Going Green ... with Chromakey

  • Episode 353
  • June 24, 2014

Robbie and Sasha unbox and setup a green screen, and then build a virtual set shot in Telestream Wirecast Pro for live chromakey.

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We used one of the Logitech C920 webcams for our main camera this week to see if we could get good picture without the flicker.

Topics Covered:

  • {play 3:18}Get your hands on a Roku device from cat5.tv/roku!
  • {play 6:46}Contest: Win a pair of Beltone First hearing aids from Category5 Technology TV and Beltone Canada.
  • {play 8:00}Feature: Sasha and the green t-shirt.
  • {play 9:35}Feature: Studio D is a go, and we're working out how we can get a good broadband service. It looks like a wireless (or perhaps LTE) service will be the only option, but will require an antenna on the roof. Please commit to supporting Category5 TV as we move into our new studio by visiting the Tip Jar.
  • {play 14:00}Feature: Setting up a green screen studio for live broadcasting, video production or photography.
    • Unboxing a green screen kit from Tube Tape.
    • Our kit includes: Light stands, 24" soft boxes, diffuser panels and bulbs for 2x 5500k lights, a 10'x12' chromakey green muslin screen, and a stand for the drape.
    • Setting up our green screen on the stands, and the lighting softboxes.
    • Positioning the legs of the tripod stand to support the weight of our lights.
    • Some of the reasons we won't get a good key off our current setup: our studio is too small, making the lights and subjects much too close to the screen, and the screen itself needs to be ironed or steamed.
  • {play 39:07}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • Google is going to take on GoDaddy and start selling domain names.
    • Microsoft is building some new phones through it's company Nokia, and you'll never believe what OS they're putting on it! Here's a hint... it's not Windows!
    • Nest is going to allow 3rd party devices to control it.
    • The UK’s first robot security guard is moving through the halls at G4S.
  • {play 46:59}Feature: Building a virtual set in Telestream Wirecast.
    • Creating our virtual set chromakey shot by adding a new video shot and then deleting the video source in shot editor.
    • Scaling and moving our camera shot within the virtual set.
    • Keying a green screen live using Telestream Wirecast Pro.
    • Viewer Question: Can you paint the wall green and have the same effect? Yes: go to cat5.tv/green for chromakey paint!
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Sasha Dirmeitis


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