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7:00:03 PMbigkitty ya had a tex that sad cat5 is family safe
7:00:56 PMbigkitty but now its gone why
7:01:24 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn NY
7:03:26 PMnoeman5 Hi Skywriter64. Even thought the website says the show is on, it's been delayed. Robbie said maybe hours.
7:04:01 PMSkywriter64 Hours!Wow
7:04:33 PMRobbieF We're still safe @bigkitty -- just removed the popup since it's been there for a few weeks and I didn't want to annoy site visitors with popups 🙂 Anything you need to know?
7:04:42 PMRobbieF Doing my best Skywriter64
7:05:42 PMSkywriter64 If I was there maybe I could help!
7:08:07 PMbigkitty ok but what if i go
7:08:11 PMnoeman5 This will make a LATE night for you @RobbieF
7:10:50 PMbigkitty if i go to it work's so don't do that
7:17:05 PMRobbieF sadly true @noeman5 ... and I haven't had supper 🙂
7:17:11 PMRobbieF 'tis what 'tis.
7:37:55 PMMI0RTX very late show
7:45:32 PMnoeman5 Have Beckah deliver? Maybe if you ask REAAALLLYY nicely?
7:51:10 PMnoeman5 @RobbieF
7:53:10 PMmatrix 👍
7:53:58 PMRobbieF 😛
7:54:08 PMRobbieF no time to eat even if I had something to eat. 🙂
7:54:44 PMGuest_7544 is the live show delayed? tonight
7:54:50 PMRobbieF It is delayed, yes.
7:54:56 PMRobbieF happening, but delayed.
7:55:14 PMbp9 No point going hungry @RobbieF -- get yourself some dinner if you need to. We can wait! 🙂
7:55:14 PMGuest_7544 okay we can wait for the show
7:55:39 PMRobbieF 🙂 Thanks @bp9 ... I'll wait 🙂
7:57:53 PMmatrix
7:58:04 PMbp9 Was going to put some bacon up on chat but decided that would be just way too mean... LOL
7:58:12 PMRobbieF 😛
7:58:13 PMRobbieF hahaha
7:58:17 PMRobbieF thanks for holding back.
7:59:27 PMbigkitty
7:59:46 PMRobbieF I'm not sure what the GIF means, but I'm jealous of her hair.
8:00:45 PMbp9 I think a dragon just sneezed on her
8:01:20 PMbp9 Happily the dragon did not have a cold LOL
8:01:29 PMRobbieF She doesn't seem the least bit frightened. Hard as nails, that one.
8:01:31 PMbigkitty it means uptv caz shes a gri
8:02:25 PMbigkitty and uptv is for grls and famlys too
8:03:46 PMABQTKY Hmmm. "Thanks for tuning in! We hope you enjoyed the show." Maybe not such a great sign. 8-(
8:04:23 PMRobbieF 😛 Ah, automation "assuming" I have it all together!
8:04:27 PMRobbieF hang in there, friends.
8:04:36 PMMI0RTX is there show ?
8:04:37 PMRobbieF
8:04:50 PMRobbieF Doing my best @MI0RTX - there WILL be a show.
8:04:55 PMRobbieF Assets still copying.
8:05:12 PMRobbieF have to reboot as soon as this copy is complete.
8:05:22 PMRobbieF Then I can start putting the pieces together.
8:05:26 PMbigkitty whay
8:05:27 PMMI0RTX snow must go on
8:05:59 PMRobbieF
8:06:02 PMABQTKY RobbieF Reboot? What?? Oh, right, Windows. Of course.
8:06:16 PMRobbieF Precicely 😄
8:06:44 PMRobbieF working hard guys. Been here since 3:30 trying to bring you a show.
8:06:46 PMMI0RTX have you herd of linux
8:06:48 PMbigkitty btw i use windows 10
8:07:03 PMbigkitty yes
8:07:21 PMRobbieF
8:09:10 PMbigkitty is cat5 for your fam
8:09:21 PMABQTKY RobbieF Do tonights anomalies mean the carpenters were in this week? ...And you had to disconnect and move 95% of everything so they could work??
8:10:10 PMABQTKY Or worse, THEY disconnected and moved 95% of everything!!!
8:13:14 PMbigkitty you knoe what he well say tho
8:19:17 PMRobbieF ABQTKY the contractor is unable to visit yet.
8:19:52 PMABQTKY RobbieF So who done it?
8:20:03 PMRobbieF I'll blame it on Orsen.
8:20:30 PMABQTKY RobbieF Good thing I don't know who Orsen is!
8:21:36 PMRobbieF Nor do I. But they're a jerk.
8:22:59 PMbigkitty
8:23:24 PMbigkitty are thay a jerk?
8:27:53 PMMI0RTX why does say on live off air and not countdown timer
8:28:45 PMRobbieF Because the AI doesn't know how to handle me not being on air yet.
8:29:14 PMABQTKY M10RTX Believe nothing of what you see and only half of what you hear from RobbieF
8:29:27 PMMI0RTX ok you need talk to it nicely robbie
8:36:45 PMnoeman5 The new studio has gremlins
8:36:57 PMRobbieF No, not at all.
8:37:05 PMnoeman5 or Poltergeists
8:37:28 PMnoeman5 Tech elves?
8:38:18 PMABQTKY It wasn't me, I'm fifteen hundred miles from Barrie!
8:39:13 PMABQTKY I do have a powerful electrostatic personality, but no, not me!!
8:40:00 PMRobbieF 😛
8:40:03 PMnoeman5 According to Google, I'm 2,694.3 miles from Barrie. 41 hr. drive
8:40:14 PMRobbieF I am 0 miles away from Barrie! It must be me!
8:48:20 PMbp9 @noeman5 that's a 27 hr flight for me 🙂
8:51:08 PMRobbieF New year's.
8:51:16 PMRobbieF 2022.
8:51:31 PMMI0RTX If so i goto bed#
8:51:37 PMRobbieF May as well.
8:51:41 PMRobbieF I'm working as fast as I can.
8:52:08 PMMI0RTX i wait for another 30 mins
8:52:14 PMRobbieF Will be longer than that.
8:52:38 PMbigkitty like 4853 m
8:52:51 PMRobbieF 😛
8:53:31 PMnoeman5 Luckily, I'm on the U.S. West Coast, so it's only coming up on 6 pm for me. I can hang at least another 4 hours. But that means what, 2 am for you @RobbieF ?
8:54:59 PMRobbieF how lucky for you 😛
8:55:20 PMnoeman5 I'm outside working on my vehicle, then coming back in to see what's happening. Multi-tasking. lol
8:56:13 PMRobbieF very nice.
8:58:04 PMnoeman5 Rain coming and going, take a break when it gets a little too hard, or to have a beer and see what new posts I've missed.
8:58:31 PMnoeman5 Could take the laptop out with me, but don't want to get grease and brake dust all over it.
9:19:58 PMRobbieF Sorry gang....
9:20:04 PMRobbieF wish I could expedite things.
9:20:07 PMRobbieF working so hard.
9:21:38 PMgwg @RobbieF Good luck.
9:23:11 PMRobbieF 🙂 Thanks.
9:23:22 PMgwg I'm rooting for you
9:24:12 PMbp9 No worries @RobbieF do what you need to do -- and get some dinner if you need to!


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