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7:02:14 PMnoeman5 Howdy all, still working on the latency problem @RobbieF ?
7:11:57 PMnoeman5 Awfully quiet, is anyone home?
7:12:37 PMMI0RTX hi robbie isnt another email the use format
7:13:16 PMGuest_7544 Not being seen on youtube on laptop or roku. another week on delay? no live?
7:14:21 PMMI0RTX i s show run yet i on cat5 tv live page
7:15:19 PMnoeman5 Doesn't appear to be up yet. There is a message from @RobbieF about two hours ago saying he was working on latency issues.
7:15:34 PMMI0RTX ok
7:15:44 PMMarshMan @RobbieF is working on getting ready and will let us know when/if the show can happen.
7:17:14 PMMI0RTX i will wont stay up pass 0100 bst as very late so i will round upto 0100 i hope show stat befor then
7:17:46 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn,NY
7:19:39 PMnoeman5 Hi Skywriter64!
7:22:33 PMGuest_7544 Episode 655 is live in 22 minutes... and counting.....
7:23:51 PMMarshMan Yeah, counting UP
7:24:19 PMRobbieF I'll have our programmer fix that πŸ˜‚
7:24:48 PMSkywriter64 Hi noeman5,Ifound a new to me , a band from Finland called NIGHTWISH. wow! never herd like them. they play Symonphic metal.
7:24:53 PMMarshMan I think he already knows
7:25:10 PMMarshMan I luv Nightwish
7:26:27 PMSkywriter64 Wow Floor Jansen is one of the best singer I ever herd!
7:27:35 PMMoeMaravilla Hello everyone
7:27:55 PMRobbieF Hi @MoeMaravilla
7:28:43 PMMoeMaravilla I left discord logged in since last week... So I scrolled up to see the status.
7:30:46 PMMI0RTX i look for aluminium tube to fix my hf beam it came usa and use usa gadges the size 1.25'' by 72'' its urgent need today
7:30:47 PMRobbieF Dragging stuff around, it's not looking like the show will be live again this week folks. What works best for you all? Would you like me to air it "as if live" tomorrow at 7pm so we can all meet in here and hang out during the broadcast?
7:31:54 PMMarshMan Whatever works for you @RobbieF
7:32:04 PMMoeMaravilla I can't guarantee I'll be on line... But I can try.
7:32:13 PMMI0RTX that ok for me robbie
7:32:38 PMABQTKY It just might work!!
7:32:55 PMGuest_7544 listening to NIGHTWISH
7:32:55 PMMI0RTX i look for aluminium tube to fix my hf beam it came usa and use usa gadges the size 1.25'' by 72'' its urgent need today can any one help me
7:33:57 PMRobbieF
7:34:34 PMMarshMan Someday...
7:35:00 PMnoeman5 Tomorrow at 7pm works for me @RobbieF .
7:35:05 PMGuest_7544 rock ihmisellΓ€ !!!
7:35:46 PMRobbieF alright thanks gang. I will keep working hard to make this happen.
7:35:53 PMRobbieF Go, go go!
7:36:12 PMRobbieF why do I challenge myself so? Maybe I should just do a show where I sit and look at the camera and answer questions one of these weeks πŸ™‚
7:36:22 PMRobbieF No prep, no props. Just me and a camera and you.
7:36:37 PMMarshMan I said that but you said nooooo
7:36:46 PMMarshMan πŸ˜›
7:36:49 PMRobbieF Hahahaha who's to say I wouldn't give you credit for the idea?
7:36:50 PMbp9 Whatever you want to do @RobbieF LOL
7:37:03 PMABQTKY RobbieF So, they redirected that 2+tb per second DOS or DDOS or whatever to Barrie??
7:37:09 PMRobbieF I just like bringing you guys good TV. I don't like taking the easy route.
7:37:30 PMRobbieF Neah we're all good in that regard ABQTKY.
7:38:01 PMRobbieF But ask me where the Micro HDMI cables are. Or where the small Phillips screwdriver is. These things hold me up.
7:38:07 PMMI0RTX i set another email robbie the same method
7:38:34 PMRobbieF Okay thanks @MI0RTX - I probably won't hear it until tomorrow. Is that okay?
7:38:50 PMbp9 Hey @RobbieF where is the micro HDMI cable?
7:38:56 PMbp9 You said to ask you.... LOL
7:39:09 PMbp9 πŸ˜ƒ
7:39:11 PMRobbieF Well, I know where it is NOW.
7:39:12 PMRobbieF LOL
7:39:17 PMABQTKY RobbieF We're still not quite out of the woods what with all the broadband pandemic slowdowns. That and the small Phillips screwdrivers.
7:39:23 PMnoeman5 Whatever you do @RobbieF , don't put things where you'll never lose them. That will guarantee you'll never find them again.
7:39:41 PMMI0RTX i knot how fix ant but i need some aluminum 1.25 dia by 72inch robbie
7:40:07 PMABQTKY noeman5 That's why I'm the Albuquerque TURQUE.
7:40:20 PMMI0RTX when get email you understand it may fix???
7:40:25 PMRobbieF I'm waiting for files to transfer from the camera, and wishing I had a bucket of chicken to pass the time πŸ™‚
7:40:55 PMRobbieF
7:40:58 PMMI0RTX good viner loo curry
7:41:11 PMRobbieF Mmmmmm.
7:41:17 PMMarshMan Hot stuff
7:41:21 PMRobbieF Rogan Josh would be lovely right about now.
7:41:55 PMRobbieF @noeman5 ....
7:41:59 PMRobbieF
7:42:03 PMABQTKY M10RTX SQUARE aluminum tubing? Not a clue. Sorry.
7:42:19 PMMI0RTX round tube
7:42:37 PMMI0RTX for cushcraft x7
7:43:50 PMMI0RTX it us size so cant get in uk abqtky
7:46:16 PMhj go for tomorrow
7:46:17 PMABQTKY M10RTX Too bad ... You can't use large galvanized tubing...electrical contractors would use that kind of stuff. And too bad you guys are Metric, while we, over in the 'colonies' use Imperial measurements.
7:48:36 PMABQTKY M10RTX You need six FEET of the stuff? All one long piece? Or just a total of 6 feet?? Either way it's a long flight or voyage which means it's going to be unpleasantly expensive to ship.
7:51:01 PMMI0RTX one piece 72" long and 1.25 ' diameter abqtky
7:51:41 PMABQTKY M10RTX Great, that means a medium-size airplane.
7:52:26 PMMI0RTX it got aluminuim as for antaner
7:53:32 PMMI0RTX non shop are open here as we are still lock dow as we are not o main land uk
7:55:30 PMMI0RTX it mean no hf radio abqtkt untill fix beam
7:55:50 PMnoeman5 The SSD adapter for my PBP finally arrived, got my Kingston 1TB M.2 installed, finally have plenty of room to expand and explore.
7:56:58 PMnoeman5 Been trying to flash various OS's for it to try them out, but not a single one has worked yet. Either they don't boot at all, or they only partially boot, then freeze or never complete.
7:58:00 PMABQTKY M10RTX There seem to be lots of places that sell parts for antennas. Not sure if they sell raw parts like tubing so you can fabricate your own antenna. Several pages of listings - I just looked for 'antenna parts.' Maybe you could try to get an email address for 'Ham Nation.' It's a weekly podcast.
7:59:41 PMMI0RTX i will try amazom ther seem sell ever thing
8:01:22 PMABQTKY M10RTX Amazon? I'm waiting patiently for an order I placed almost two weeks ago. As of yesterday it hadn't been shipped yet. As they say, let the buyer beware. 8-|
8:01:29 PMMI0RTX i got most size exept 1.25 diamerer
8:03:14 PMABQTKY M10RTX A reasonably close equivalent Metric size wouldn't work??
8:05:42 PMSolbu So, te show is postponed til tomorow?
8:06:02 PMRobbieF Solbu I'm here doing it, but yeah you won't get to see it till tomorrow dude.
8:06:06 PMRobbieF you get the email about it?
8:06:37 PMSolbu email?
8:09:07 PMABQTKY Aluminum Tubing, 6063-T832, 6 ft., 1.250 in. OD, 0.058 in.Wall, No Slit, Each
8:09:07 PMABQTKY Part Number: DXE-AT1486 More Detail...
8:09:08 PMABQTKY Availability: In Stock
8:09:08 PMABQTKY Estimated Ship Date: Tomorrow
8:10:09 PMMI0RTX it might work it can titen jubley clip down so does move it wamt see piece talk about go google and download cushsruft x7 pdf and down load pdf file and look piece aluminun called EA ABQTKY
8:14:47 PMRobbieF We'll get through this...
8:14:48 PMRobbieF
8:14:58 PMABQTKY Meanwhile, I'll wander by tomorrow evening. TTYL youse guys.
8:16:28 PMRobbieF Night ABQTKY
8:17:19 PMABQTKY RobbieF Try NOT to have too much fun tonight, Robbie. Like the last couple weeks. 8-(
8:17:58 PMRobbieF Thanks πŸ™‚
8:18:08 PMMI0RTX night robbie
8:18:28 PMRobbieF I keep my chin up pretty well, and I don't let myself get discouraged over it. We're all in this time together, and I work hard to make sure the show goes on. Simple as that.
8:18:40 PMRobbieF Night @MI0RTX - I wish you well.
8:20:16 PMMI0RTX they wank $70 ship to uk too much money i just found bit on ebay that will do abqtky thank you help i go to bed
8:22:30 PMnoeman5 Hey @RobbieF , you're 3 hours ahead of me I think, it's 17:21 here now. So, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel tomorrow?
8:24:02 PMRobbieF I'll try to be "live" at 7pm eastern time.
8:43:28 PMRobbieF Any of you folks deliver fried chicken or 12 lb hamburgers?
8:43:39 PMRobbieF I'll DM you my address.
8:43:50 PMRobbieF
8:58:00 PMnoeman5 Finally got an OS to flash properly. Trying out Debian with Mate desktop.
8:59:51 PMnoeman5 Found my first glitch, the PBP went into suspend, and when I brought it out, there was a flashing white "halo" all around the edges of the screen. Something to report on the wiki or forums, I guess.
9:00:24 PMRobbieF make sure you've run the update scripts and have the latest firmware first.
9:01:24 PMMarshMan I would deliver if you wouldn’t mind having it for breakfast
9:01:45 PMMarshMan Except the border is closed
9:05:01 PMMarshMan And you want a TWELVE POUND hamburger?
9:05:27 PMbp9 Maybe 12 1lb hamburgers?
9:06:34 PMbp9 He could each one per hour - one for each hour that he'll be post-producing LOL
9:19:18 PMnoeman5 Going to drop out folks, have a good night. Going to go play with the PBP some more.
9:20:06 PMbp9 Have fun. I'll keep heckling, erm, I mean, hanging out with @RobbieF πŸ™‚
9:20:38 PMRobbieF πŸ™‚
9:21:05 PMRobbieF That was earlier. Now I need a 14 lb hamburger.
9:21:27 PMRobbieF I'm pretty sure I could eat at least 2 lbs of it. Save the rest.


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