 PMagamotto correct
07:41:40 PMwarcow105 you need to look on the hard drive box and see how they categorize 1TB lol
07:41:51 PMUriah its block my aol myspace etc...
07:41:52 PMJohnRobert
07:41:53 PMwarcow105 big lawsuit over that
07:41:58 PMMez JohnRobert: oops :D wrong way round ;)
07:42:00 PMCBrookins where is carries solo cam?
07:42:03 PMpopey np JohnRobert
07:42:11 PMChosen there is the special marketing definition of a byte
07:42:14 PMfish60 I need to change my category5 password... not hotmail...
07:42:19 PMJohnRobert yes, but technically, TB = 1000 GB, in terms of what tera means etc..
07:42:38 PMCarrieW CBrookins..I don't answer the no solo cam.
07:42:46 PMJohnRobert it's all quite confusing, but whenever a disk manufacturer mentions giga/tera, it's always 1000, not 1024
07:42:47 PMCBrookins jipped
07:42:49 PMfish60 nevermind... found it..
07:43:01 PMMez RobbieF: Question: What/Where is the best way/place to get hardware for a new system that is guaranteed to work with Linux (WLAN cards/Video cards are a main issue)
07:43:09 PMCBrookins he doesn't want you stealing his thunder
07:43:09 PMthomasgillingmac
07:43:19 PMJohnRobert Mez: that's a good question
07:43:20 PMagamotto Nah just metric as opposed to binary
07:43:25 PMMez JohnRobert: :D
07:43:34 PMthomasgillingmac
07:43:45 PMMez JohnRobert: trawling through info on wikis about chipsets is horrid
07:43:58 PMagamotto Mez: nvidia gfx cards, Belkin wireless equipment
07:44:03 PMJohnRobert heh
07:44:05 PMChosen ?
07:44:07 PMGuest_9484 Robbie how do you mount a WINDOZE drive to retrieve files using Ubuntu WINDOZE drive had blue screen of death and I need to retrieve many files
07:44:10 PMlord_of_sporks Robbie Could you do a feature on useing Java's Project Looking Glass linux desktop enviroment i saw a youtube video of it and it looks pretty sweet
07:44:10 PMthomasgillingmac
07:44:11 PMMez agamotto: belkin have caused me issues before.
07:44:12 PMrick505 So long folks...I got to go. Will D/L the show later to watch to the end.
07:44:12 PMthomasgillingmac
07:44:17 PMthomasgillingmac
07:44:22 PMJohnRobert Mez: I'd say stick with popular intel hardware and you'll be alright
07:44:28 PMagamotto Mez: Really? wow
07:44:37 PMwarcow105 damn
07:44:37 PMJohnRobert but yes it's annoying hoping you've bought the right computer
07:44:42 PMlord_of_sporks Yeah
07:44:46 PMJohnRobert congrats guys!!!
07:44:46 PMMez JohnRobert: but there are still some issues.
07:44:50 PMJohnRobert merry christmas!
07:44:50 PMmbhavaraju G-Dog and others.. Congratulations..
07:44:51 PMG_Dog sweet
07:44:53 PMwarcow105 i never win anything :-/
07:44:53 PMCBrookins started watching too late for all that
07:45:03 PMG_Dog thanx
07:45:04 PMagamotto More Borg for the masses
07:45:05 PMlord_of_sporks woot
07:45:12 PMunderdog512 Robbie: what is the MSRP on the Jawbone?
07:45:16 PMJohnRobert loll
07:45:17 PMJohnRobert sweet.
07:45:17 PMUriah here is my pastebin:
07:45:21 PMMez agamotto: yep - some of them were using broadcom chipsets... horrid whent the bcm2xx (or whatever it was) had that massive transition
07:45:22 PMG_Dog thanx robbie
07:45:24 PMagamotto US$ 179?
07:45:25 PMmbhavaraju Apart from G-Dog.. I don't know Rest of them..
07:45:28 PMGuest_9484 Robbie how do you mount a WINDOZE drive to retrieve files using Ubuntu WINDOZE drive had blue screen of death and I need to retrieve many files
07:45:51 PMJohnRobert Guest_9484: boot from your ubuntu live cd, then it should be under places..just click on it
07:46:06 PMagamotto guru meditation
07:46:13 PMJohnRobert Guest_9484: RobbieF is about to answer your Q
07:46:14 PMJohnRobert :)
07:46:31 PMCarrieW If i missed your question, just rephrase please
07:46:31 PMagamotto propiniquity at work
07:46:38 PMChosen
07:46:38 PMCarrieW Congratulations winners!
07:46:50 PMGuest_9484 Windoze will not mount....
07:46:57 PMJohnRobert CarrieW: Mez asked:What/Where is the best way/place to get hardware for a new system that is guaranteed to work with Linux (WLAN cards/Video cards are a main issue)
07:47:06 PMMez CarrieW: What's the best way to find hardware that is going to be linux compatible (rather than having issues with GFX/WLAN cards)
07:47:12 PMMez JohnRobert: thanks ;)
07:47:23 PMthomasgillingmac
07:47:26 PMChosen I just posted 2 links from a quick google search :)
07:47:29 PMthomasgillingmac that's for carrie
07:47:31 PMthomasgillingmac
07:47:35 PMCarrieW popey, I listened to your show; it is very good!
07:47:40 PMagamotto Hmmm, Dell has ubuntu setups, I know there is some site called System 76?
07:47:41 PMpopey thanks CarrieW !
07:47:49 PMCarrieW Thanks thomasgilling!
07:48:05 PMMez CarrieW: the UUPC is getting quite good recently ;)
07:48:18 PMGuest_9484 Robbie the windoze drive will not mount for some reason...
07:48:22 PMMez (well, the last.... 6 months or so...)
07:48:30 PMJohnRobert ubuntu uk podcast has always been good :)
07:48:40 PMJohnRobert I can also recommend linux outlaws
07:48:40 PMagamotto 9484: can you get gparted to find it?
07:48:43 PMJohnRobert as it's hilarious
07:48:53 PMGuest_9484 YES
07:48:56 PMGuest_9484 XP
07:48:58 PMUriah does 8.04 use ntfs also
07:49:09 PMMez JohnRobert: indeed, but they seem to have gotten past the "uncomfortable" and "unsure" stage ;)
07:49:10 PMGuest_9484 BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH
07:49:16 PMwarcow105 it wont automount ntfs if it wasnt cleanly unmounted
07:49:22 PMagamotto Hmm, that might mean that the MBR is just gone
07:49:26 PMwarcow105 you may be able to force it
07:49:33 PMJohnRobert 1 secs
07:49:40 PMCBrookins Uriah, 8.04 does not use ntfs for its files system but it can read a ntfs drive
07:49:55 PMUriah hey my pidgin wigged out no more aol an u help me with my conf
07:50:01 PMGleepwurp use the ntfs-3g command?
07:50:05 PMagamotto gksu mount /dev/win1 --force?
07:50:21 PMunderdog512 Robbie: this is pretty cool
07:50:31 PMagamotto hrm
07:50:47 PMCBrookins Uriah, are you using Moblock?
07:50:51 PMJohnRobert sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdX /media/amountpoint... but it's not really something that can be quickly discussed here
07:50:58 PMmbhavaraju Carrie: Make it LAP TOP TOO
07:51:03 PMUriah yes i am
07:51:04 PMMez RobbieF: it should auto-detect that it's ntfs - sudo mount --force /dev/hd* /mountpoint/
07:51:14 PMJohnRobert force...hmm
07:51:36 PMCBrookins Uriah, I am having the same issue. It has to do with the updated blocklist that was sent down with the update
07:51:38 PMMez RobbieF: I've found that is quite good, but laptops, generally, are a pain, and I cant find the dell UK site for ubuntu
07:51:41 PMJohnRobert you're best bet to fix the blue screen issue is to run chkdsk from the recovery console on the windows xp cd
07:51:42 PMCBrookins i am still trying to track it down
07:52:00 PMJohnRobert I had to fix a bluescreen on boot issue the other day with an xp machine
07:52:19 PMthomasgillingmac
07:52:26 PMfish60 bluescreen can also be fixed by an unintrusive reinstall of the OS.
07:52:27 PMGuest_5575 help me ustreamtv use canon zr85 i have ic but tape my show
07:52:31 PMMez you dont NEED openGL for linux ;)
07:52:31 PMthomasgillingmac
07:53:02 PME2001 Or just don't ask... :-)
07:53:03 PMJohnRobert Guest_5575: please re-phrase your question
07:53:09 PMMez RobbieF/CarrieW - they're not that friendly in the UK. Most big chains are a "suck it and see" style thing (had to return 3 PCs cause of that)
07:53:16 PMagamotto just don't try it somewhere like Best Buy... those idiots think all cds are virii
07:53:24 PMCBrookins No fire
07:53:25 PMJohnRobert you don't want opengl, don't listen to RobbieF
07:53:26 PMJohnRobert :p
07:53:28 PMCBrookins overkill
07:53:32 PMfish60 what gaming does one do with Linux?
07:53:35 PMBenBewick Open Graphics Library :D
07:53:39 PMagamotto some people like their eye candy
07:53:40 PMunderdog512 Robbie: tell them that you purchase laptops from that have ubuntu preinstalled direct from Dell
07:53:44 PMthomasgillingmac
07:53:45 PMMez fish60:
07:53:55 PMthomasgillingmac
07:53:57 PMwarcow105 steam is coming out with a linux client
07:54:05 PMunderdog512 yes
07:54:10 PMJohnRobert really warcow105 , that's awesome
07:54:12 PMMez underdog512: but, I cant find the site in the UK
07:54:15 PMJohnRobert any idea on relase date?
07:54:21 PMagamotto CarrieW: Also, System 76
07:54:22 PMUriah robbie my moblock updated now my pidgin is not loading my aol stuff can you help
07:54:34 PMthomasgillingmac A KERNEL!
07:54:39 PMUriah robbie my moblock updated now my pidgin is not loading my aol stuff can you help
07:54:40 PMthomasgillingmac not a OS
07:54:45 PME2001 I thought dell discontinued theier Ubuntu program?
07:54:52 PMunderdog512
07:54:55 PMthomasgillingmac It's a Kernel!
07:54:56 PMlord_of_sporks Roobie Have you heard of project looking glass
07:55:00 PMMez like ;)
07:55:03 PMJohnRobert thomasgillingmac: linux is often called an OS, but you know what we mean
07:55:16 PMunderdog512 I got mine from System76
07:55:20 PMAspidZent yeah!!! looking glass!!!
07:55:30 PME2001 I stand corrected.
07:55:30 PMagamotto lord_of_sporks: i tried it, it is a neat demo, but I have not heard of any progress
07:55:48 PMUriah robbie my moblock updated now my pidgin is not loading my aol stuff can you help
07:55:54 PMlord_of_sporks yeah i saw the video of it on you tube made me drool
07:55:56 PMBenBewick There is open firmware for routers called "Open WRT", there are also variants of it for other routers. It can allow many more features!
07:56:03 PMagamotto tomato?
07:56:12 PMagamotto DD-WRT?
07:56:13 PMBenBewick agamotto, yes, a good variant
07:56:24 PMAspidZent looking glass is what I thought a 3d desktop should look back on '99...
07:56:32 PMMez Category5 wiki ?
07:56:44 PMagamotto Could have, if Amiga hadn't imploded
07:56:56 PMJohnRobert Intersting news on Valve's Steam coming to Linux:
07:57:05 PMlord_of_sporks agamotto did you run it as a aplication or was it booted into like gnome
07:57:18 PMagamotto it was a self-boot cd live
07:57:20 PMJohnRobert heh, I remember looking glass..wasn't that java or something?
07:57:20 PMG_Dog what the thing on compiz?
07:57:27 PMMez RobbieF / CarrieW Gnome or KDE? which do you prefer and why?
07:57:33 PMwarcow105 beryl was a fork
07:57:35 PMG_Dog ROBBIE/what the thing on compiz?
07:57:40 PMwarcow105 it then recombined
07:57:51 PMMez warcow105: which is recombined with compiz now ;)
07:58:00 PMJohnRobert his fingers are the pcie slots
07:58:09 PMwarcow105 thats what i said mez
07:58:11 PMG_Dog ROBBIE/what the newthing on compiz?
07:58:16 PMagamotto He prefers Gnome as he thinks KDE isn't quite mature yet
07:58:19 PMMez warcow105: I'm too slow :D
07:58:24 PMmbhavaraju Robbie.. My Mom Says.. we Americans talk with Hand Movements.. Is n't that True.. :D
07:58:25 PMwarcow105 lol
07:58:37 PMG_Dog i gota update
07:58:44 PMMez RobbieF: what's the email ?
07:58:45 PMthomasgillingmac
07:58:45 PMBenBewick ROBBIE: Whats you favourite window manager?
07:58:48 PMagamotto Try speaking with an Italian w/o gestures.....
07:58:49 PMJohnRobert if you have a question, you have about 10 seconds to ask it
07:58:49 PMthomasgillingmac x11
07:58:56 PMG_Dog nm
07:59:00 PMthomasgillingmac aqua is my fav one]
07:59:02 PMrossmt annother great episode!!
07:59:03 PMDosbomber Gesticulation is a valid form of communication
07:59:04 PMJohnRobert
07:59:08 PMBenBewick I just did!
07:59:08 PMG_Dog np
07:59:09 PMfish60 landing page is crashing IE.
07:59:09 PMMez lots of people - blame popey
07:59:11 PMagamotto 50 + viewers!
07:59:11 PMCBrookins 2nd
07:59:14 PMunderdog512 this was an AWSOME SHOW!!!!!
07:59:16 PMStevePearce thanks guys, excellent show
07:59:16 PMGuest_7056 Good show!!
07:59:18 PMBenBewick <-- First time
07:59:22 PMStevePearce first here also
07:59:23 PMJohnRobert Cheers everyone, CarrieW, RobbieF etc... awesome awesome show... really good
07:59:24 PMBenBewick was amazing
07:59:26 PMwarcow105 great show!!!
07:59:26 PME2001 ME <<<
07:59:27 PMmbhavaraju Good Show..
07:59:33 PMBenBewick From UK
07:59:35 PMMez <-- birmingham uk
07:59:39 PME2001 USA
07:59:40 PMJohnRobert everyone, please join us again next week and check out the website:
07:59:50 PME2001 Ohio, USA
07:59:57 PMBenBewick <-- Norwich, UK
07:59:58 PMagamotto Moline, Il.
07:59:59 PMfish60 Ohio, US
08:00:00 PMMez RobbieF: give a thanks to JohnRobert for doing so well ;)
08:00:03 PMrossmt good night to all!!!
08:00:08 PMMez Guest_9484: really? me too ;)
08:00:15 PMJohnRobert cheers guys!
08:00:16 PMJohnRobert :D
08:00:18 PMGuest_7056 Great show!!!
08:00:22 PMagamotto Anyone from Cambs?
08:00:24 PMunderdog512 INDEED
08:00:25 PMJohnRobert awesome.
08:00:26 PMMez JohnRobert: you did a great job ;) well done :D
08:00:27 PMmbhavaraju Robbie/Carrie:Another Nice show..
08:00:27 PMGuest_5636 great show
08:00:35 PMJohnRobert Mez: I didn't really do anything
08:00:36 PMRobbieF Thanks all
08:00:38 PMBenBewick StevePearce, really? Thought you were a regular
08:00:42 PMazeey love the music
08:00:44 PMchevy You have a great show, and I'm glad to be here.
08:00:47 PMJohnRobert thank RobbieF, CarrieW, popey and Mark Shuttleworth
08:00:47 PMJohnRobert :p
08:00:51 PMRobbieF Welcome to all who are new!
08:00:56 PMMez JohnRobert: you herd cats :D thats a worthwhile job ;)
08:00:56 PMBenBewick thanks RobbieF
08:01:12 PMlord_of_sporks still in awe that i actually was one of the winners lol
08:01:16 PMagamotto Nah, he herds trolls, far more valuable
08:01:17 PMJohnRobert I guess I should start helping forward questions
08:01:19 PMJohnRobert cool lord_of_sporks
08:01:21 PMJohnRobert :)
08:01:21 PME2001 great fun to be here :-)
08:01:22 PMPrivateTux thanks for a wonderfull show!
08:01:34 PMDosbomber Wow, OJ got 33 years
08:01:37 PMagamotto for those in UK - anyone in Cambs?
08:01:38 PMmbhavaraju Congratulations Lord_of_Sporks
08:01:42 PMJohnRobert right, I need to call back my fiancee
08:01:46 PMJohnRobert told her to get off the phone
08:01:47 PMJohnRobert :p
08:01:48 PMMez RobbieF: good show, very nice setup you seem to have ;)
08:01:55 PMRobbieF Thanks Mez.
08:01:57 PMJohnRobert brb
08:02:02 PMagamotto I hope Blagojevich gets something similar
08:02:05 PMRobbieF We certainly try to do the best we can with what we have
08:02:05 PMchevy goodbye
08:02:06 PMAspidZent Excellent show RobbieF and CarrieW...
08:02:08 PMMez RobbieF: it's the kinda show I'd like to do if I'd have had the right hardware ;)
08:02:12 PMpopey well done RobbieF
08:02:13 PMCarrieW Thank you everyone for joining us! We always appreciate your questions
08:02:16 PMRobbieF Thanks all.
08:02:28 PMCarrieW Popey, thank you so much.
08:02:29 PMRobbieF popey; thank you VERY much for all your help this week.
08:02:30 PMGuest_9484 --. --... ...- -... -..- --... ...--
08:02:34 PMpopey heh
08:02:34 PMpopey np
08:02:36 PMMez CarrieW / RobbieF - my first time - I'll be back ;)
08:02:42 PMlord_of_sporks Congrats on the great show this week both you Carrie and Robbie
08:02:44 PMRobbieF You know we couldn't have done it without you. ;) So saying it sounds dumb.
08:02:44 PMMez popey: you rock ;)
08:02:48 PMpopey the google people helped a lot
08:02:49 PMmbhavaraju Robbie: Next week onwards.. I cann't join you Live I think.. So will watch your show Offline..
08:02:50 PMCarrieW Great! It was so nice to have you here Mez!
08:02:51 PMRobbieF Great Mez; thanks.
08:02:55 PMRobbieF great to have you here
08:02:58 PMMez CarrieW: blame popey ;)
08:02:59 PMagamotto RobbieF: Any plans in the coming year for a fan get-together/
08:03:00 PMBenBewick This may have been my first, but it will not be my last
08:03:05 PMRobbieF Raj; we'll miss you like crazy!
08:03:11 PMRobbieF Make sure you get the 480p feed
08:03:17 PMG_Dog Robbie check your im
08:03:17 PMmbhavaraju Thanks Robbie..
08:03:20 PMRobbieF BeBewick; cheers. Looking forward to getting to know you.
08:03:27 PMCarrieW What!? Raj, you will be missed!
08:03:34 PMBenBewick RobbieF: Likewise
08:03:39 PMpopey RobbieF: sorry the light was failing during the video - hope it wasn't too bad
08:03:41 PMMez RobbieF: any chance I can /msg you about something?
08:03:42 PMmbhavaraju I need to set set up my 480 P Feed to my cell phone..
08:03:49 PMmbhavaraju Thanks Robbie/Carrie..
08:03:50 PMMez popey: the lighting was fine ;)
08:03:51 PMRobbieF hahaha
08:04:02 PMagamotto Raj: Whomever she is, she isn't worth missing out
08:04:08 PMRobbieF your cellphone should do fine with just the 320x240 feed
08:04:18 PMJohnRobert guys, just awesome.
08:04:21 PMmbhavaraju I will try thta right now..
08:04:58 PMBenBewick With _friendly_ advice like this, I may just finish with windows...
08:05:10 PMmbhavaraju I will be missing you all too.. Thanks
08:05:16 PMagamotto BenBewick: we would be happy to help with that
08:05:26 PMPrivateTux going off to play some CS... good nigth!
08:05:34 PMCarrieW Raj, I have certainly appreciated when you fill in and answer questions in the chat room that I don't get to. Thanks
08:05:37 PMagamotto the ubuntu forums are a great place to ask as well
08:05:52 PMBenBewick Right then, I need sleep
08:05:54 PMJohnRobert there are a lot of places to ask questions
08:06:00 PMBenBewick Good night, thanks again
08:06:01 PMJohnRobert going to your local LUG is a good idea too
08:06:09 PMmbhavaraju Thanks Carrie.. You are welcome.. I try to do my best.. not as much as JohnRobert does..


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