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6:59:38 PMnoeman5 no audio?
6:59:58 PMJeffW Turn your speakers up?
7:00:23 PMnoeman5 Tried on my headphones and desktop speakers, nothing.
7:00:25 PMbp9 No audio on youtube either -- and my speakers are fine LOL
7:00:39 PMJeffW Its our silent night episode
7:00:46 PMJeffW In honour of Christmas season
7:00:59 PMrd_blair nice background
7:00:59 PMnoeman5 lol
7:01:21 PMbp9 @JeffW has a slightly green phone case -- the background is bleeding through LOL
7:01:25 PMnoeman5 I'm guessing that's Robbie's stylish house, right?
7:01:49 PMnoeman5 there we go!
7:01:50 PMbp9 Yay! We have audio!
7:02:08 PMnoeman5 mixed blessing
7:02:44 PMABQTKY If we can have transparent aluminum, Jeff can have a transparent cellphone!!
7:03:15 PMrd_blair chairs are bleeding
7:03:19 PMmatrix I like your background image
7:03:27 PMnoeman5 Scotty approves ABQTKY. 🙂
7:04:09 PMABQTKY noeman5 I'm right up to date on those movies, you know!!
7:04:12 PMnoeman5 Good thing you aren't in Chrome chairs
7:05:10 PMnoeman5 My dad was stop sign red until he was 60+, then he went muted red
7:05:12 PMSweSG Coffee and!
7:07:07 PMnoeman5 Is this when we get to see @RobbieF dance?
7:07:34 PMbp9 Coffee Break! Yay!
7:09:32 PMnoeman5 Didn't think you'd lose @SashaR 😢
7:10:24 PMMarshmanGF I will always remember the Rockets! Beat candy ever.
7:11:00 PMMEE6 Welcome to our newest member, @bwithage!
7:16:26 PMbp9 simulated labor bwahahahaha
7:16:36 PMnoeman5 Jeff's wife can control it from home. 😆
7:16:48 PMGuest_9793 Glad to see Cat5 back on Roku.
7:17:31 PMnoeman5 a defibrillator, just what Jeff needs, more electrodes!
7:21:41 PMMarshMan If necessary, I will personally pickup @SashaR and get her to the Studio to ensure the paint ball thing happens.
7:27:07 PMbp9 @RobbieF you all moved into a smaller studio. How's the new space working out for you?
7:30:22 PMbp9 Well deserved @Dr RobertK
7:32:29 PMnoeman5 Hope you don't lose the heat or A/C like in Studio D.
7:34:17 PMbp9 @noeman5 They are in a proffessionally managed space now so likely their heat and AC is much more reliable.
7:37:53 PMnoeman5 More like Good Riddance!
7:38:56 PMMarshMan Drop the other person out of the sentence to figure out if it is I or me.
7:40:02 PMnoeman5 Love me some Elk jerky!
7:40:44 PMnoeman5 Talking ATM's like in Demolition Man
7:41:37 PMnoeman5 I've got my 3D printer working right now making stocking stuffers for the family.
7:42:31 PMbp9 @RobbieF latest update to my Pinebook Pro broke the login manager, which meant I could not log into the unit... it kept looping between graphics mode and text mode.
7:42:43 PMbp9 Had to wipe it and refresh it. Oh well.
7:43:07 PMnoeman5 @bp9 what distro?
7:43:15 PMbp9 ubuntu MATE
7:43:46 PMbp9 I had swapped gnome out for XFCE and used LightDM for login manager
7:43:56 PMnoeman5 Whew, I'm running the Manjaro release. But I am using Ubuntu on the PinePhone, I wonder if it will have the same problem.
7:44:04 PMbp9 Worked for months like that --- until the last update.
7:44:10 PMameriDroid Hi all. Sorry I'm late!
7:44:21 PMbp9 Hi @ameriDroid good to see you!
7:44:31 PMnoeman5 Hi @ameriDroid
7:44:56 PMbp9 @noeman5 Did we ever talk about using a local CardDAV and CalDAV server on pinephone?
7:45:35 PMnoeman5 @bp9 nope, must have been someone else.
7:45:53 PMbp9 I'd love to get that to work on my pinephone. No joy so far.
7:47:18 PMnoeman5 I didn't have a real need for a 3D printer either, but being a techie, I got when I had the spare change and have FOUND needs for it.
7:47:20 PMbp9 LuksDump! LOL
7:47:33 PMSolbu Hehe
7:47:43 PMameriDroid @JeffW You got it! The 3D printer isn't for you, it's for the education of the children!
7:47:50 PMbp9 Hey look, @Solbu is awake! LOL
7:48:00 PMSolbu He is? where? :D
7:49:05 PMnoeman5 That was the case I made for the first family computer. (A Commodore 64), it's for the kids education.
7:50:10 PMbp9 How about Learning Lua on Minetest?
7:50:37 PMnoeman5 Uh oh, Youtube is hiccuping. Momentary freezes.
7:54:02 PMnoeman5 Better than 2020, not difficult.
7:55:24 PMnoeman5 I have around 40 online classes I'm enrolled in. I am currently active in 8 of them, this way I never have time to be bored.
7:58:07 PMSolbu I hope to see SashaR do something on the show again, even if it has to be something pre-recorded.
7:58:29 PMbp9 It looks like you are all settled in to the new Studio now. Good to see it!! 🙂
7:58:35 PMnoeman5 If I can swing it next year, I'd love to come and watch the show from IN the studio.
7:59:24 PMameriDroid We'd like to come back to be on the show as well.
8:00:13 PMubu We miss SashaR
8:00:26 PMbp9 We all do @ubu
8:00:28 PMnoeman5 How about we put together a GoFundMe for the gas for the Ameribus?
8:01:04 PMubu 👍🏼
8:01:07 PMameriDroid @noeman5 You really want us to spend 2 weeks on the road, eh? 😜
8:01:34 PMameriDroid On the other hand, we could visit some of our large customers between here and there on the way.
8:02:08 PMnoeman5 Business expense @ameriDroid , tax writeoff!
8:02:33 PMnoeman5 Better yet, on set for The Orville!
8:03:37 PMameriDroid We'll put you up for a week! No probelm!
8:03:37 PMbp9 Woo Hoo! Party! 🙂
8:03:37 PMnoeman5 only 60 hrs a week, part time. lol
8:03:37 PMameriDroid Hey @RobbieF We've offered you a job!
8:06:00 PMnoeman5 Both
8:07:43 PMnoeman5 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
8:07:59 PMameriDroid Merry Christmas!
8:08:03 PMbp9 Yay! Nice show!
8:08:39 PMbp9 Hey @JeffW you can learn to edit the show! LOL
8:08:57 PMJeffW Haha yeah we were talking about it tonight
8:09:08 PMJeffW My home computer isn't powerful enough
8:09:33 PMbp9 Good excuse to get a more powerful machine 🙂
8:09:54 PMameriDroid I'll have to do a vlog on the ameriBus and you guys can give us some ideas of what we should do with it.
8:11:16 PMubu Is there a live show tonight?
8:11:39 PMSolbu @bp9: If only one could 3D print electronics, then RobbieF could print upgrades for Jeff.
8:13:01 PMbp9 That would be nice!
8:13:12 PMbp9 I have to check out that laser printer PCB thing.
8:14:23 PMnoeman5 Solbu, there are electrically conductive filaments for 3D printers, so with the proper designs, you could 3D print at least the PCB.
8:24:56 PMnoeman5 Check out the offerings from Proto-Pasta.
8:29:23 PMubu I am guessing that there is no real live show tonight?
8:30:01 PMnoeman5 You missed it @ubu
8:30:21 PMnoeman5 It ended about 30 minutes ago
8:30:22 PMubu Dang it
8:31:24 PMnoeman5 It was @RobbieF and @JeffW sitting on the set talking about all of the changes this past year and asking what we wanted to see next year. This was the year end finale.
8:31:31 PMubu Time change has me all messed up
8:34:49 PMnoeman5 Well good night all, going to check my 3D print and get some dinner.


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