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6:58:02 PMnoeman5 No Jeff today?
6:58:08 PMMarshMan No
6:58:38 PMLockwoodIII Evening all
6:58:44 PMSweSG Hi noeman5
6:59:10 PMMarshMan French fries
6:59:32 PMnoeman5 Guten Tag!
6:59:45 PMLockwoodIII In English please
7:00:31 PMLockwoodIII Thats a relief
7:00:36 PMnoeman5 I'd like an order of order.
7:00:37 PMTheCanadianHacker I know bonjour, and garcon. Literally everything I know
7:00:46 PMMarshMan Watching tonight on my iPad and on Discord on my phone
7:00:52 PMTheCanadianHacker Also I know how to say I am a cat. So my French is useless
7:01:38 PMLockwoodIII Im watching on my Windows tablet (now running Android) and typing on my phone
7:01:42 PMMarshMan Taco, burrito
7:02:07 PMnoeman5 I used to be nearly fluent in German, but I've forgotten a lot. I've been studying Japanese for a while. I understand more Spanish than I can speak.
7:02:13 PMMarshMan Go @LockwoodIII
7:02:18 PMSolbu We are Go for launch.
7:02:36 PMLockwoodIII Anything to get away from Windows
7:03:28 PMnoeman5 Just killed Windows 7 on my old laptop, installing 32 bit Kali Linux. (10 year old laptop.)
7:03:54 PMMarshMan I needed this show tonight and it won't be shown?
7:04:02 PMLockwoodIII @noeman5 Nice but Kali seems an odd choice for desktop Linux
7:04:34 PMMarshMan My mistake
7:04:47 PMSashaR we wouldn't just leave you!
7:04:48 PMMarshMan Gotcha gotcha gotcha
7:04:51 PMTheCanadianHacker Don't worry about it :)
7:05:06 PMMarshMan It pertains to me indirectly
7:05:41 PMLockwoodIII If there's a hacker in the chatroom are all of our devices in trouble
7:06:00 PMMarshMan How do you keep an idiot in suspense?
7:06:14 PMMarshMan Tell you at the end of the show
7:06:15 PMnoeman5 @LockwoodIII , I've played with it before, using it for some light hacking and program development.
7:07:00 PMLockwoodIII @noeman5 I keep meaning to try it but never seem to get round to it
7:07:03 PMSolbu Jeff was afraid to be hacked…
7:07:07 PMTheCanadianHacker Trying to listen to two conversations be like
7:07:16 PMnoeman5 There are two types of people - - those that can extrapolate from incomplete data..
7:07:23 PMLockwoodIII @Solbu#0000 Lol
7:07:33 PMRobbieF
7:08:42 PMSweSG The sound is good here!
7:09:19 PMMarshMan Eh?
7:09:21 PMTheCanadianHacker Hey there!
7:09:35 PMTheCanadianHacker Wait why'd I say that? Lol
7:10:27 PMMarshMan Hi there
7:10:28 PMLockwoodIII @RobbieF That coz you get the big bucks! (Editor)
7:11:17 PMMarshMan Send Jeff home for the news
7:11:20 PMSolbu What? News time already? I must have fallen asleep.
7:11:23 PMSolbu ;-)
7:13:32 PMLockwoodIII Its the Royal "we"
7:13:49 PMMarshMan We do @SashaR
7:14:00 PMMarshMan Only watch for you
7:14:26 PMMarshMan Slight Sasha bias
7:17:32 PMMarshMan This is more than an honorable mention!
7:17:48 PMLockwoodIII Must be healthy in space!
7:18:00 PMSashaR 101 is a great age!
7:18:08 PMLockwoodIII It sure is
7:21:38 PMTheCanadianHacker That's crazy? More of a swarm or mesh than a main centralized point
7:21:48 PMTheCanadianHacker So many implications
7:22:54 PMbaldricthebrave Hi guys...
7:23:08 PMLockwoodIII @baldricthebrave Evening
7:23:53 PMSweSG baldricthebrave: Hi!
7:25:23 PMTheFu What's the mitigation for the wifi devices that cannot be patched?
7:26:12 PMbaldricthebrave @RobbieF i did the Windows 10 update, all seems fine. I must be one of the lucky ones!!!
7:29:05 PMMarshMan Paper wallet. He had no carbon paper so no backup.
7:29:57 PMSweSG baldricthebrave: I have blocked Windows update:
7:30:21 PMSolbu My crypto keys are on 4 different systems.
7:30:52 PMTheFu Or buy 5 of them.
7:30:57 PMLockwoodIII @SweSG#0000 I blocked Windows update by installing Linux :)
7:30:58 PMbaldricthebrave Ooh thats cool.
7:31:33 PMSweSG LockwoodIII: Hehe
7:32:34 PMTheCanadianHacker I always use a paper wallet, atleast until a certain company locked me out of my own account
7:32:35 PMSweSG I have around 10 computers. Only 1 running Windows. Everyone else is on Linux.
7:32:56 PMTheCanadianHacker Paper everything.
7:33:12 PMSolbu Paper can be damaged by just being stored incorrectly.
7:33:13 PMLockwoodIII @SweSG#0000 You're almost sorted then
7:33:21 PMSweSG Yep!
7:33:42 PMTheCanadianHacker Of course, but if you make copies in Multiple locations, and treat it, you'll be golden
7:35:57 PMSweSG Firefox
7:36:38 PMTheCanadianHacker Firefox for life.
7:36:50 PMSweSG Hehe
7:37:33 PMTheCanadianHacker Literally only used chrome for a few months, until it's slowed my computer to a crawl
7:37:39 PMTheCanadianHacker Now Firefox and duckduckgo
7:37:55 PMTheFu I'm w/ Robbie on the DNS, but there are lots of grandmas who won't set that up and need to protection.
7:38:03 PMMarshMan Firefox will join Edge in the Trash Bin
7:38:20 PMSweSG The thing is that there is no one better than Firefox today.
7:38:24 PMTheFu There is an opt out in the FF settings.
7:38:36 PMLockwoodIII Apprently Edge is good now - according to Microsoft
7:38:49 PMMarshMan No software should make decisions FOR me
7:38:58 PMTheCanadianHacker Adding chromium to something doesn't make it better
7:39:10 PMTheFu MM - you are so innocent. ;)
7:39:13 PMTheCanadianHacker I don't know what the hell they are doing
7:39:33 PMTheCanadianHacker Just my opinion :)
7:39:35 PMMarshMan I like being in control Fu
7:40:00 PMTheFu But control is an illusion.
7:40:03 PMSolbu «I see your Pi-hole, and raise you encrypted DNS»
7:40:15 PMMarshMan You mean delusion
7:40:32 PMTheFu That too. I suffer from both myself.
7:40:39 PMMarshMan Ditto
7:41:02 PMMarshMan I fight blatant control
7:41:24 PMMarshMan I tend to use the browser that works
7:41:25 PMTheFu Robbie, what HTTPS-over-DNS should we be using on Linux?
7:41:44 PMMarshMan Changes daily
7:42:35 PMMarshMan Like a couple weeks ago Clludflare DNA was down and we had no live feed
7:42:46 PMTheFu
7:43:00 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: Firefox will disable encrypted DNS if this domain is blokced in bind:
7:43:02 PMSolbu
7:43:18 PMSweSG
7:43:20 PMSweSG
7:44:35 PMMarshMan So Homer Simpson has been promoting DNA over HTTPS - DoH?
7:45:52 PMSweSG Hehe
7:45:59 PMTheCanadianHacker Lol
7:46:52 PMMarshMan We never left
7:46:57 PMbaldricthebrave Fantastic...
7:47:13 PMMarshMan Lol
7:47:16 PMMarshMan Lol
7:47:18 PMMarshMan Lol
7:47:22 PMSolbu «I'm Sasha Rickman, and you're not doing anything»
7:47:58 PMTheFu I'm here for Robbie.
7:48:10 PMMarshMan I'm Sasha Rickman and you're not
7:48:17 PMSolbu HEhe.
7:49:25 PMMarshMan My cat is smart enough to feed itself
7:49:44 PMSolbu MarshMan: If I ever can afford to visit Canada and cat5 and is invited to join the show, I plan to do something like that, sayingh «and I'm not» after Robbie and the crew just introducing themselves. :-)
7:50:28 PMMarshMan When I was there I did say that I was not Jeff.
7:52:12 PMMarshMan Autonomous vehicles still expect your hands to be on the wheel. Flashes the dashboard if it thinks you let go.
7:52:39 PMSolbu MarshMan: Another idea I have is to do my introduction in norwegian. ;-)
7:52:59 PMMarshMan There you go Solbu
7:53:15 PMSolbu … and then state that I use strong encryption.
7:53:17 PMSolbu :-)
7:53:18 PMTheCanadianHacker Oh yeah I heard about this one :) copyright is so silly
7:53:25 PMbaldricthebrave Peppa pig?
7:53:32 PMTheCanadianHacker To a certain extent I mean
7:53:54 PMTheCanadianHacker Of course it's important, just how it can be exploited like this is stupid
7:54:22 PMMarshMan How do you prove "subconsciously"?
7:55:14 PMSolbu MarshMan: Same way you prove threats: «I feel exploited, therefore you have exploited me»
7:55:30 PMSolbu :-)
7:55:45 PMMarshMan Ohhhh, paranoia
7:55:56 PMSolbu The datasets is huge, 600 Gigs
7:56:39 PMTheFu How many existing songs did they violate copyright doing this?
7:56:48 PMLockwoodIII @Solbu#0000 Isn't that just the same as an evening of streaming in 4k
7:57:24 PMSolbu I don't consume 4k, so I dont know.
7:57:42 PMSolbu Besides, streaming is not storing.
7:57:52 PMLockwoodIII That is true
7:57:56 PMTheFu TP is dead.
7:58:48 PMLockwoodIII Very good, thanks
7:59:04 PMSweSG Yep!
7:59:45 PMnoeman5 John Wayne voice: "I was born ready"
7:59:52 PMMarshMan Gn @SashaR
7:59:56 PMbaldricthebrave So thats where all of the UK storms have been coming from?
8:00:06 PMSashaR Good night my friends :):)
8:00:31 PMLockwoodIII Its supposed to snow here in the UK tomorrow
8:00:46 PMMarshMan So if I get busy at work I can blame the @TheCanadianHacker ?
8:01:06 PMbaldricthebrave Im hoping Cambridgeshire will escape the snow.
8:02:24 PMRobbieF Way to go @TheCanadianHacker !!!
8:02:29 PMRobbieF No going back now... 🙂
8:02:37 PMTheCanadianHacker Haha
8:02:52 PMSweSG White hacker or black? Gray??
8:02:58 PMSolbu RobbieF: A resident in a friends apartment block did the same thing to all residents 18 years ago. The entire apartment block was behind a single NAT-ed SDSL line, and all had a 10.x.x.x IP. He printed a message explaning that they needed to disable file and printer sharing on the network. A PDF also apeared with the same content, on the desktop.
8:03:55 PMSolbu It just so happened that he did that when I was going to help my friend with something, and just as I sat down in the chair at the computer, the printer started. :-)
8:04:34 PMTheFu A "friend" dropped a file on all the desktops for the local cable ISP customers on the same subnet. That got the ISP to start blocking ports 137-139, 445.
8:05:17 PMTheCanadianHacker White hacker over here :)
8:05:34 PMTheFu R U a member of a DC group?
8:05:36 PMSolbu TheFu: 20 years ago, me and a fiend experimented with filesharing on the internet using the samba protocol.
8:05:40 PMTheCanadianHacker White hat*
8:05:59 PMTheCanadianHacker DC?
8:06:02 PMSolbu Or maybe it was 19 years ago.
8:06:04 PMTheFu DefCon.
8:06:16 PMRobbieF Cool solbu
8:06:21 PMTheCanadianHacker Unfortunately not, always wanted to be though
8:06:26 PMTheCanadianHacker Nothing local to me
8:06:37 PMTheFu Most cities have at least 1 DC group. Mine has 3, but they are all related.
8:06:49 PMTheCanadianHacker Not in mine
8:07:06 PMSolbu That friend started to nag me to install a firewall after discovering Steve Gibson's Shields Up, after stumbleing upon the Security Now podcast.
8:07:36 PMSolbu I remember resisting for several months. I didn't have something worth hacking for… hehe
8:07:48 PMTheFu for anyone interested in computer/network security.
8:08:01 PMSolbu but when I finally heard that podcast he mentioned, I starter using ZoneAlarm.
8:08:09 PMSweSG UPnP off!
8:08:09 PMSolbu *started
8:08:36 PMSolbu SweSG: UPnP is dangerous, and should never be on by default.
8:08:40 PMLockwoodIII ZoneAlarm - there's a blast from the past!
8:08:48 PMTheFu Routers don't just handle IP. There are other protocols.
8:09:11 PMSweSG Solbu: Yep!
8:09:32 PMSolbu Did the stream stop?
8:09:45 PMTheCanadianHacker Uh oh
8:09:49 PMLockwoodIII Looks like
8:09:50 PMTheCanadianHacker Stopped for me
8:09:51 PMTheFu Stuttering here.
8:09:54 PMSweSG Yep!
8:09:55 PMRobbieF Not here!
8:09:56 PMLockwoodIII Its been hacked!
8:09:58 PMTheFu badly.
8:10:01 PMRobbieF Russians?!
8:10:10 PMTheFu Americans!
8:10:27 PMRobbieF We are still sending a strong 720p signal!
8:10:37 PMLockwoodIII Its back now
8:10:44 PMSolbu Yea, just came back.
8:10:48 PMRobbieF phew!
8:11:07 PMRobbieF on demand will be flawless
8:11:37 PMSolbu RobbieF: Hehe, if the on-demand version is buffering, do we get our money back? ;-)
8:12:11 PMRobbieF 🙂
8:12:34 PMRobbieF You can deposit $40 and I'll give you a new file and $3 off.
8:13:07 PMSweSG Hehe
8:13:26 PMSolbu :-)
8:13:30 PMTheFu In 2020, California law doesn't allow network devices to have default passwords.
8:13:33 PMSolbu LockwoodIII: I used ZoneAlarm as firewall exclusively, up until I stopped using Windows january 28, 2008.
8:14:45 PMLockwoodIII @Solbu#0000 Yep it was very good but the pop ups could be a bit annoying
8:14:49 PMRobbieF we covered that story at the time @TheFu
8:15:24 PMSweSG The best free firewall today is simplewall. Windows!
8:15:41 PMSweSG
8:16:09 PMSolbu LockwoodIII: I ended up disableing most of the popups. But i payed close attention to the log.
8:16:13 PMRobbieF Nod to Stranger Things ❤️
8:16:38 PMLockwoodIII Hacking on Pop OS - well I never
8:16:46 PMRobbieF Bring it on!
8:17:20 PMRobbieF Awww, no commercials for you!
8:17:36 PMTheCanadianHacker Lol I usually use arch, just had to get some footage. I would instead have also connected to a server, but what can you do
8:17:40 PMTheCanadianHacker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
8:18:14 PMRobbieF @TheCanadianHacker Arch? So you're into self fladulation?
8:18:15 PMTheFu down?
8:18:17 PMSolbu RobbieF: One thing you should have done in the on demand version, have one of the cat5 printers start to print something, pretending it caught you off guard.
8:18:32 PMSolbu … while you're on camera,
8:18:34 PMSolbu :-)
8:18:38 PMRobbieF 😛
8:18:39 PMLockwoodIII I gave up on Arch after about 6 months as i got fed up of fixing things that broke in updates
8:18:55 PMTheFu ah - back now.
8:19:17 PMLockwoodIII And its gone again
8:19:32 PMTheCanadianHacker Uh oh that's not too good
8:19:37 PMTheCanadianHacker But that's life ;)
8:19:54 PMRobbieF @LockwoodIII and all, if live is giving you grief, I will have the on-demand up over the weekend. Make sure you follow
8:20:14 PMLockwoodIII Dare i suggest that Arch is a bit like Windows 10 - things break
8:20:28 PMRobbieF We (Studio D) are under a heavy winter storm, which could affect the feed. But our local recordings are flawless.
8:20:29 PMSolbu I know what's behind the stream problem. Someone doesn't want this information going publick, so they hack the cat5 stream…
8:20:53 PMLockwoodIII @RobbieF Thank you. Its back again now
8:21:14 PMorangeman contiu buffing on video
8:21:41 PMTheFu Was shodan used?
8:22:19 PMSolbu RobbieF: Is there a page or PDF somewhere were we can read what he sending to the printers?
8:22:20 PMTheCanadianHacker For a part of it, everything else was crawled by me
8:22:27 PMTheCanadianHacker I can add it
8:22:39 PMRobbieF @TheCanadianHacker PM me the file and I will upload it.
8:22:52 PMRobbieF in the meantime....
8:23:03 PMTheFu Any IPv6 crawling?
8:23:57 PMRobbieF
8:25:10 PMTheCanadianHacker No ipv6 crawling, at the minute I am focused on ipv4 (the majority)
8:25:35 PMMarshMan Any idea which brands of printers are getting hacked?
8:26:00 PMTheCanadianHacker Any Brand that was open to those ports, mostly brother, HP, and commercial brands
8:26:43 PMTheFu But ... technically, this is still illegal. Don't get caught.
8:26:52 PMRobbieF
8:27:09 PMRobbieF Hence our protecting him with obfuscation TheFu.
8:27:30 PMRobbieF @TheCanadianHacker what about Kiocera and Xerox?
8:27:51 PMSweSG Snowman!
8:28:11 PMTheCanadianHacker So much Xerox!
8:28:16 PMMarshMan Most of my clients close port 9100.
8:28:20 PMTheCanadianHacker That's the one I forgot
8:28:50 PMSolbu TheCanadianHacker: Did you encounter any printers that requires login you could not get into, that was actually secured while being available on the internet?
8:28:55 PMLockwoodIII Night all
8:29:26 PMRobbieF Here's a great opportunity to ask questions, folks. Anything at all, post it here.
8:29:41 PMnoeman5 live feed just died
8:29:46 PMRobbieF Thanks for watching - hope you all had fun. BIG THANKS to @TheCanadianHacker for guesting on the show this week.
8:29:47 PMSolbu Can i get an icecream?
8:29:49 PMSolbu ;-)
8:30:00 PMSolbu noeman5: The stream ended,
8:30:01 PMSweSG Thanks TheCanadianHacker! Please don't hack me! ;)
8:30:04 PMTheCanadianHacker There are a few, but I couldn't check every single printer. I wouldn't be able to give you a percent, but there are definitely some
8:30:05 PMRobbieF
8:30:18 PMTheCanadianHacker Maybe not the best encryption, but there was a bit
8:30:35 PMTheCanadianHacker I'll try not to! Lol
8:31:37 PMTheFu The FBI has hunted down people for less, though what is "less" is highly subjective.
8:32:53 PMTheFu You can make some printers into listening devices for a room.
8:33:21 PMSolbu I think it was one of Linus Torvalds friends who had a notice in the /etc/motd which is displayed in logins, stating something like «I know you can hack me, please don't». Linus had an account on that system for a while.
8:33:46 PMSweSG Gn all!
8:34:26 PMTheFu
8:34:55 PMTheFu
8:36:49 PMnoeman5 Good night everybody!
8:37:46 PMSolbu Here's a cool printer hack:
8:38:56 PMSweSG I think TheCanadianHacker is hacking me now: :D
8:39:19 PMTheFu That's great Solbu !
9:10:53 PMRobbieF iptables and kryptonite = the only way to stop @TheCanadianHacker
9:13:45 PMSolbu Hehe
9:16:58 PMRobbieF @TheCanadianHacker check DM on twitter


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