Viewer Question Extravaganza

  • Episode 340
  • March 25, 2014

The mailbag is full, so Robbie and Erika tackle viewer questions about Wirecast, GRUB, VortexBox, webcams that seem really dark, and mounting ISO images directly on VirtualBox. It's a Viewer Question Extravaganza! The only rule is that you run the show.

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Topics Covered:

  • {play 4:14}Robbie Ferguson has been selected as one of GetVoIP's Top 100 Tech Podcasters of 2014.
  • {play 5:56}Seasons 1 and 2 have been added to our web site. They have not been available on-demand since our first web site redesign.
  • {play 8:07}Our new Roku channel launches on April 8th. Please buy your Roku device at A portion of the sale will go to support Category5 Technology TV.
  • {play 9:40}Hidden features with the Category5 embedded on-demand video player.
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    • Assigning the chat logs as subtitles to be able to follow along with the chat as it happened when the show was live.
    • Viewing the chat logs in a separate window.
  • {play 17:27}Viewer Question: I used Clonezilla to put an image onto a USB drive, but can't figure out how to get my VirtualBox virtual machine to see the USB drive. How can I get that working?
  • {play 23:23}Viewer Question: I'm having a problem with the camera on my laptop. It works, but it is very dark in Cheese. On Windows 7, it works perfectly, but I don't want to have to use Windows. Can you help?
  • {play 27:09}Viewer Question: In the old episodes (circa Season 1 and Season 2), Robbie called himself a technologist. What does that mean? Does he still call himself that?
  • {play 29:04}Robbie is stocking up on picture frames to print and frame photos sent to us by viewers to decorate the studio.
  • {play 30:54}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • Do you use Outlook? Microsoft may be reading your email. And they’re legally allowed to do so!
    • Now a pen can tell you when you write a spelling mistake.
    • Twitter has been blocked in Turkey.
    • Sony is bringing virtual reality to the PS4.
  • {play 41:51}Thank you to the viewers who send in news stories week after week. In particular, thanks to Roy W. Nash who faithfully provides many stories for us to sift through each week!
  • {play 42:20}Product Giveaway: Sheet of 2 Category5 6-Inch Premium Vinyl Logo Stickers. Congratulations to Tachos from California.
  • {play 45:16}Viewer Question: I installed VortexBox and it went great. I'd like the storage to happen on my NAS server though. How can I point VortexBox to my server?
  • {play 51:08}Viewer Question: Can you run VortexBox on Raspberry Pi?
    • No: Raspberry Pi is Atom architecture, and VortexBox requires x86.
  • {play 52:03}Viewer Question: I thought I'd try Point Linux on a second hard drive, but now I can't boot Ubuntu on my main hard drive. While I could reinstall, do you know of an easier way?
  • {play 53:33}Viewer Comment: Check out what I'm using my Category5 stickers for...
  • {play 54:39}Viewer Question: I saw a brief glimpse of your monitor running Telestream Wirecast on a recent show. I have an environment with many computer monitors. We'd like to be able to select from any of the computer monitors and display on larger monitors. Can we use something like what you use for this?
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Erika Lalonde


Season 14 starts soon!

Episode 664 will be live October 14! See you then.

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