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7:43:42 PMSolbu Watching the recording now. Even tho I sleept through the whole thing, it's fun to watch.
7:50:47 PMSolbu RobbieF: Next time I plan to be there. I was only goint to rest a few minutes, one hour before the scheduled timeā€¦ ;-)
7:50:58 PMSolbu So next time I intend to set an alarm.
8:39:38 PMRobbieF Aww
8:39:57 PMRobbieF I'm wondering if we should do it every day.
8:47:09 PMGWG I'm sorry I missed it
8:47:16 PMGWG Maybe I'll try if you do it another day.
8:47:21 PMGWG Like tomorrow.
8:47:49 PMGWG Watching the stream. Who does Henry work for again?
8:55:10 PMRobbieF Yes, tomorrow at Noon Toronto time.
8:55:21 PMRobbieF See the calendar on our web site home page.
8:56:32 PMRobbieF Hope you can be there.
8:56:53 PMGWG I guess I need to clean off some of my equipment.
8:56:57 PMGWG I've been on a cleaning binge
9:00:18 PMGWG My employer has been forced to let us work from home.


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