Rikomagic MK602 Set-Top Skype Video Mini-PC

  • Episode 311
  • September 3, 2013

Robbie and Eric take a look at the new MK602 from Rikomagic, a device which turns your normal TV (even an old CRT) into a smart TV.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Eric Kidd present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • {play 3:00}Welcome to our newly registered viewers.
  • {play 5:18}The Category5 studio got hit by a power surge Monday morning after a lightning strike just outside. Robbie is saving money by changing the batteries in a few old UPS's rather than replacing the two which got fried.
  • {play 12:23}Feature: The Rikomagic MK602 set-top Skype video Mini-PC powered by Android.
  • A look at the rear connectors.
  • The MK602 will allow an old CRT TV to become a smart TV.
  • The MK602 supports full HD 1920x1080p via HDMI.
  • Setting up the MK602 with a standard USB mouse.
  • The MK602 performs very, very well.
  • Setting the display resolution on the Rikomagic MK602 from 480p to 1080p.
  • The A/V cable can be set to PAL or NTSC.
  • Connecting a Rikomagic MK702 II remote (sold separately), and what makes it the best HTPC remote ever made.
  • We wanted to test Skype video while live, but encountered a problem in getting our computer to connect. It worked perfectly in our pre-show test, so we know it's great, but didn't want to waste too much time on-air.
  • Using the Camera app to test the video camera.
  • {play 34:54}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • Yahoo’s news and community services have shut down in China, following the closure of its email service last month.
    • A man has used Twitter’s Promoted Tweets to get through to British Airways.
    • Microsoft is buying Nokia’s mobile phone business.
    • Sick of cold-calls on the phone? One man is getting paid to answer.
  • {play 43:30}The new transcoders for Category5 Technology TV will improve turnaround time of weekly episode distribution exponentially, and will make it more accessible to the world.
  • {play 46:27}Integrating a Google Calendar with your own web site, and how to allow selected other users to make changes to the calendar or add events.
  • {play 55:13}Viewer Comment: With all the concerns with Internet communication privacy, viewers should take a look at Jitsi, which is a good alternative to Skype.
  • {play 57:02}Viewer Comment: Thanks for the show about the Mini-PC. I'm really enjoying the show and appreciate being able to go back and watch past episodes.
  • {play 57:24}Viewer Question: I've been really enjoying watching past episodes of Category5 Technology TV. A ways back, you suggested using cat5.tv/archive [now fixed] to watch old episodes. That doesn't seem to work anymore, so how to I watch the really old episodes through my browser?
  • {play 61:09}Viewer Question: My computer won't shutdown when running Point Linux. Can you help?
  • {play 62:32}Viewer Question: Is there going to be a Part 2 to the feature about creating a virtual machine of your real computer? Yes
  • {play 63:41}Viewer Question: Continuation of the above question regarding shutting down Point Linux.
  • {play 66:22}Viewer Comment: Your feature regarding using Mogrify to resize images inspired me to make a Zenity script for users who don't want to use the terminal. See below:
    # Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by Roy W Nash 2013
    # Requirments Zenity, ImageMagick
    # Allows user to select a directory with images and copy them to a chosen    # directory where they can choose to resize the copied images, leaving the  # original images unchanged.
    # Check for error
    error=`pwd`/`basename $0`
    function catch_errors() {
       zenity --question --text="Cancel detected. Do you want to Quit or Restart" --cancel-label="Quit" --ok-label="Restart";
       [ "$?" = "0" ] && ( bash -c $error & );
       exit 0;
    function func_error2() {
        echo `date +%h:%m:%s`
    trap catch_errors ERR;
    zenity --info --text="Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by R.W.Nash ImageMagic required.  Use at your own risk!" --title="Batch  Image Resizer version 1.0 By Roy W Nash 2013"
    # Ask user to select source directory
    SourcePath=$(zenity --file-selection --directory --title="Select a directory containing images");echo $SourcePath
    cd $SourcePath
    zenity --question --text="Select target directory to save converted pictures." --title="Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by Roy W Nash 2012"
    TargetPath=$(zenity  --file-selection --directory --title="Select a target directory to save converted images");echo $TargetPath
    zenity --info --text="Click OK to copy files from $SourcePath to $TargetPath"
    cp $SourcePath/*.* $TargetPath 
    (for x in 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 ; do echo $x ; sleep 1 ; done)  
    #echo "10" ; sleep 1
    #echo "# File transfer in progress" ; sleep 1
    #echo "20" ; sleep 1 
    #echo "# File transfer 25% done." ; sleep 1
    #echo "50" ; sleep 1
    #echo "# File transfer 50% done." ; sleep 1 
    #echo "75" ; sleep 1
    #echo "# File transfer 75% done." ; sleep 1
    #echo "100" ; sleep 1
    echo "# File transfer complete, click ok." ; sleep 1
    ) |
    zenity --progress \
    	--title="Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by Roy W Nash 2013" \
    	--text="Please wait copying files from $SourcePath to $TargetPath" \
    if ["$?" = -1 ] ; then
    	zenity --error \
    	--text="File Transfer Cancelled"
    cd $TargetPath
    Hsize=$(zenity --entry --text="Enter horizontal size");echo $Hsize
    Vsize=$(zenity --entry --text="Enter vertical size");echo $Vsize
    # Do conversion
    mogrify -resize $Hsizex$Vsize *
    (for x in 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 ; do echo $x ; sleep 1 ; done) 
    #echo "# Image resize 10% done" ; sleep 1
    #echo "20" ; sleep 1 
    #echo "# Image resize 25% done" ; sleep 1
    #echo "50" ; sleep 1
    #echo "# Image resize 50% done" ; sleep 1
    #echo "75" ; sleep 1
    #echo "# Image resize 75% done" ; sleep 1
    #echo "100" ; sleep 1
    echo "# Image resize complete, click ok." ; sleep 1
    # Show progress
    ) | 
    zenity --progress \
    	--title="Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by Roy W Nash 2013" \
    	--text="Resizing images $SourceName your resized images will be saved in $TargetPath this may take some time." \
    if [ "$?" = -1 ] ; then
    zenity --error \
    	--text="Resize operation cancelled"
    #--pulsate \
    #--auto-close \
    #--auto-kill \
    # Inform user where converted images are stored
    zenity --info --text="Conversion completed, your converted pictures are in $TargetPath  Thank you for using Batch Image Resizer 1.0" --title="Batch Image Resizer 1.0 by Roy W Nash 2013"

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Eric Kidd


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