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7:00:30 PMABQTKY Wait, is that HBB??
7:01:11 PMABQTKY I'll take that as a yes!
7:02:23 PMagamotto Hallo, all!
7:03:35 PMbigkitty ?
7:07:03 PMbigkitty the log
7:07:18 PMagamotto Hallo, everyone? How goes?
7:08:17 PMnoeman5 Hey all!
7:08:23 PMTheFu still in the bunkr here.
7:08:55 PMameriDroid Hello @RobbieF and @Henry Baillie-Brown
7:09:19 PMSweSG I was almost missing today.
7:09:52 PMnoeman5 I almost missed it, I was playing around in Tinkercad and didn't notice the time.
7:10:21 PMABQTKY Photogrammetry, eh? I forgot about high and low obliques. And I only remember crabbing because, well, I'm something of a crab - especially this last week. 8-|
7:10:40 PMagamotto Hmm, is there some reason why the video is not available?
7:11:06 PMABQTKY Working fine in the SouthWest.
7:11:23 PMagamotto Hmmm
7:11:53 PMABQTKY Sorry about that, agamotto
7:12:17 PMagamotto That is fine, I just think something is wonky with me and YouTube ATM
7:12:29 PMnoeman5 Seems the video is frozen on the website (YouTube).
7:12:54 PMABQTKY Not frozen far.
7:13:21 PMnoeman5 Closed it and restarted, now it says, "Video Unavailable".
7:14:07 PMWildBill Is anyone else have choppy audio on Roku
7:14:25 PMABQTKY noeman5 - I suspect YT thinks Cat5 is some sort of political podcast. 8-0
7:14:26 PMbigkitty me im in pc
7:14:45 PMnoeman5 Since youtube appears unavailable, I'll try the Roku
7:15:01 PMagamotto Now, that would be hilarious....
7:16:44 PMnoeman5 Very choppy audio on Roku, but now Youtube just came up.
7:17:27 PMABQTKY noeman5 - YT thinks YOU'RE too political!!
7:17:40 PMameriDroid
7:17:45 PMameriDroid Working fine on my desk phone.
7:19:32 PMagamotto I finally get a Wednesday off... chuckle
7:20:22 PMagamotto Umm, 13 people watching on YouTube... ok, then why is it buffering?
7:20:50 PMameriDroid I guess my desk phone is taking all the YT bandwidth for some reason. It isn't buffering here...
7:20:57 PMnoeman5 No buffering here.
7:21:14 PMagamotto All I get is the spinning video cursor
7:21:25 PMbigkitty No buffering here
7:21:46 PMagamotto Speaking of browser related things... how does one import bookmarks into Firefox? I can't seem to find the button/tool in the menus
7:21:48 PMABQTKY agamotto At least the spinner isn't frozen! 8-|
7:23:20 PMSolbu Hehe
7:24:36 PMTheFu Doesn't Ireland pump water into mountain lakes for energy storage?
7:24:57 PMbigkitty Solbu you have to put them in one my one
7:25:10 PMameriDroid Pumped hydro is a popular method of energy storage...
7:25:22 PMnoeman5 Just got a slight buffering
7:25:28 PMubu Spinning and spinning and spinning - Kind of mesmerizing
7:25:52 PMRobbieF Must be an netsplit
7:25:57 PMRobbieF All good on our end.
7:26:34 PMbigkitty what's netspilt
7:26:36 PMTheFu
7:27:26 PMagamotto Hmmm, western Illinois falling off the digital map again. I could believe it
7:28:09 PMnoeman5 Remember this?
7:28:10 PMnoeman5
7:28:48 PMbigkitty
7:29:50 PMubu It is the imperfections of the live program that makes me love it.
7:30:39 PMagamotto Oh, I already assumed the problem was on my end, as IRC is working fine
7:30:41 PMRobbieF
7:31:14 PMubu Stream status lies
7:31:27 PMbigkitty yes
7:31:31 PMubu Can you reboot YouTube?
7:32:45 PMubu Oh we have a screen capture of the Visio diagram progress
7:35:02 PMbigkitty the video is delying
7:35:27 PMSolbu Youtube doesn't work from Norway either.
7:35:41 PMbigkitty audo is fine
7:36:08 PMubu @Big kitty how are you seeing or hearing this?
7:36:28 PMSweSG Everything works well in Sweden with YouTube.
7:36:52 PMbigkitty on
7:36:59 PMnoeman5 Since YT came back up, I've only had one slight buffering issue. a second or two at most.
7:37:51 PMMI0RTX i cant get utube to work here
7:37:52 PMnoeman5 Cue the Drama-tery
7:38:33 PMagamotto Well, at least there aren't any more political commercials...
7:39:06 PMnoeman5
7:39:23 PMubu @bigkitty I get the spinning wheel there too
7:40:23 PMubu Boom it’s working
7:40:43 PMagamotto Hmm, Ok.... I did find it after I chose 'show all bookmarks...' weird place to put it
7:40:46 PMbigkitty
7:41:42 PMnoeman5 Oooh, Office 365 for $10, I'm clicking on that! lol
7:41:53 PMABQTKY I was watching on YT, then I logged in...just to see if I was Subscribed...I'm already subscribed, but now nothing but the spinner. Whether or not I'm logged on to YT or just watching on YT without loggin on. Humbug, I say!
7:42:03 PMSadSack963 was video unavailable, now frozen with spinning disk
7:42:35 PMubu Wait I thought Al Gore was the inventor of the Internet
7:42:57 PMbigkitty no but who
7:43:40 PMbigkitty
7:45:21 PMMI0RTX is that shashar then she was little
7:45:21 PMABQTKY I'll go read some more political stuff...but not likely on YT.
7:46:08 PMABQTKY week, all.
7:46:41 PMbigkitty wit it's not the end yet
7:47:58 PMnoeman5 Remember this guy?
7:48:33 PMagamotto I will try again some other time!
7:53:54 PMbp9 G'day @Henry Baillie-Brown -- nice job on the feature!
7:55:58 PMameriDroid Max Headroom. He was popular when I was in high school (showing my age).
7:56:08 PMnoeman5 Oh oh, buffering again.
7:56:31 PMbp9 @ameriDroid same for me -- yes, I'm old too LOL
7:58:21 PMnoeman5 we three must be about the same age then. (me, bp9 and ameridroid)
7:58:33 PMameriDroid If it makes anyone feel better, my desk phone is now buffering on the show video as well.
7:59:11 PMbp9 It's pretty spiffy that you are streaming the how to your phone LOL
7:59:16 PMameriDroid In the US, we have a term for men of my age - Geezer.
8:04:30 PMbigkitty ?
8:04:50 PMnoeman5 Is it over?
8:04:57 PMbigkitty no
8:05:02 PMbp9 I'm guessing that's the end of the feature.
8:05:12 PMnoeman5 nothing but black screen on my end.
8:05:51 PMbp9 The stream has stopped on the Roku app.
8:05:55 PMnoeman5 Closed the window, reopened, now it says off the air.
8:11:55 PMRobbieF Thanks all!
8:12:14 PMRobbieF @bp9 it should have stopped AFTER the feature, correct?
8:12:26 PMbp9 Enjoyed it @Henry Baillie-Brown and @RobbieF
8:12:33 PMRobbieF sorry YouTube gave ya'll issues. It actually went really smoothly on our end.
8:12:41 PMbp9 We got to see the 3D print finish then it all went blank
8:12:57 PMRobbieF There is definitely something weird with youtube today though.... right now it says "Playback error" for me.
8:13:15 PMRobbieF Yes @bp9 - after the 3D print it will go to the clip of me and Henry from the start of the hour where we held up the prints.
8:13:18 PMRobbieF and discussed
8:13:26 PMbp9 As long as you recorded it all, then it'll be alright. πŸ™‚
8:13:30 PMRobbieF Remember, we record out of order for S14. πŸ˜„
8:13:41 PMRobbieF Confusing, yes. Amazing in post production, heck yes.
8:14:09 PMbp9 I really liked the 3D print montage. It worked well with your new setup.
8:15:14 PMRobbieF Cheers!
8:15:29 PMRobbieF I wrote the program.... in Python (so I wouldn't get made fun of) haha!
8:22:56 PMnoeman5 Catch you all later. Headed to my son's for dinner. Have a great night!
8:24:23 PMRobbieF Enjoy. See you soon.
8:26:52 PMMI0RTX is a show still tonight


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