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Beginner Soldering Kit

A decent starter kit for soldering at a very low price.

  • 8-in-1 FULL KIT: Kit comes with soldering iron, desoldering pump, solder wick, solder wire, stand with cleaning sponge, 5 solder tips, 2 anti-static tweezers and a hand carry case to meet all your soldering project needs.
  • FAST HEAT UP: 60 watt ceramic heater core which makes temperature raise rapidly and efficiently. Switch ON/OFF on the soldering iron, makes it save energy and improve safety.
  • HIGH-STRENGTH SOLDER SUCKER: Black aluminum alloy body and stainless steel push rod, providing suction strength 40cm-hg. Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers: Resistive ESD coating helps protect electronics from static damage, two types, ESD-12 5.3 inch and ESD-15 4.75 inch, fine workmanship.
  • EASY FOR STORAGE: Quality tool box with tray is rather convenient to let your tools be placed in order not in a mess and easy to carry. The item is great for electric repair, home DIY and other soldering project.

Associated Videos:

Learning to Solder with Community Soldering Tips: We're Getting There!

Features - May 16, 2018

As Robbie pursues his desire to learn to solder, he's helped along by some excellent tips that have been sent in by viewers (who are significantly more experienced than he is). Let's bring together what we've learned, and take a look at the new soldering kit Robbie bought as a stepping stone to that dream soldering station.

Amazing $30 Soldering Kit - Best Deal For Beginners

Features - May 16, 2018

It's only a few bucks more than an "el cheapo" soldering iron alone, yet this kit includes a temperature-adjustable ceramic core soldering iron with 6 tips, solder sucker, desoldering wire, 8mm 2% rosin core electronics solder, anti-static tweezers, a flimsy-but-adequate stand, and a small toolbox to keep it all in. For $30 this truly is a great deal for the beginner maker.

YES, You Can Fix Electronics - Robbie Diagnoses and Repairs A Simple (But Common) Issue

Features - April 17, 2019

Having been given a dead network switch, Robbie set out to see if he (in his limited but budding capabilities) can both diagnose and repair the device. TL;DR: what would have cost $50 to replace only cost $3.20 to repair, and Robbie was successful in fixing the hardware by replacing two burnt-out capacitors. Follow along with the process and see what he has learned about desoldering, using flux paste, and soldering.

Soldering Headers to a PCB

Features - October 30, 2019

Once you start working with Arduino or even Raspberry Pi HATs and pHATs, you're likely going to find yourself needing to attach the headers yourself. As a rookie maker who's quickly learning the ropes, Robbie shares a couple quick tips that he has found can make it easier to solder these pin headers directly to the PCB.

Jeff hopes to create his own PCBs, but Robbie prefers prototype boards ... for now.

Features - October 21, 2020

While Robbie's approach to maker tech is to start cheap and expand his kit as his skills grow, Jeff wants to hit the ground running, diving right into PCB creation. Robbie has designed and created simple circuits which he's soldered onto blank PCBs, but Jeff has got his sights on the laser printer method as a starting point.

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