Home Office Organization with Brother Canada

  • S04E04
  • October 19, 2010

Marc Ruel joins us from Brother Canada to help us understand how we can keep ourselves organized in our home or small business office. Qualifying users to win a Brother MFC-J615W printer. Scanning and printing directly to the iPad / iPod Touch / iPhone or Android device. Seagate hard drives and firmware updates. Reloading the menu items on your Gnome Linux application menu without having to reboot. Profanity delay on the cheap for radio. Will Linux users be excited, or upset about BBC Radio's new HD audio? Online tracking companies and advertisers are using Facebook apps to mine user data for their purposes. Oracle confirms their plans to continue development of the free OpenOffice.org Suite. Ubuntu Linux provides touch-screen features similar to the iPad.

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Topics Covered:

  • Interview:  We're joined by Marc Ruel from Brother Canada to discuss how we can organize our home office or small business office using modern technology and clever techniques.
  • The HIO - Handle It One - technique to organization.
  • Setting up a schedule for particular tasks in order to accomplish them each week.
  • Establishing an Inbox, Meeting Box and File box to avoid having to sift through lots of paper to find what you're looking for.
  • Using a P-Touch Labeller to label files with color-coded labels.
  • How to email your questions to Brother Canada's Public Relations department.
  • Using a Brother Multi-Function Center lets you print, scan, fax, copy, and more with the same footprint of a standard printer.
  • Eric's Question:  What does Revenue Canada think of using scanned copies of your tax documents as opposed to actual paper copies?
  • Marc's Response by way of an excerpt from Canada Revenue Agency's "Keeping Records" document:

    Records in electronic format

    We consider you to have electronic records if you create, process, maintain, and store your information in an electronic format.

    You are required to retain your electronic records in an electronically readable format, even if you have paper printouts of the electronic records.

    If any of your source documents are initially created, transmitted, or received electronically, they must be retained in an electronic format.

    Scanned images of paper documents, records, or books of account that are maintained in electronic format are acceptable if proper imaging practices are followed and documented.

  • Using the Multi-Function Pro software allows notating scanned documents.
  • Using a multi-function center's sheet feeder to save time by feeding 10-35 pages at once.
  • Brother's iPrint&Scan allows you to print and scan directly on your Apple iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.
  • The Brother MFC-J615W bridges the gap between business use and home use.
  • How the Brother Multi-Function Center has helped Robbie and his family with their taxes, scanning and printing.
  • Where Brother falls in among the economics and environmental friendliness of their consumables.
  • Saving ink when printing items that don't require full quality.
  • The Brother Multi-Function Center uses CMYK / four cartridges, so you don't have to replace all colors when only one color runs out.
  • Brother's laser printers feature the toner and drum units separately, allowing less waste and longer life.
  • Brother Canada's thoughts about refilling ink cartridges.
  • Reliably sticking to your organizational schedule will lead to better productivity.
  • Eric's comment:  Having tried refilled cartridges, I always end up going back to the manufacturer's cartridges for the best results.
  • Viewer Comment:  Put the Nanodots down.
  • Viewer Comment:  I had a Seagate 500 GB drive that had a lot of bad sectors, random file corruption and bad performance.  I replaced it with a different brand and the problem is solved.
  • Check your firmware version on new devices and make sure you have the latest version.
  • Viewer Question:  How can I refresh my Applications menu without having to reboot?
  • Viewer Question:  How do I restart uShare to reload the shared folders for my xBox?
  • Killing gnome-panel with killall gnome-panel to force Linux to reload your menus.
  • Welcome to new viewers.  (Eric is just a bundle of energy, no?)
  • Becoming a "new viewer" on Category5 TV.
  • Top stories from the Category5 TV Newsroom.
  • How to qualify for the Brother MFC-J615W printer giveaway.
  • Viewer Question:  I need to incorporate a profanity delay for radio. What would be an inexpensive solution?
  • Viewer Question:  Our files are digital, but the STL is analogue; will that make a difference for delays and filtering?
  • Robbie, John and Eric invent a vehicle powered by magnetism.  Live.
  • Viewer Question:  Will Brother printers work on Linux?
  • Prize Giveaway:  The last pack of Nanodots!  Congratulations goes out to Gadwil.
  • Eric is a fidgeter.  Robbie took away his pen.

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