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6:58:08 PMG_Dog1985_ Haha
6:58:12 PMLockwoodIII Is it last weeks news?
6:58:21 PMnoeman5 Did "Hello World" in VB6, Python2 and Java8.
6:59:03 PMG_Dog1985_ Grr my internet sucks
6:59:22 PMMarshMan On the AIR!
6:59:23 PMLockwoodIII Yes you're live :)
6:59:42 PMG_Dog1985_ It buff at 240p
6:59:50 PMLockwoodIII Second times a charm
7:00:26 PMbaldricthebrave Live at midnight in the UK
7:00:29 PMG_Dog1985_ Yes
7:00:39 PMMarshMan
7:01:02 PMLockwoodIII Yep its late in the UK
7:01:47 PMbaldricthebrave Even my daft dog is watching πŸ˜€
7:01:48 PMbaldricthebrave
7:01:50 PMnoeman5 1st Pilot, with Capt. Pike instead of Kirk.
7:02:04 PMG_Dog1985_ Cool
7:03:08 PMG_Dog1985_ I am going be dely thr
7:03:18 PMnoeman5 The episode was called "The Cage."
7:04:29 PMMarshMan The sleep function is inaccurate too. I actually got up at one point and it said I slept thru the night
7:05:31 PMorangeman i want join contest iam in n ireland
7:05:34 PMG_Dog1985_ Am here
7:05:40 PMLockwoodIII My watch told me I was inactive the other day after I walked a mile into town - and that's a branded model
7:06:16 PMbaldricthebrave I'd love to participate in the draw, here in the UK.
7:06:18 PMMarshMan Hi @SashaR It's me and I am here
7:06:28 PMnoeman5 I got 5 hrs. 16 mins. last night.
7:07:06 PMameriDroid Howdy all.
7:07:17 PMMarshMan ANSI - American National Standards Institute
7:07:21 PMLockwoodIII I'm watching from the UK but don't want a fitness tracker - sounds too much like exercise to me
7:07:51 PMMarshMan ISO - International Standards Organization
7:07:58 PMnoeman5 Hi @ameriDroid
7:08:04 PMG_Dog1985_ @SashaR @RobbieF @Jeff "Meatball" Weston g_dogq985 Michigan
7:08:49 PMLockwoodIII Its like pass the parcel
7:08:50 PMMarshMan I am typing into Discord using my Pinebook Pro
7:09:19 PMameriDroid We just gave away a Pinebook Pro today. If your name is Amer, you have a better chance of being the winner.
7:09:34 PMnoeman5 That'll come in post-production @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:10:07 PMMarshMan Oooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhh
7:10:26 PMbaldricthebrave Bit sexy!!!
7:11:09 PMSashaR Who else wants a fitness tracker?
7:11:23 PMameriDroid We already sold out of our first batch of Pinebook Pros. Awaiting the next batch.
7:11:40 PMnoeman5 Now what does @RobbieF 's heart rate and blood pressure look like?
7:12:52 PMLockwoodIII How many types of M.2 are there?
7:12:58 PMSweSG I'm looking at from a small town in Sweden. NykΓΆping! Just Discord members? I didn't like Discord. Deleted my account! IRC
7:13:31 PMSashaR you are in SweSG
7:14:02 PMfking fking Watching from Oswego New York.
7:16:29 PMGopher Which filesystem is recommended for a sdcard boot drive. ext4?
7:18:32 PMbaldricthebrave Im new to discord...what does the BOT in blue after peoples handle mean?
7:18:53 PMG_Dog1985_ Wish I the money for a pinebook
7:19:04 PMMarshMan They are using IRC @baldricthebrave
7:19:19 PMMarshMan There ius a bridge between IRC and Discord
7:19:33 PMbaldricthebrave πŸ‘
7:19:55 PMMarshMan @Jeff "Meatball" Weston the cheat!!
7:20:48 PMnoeman5 @Jeff "Meatball" Weston has all these cheats, but he had the lowest step count. lol
7:22:36 PMMarshmanGF I'm Dara from New York. I like free stuff and I can not lie#
7:22:44 PMMarshMan @Gopher. I use Etcher to make the sd card bootable. Not sure which ext system it crewates
7:23:24 PMorangeman let out the water on bridge
7:23:26 PMMarshmanGF Score for Jeff
7:23:33 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn NY
7:25:20 PMbaldricthebrave Would love Sasha to do the national news in the UK, would make it so much fun.
7:26:23 PMLockwoodIII Can't see Hugh Edwards getting out of his chair long enough to let anyone else in
7:26:24 PMnoeman5 I call auto-correct something else that I can't say on a "family friendly" show.
7:27:02 PMMarshMan πŸ‘ @noeman5
7:27:18 PMMarshmanGF Y'all are super silly tonight. Love it
7:28:38 PMMarshMan Dogs can't even hear Luke!
7:29:03 PMMarshmanGF Thank you😁
7:29:22 PMG_Dog1985_ @SashaR did get my ?
7:29:29 PMMarshMan You still have that middle R thing @SashaR
7:29:30 PMnoeman5 Sounds like Kenny from South Park
7:29:32 PMorangeman my wife is irish she has 20min argement with elxa it very funny
7:30:39 PMMarshMan
7:30:59 PMMarshmanGF πŸ₯“
7:31:18 PMSkywriter64 Hey ,can the pinebook be used with a NAS, also ?
7:31:20 PMameriDroid Thanks @MarshMan Now I'm hungry for bacon.
7:31:37 PMMarshMan That was the missus @ameriDroid
7:32:14 PMameriDroid Is she telling you that the bacon is ready? What time is supper
7:32:15 PMG_Dog1985_ My bellet
7:32:30 PMG_Dog1985_ Lol
7:32:31 PMSashaR Yes!!! You are in!!! :):)
7:33:03 PMG_Dog1985_ Thanks
7:33:27 PMG_Dog1985_ Sorry
7:33:38 PMSashaR Should I also put Kenny from South Park in the draw?
7:33:53 PMLockwoodIII @Skywriter64 its Linux so so long as you have the sama client installed you should be able to access nas sares
7:34:06 PMLockwoodIII Shares*
7:34:24 PMMarshMan Winning might kill him @SashaR
7:34:32 PMSashaR haha! likely!
7:35:08 PMMarshMan For @ameriDroid
7:35:09 PMMarshMan
7:35:28 PMameriDroid I'll be right over...
7:37:20 PMSashaR The cheese is a little blocky
7:37:42 PMameriDroid If you're on Telegram, they have a bridge for the PinebookPro that pulls in all conversations from Matrix, Discord, IRC, etc.
7:38:18 PMameriDroid
7:39:38 PMmcopland if not too late I would like to throw my hat in for the draw. Coming to you from Peterborough, ON
7:39:52 PMSkywriter64 Wait a minute, Is there a connection for the internet?
7:40:06 PMMarshMan WiFi only
7:40:30 PMMarshMan Unless you use a USB ethernet adapter
7:40:31 PMameriDroid You can also use Ethernet through USB-C
7:40:38 PMSkywriter64 No rj45
7:40:46 PMmcopland really?
7:40:48 PMMarshMan No RJ45
7:41:28 PMLockwoodIII I would imagine you could get a usb to rj45 adapter
7:41:38 PMSashaR Do they still have Hot Belly Mama's (my fav lunch spot ever!) in Ptbo?
7:41:55 PMmcopland I actually reallly came from Apsley so I guess you know where that is if you were between peterborough and lakefield
7:42:06 PMmcopland KAOS?
7:42:18 PMmcopland Rick Kirschner and gang
7:42:25 PMmcopland nice
7:42:27 PMmcopland small world
7:46:54 PMLockwoodIII Do most Linux apps work on arm now?
7:47:25 PMmcopland I'm in west end of Peterborough so Omemee is only about 10-15 min away
7:47:43 PMnoeman5 Might be interesting to try Kali or Parrot on it.
7:47:58 PMbaldricthebrave I live 30mins from Peterborough in the UK
7:48:04 PMameriDroid @RobbieF Are you sure your PBP is updated? I just tested on mine by closing the lid, waiting a bit, and reopening the lid and pushing the power button. It worked fine.
7:48:07 PMmcopland ha
7:50:21 PMSkywriter64 YES
7:51:17 PMG_Dog1985_ I need to do to l that to my Chromebook
7:54:09 PMnoeman5 I use Audacity to rip music from videos and cd's.
7:55:49 PMSweSG For metadata I use Kid3 on Linux and mp3tag and AIMP on Windows.
7:57:00 PMbaldricthebrave Amazing... 🀣
7:57:28 PMSweSG Kid3 is available for Windows as well.
8:03:13 PMSweSG Really good
8:06:36 PMMarshMan Define appealing....
8:06:44 PMLockwoodIII Does this mean youtube will finally be safe for children?
8:07:28 PMbaldricthebrave So does that mean he has to F n blind on the stream to prove its for adults?
8:10:48 PMbaldricthebrave My gaming rig is windows. And i use linux to mess about with on one of my space PCs.
8:10:57 PMSweSG I don't think Windows is that bad. I am a Linux user as well!
8:11:36 PMLockwoodIII Converted to Linux a decade ago - never looked back
8:12:16 PMLockwoodIII Microsoft doesn't give a monkeys aout
8:12:40 PMMarshMan GIGGLE ALERT!
8:12:44 PMLockwoodIII Windows anymore look at the mess that is windows 10
8:12:46 PMMarshMan Number of Threads: 6 SoC Contains big.LITTLE CPU: Yes: 4 + 2 Cores Compiler Time: 91 seconds Multithreaded LZMA Benchmark: 6313 MIPS Single-Threaded LZMA Benchmark: 3653 MIPS Average sysbench CPU Score: 183.575 events per second. Price: Δ’3,922.10 per unit. sysbench RAM Score: 2,385,186.297 events per second. Price: Δ’0.30 per unit. sysbench Mutex Score: 7.572 events per second.
8:12:51 PMRonnicat @Jeff "Meatball" Weston I have rocket league and I am not happy about this. There is lots of games played on Linux. I use toi play Diablo 1 & 2, mwtin 2 and a lot of other games. . So we gamers are on Linux.
8:13:18 PMbaldricthebrave Told you that Sasha would make the BBC new great...
8:13:47 PMRonnicat Mwtin 2 lol
8:14:02 PMLockwoodIII Anyone who likes to tell the computer what to do and not the other way around is on Linux
8:15:57 PMRonnicat @LockwoodIII so true
8:17:10 PMG_Dog1985_ Wow
8:17:13 PMLockwoodIII And what's with these windows 10 apps - why if you uninstall them do they keep coming back? I don't want One drive Microsoft!
8:18:11 PMRonnicat Lol some of us Block OneDrive in the firewall.
8:18:20 PMSweSG OOSU10 is the solution!
8:18:23 PMnoeman5 Still use Win7 for a lot of stuff (especially gaming), I loathe windows 10, and I use Ubuntu for a lot of stuff.
8:18:33 PMLockwoodIII Blimey I'm on the map!
8:18:46 PMbaldricthebrave Me too...
8:18:56 PMLockwoodIII Good call @noeman5
8:20:02 PMnoeman5 ClamAV for the win
8:20:40 PMLockwoodIII Where's GDPR!
8:21:19 PMnoeman5 Hmm, sounds like a good target for a GreyHat hacker
8:22:24 PMLockwoodIII Doesn't Facebook get the data - that must be a first
8:23:12 PMLockwoodIII Isn't open source free Robbie?
8:23:13 PMRonnicat Shocking it wasn't Facebook this time.
8:23:43 PMLockwoodIII There's a first for everything
8:23:49 PMnoeman5 Conspirasky? he he
8:26:35 PMbaldricthebrave From blackadder...
8:26:38 PMnoeman5 Baldrick from BlackAdder
8:26:58 PMLockwoodIII Classic
8:27:11 PMrd_blair Reed Blair
8:27:20 PMRonnicat Ronnicat for fitness tracker
8:27:28 PMMiniMarsh I want in!
8:27:56 PMrd_blair connecticut
8:28:04 PMbaldricthebrave
8:28:08 PMLockwoodIII Like MiniMe
8:28:14 PMRonnicat @Ronnicat watching us virgin islands
8:28:15 PMMiniMarsh I'm from New York :3
8:28:47 PMbp9 bp9 from Alabackwards
8:28:59 PMMarshMan @MiniMarsh is my daughter
8:29:02 PMameriDroid Sure. Throw me in.
8:29:04 PMLockwoodIII No thankyou
8:30:12 PMLockwoodIII Jeff cheating again!
8:30:45 PMLockwoodIII Its wheel of fortune
8:31:20 PMbp9 Alabama
8:31:26 PMSweSG Congratulations bp9
8:31:32 PMbp9 Thanks!
8:31:49 PMMarshMan Number of Threads: 6 SoC Contains big.LITTLE CPU: Yes: 4 + 2 Cores Compiler Time: 91 seconds Multithreaded LZMA Benchmark: 6313 MIPS Single-Threaded LZMA Benchmark: 3653 MIPS Average sysbench CPU Score: 183.575 events per second. Price: Δ’3,922.10 per unit. sysbench RAM Score: 2,385,186.297 events per second. Price: Δ’0.30 per unit. sysbench Mutex Score: 7.572 events per second.
8:31:51 PMameriDroid Did I mention that we gave away a PBP today?
8:31:56 PMRonnicat Congrats @bp9
8:32:00 PMnoeman5 Murrica!
8:32:22 PMbp9 Yeah I already have the original Pinebook. It won't play youtube video. Sigh.
8:32:32 PMMarshMan Yes it is @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:33:19 PMameriDroid @bp9 Have you tried e/os on the original Pinebook yet? It may be able to play fullscreen YouTube (we've heard reports).
8:33:40 PMbaldricthebrave Good nite guys.... its 1.33am time for bed...
8:33:53 PMLockwoodIII Night @baldricthebrave
8:33:57 PMbp9 I'm running XFCE4 on Pinebook at the moment. I like it better than KDE
8:34:25 PMLockwoodIII Great show guys, thanks
8:34:48 PMG_Dog1985_ Lol
8:35:04 PMnoeman5 G'night @SashaR
8:35:09 PMLockwoodIII Night all
8:35:21 PMnoeman5 G'night @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:35:22 PMbp9 @ameriDroid I can try that -- or just get a pinebook pro LOL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
8:35:45 PMbp9 Good night @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
8:36:26 PMRonnicat Bye and Good night
8:36:33 PMbp9 Good night @SashaR enjoyed the laugh when you waved at the camera πŸ™‚
8:36:51 PMSweSG nn
8:38:14 PMMarshMan @RobbieF having trouble connecting my bluetooth speaker to the PBP
8:38:32 PMMarshMan Doesn't see the speaker
8:45:16 PMnoeman5 @RobbieF are you still on?
8:46:38 PMbp9 Looks like he's off doing video editing stuff πŸ™‚
8:47:53 PMnoeman5 Thanks @bp9 , I was wondering about that adapter that would allow use of an M.2 in the PBP. What size M.2, 2242 or 2280? Anybody still on that can answer?
8:49:17 PMMarshMan Optional NVMe adapter PCIe 2.x, 5GT/s per lane 4 PCIe lanes, can not be bifurcated, (however, can be used with 1 or 2 lane NVMe cards) M keyed, though M+B keyed devices will work too Maximum length for M.2 card is 80mm (M.2 2280). The following sizes will also work: 2230, 2242, 2260 Power: 2.5W continuous, 8.25W peak momentary Does not support SATA M.2 cards Does not support USB M.2 cards
8:49:18 PMbp9 Not sure @noeman5 but it looked physically quite small. @RobbieF had the back of the Pinebook Pro open earlier.
8:50:27 PMnoeman5 Thanks @MarshMan . Something to look into. I'd love a PBP with a 2TB drive!
8:52:25 PMnoeman5 granted, that would double the cost of the laptop, but it'd be worth it.
8:58:46 PMnoeman5 Think I'll sign off now folks. Time for dinner. Till next week!
8:58:53 PMameriDroid TTYL!
9:01:24 PMbp9 Have a good night @noeman5 !


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