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7:02:53 PMTheFu Show canceled tonight due to Microsoft Outlook bug
7:04:06 PMABQTKY Who's using Outlook? WE surely don't!!
7:04:36 PMTheFu Robbie's clients
7:05:19 PMABQTKY Oh, a REAL all-nighter for RobbieF, eh?
7:05:31 PMSweSG What does Microsoft Outlook have to do with the show?
7:06:38 PMABQTKY Apparently, Robbie's clients use it, and (apparently) they're all screaming for help.
7:07:07 PMTheFu Robbie needs to stay employed? i get that's a hardship for us viewers.
7:12:48 PMSweSG I do not like Microsoft Outlook. Entered the wrong password once and then they wanted my mobile number. Just like they need to know :/
7:13:16 PMSweSG Now I have Tutanota and Protonmail!
7:16:37 PMABQTKY time for some more puttering...then maybe dinner. Next week!!
7:18:21 PMSolbu SweSG: I remember I wanted to delete my account on a norwegian social network, that is long since dead now. They wanted a mobile phone number in order to delete the account. A number i never provided and refused to provide.
7:18:38 PMSweSG Hehe
7:27:55 PMSweSG74 Firefox crashes. First time in a very long time.
7:32:46 PMMI0RTX will be more the 30 min to begin if more i will have go to bed as 0100
7:34:18 PMSweSG Fixed a drop-down terminal:
7:34:20 PMSweSG
7:34:31 PMSweSG A little too transparent!
7:35:36 PMMI0RTX ,nice pussey
7:36:05 PMSweSG Yep, like it!
7:39:19 PMGuest_7544 On delay again?
7:40:06 PMGuest_7544 Twitter was hijacked?
7:40:26 PMGuest_7544 Or are the nets down?
7:40:41 PMSweSG There will be no show today!
7:40:42 PMskywriter64 hi from Brooklyn NY
7:41:14 PMskywriter64 OK I guess
7:42:56 PMGuest_7544 guten Abend
7:43:16 PMSweSG Hi
7:43:41 PMGuest_7544 Auf Wiedersehen
7:43:43 PMG_Dog1985_ youtube not live
7:43:57 PMSweSG No show today!
7:44:08 PMG_Dog1985_ okay
7:45:48 PMMI0RTX good night all i goto bed it very late here 0045
7:46:47 PMSweSG 01:46 here ;)
7:51:24 PMSashaR 9:21 here :)
7:52:25 PMSweSG :)
7:54:02 PMSweSG I think would move to Sweden. Horrible times! :D
7:55:30 PMSweSG We have good internet! Just that! ;)
9:03:35 PMRobbieF Hi all. Just a bit of good news: While we could not be live this week, Jeff still came in and we were able to record some clips to assemble a show. I will be here in the coming days, and Bekah will come here tomorrow. We'll put something together which we can release on YouTube.
9:04:02 PMgwg @RobbieF When you have a minute...whenever that is, have a quick question
9:04:25 PMRobbieF shoot
9:04:47 PMRobbieF The neat thing about Discord is, you can ask your question, and then I can reply when I have a minute.
9:04:58 PMRobbieF
9:05:05 PMgwg Do you still keep in contact with Christa Wells?
9:05:34 PMRobbieF Yes.
9:05:45 PMRobbieF She is our graphic designer.
9:05:56 PMgwg Do you have her current contact details?
9:06:07 PMgwg She did the Android Buffet logo on your recommendation
9:06:13 PMgwg We're at 10 years, and talking about a touchup
9:06:41 PMRobbieF Yeah; she changed her company name. One sec, I'll find it for you.
9:07:54 PMRobbieF Here ya go:
9:09:59 PMgwg My co-host wants to make his icon look 10 years older
9:10:16 PMRobbieF ha
9:10:20 PMRobbieF yeah makes sense eh?
9:10:46 PMgwg We also talked about YouTube streaming
9:11:38 PMRobbieF you still using percy?
9:23:11 PMgwg @RobbieF Percy?
9:24:03 PMRobbieF our shoutcast server.


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