Coffee Break - September 27, 2020

  • S02E01
  • September 27, 2020

bp9 kicks off Season 2 with an interesting crypto problem between client and server. Setting up a separate router for IoT stuff so no access to internal network (static IP). Solbu is on Voyager and explains the solution to the /etc/resolv.conf and NetworkManager name server issues. Doug explains conversion of 35mm negatives to CD-ROM. Peter attended a virtual funeral via zoom, and explains the hairpin fix on his antenna matcher. bp9 is joined by Solbu, Doug, and Peter.

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Coffee Break 2020-09-27

- bp9
- Solbu
- Doug Townsend
- Peter Lewis

Topics Discussed:

- bp9
- Kicks off season 2 of coffee break
- explains encrypted communications
- encrypt with public key
- decrypt with private key
- using gcrypt
- Need to identify client user without question
- SSL won't do that
- static IP x 5
- Allows me to plug up another router with second static address.
- there is no way that the RasPi that is plugged into the can access my internal network.
- Dual boot by starting each operating system on its own hard drive
- Solbu recommends that because he had a bad experience with dual boot on same hard drive
- Can any PC do this?
- NAS: Synology vs. QNAP
- Synology has Moments which will categorize photos by event, person, etc. all locally, it does NOT need to go out to the internet to do this!

- Solbu
- has the new zoom 5.x client which allows for virtual background
- is tactical/maintenance officer on Voyager :-)
- background is bleeding through :-)
- Sound engineer at church
- continuing to maintain servers
- explains the solution to the /etc/resolv.conf issue
- NetworkManager
- reminds us that the entire 127.0.0.x range is localhost.

- Doug
- struggling with audio issues with his headset.
- We can hear him, but he cannot hear us.
- walmart photo lab
- converting 35mm negatives to CD-ROM
- Yes-Video based in Georgia
- can use a kiosk
- can you scan 35mm films with a device at home?
- yes but it's very labor-intensive.
- much discussion about preserving negatives for processing.

- Peter
- also suffering audio issues
- Attended a virtual funeral for his Aunt who died at 99
- via zoom
- not in London!
- hairpin device for antenna matcher
- mistake in textbook was propagated?
- writing a program to handle the crazy maths needed to calculate antenna matching.

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