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7:00:50 PMBobK54 And I'm a former New Yawka. Now living in Tennessee
7:01:35 PMMarshMan I’m almost due to move south. 😛
7:02:24 PMABQTKY And a Noo Yawk State guy presently in desert New Mexico (USA) (That's ALWAYS stamped on NM license plates)
7:02:29 PMSkywriter64 I am stuck in Brooklyn forever
7:02:30 PMTheFu Don't go too far - it gets hot and muggy 9 months of the year.
7:02:56 PMnoeman5 hate the city, the beauty of the rest of the state is spoiled by that pit.
7:03:02 PMMarshMan Beats cold for 9 months
7:03:05 PMorangeman HI ROBBIE
7:03:26 PMMarshMan Hey now @noeman5
7:03:44 PMorangeman HI MARSH MAN
7:04:00 PMMarshMan Hey there @orangeman
7:04:16 PMTheFu There are places in the middle. No need to have the extremes. i've lived in ND, NE, OH, MN, CO, and must of the south.
7:04:29 PMRobbieF Will be on air soon. 😬
7:04:32 PMTheFu s/must/most/
7:04:48 PMagamotto Hallo, all!
7:04:49 PMMarshMan ND was probably the most brutal
7:04:51 PMorangeman DID COPLER WORK ROBBIE
7:04:55 PMTheFu agamotto, hey!
7:05:07 PMSkywriter64 Where is the cheapest rent in the USA?
7:05:16 PMRobbieF Looks like about 7:30 I'll be ready
7:05:17 PMagamotto The Dakotas, in general, are boring unless you are really into the outdoors.
7:05:23 PMSolbu I take it there is a delay? Kodi stream is not working
7:05:34 PMnoeman5 Thanks to the Army, I've lived in 7 states and "visited" almost 30 more as well as 2 foreign countries.
7:05:59 PMMarshMan Never been west of Chicago
7:06:00 PMTheFu First, don't pay rent. Buy a house. Then there are places in AL and Mississippi that are pretty cheap.
7:06:09 PMagamotto Skywriter64, It would probably be somewhere just outside of Indianapolis, IN.
7:06:15 PMnelahw1 Thanks for the welcome. I was wondering if there was delay.
7:06:39 PMMarshMan @RobbieF is a one man show
7:06:46 PMSkywriter64 I like the outdoors ,But I don't drive . The stores(food) must be close.
7:07:00 PMMarshMan Brooklyn works then
7:07:05 PMnoeman5 Yeah, @RobbieF is doing the work of 7 to get things going, slight delay.
7:07:14 PMSkywriter64 RIGHT!
7:07:19 PMSolbu TheFu: Yes, owning the home is much better than renting.
7:07:21 PMagamotto ? - what is with the @ before some people's nicks?
7:07:22 PMMarshMan I miss Brooklyn
7:07:22 PMTheFu Thanks to the AF and jobs, i've lived in 9 states, 13 cities and visited/worked in 30 countries
7:07:53 PMMarshMan That is Discord Agamotto
7:08:03 PMSolbu TheFu: My only advice for those looking for a home in the states, Do Not buy a home with a Home Owner Assosiation (HOA). That will save you lot's or problems and frustrations.
7:08:04 PMMarshMan A way to ping the person
7:08:11 PMnoeman5 Another new member, welcome @Scorpio66
7:08:11 PMTheFu Skywriter64, you'd starve here.
7:08:12 PMagamotto Ahh
7:08:20 PMMarshMan IRC can’t do that. 😛
7:08:49 PMTheFu Solbu, i'm on the HoA board. No problems. for 30 min of work a year.
7:08:57 PMSolbu agamotto: People with @, like me, are the channel moderators.
7:09:04 PMMarshMan Owning a home =fixing a home
7:09:22 PMSolbu TheFu: Then you live in a functional HOA. :-)
7:09:41 PMBobK54 whats thisi "functional HOA" you speak of???
7:09:46 PMagamotto You must have one of the few that is useful.
7:09:47 PMBobK54 🙂
7:09:54 PMABQTKY Solbu - Aha! So you're one of THOSE people, eh??!! 8-)
7:10:10 PMTheFu We don't have any lawyers in our community. That solves many issues.
7:10:22 PMSolbu My irck with HOAs is that they have legal force behind their demands. MAny live with a HOA that have «power issues»
7:10:24 PMnoeman5 I despise HOA's, paying someone to tell me what I can/can't do with my property? I don't think so.
7:11:05 PMSolbu TheFu: My point is that, if you really wanted to you could make the lives of some of your occupants a living hell, and they have no recource but to sell and move.
7:11:15 PMTheFu We have rules, but seldom enforce anything. The HOA exists to maintain and insure common areas.
7:11:20 PMnoeman5 Lotta new members today
7:12:15 PMMarshMan Very cool for NerdGuy
7:13:15 PMubu When does the show start?
7:13:28 PMTheFu Solbu, actually, we cannot. The rules are set by the owners and getting anythng changed is nearly impossible. We really can't enforce anything that conflicts w/ country laws.
7:13:29 PMnoeman5 Ahh, the live window is counting up again, instead of down.
7:13:43 PMMarshMan @RobbieF said about 7:30 @ubu
7:14:11 PMMarshMan Trying to put it together alone
7:14:30 PMRobbieF There is a delay, yes Solbu
7:14:32 PMagamotto All those pesky gremlins to work out!
7:14:32 PMSolbu TheFu: Yes, but unlike Norway, in the US one can legaly agree to void laws in favour of an agreed upon local rule.
7:14:36 PMRobbieF Doing my best
7:14:46 PMnoeman5 I assume that's around central time. 7:30 in Oregon is about 3.25 hours away.
7:15:05 PMMarshMan Eastern time
7:15:06 PMMoeMaravilla Thanks all.
7:15:09 PMTheFu We don't have occupants. We have owners and i assume most have firearms. There's a city nearby where firearms are required.
7:15:11 PMnoeman5 even better
7:15:22 PMMarshMan I hope
7:15:34 PMnelahw1 watch dumping water on the gremlins
7:15:48 PMMarshMan Detroit Fu?
7:16:07 PMagamotto noeman5: 1930 Eastern Time
7:16:26 PMSolbu TheFu: My point is, a badly managed HOA can make hell on some owner if they really wanted. many HOAs do this.
7:16:48 PMnelahw1 I want time zone is category 5 in?
7:16:56 PMTheFu EDT
7:16:57 PMMarshMan Eastern
7:17:08 PMnelahw1 @MarshMan thank you
7:17:15 PMubu T -14 minutes
7:17:25 PMRobbieF Yeah about that 😁
7:19:38 PMubu So the question is will Robbie be in the studio space or still in the server room for tonight?
7:19:58 PMRobbieF We'll see 😂
7:20:03 PMMarshMan Only he knows the answer Bwahaha
7:20:04 PMnelahw1 @RobbieF you can do it. I thought you had a magic wand. That fixes anything.
7:20:22 PMMarshMan It’s in the shop
7:20:53 PMTheFu Sonic wand?
7:21:11 PMMarshMan That’s in the Tardis
7:21:18 PMSolbu nelahw1: SashaR took it with her when she moved… :-)
7:21:21 PMnoeman5 I see Mr. @Jeff "Meatball" Weston is sitting in. Joining from home Jeff?
7:21:35 PMMarshMan Just lurking
7:22:08 PMagamotto The trusty sonic screwdriver...
7:22:20 PMMarshMan That’s a scary thought Solbu
7:22:26 PMSolbu Hehe
7:22:35 PMMarshMan Sasha with all Robbies power
7:22:51 PMSolbu What could possibly go wrong.
7:22:59 PMnelahw1 lol @Solbu
7:23:28 PMMarshMan
7:23:44 PMMarshmanGF As long as she keeps her coffee away from it
7:23:51 PMTheFu Anyone else watching all the airfare deals?!!! OMG - they are crazy good.
7:24:19 PMnoeman5 And you may have the plane all to yourself.
7:24:23 PMMI0RTX no planes
7:24:29 PMMarshmanGF Save that money for your recovery
7:24:41 PMTheFu No - not for next week for Oct-Fed.
7:24:52 PMTheFu s/Fed/Feb/
7:25:15 PMagamotto Just don't fly Frontier.. they are 'offering' you the ability to social distance on the plane, for another $89.
7:25:37 PMubu What?....
7:25:44 PMMarshMan There has to be one
7:26:08 PMubu Pay extra for social distancing while still recirculating air
7:26:12 PMTheFu RT somewhere normally $400 was $49 yesterday.
7:26:18 PMMarshMan Begging to go out of business
7:26:21 PMSolbu Right now there's not a single plane flying over Norway, there's 6 over sweden and one over finland.
7:27:02 PMgwg Fly somewhere, I need the money
7:28:00 PMTheFu There are hundreds flying over the USA now.
7:28:21 PMagamotto Most of them carrying toilet paper
7:28:37 PMMarshmanGF To where?
7:28:46 PMMarshMan
7:28:58 PMSolbu MarshManGF: To a secure location… :-)
7:29:01 PMMarshmanGF That's why there's none in the store
7:29:16 PMMI0RTX some lik hichcock
7:29:22 PMSolbu Kodi stream is up.
7:29:30 PMnoeman5 I see you @RobbieF
7:29:31 PMMarshMan We are live!
7:29:39 PMMarshmanGF Hi
7:29:40 PMTheFu agamotto, doubtful. Shopped today. Plenty of meat, fish, chicken, eggs, but the paper aisle was empty.
7:29:59 PMnoeman5 'ello, 'ello, 'ello!
7:30:18 PMMarshMan Studio! Noise and all
7:30:19 PMMarshMan Studio! Noise and all
7:30:20 PMubu I don’t see it on YouTube yet
7:30:31 PMMarshMan I am on YT
7:30:42 PMMarshMan Refresh
7:30:48 PMTheFu Das ist gut
7:31:58 PMMarshMan Show us the instruction book @RobbieF
7:32:02 PMnoeman5 Is it a signal booster as well as a repeater?
7:32:10 PMTheFu Distance?
7:32:28 PMnoeman5 @MarshMan , he sent it ti @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:32:32 PMubu Howdy
7:32:34 PMSolbu We are Go for launch.
7:32:39 PMnelahw1 Hello
7:32:43 PMTheFu The HDMi --- ethernet can go 500ft.
7:32:53 PMnoeman5 HI in Discord
7:33:09 PMMarshMan Jeff can’t read it either
7:33:14 PMSolbu Hi in Discord
7:33:52 PMMarshMan Press record!
7:35:04 PMMarshmanGF Put giant googly eyes on the sound meter
7:35:54 PMnoeman5 Somewhere in Bangladesh, a printer is spitting out @RobbieF 's notes.
7:36:01 PMMarshMan White balance?
7:36:02 PMSolbu inkjet… Use laser printers.
7:36:13 PMTheFu That doesn't sound like a laserjet!
7:36:30 PMameriDroid @Solbu +1
7:36:44 PMnoeman5 Solbu, at least it's not a daisywheel. lol
7:36:49 PMSolbu Hehe
7:36:52 PMCee128d My Pastor gets a big kick out of my having him clap his hands to sync the A and V a couple of seconds before I start recording his Sermons for Sundays.
7:36:57 PMMarshMan Laser may blow the breakers. 😛
7:37:01 PMmatrix It's good to see you back up and running Robbie!!!!
7:37:16 PMTheFu Any liquid that costs more than a good whiskey is just wrong.
7:37:27 PMMarshMan Dot matrix
7:37:34 PMSolbu Ignition start
7:37:51 PMMoeMaravilla Hello Robbie!
7:37:53 PMSolbu And we have lift off.
7:38:16 PMSadSack963 I still have an Epson dot matrix upstairs with fanfold paper!
7:38:25 PMMoeMaravilla Hopefully these events are just once every ~100 years.
7:38:25 PMMarshMan Eeeeek
7:38:31 PMTheFu Someone here posted this printer-music:
7:40:16 PMameriDroid @TheFu That's really cool.
7:40:46 PMMarshMan I really want to be there for @Jeff "Meatball" Weston ‘s paintball fun!
7:40:55 PMagamotto I remember being able to make 1541 floppy drives 'sing.'
7:41:24 PMSolbu TheFu: I once saw a video of someone playing Star Wars music using 8 floppy drives.
7:41:44 PMMarshMan Solbu SAW A VIDEO?
7:42:08 PMSolbu Yea, I know you are shocked.
7:42:15 PMMarshMan Lol
7:42:38 PMagamotto Your fans don't sound much louder than the room I am in now...
7:42:47 PMMoeMaravilla TheFu... That youtube video is cool.
7:43:20 PMameriDroid @Solbu - Floppotron - Here is Mr. Roboto on Floppotron:
7:43:53 PMMarshMan
7:43:59 PMTheFu Wish i remembered who posted it. Have an idea, but wouldn't want to be wrong.
7:44:27 PMagamotto Eh, just go nuts on the walls with some spray foam!
7:45:28 PMSolbu ameridroid: Nice!
7:45:29 PMMI0RTX san
7:45:44 PMagamotto So... noise-cancelling microphone?
7:46:01 PMMI0RTX can you do fft of fan noice robbie
7:46:30 PMMarshMan Sounds like a Dell
7:46:51 PMgwg I missed the first few minutes... we're hearing fans?
7:46:52 PMagamotto Compared to the ambient noise in a Home Depot, sounds pleasant to me
7:47:03 PMTheFu Audacity can remove constant hum noise.
7:47:21 PMMarshMan My Dell 2950 sounded exactly like that
7:47:36 PMMarshMan Now power it on. 😛
7:47:37 PMnoeman5 Much better now
7:47:43 PMagamotto Almost sounds like a quieter vacuum cleaner
7:47:54 PMagamotto Wow, big drop in noise
7:47:54 PMSolbu And no alarms…
7:48:00 PMMI0RTX if use fft he look freq of fan noice
7:48:53 PMMoeMaravilla @Robbie... If you could just turn those off... Why have them on?
7:48:59 PMMarshMan Yeah, Guess I just won the lottery. 😛
7:49:40 PMMoeMaravilla Uhoh... No active backup.
7:50:02 PMagamotto Silent = no ball bearings.
7:50:05 PMSolbu Sometimes i wish rack servers also had silent fans.
7:50:07 PMTheFu Switched from servers to 65W desktop w/ passive GPU cooling to avoid noise. Use a Gold PSU too.
7:51:04 PMnelahw1 Do as I say not as I do.
7:51:08 PMagamotto Only if you don't recycle the zip tie!
7:51:30 PMMarshMan I need to order that man a tool kit
7:51:43 PMMarshMan He scares me sometimes
7:51:51 PMTheFu MM - Xmas gift?
7:52:01 PMMarshMan Sooner
7:52:08 PMnelahw1 do all fans have aarows?
7:52:09 PMMarshMan B’day
7:52:24 PMMarshMan The good ones do @nelahw1
7:52:28 PMTheFu Call him Daddy - June is coming
7:53:03 PMMarshMan Hah, considerably younger than me
7:53:45 PMgwg I always say MAHL-ex. Interesting
7:53:50 PMTheFu Love those shuttle cases!
7:54:20 PMMoeMaravilla Dud @Robbie mention the capacity of the backup?
7:54:24 PMMarshMan Except for cover rattle
7:54:32 PMMoeMaravilla s/Dud/Did/
7:54:34 PMTheFu Cheap and small, unlike a NUC
7:54:40 PMSolbu MarshMan I allmost always use a battery powered screwdriver.
7:54:59 PMMarshMan I did at work Solbu
7:55:12 PMSolbu I make sure that the resistance doesn't break the screws.
7:55:34 PMMarshMan Torque adjustable?
7:56:10 PMTheFu A 20 pack of thumb-screws saves so much time too.
7:56:12 PMMarshMan I love Dell liftoff
7:56:55 PMBobK54 "thumbscrews" the first mod I make on any new tower.
7:57:24 PMMoeMaravilla What time is the coffee-break and how do I join?
7:57:41 PMTheFu First thing i do on any new install - apt purge nano
7:57:54 PMMarshMan 12 noon Eastern time. Link on site
7:58:24 PMTheFu Bad news Robbie - that new fan isn't gonna matter over the server noise.
7:58:24 PMMarshMan Every day for now
7:58:25 PMMoeMaravilla Thanks @MarshMan
7:59:59 PMMarshMan Now replace the Dell @RobbieF
8:00:09 PMameriDroid @MarshMan +1
8:00:36 PMSolbu «Today on Category5 TV: Watching the server boot»
8:00:38 PMMarshMan It was a donation though
8:01:27 PMMarshMan B&H Photo. Pass by it almost every day at work
8:01:31 PMameriDroid Just bought some stuff for a side project from B&H today (church streaming), about $2500 worth...
8:01:44 PMRobbieF Yeah the server still pumps out noise but the backup makes a huge difference!!!
8:02:16 PMgwg @MarshMan You pass by B&H?
8:02:21 PMRobbieF I have some server components bookmarked on Amazon to build a server that would be super quiet
8:02:36 PMABQTKY If Robbie's R510 is 2U or bigger there might be enough room inside to a few of the server-style fans with larger slower (and cheaper) fans like he just did with the backup drive's fan.
8:02:42 PMRobbieF But it adds up and I don't yet have the budget for it
8:02:48 PMMarshMan I have a bunch of clients in Hudson Yards @gwg
8:03:27 PMRobbieF Abqtky unfortunately these servers prolly won't boot if you disable the 'official' fans 😁
8:03:35 PMMarshMan B&H is on 9th Ave
8:03:55 PMCee128d @RobbieF What speaker is that White one on your desk?
8:04:11 PMABQTKY RobbieF Just try unplugging a few of the really small (really loud) ones.
8:05:06 PMRobbieF @Cee128d
8:05:25 PMSadSack963 Noise level 16-37dB:
8:06:14 PMRobbieF I don't mind replacing fans. I don't think simply unplugging them is a good solution though 😂
8:06:30 PMMarshMan Temporary at best
8:06:42 PMMarshMan Until everything burns out
8:06:45 PMABQTKY RobbieF Chicken!! Just try it!
8:06:50 PMCee128d @RobbieF Thanks. I'm looking to replace my Peavey HK8s.
8:07:29 PMRobbieF I wanted something reasonably good while not having a huge footprint. These fit the bill.
8:08:15 PMCee128d That's why I'm looking to replace the Peaveys. Just take up too much space on the desk. Sound great theo.
8:08:18 PMagamotto As long as it does what you need
8:08:47 PMMarshMan Try this @RobbieF just ignore the price.
8:08:56 PMRobbieF
8:10:13 PMCee128d The HK8s are about 40 x 25 x 25 each.
8:11:27 PMRobbieF
8:11:43 PMMarshMan Kevlar woofers?
8:12:08 PMMarshMan Should survive Thrash Metal
8:13:04 PMRobbieF
8:13:32 PMRobbieF
8:15:03 PMRobbieF In post I will add graphics to news.
8:15:09 PMRobbieF Plus to my audio demo
8:15:24 PMRobbieF So be sure to catch the on demand
8:15:33 PMnelahw1
8:15:35 PMMarshMan You mean we have to watch again?
8:15:47 PMRobbieF 30+ times please
8:15:53 PMRobbieF 😁
8:16:02 PMMarshMan Auto loop
8:16:14 PMABQTKY 30 times isn't so bad. Okay, Boss!
8:16:20 PMRobbieF Did y'all notice we are not using headsets?
8:16:28 PMRobbieF Lapels are nice eh?
8:16:55 PMMarshMan Especially since you both are wearing black
8:16:56 PMRobbieF The mics are new thanks to Kickstarter backers. ❤️
8:16:57 PMnelahw1 @RobbieF I remember you were talking about it last week I believe
8:16:59 PMMoeMaravilla I noticed... Thought it was because you are alone.
8:17:26 PMRobbieF Nope. It's an upgrade.
8:17:49 PMRobbieF We got 2 so far. Will get 2 more when the pandemic is over.
8:18:01 PMABQTKY RobbieF In the old days, you'd have lavalier mics on CHAINS and with long heavy cables. And the show would be in black and white...and is something less than 480i.
8:18:05 PMRobbieF They work great in our new space
8:18:31 PMMarshMan
8:18:36 PMRobbieF Ha abqtky! We are wireless and in 4k 😍
8:18:48 PMMoeMaravilla Older days... Tube powered Radio (no video).
8:19:09 PMMarshMan Older days. Two cans and a string
8:19:19 PMRobbieF 😂
8:19:24 PMRobbieF Season 2
8:19:41 PMnoeman5 Bad name for the program, sounds like Half-A**
8:19:48 PMRobbieF Ha
8:19:51 PMRobbieF Tapas
8:20:02 PMMarshMan @RobbieF imagine if you still had the call in number
8:20:05 PMABQTKY RobbieF Yeah, but you DON'T have those cool (heavy) lavalier mics or the thick heavy cables. No sense of history up there in Barrie.
8:20:26 PMMoeMaravilla Robbie had a smirk on his face.
8:21:15 PMABQTKY No sense of computer or AV history. Humbug!
8:21:41 PMMoeMaravilla iHeart Radio
8:24:29 PMMoeMaravilla I selected Chile and got English audio.
8:24:43 PMubu Great show
8:25:06 PMagamotto Ewww... Twitter. I hear US Presidents hang out there... ewww.
8:25:32 PMMoeMaravilla Carefull!!!
8:25:41 PMSadSack963 BFN
8:25:52 PMMarshMan There are zero radio stations in Manhattan?
8:26:20 PMMoeMaravilla Good show @Robbie... Thanks!
8:26:23 PMagamotto RobbieF: Quit apologizing for having a life!
8:26:41 PMABQTKY MarshMan Lots of NYC stations actually broadcast from the Meadowlands. 8-)
8:26:45 PMMarshMan He’s Canadian
8:26:47 PMnoeman5 Have a good night all!
8:27:03 PMMarshMan Nothing there either ABQTKY
8:27:44 PMABQTKY MarshMan Oh. Well, you didn't want to listen to NYC stuff, anyway, right?
8:27:56 PMMarshMan Not really
8:28:00 PMTheFu Redneck Country
8:28:09 PMMarshMan Found some in New Joisey
8:28:42 PMagamotto You mean you want to hear some HickHop?
8:29:21 PMABQTKY Agamotto Stop that. I may rat you out to Solbu - he's a moderator, you know!
8:29:46 PMMarshMan So am I 😛
8:29:50 PMagamotto No, HickHop is an actual music category... ask Cowboy Troy
8:30:42 PMABQTKY I better get out of here...before I get in hot water.
8:31:11 PMMarshMan Tried to see if my old Brooklyn high school station was there.
8:31:12 PMTheFu Make like a lobster and ...
8:31:42 PMMarshMan Make like a tree and get outta here
8:32:06 PMagamotto Yes, I need to go rub a furry belly before she starts complaining about being ignored for nearly two hours!
8:32:06 PMRobbieF That was fun
8:32:27 PMRobbieF Now to make sense of all this.
8:32:28 PMRobbieF
8:32:31 PMMarshMan Not going there agamotto
8:32:55 PMMarshMan Mostly fan noise @RobbieF
8:34:23 PMMI0RTX it call wave form robbie not what you called it
8:36:18 PMRobbieF Ambient noise is not waveform. But waveform is what I'm using to visualize ambient noise @MI0RTX
8:36:19 PMRobbieF Ambient noise is not waveform. But waveform is what I'm using to visualize ambient noise @MI0RTX


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