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6:58:28 PMSweSG 7 minutes to start!
6:59:10 PMABQTKY Wow, from the frigid North Woods Country it looks like it's almost showtime!!
6:59:56 PMSashaR I wish I could watch live.... But just know I'm sending you all so much love!!!
7:00:38 PMABQTKY Ooh, and SashaR from the even farther North Woods!! Amazing!!!
7:01:23 PMMarshmanGF Hello! @SashaR
7:01:44 PMMI0RTX has start yet i been of hf 20meter
7:02:37 PMnoeman5 I hear you @RobbieF and see @Jeff "Meatball" Weston
7:04:34 PMGarbee So that was an odd looking older Jeff on screen
7:04:48 PMABQTKY Now we see 'em, now we don't.
7:05:05 PMnoeman5 That was the Jeff from 10 minutes from now. 😆
7:05:07 PMGarbee Hiya
7:05:17 PMGarbee So is this the 1990's set?
7:05:22 PMGarbee For talk shows
7:05:37 PMMI0RTX i just work vk (austalia on 20 meter robbie this secon in 1 week)
7:05:42 PMABQTKY Do we have to 'mask up' in order to watch the show??
7:05:45 PMGarbee Those legs have more hair than your head.
7:06:24 PMGarbee lol, Category4 isn't fast enough for this show Jeff.
7:07:54 PMABQTKY Audio and video just a wee bit out of synch, though.
7:08:40 PMSadSack963 Looks fine on
7:09:03 PMABQTKY YouTube a little out of synch, though.
7:11:05 PMGarbee 3D printing will only be relevant when we can print food.
7:11:52 PMSashaR Hello all.... Can't stay in the chat, but don't want to miss the opportunity to say hi to all my friends at once!
7:12:20 PMSweSG Hi SashaR!
7:12:21 PMnoeman5 Hi and goodbye @SashaR !
7:12:24 PMSadSack963
7:12:28 PMubu Sasha we miss you
7:12:40 PMABQTKY Ditto, SashaR
7:13:16 PMnoeman5 I have a 3D printer on the way. It has taken over a month to get here, but should be here by next week.
7:16:46 PMSweSG 3D printing is quite large here. I think most people have one!
7:17:06 PMBobK54 my 13 year old grandson has been 3D printing strips which go behind your head and hold the elastic ear straps. (rather than the straps eat into the back of your ears) He has even branded those bands for some companies. He made a few dollars for his efforts too. Not bad!
7:17:45 PMBobK54 Mask ear straps....
7:19:06 PMnoeman5 @BobK54 , I've seen a bunch of those things. Thingiverse has a number of designs. Nice little enterprise for a young man.
7:20:16 PMnoeman5 I thought @Jeff "Meatball" Weston was going to get shot by an airsoft gun. When did it change to a tenz machine?
7:24:29 PMnoeman5 Flashback to "The Three Amigos", a "plethora".
7:25:10 PMGarbee Sell me a Macbook Pro. 😄
7:25:31 PMGarbee Oh, they can't see us right now.
7:26:12 PMRobbieF Hi all
7:26:17 PMbp9 Howdy
7:27:15 PMGarbee You missed all the good jokes guys.
7:27:55 PMGarbee Um Robbie.... May want to try to not wear a blue so similar to the background color.
7:28:01 PMGarbee Just note for the future.
7:28:35 PMRobbieF Jeff wore green on the green screen set so I'm not that bad.
7:29:00 PMGarbee 🤦‍♂️
7:29:13 PMGarbee On the plus side, these portals look good.
7:30:07 PMGarbee It's not the ability to render on top though... It's honestly tripping my brain not being able to easily tell a distinct outline of the person talking.
7:30:58 PMGarbee I really shouldn't go drilling holes around the house where I'd like them though.
7:31:39 PMbp9 @Garbee my neighbor scared me to death one day when he walked towards me in the backyard while wearing dark green... the exact color of the bushes behind him.
7:31:46 PMbp9 What I saw was a floating head.
7:32:47 PMGarbee Yea that's basically what my brain is seeing on Robbie's profile shot with that background and shirt.
7:33:27 PMGarbee Although really, 10/10 for this portal idea. Really awesome use of 3D printing to a niche area.
7:33:59 PMbp9 Agreed! I'm going to have to get me at least one of those 🙂
7:34:06 PMGarbee If only I could freely drill holes around here... I'd immediately have two of thse.
7:34:27 PMGarbee But, alas, I've tried it before. I've been thoroughly banished from doing so.
7:37:21 PMnoeman5 @Jeff Weston must be still working from home, he's not all dressed up like he used to be. And I see he's dropped the "Meatball" from his name.
7:38:09 PMnoeman5 He must have just done that, as of 1619 (4:19pm) it was still on there.
7:38:40 PMGarbee Thankfully that woman got her money back.
7:38:51 PMGarbee It was just really hard to find where to go and no one should need to go through that.
7:39:32 PMRobbieF
7:39:33 PMbp9 Oh man @Jeff Weston I'm sorry to hear that!
7:40:03 PMnoeman5 Sorry about that @Jeff Weston
7:41:03 PMbp9 Glad to hear that.
7:41:20 PMRobbieF How's our mics now that the easy portal let us move the receivers?
7:41:31 PMbp9 @RobbieF excellent.
7:41:52 PMRobbieF So pleased.
7:42:18 PMRobbieF
7:44:55 PMnoeman5 Again, don't click on links in an email alerting you to security issues. Go to the company website to verify. Simple.
7:45:31 PMG_Dog1985_ hey all
7:46:09 PMbp9 When the screen goes blank, I immediately think of sirens: 'woop, woop, dead air, dead air!"
7:46:23 PMnoeman5 Hey @GDog1985
7:47:27 PMnoeman5 @bp9 you sound like a master board controller. I did that in the 80's at a local TV station.
7:48:17 PMbp9 @noeman5 I don't remember where I heard that; I only ran a sound board once or twice many years ago.
7:49:24 PMnoeman5 First day on the job, the lead engineer told me, "every second of black seems like 10 to the viewer. Avoid dead air like the plague."
7:50:51 PMSadSack963 That's true. My first thought was that Cat5 had an issue and stopped transmitting.
7:51:43 PMbp9 Yeah that's true... but I actually remember that exact phrase ("woop woop..."), but not where I heard it from. It may have been something as obscure as a movie reference.
7:53:02 PMRobbieF I was moving the curtain from the teleprompter on the other side of the studio and Jeff doesn't know what buttons to push 😂
7:53:41 PMbp9 Perhaps you should remind/prompt him with a cattle prod? bwahahaha
7:54:13 PMRobbieF I will, I promise 😁
7:54:38 PMbp9 hee hee hee
7:54:39 PMbp9 hee hee hee
7:56:04 PMbp9 @Dr RobertK can you store your keys from multiple coins on the same device?
7:59:56 PMbp9 How did the child get access to the debit card?
8:06:01 PMSadSack963 2FA would help to alleviate such problems
8:08:42 PMnoeman5 Well folks, gotta go. Family stuff. My daughter received her Master's degree yesterday and we are having a family Zoom meeting to congratulate her. Full time worker and full time Mom of a teenage son and still went to school and got her degree. I'm a proud papa.
8:09:10 PMubu Congratulations
8:09:11 PMSadSack963 Hey @noeman5. Congrats
8:09:32 PMBobK54 congrats noeman5!
8:09:53 PMG_Dog1985_ nice @noeman5
8:09:54 PMABQTKY Yeah, noeman5 - tell her NICE GOING!!
8:13:42 PMSadSack963 Get a room 🙂
8:13:50 PMbp9 @RobbieF Yup 🙂
8:14:14 PMbp9 @BekahF Well done! You nailed the news again! 🙂
8:14:46 PMG_Dog1985_ nice
8:15:07 PMSadSack963 Cheers guys. Nice show.
8:15:53 PMbp9 Great show guys (and gals) 🙂
8:15:54 PMBobK54 Night all !
8:16:54 PMABQTKY Okay, now it's over. TTYL, all!
8:17:15 PMMI0RTX what state are in bp9
8:17:20 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone.
8:18:19 PMMI0RTX night all
8:30:16 PMRobbieF @BekahF and I watched that last night. Genius. I almost cried when the DS9 theme played. Beautiful.
8:45:37 PMgwg ameriDroid package has a shipping label. Anticipation.


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