Coffee Break - October 4, 2020

  • S02E02
  • October 4, 2020

bp9 Goes all Retro with CP/M on his TRS-80 Model 100 and running PalmOS Grafitti digitiser on Android as keyboard. Doug is suffering digestive issues and must stay on clear liquids for now. Robbie is working hard in The Bridge of Studio E installing SSDs for increased capacity and performance, plus he's hoping for a little noise reduction. Solbu makes some title suggestions. Peter is having issues with his arm and also needs to see a doctor. His wife will heal -- if she rests. bp9 is joined by Solbu, Doug, Robbie, and Peter.

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- Solbu
- Doug
- Peter
- Robbie

Topics Discussed:

- If I have to mute you, it is no insult or slight, I have to do my best to make this as clean a recording as possible!
- Installed REXCPM into a TRS-80 Model 100 to get a 4MB floppy while running CP/M on the M-100.
- Transcribing old documentation from page scans to a searchable PDF using LaTeX
- OCR doesn't work because the quality of the page scans is poor.
- PalmOS input device on Android replaces on-screen keyboard
- Graffiti Pro android app
- Years ago, replaced spinning floppy disks in Kaypro with SD-card emulator, noise is down to ZERO.
- USPS continues to work well -- bills are still coming in the mail!

- Digestive issues -- food poisoning?
- Doctor has him on clear liquids
- Bland foods just went "straight through"
- Keep up the liquids because your large intestines absorb most of the liquids into your body

- Performing off-line backup and restore on his server - no "dd" required
- Replacing all his spinning drives on the server with Kingston SSDs.
- Since he's just waiting for the backup/restore process to complete, was able to join us
- benchmarking spinning drives vs. SSDs. Should see huge performance increase, and noise reduction.
- rack mounted devices generate huge noise, esp. in data center.
- Does the alcove in the bridge help to reduce noise? Maybe some noise reduction foam?

- F-droid is alternative to the google store that hosts only open-source software
- Suggests "Crappiest Coffee Break ever" as title for this coffee break!

- Has developed a problem with his arm, has a lump under his arm
- stressed from his valve replacement event?
- will see doctor soon
- Cannot move his right hand?
- Peters wife is OK but will not rest and her bones will not knit unless she rests

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